My Crazy Cousin Ch. 03

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I put the sack of toys on the dinning room table and had Amy help me bring in the lounge chairs and barbeque pit from the truck. With those set up on the patio, I looked at her and asked, “What time is you appointment at the college?”

She glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall. “In about an hour.”

“Ok then, you go take care of that and then call your mother and tell her you are having supper with me at my new place. I’ll fire up the grill and get it broke in so I can grill us a couple of steaks.”

Amy looked toward the dinning room table and her new toys. “Uh, how about those?”

“When you get back, you will have the whole afternoon to explore those,” I said and then grinned. “If you start now, you won’t make it to the college.”

With a giggle, she nodded. “You’ve got that right. Just thinking about them has me all flustered and flushed.”


The second load of wood was burning slowly in the barbeque pit and I was enjoying a cold beer as I soaked up the sun naked on my new lounge chair. Life was good to say the least. The doorbell rang so I got up, grabbed my towel to dry off, and headed inside to find my shorts. I was putting them on as the doorbell rang a second time.

I smiled as I walked over to the door and looked through the peephole. Amy was standing there. I grinned as I opened the door. “Kind of impatient aren’t we?” I asked.

She grinned at me, her eyes on my bare chest and the towel in my hand. “I don’t think you were in the shower.”

“Nope. I was taking one of the new lounge chairs for a test drive.”

“Naked?” She asked softly, her eyes dropping to my shorts.

“How else?” I asked in return.

She grinned and looked toward the dinning room table. There was not a shopping bag there but there was a wooden box. “Uh, were did the toys go?”

“I had to go out for wood and batteries, so I got you a toy box.”

“We did forget batteries didn’t we?”

“Who is this we you keep talking about. I forgot wood, you forgot batteries.”

“It is a pretty box,” she said as she walked toward the table. It was a rectangle with a small knob for a drawer low on the front and four ball feet. It was shiny black with the knob and feet a bright red.

She tried to lift the lid but it didn’t move. She tried the drawer but it didn’t open. She looked the box over but did not see a catch so she pushed down on the lid. Nothing happened. “Ok, what’s the trick?” she asked looking at me over her shoulder.

“Turn the right front foot clockwise until you hear a click. Then turn the left rear ball counterclockwise until you hear a second click,” I explained to her.

She did as I said and then grinned as the lid opened easily. “Tricky,” she said as she sat the box down. “That should keep mom out of it.”

Her new toys were laid out on the red velvet lining and when she opened the drawer, she found spare batteries. “Thank you,” she said softly and then ran over to hug me.

I hugged her back. “You’re very welcome.”

Then she giggled and stepped back. She looked at my face and then over at the box. “Which one should I try first? You seem to be the expert.”

“The twig one should be a lot of fun to start things off with,” I said with a grin. “But first, I want you to come outside with me.”

Amy gave me a questioning look but I just grinned at her. I turned and crossed the room to get the toy out of the box and went to the sliding glass door. “Oh, you mean out there,” she said with a giggle. “There for a minute, I thought you meant out the other way.”

“Well, we could do that but I’m not sure how the neighbors will react to a naked young lady coming her brains out on my front lawn,” I said teasingly.

Amy shivered and walked toward me. “I’m not sure how the naked young lady would react besides coming even harder.”

I opened the door and stepped outside. Amy followed me and then stopped. I closed the door, walked over to a chair in the shade by the table, and sat down. She watched me closely as I sat down and laid her toy on the table zeytinburnu escort by my elbow.

“You look a lot overdressed,” I said as my eyes ran up and down her body.

She shivered again and glanced around the small yard and the fence surrounding it. “I… uh… I…” she said and then groaned as she pulled her t-shirt off over her head. She stood there a few seconds and then tossed her t-shirt to me. I laid it on the table as she reached back and unhooked her bra.

Holding the bra in place, she looking around again and then whispered, “Why does being outside and getting naked affect me so much?”

“It’s something new,” I replied. “Your mind associates being outside with being seen.”

She nodded as she slowly took the bra off, her eyes darting here and there along the fence. When she took a step forward and tossed me the bra, her arms came up to cover her breasts. “I’ve worn my bikini outside at the beach and never felt like this.”

“How did you feel the first time you wore your bikini?” I asked.

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then grinned. “Much the same way but I was with a group of my girlfriends so I had to suck it up and act like it was a normal thing.”

“Naked is just one step past that and with some of the bikini’s I’ve seen lately, not that far even.”

Amy giggled and lowered her arms. “I’m being silly,” she whispered but she shivered hard and looked at the fence again.

“Shy is different from silly. You don’t have to get naked. You can keep the jeans on if you want. You can even put your t-shirt back on.”

Amy groaned and walked a couple of steps closer to me. “But if I keep the jeans on, I can’t play with my toy.”

“Put your t-shirt on and then take off the jeans,” I offered.

She looked at me and then at her t-shirt. With a deep breath, she toed her tennis shoes off and then reached for the snap on her jeans. She undid the snap and pulled the zipper down. There were no panties in sight, just her mound with its dusting of reddish blond hair.

With a soft groan, she raised her hands and ran her palms over her puffy nipples. “The sun feels good on my breasts. It makes them all warm and tingly.”

“Wait until you feel it directly on your pussy. It’ll make that warm and tingly also.”

She groaned even louder than before, her hands going to the waistband of her jeans. She wiggled her hips from side to side, as she pushed the jeans down over her hips. She paused with them at mid thigh and then hurriedly took them the rest of the way off. She held them in front of her body for a long moment and then tossed them to me.

Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she asked in a barely audible whisper, “Now what?”

“Relax and walk around. Get used to the idea,” I said as I folded her jeans and laid them on top of the rest of her clothing.

She moved toward the chair across from me at the table and then turned to walk back toward the door. She did this several times and then walked over to the lounge chairs and stepped across to straddle one. Standing that way made her groan and shiver, her hips flexing back and forth several times. “I… I… I…” she stammered and then sat down.

“Leave your feet on the floor, and lean back and relax.”

Swallowing hard, she did as I said. A minute passed and then she groaned and shivered. “I’m…” she started to say and then whimpered loudly. I could see the muscles in her thighs tightening as she tried to close her legs.

I stood up, slipped off my shorts, and then sat back down. My dick was hard and standing up against my belly. Amy whimpered even louder and squirmed on the chair as my eyes wander over her naked body. The bright sunshine on her white body made me smile. The reddish blond hair on her mound made it look fuller. I licked my lips as I remembered the sweet taste of her pussy.

Amy shivered hard and whispered, “I’m about to come.”

“And?” I asked with a grin. Then I looked directly at her small oval shaped pussy and licked my lips aksaray escort again more slowly.

That is all it took. Amy tried to sit up as her orgasm broke over her but that ended up just raising her knees. Her knees came together but her ankles were still spread by the edge of the chair. I could see the opening to her sex clenching up tightly and then relaxing in a rhythmic pulsing. Her stomach muscles were giving little jerks but her hands were still on the arms of the chair and gripping it tightly.

I chuckled softly as I watched her come her brains out with no one or nothing touching her. She did not see me or even hear me. She was in her own little world.


Slowly over a period of minutes, Amy relaxed back in the chair, her feet once again on the ground. A minute or so after that, she sighed and licked her lips. A little after that her eyes fluttered open. Seeing me looking at her, she shivered and then whimpered softly. “I, uh, told you,” she whispered.

I smiled and nodded. “Yes, you did and a beautiful job of it also.”

Amy groaned deeply and then sighed. “That’s never happened before,” she whispered a moment later.

“The mind is the biggest sex organ in the body.”

She giggled and nodded as her hands came up to caress and tease her breasts. “I still feel exposed but…” She paused and took a deep shuddery breath as she squirmed on the chair. “I keep wanting to ask for my shirt but the sun feels so good on the places it’s never touched before.”

I nodded and stood up to walk over to the chair I had been in earlier. I retrieved my nearly empty beer bottle and looked at Amy. Her hands were back on the arms of the chair. “I need a cold beer, would you like a coke or maybe some water?”

“Water would be good,” she said, her eyes on my hard manhood. She was squinting in the bright sunlight.

My sunglasses were under my chair. “I have an extra pair of sunglasses.”

“Mine are in my car.”

I nodded and went into the house.


When I returned to the patio, Amy had her toy in her hands. She was holding it by the largest part as she turned the knob on the end. Then she turned it off and moved her fingers to the twig part. She turned the knob again. Seeing me, she turned it off quickly. I chuckled and handed her a bottle of water and an old pair of sunglasses.

“My old hairbrush handle doesn’t vibrate,” she said as she put the sunglasses on. The toy was lying between her spread thighs.

“Then you are in for a treat and a bunch of big orgasms,” I said as I retrieved my sunglasses and sat back down at the table.

She looked at me funny for a second and then asked, “You’re not going to lay out in the sun with me?”

“I will later but right now I’ve had enough sun. Anyway, I can’t watch you as well from beside you.”

“Watch me?” She asked and then she blushed deeply. “Oh, you mean, uh, watch me while I…” The sentence trailed off as she blushed again.

“While you what?” I asked as I stood up, took the two steps to the foot of her chair, and picked up the toy.

“Hey…” she said as I sat back down.

I laid the toy on the table and asked again, “While you do what?”

Her eyes darted to my face and she blushed again. “While I… uh… play with myself.”

“That is not the word. Try again.”

“While I… I… uh… masturbate,” she finally got out in a whisper accompanied by a deep blush.

“That’s the word,” I said with a smile. “Now I want to see how you masturbate without the toy. How you would normally do it.”

Amy shivered and blushed deeply. “I… uh… I’ve… uh… never done it outside or with someone watching.”

I spread my legs wider and shifted my ass forward in the chair. Amy’s eyes dropped to my hard dick that was now more prominently displayed. When I moved my right hand over and wrapped my fingers around the shaft, she groaned softly. I moved my fist up and down as I said, “Having someone watch can add to the pleasure and the intensity.”

Amy moaned ataköy escort softly as her hands went to her breasts. There was a light sheen of perspiration on her breasts and her hands moved over them smoothly. She shivered as she caressed them. “My hands make them feel even warmer.”

I just nodded and said, “Close your eyes and relax. Pretend I’m not here.”

She groaned and said, “But… With you watching me and me watching you… I can’t do that. Even with my eyes closed, I can feel your eyes on me.”

“Yes, I’m going to watch everything you do to yourself. I’m going to watch you until you come again. Then you can have your new toy to play with,” I told her with a grin on my face.

She moaned loudly and closed her eyes, her hands once more caressing her slick breasts. The more she caressed them, the more her head went back, and the more she lifted her chest to the caresses. One hand paused to pinch a hard nipple and she whimpered. Then it went back to caressing and the other hand paused to pinch the other nipple. She alternated back and forth between pinching one nipple and then the other. The whimper slowly changed to a soft moan as she added a slight twist to the pinch.

After a time, her hips started to roll up and back in a rhythm that matched her moans. A moment later, her right hand started down across her stomach and her left hand moved to her right breast. She rolled and pinched that nipple as her hips rolled up and shivered in anticipation of her hand reaching her sex.

Her fingernails combed the hair on her mound for a moment and then slipped lower, the middle finger parting her inner lips slowly. She moaned softly as her hips lifted to the caress of her fingertip in her slit. It went lower and dipped into her opening slightly. She shivered and moved the tip of her finger in a small circle.

Her eyes fluttered open and she groaned as she saw me looking at her finger in her sex. “Nice and slippery wet,” I said softly and she groaned as she pushed the fingertip deeper.

Amy’s eyes closed as she pulled the finger out and moved it up along her slit to her clit. The finger had a moist look to it and left a shiny trail behind. Her hips arched up slowly as she rolled her clit around in a tight circle. She pinched and twisted her nipple, a groan escaping her lips.

The finger moved down until it was back in her pussy to the middle knuckle. Her hips shivered as the finger came out and shivered again as it headed back up toward her clit. Her orgasm was building slowly it seemed but then she had just came shortly before. She had never tried for more than one in one session. Except for that day in her uncle’s bed.

Memories of that morning made her groan as her finger rolled her clit around. Her orgasm surged and she moved her finger away from her clit and back down into her opening. She wiggled it as she pushed it in, thinking of her uncle’s tongue as it had entered her. She heard a loud groan and realized it was hers.

His tongue had been bigger than her finger and had touched all kinds of interesting places. Her other fingertip rolled her clit around and she was coming. Not as hard as earlier but a nice soft rolling orgasm that went on and on as she continued wiggle one finger and roll her clit and roll her clit around with the other.


A while later, Amy sighed and opened her eyes. Her left hand was cupping her right breast and her right hand was resting on her thigh. Her legs were still wide apart and her uncle was sitting in his chair sipping his beer as he watched her. She smiled as she lifted her right hand and stuck her middle finger in her mouth to suck her own juices. She whimpered softly as she did.

When I nodded and smiled, she whimpered softly again. “You do taste good, don’t you?’

She nodded and pulled her finger out of her mouth. “That’s what I was thinking about when I came. You’re tongue in my pussy that morning.”

“How about my tongue in your ass?”

Amy groaned and flexed her hips. “That was so sensuous. I had never thought about my asshole until then.”

I grinned at her, stood up, and picked up her toy. “Then you can continue to think about it while I make supper.”

Amy’s eyes were on the toy and my dick as I walked across the patio. “But, but, but…” She stammered as I opened the door.

“Exactly,” I said as I went inside.

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