My Deepest Desire

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This is my erotic story, but this is really my story.

First, let me tell you a little about myself. When I was about 12, it was a hot summer day. I was at my older friend’s house and we just finished spending an afternoon swimming in his pool. We went to his room to get dressed but we somehow ended up in a wrestling match. He grabbed my legs and pinned me face down and he got these shoe strings lying near by and tied my hands and feet together and I was helpless. He then sat on my butt and rode me like a horse. While I was bounded, my penis started to swell as it’s rubbing against the carpet. He tickled me feet, rubbed my legs as he tried to make me laugh as I could do nothing. I was aroused. I never knew why he tied me up and tickled me, but I just assumed it was innocent play. I am sure he was not aware that he aroused me. I never confronted him about it ever since and It was forgotten.

That was the first time I had awareness of what was swelling down below. The feeling of him touching and holding me down all the while my feet bounded together had really turned me on. I discovered that I love the sensation of being touched… I guess deep down in me that experience from that innocent day had always been with me.

I’m Asian of a slender build with smooth olive skin tone and I consider myself good looking and had a normal share of women in my life. I’m the kind of guy who is only for the person he is with. Fast forward today and I’m straight acting, married and have a pretty normal life. Until this day I never had the pleasure to experience being with a man but lately at nights as I go to bed, this desire wanting a man is for real and it’s like a ticking time bomb ready to go off as everyday passes by.

In the past I have been complimented especially from women how sexy my legs and feet are and they had often mentioned that they wish they had mine and also had compliments embarrassingly thrown my way from guys about them as well. I guess this would be my best asset I suppose if I were a woman and I would agree. Underneath the cloth, my body is not hairy and overall is feminine like of a silhouette of a woman. It’s my genetics and I’m comfortable with it. I never had any reason to be uncomfortable with my body. I love my body and thankfully my wife and partner’s in the past loves(d) my body.

For me the sensation of being touched is such a turn on because my skin is just naturally soft and smooth. I love how they feel. My wife can touch me in a certain way but not the way I yearn to be touched and quite frankly I feel embarrassed asking to be touched a certain canlı bahis way because I desire to be touched in a way a man could only touch and caress ones body. The way I touch and feel my wife is the way I secretly would liked to be touched and she loves it. I guess that what makes me a sensual lover.

One night while my wife was away from town, I turned on this porn and there was a scene that really had me going. There was this girl giving a wet sloppy blow job to one guy while the other man is fucking her mindlessly in her ass in a missionary position. Her moans turn to grunts and ultimately to screams as both men gave her the most beautiful cumshot almost simultaneously. Wow! This girl has gotten what she deserved and she enjoyed every second of it while at the same time leaving both males cumpletely satisfied. I want this… but selfishly for myself, being that girl and wanting to experience sex like that girl. I want to be that girl wanting to make her man happy like a puppy would want to make their master happy. My motto would be ” I aim to please”.

I want to be the object of desire enjoying, performing and wanting to satisfy her man. Using my body for their pleasure. The thought of this has me dripping pre cum down the insides of my smooth thighs soiling my boxers. My cock is throbbing, pulsating and swelling as my pre cum slowly flows out like a volcano. I start to reach down and start feeling my erect wet hardness and masturbate using my pre cum as lubricant. I love playing with it and rubbing my fluids against my belly and spread it around my body as it feels like it’s smoothens my skin. I take some and slobber it in my mouth. I taste good. My cock tingling and getting very sensitive. The sound of my breath deepens and my toes curl as I proceed with my self indulged session. I’m fantasizing how I would like lose my virginity.

I imagine entering a room just wearing a t- shirt and shorts and there is a beautiful man there. I am so nervous and I am trembling with the prospect of what I am going to do. As the man is standing there I cautiosly approach the man unzipping and kneeling in front of him and I gaze up into his eyes with such lust. I admire his growing beautiful cock drooling and proceed to give oral. The feeling of this man’s cock in my mouth as I’m sucking it and the feeling of him growing inside my mouth had me dripping wet down below. As I’m performing, the mix of his pre-cum and my saliva erotically drips down from my mouth and slowly trickles down and find its way and rests on my lap. That’s how I would suck a cock. Nice and sloppy! I then stand up face to face bahis siteleri with my big brown eyes looking directly into his eyes with lust, my heart beating rapidly and I throw a passionate kiss.

He then inches closer to me and grabs my hips and pins me against the wall face to face and starts to molest and fondle me. It feels soo goood! He undresses me slowly piece by piece as he is kissing me on my lips and neck until I am fully exposed while he is fully clothed. I can hear his breathing become even deeper as we start kissing as I am feeling everything. I start to strip him naked, give him another sloppy and wet oral. I heard some noises in the back ground but did not bother to investigate.

He turns me around to face the wall as he has me pinned and kisses me from behind and spreads my legs apart and grabs my cock (Clit) from behind and started stroking my clit, while at the same time he probes my pussy (Ass) gently with his finger. My moans are getting louder and louder as I experience this erotic sensation.

He again turns me around picks me up, we kiss with my legs wrapped around him and he throws me down into the bed. I’m in a missionary position with my long legs spread apart and my feet pointed in the air to tell him I am horned and ready. He starts to lightly stroke my hole with a light feathery touch. He blows cold air from the room into my pussy witnessing my pussy slowly open up and gape without even touching it…. He puts this lubricant in my open hole that feels so smooth and I start to feel moist inside my pussy. He starts with 1 finger then 2 then three and finger fucks me.. My pussy is throbbing furiously as if it is saying please.. please enter me now. I am ready for the real thing.

I whispered into his ear and told him I want to feel him inside of me and I’m ready. I also reminded him to take his time and be gentle as this is my first time. He did not oblige my wishes to be fucked right away as he con’t to kiss, touch and feel me up some more. My moans grew louder and louder until I could not take it and I finally grabbed his beautiful erect soft to touch cock and led it into my pussy. The anticipation was just unbearable.

Finally he slides it in very slowly little by little and it feel so good. Slowly stretching my hole and allowing me to fit his size comfortably as he moves deeper inside of me. He was being good to me. I thought he was fully erect but I felt him grow even bigger inside of me and that feeling of fullness inside of me felt amazing.

Finally there came to a point I was able to comfortably take his size and he could feel that bahis şirketleri I was relaxed and he turned up the pace of his fucking. All the sudden another man emerges from the shadows and puts his cock in my mouth while I am being screwed. I was in the heat of the moment and did not care with this new development. I did not even care to see what he looked like. I just wanted anything to happen to me at his point. I am in full heat.

I’m blowing this guy while the other is fucking me. The guy that I was blowing was really big and it was hard for me to breathe while sucking him, but I was going to give my best and sloppiest blowjob that I could, considering the circumstances.

The pace is notched to higher gear as I am wide open and he pounded me mercilessly. The sound of his body slapping against my pussy give me this stinging sensation as the feeling was indescribable. My sounds of my moans turned to grunts and finally to screams. I did not care if the neighbors heard me as I’m in a state of pure lust and ecstasy. Both men panting and grunting as one is still fucking me and the other starts to masturbate. My eyes rolled back feeling everything as the aroma of the air is filled with the sent of their juices and our sweat. It is the scent of sex. The sound of me being banged in furious pace all the while I’m stroking myself. I can hear the other man masturbating above me as my eyes are closed. The intensity was unbearable and I could not fight this feeling that was taking over. So intense that when I blew my load, my cumshot sputtered in the air travelling and sprayed my face while the guy is banging away. Moments after they both blew their cream on my beautiful innocent body.

The one fucking me stood over me like a champion with my legs spread wide apart had fired the most glorious cumshot that reached my mouth while the rest splattered mostly on my chest and belly. The other man creamed me on my face and mouth as I was trying to catch my breath. I was splattered and dripping of their cum and I just stayed and laid in bed feeling like the dirty little slut I am. I then tried to stand but I was trembling from our session, thinking how I lost my virginity and collapsed onto the floor and fell asleep.

Funny thing… after this fantasy I felt dirty oddly enough and disgusted and said that I will probably never make this fantasy come true. Maybe it was guilt? Shame? The feeling of filth? I don’t know. But the thought of my body used for ones pleasure and the feeling being in the heat of the moment just reels me back from my disgust and shame. My orgasms are most intense when I fantasize being fucked. I can only imagine if I experience this for real.

How will this end for me? Will fantasy become reality?? Could I act selfishly for once? Will I take the plunge or will I never?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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