My Brother and I

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My brother and I were a little distant as we developed our lifetime personalities. It’s not like it was abnormal, but he was three years older than me and especially in high school neither of us wanted to share our friends. He had his world and I had mine.

My brother Jeff got married when he was twenty-two while he was in college and they began their life together near their college, so I was never around them long enough to really get to know his wife beyond a superficial friendship. I got married three years later when I turned twenty-two as well. I married my boyfriend from high school, which I’d remained close to.

I wasn’t the most self-confident person, and probably wouldn’t have gotten married if I was. My boyfriend and I were still apart from each other as he remained home to attend the local community college, while followed my parents request to get away and explore myself while going to college. Actually I only followed their advice to get away and go to college, because I can’t say I did any self-exploration. During school my husband would stay at home with his parents and during the summer months we rented a furnished apartment on a month-to-month arrangement and pretended to be a normal married couple.

It was obvious to me from our first months living together that we weren’t really compatible. While I was typically a quiet and shy girl I knew I wanted something more sexually adventurous from my husband.

In high school I was very popular even though I was shy. Everyone knew my boyfriend and I were “a couple” so I didn’t have to turn guys away, but there were many popular guys wishing that Jeff and I would suffer a break-up. My husband was active in all the popular high school sports, while he was never a college scholarship quality athlete. I would describe him as very handsome at 5′ 10″ and around 175# with dark hair groomed short and clean shaven as I liked him to be. I would hope he would describe me as pretty, but think the first word he might use would be cute. I’m on the short side at 5′ 4″ and very petite with average-to-small breats for my size, long dirty-blonde hair and hazel eyes.

It was my insecure feelings that things between him and I were falling apart and my belief that marriage could fix us that created my urge to be married. Being married didn’t seem to resolve any of my insecurities and at the end of a short marriage we decided to divorce.

I felt humiliated, crushed and heartbroken, and the most difficult part of the process was informing my family of my failure as I began the process. I told my parent’s first in a face to face conversation between buckets of tears and they were kind enough to pass the information onto my brother for me.

Jeff called me a few days later and reminded me his thoughts and prayers were with me and if I thought he could do anything to help, all I needed to do was call him. During our call I was fighting back my tears and trying to do my best to sound like I was confident in my decisions, but at that time I couldn’t have been more unsure of everything.

We didn’t sign the final documents until close to the summer break of school and I still had one more year to go. In a telephone conversation with my brother Jeff I explained to him that I’d signed off on the divorce, but of course it was a process and wouldn’t be official until it was filed with the courts which was supposed to happen in a couple of months and I gave him the date I was told would be final. I also informed him that I wouldn’t be going home for the summer break because I didn’t think I could face our mutual friends and discuss the end of my marriage. Jeff said he understood, but reminded me that Mom and Dad would be unlikely to understand. I told him they would have to understand because I wasn’t going home yet.

Jeff and I talked on the telephone a few times as he was making extra effort to check in with me to insure I wasn’t going to fall apart and have an emotional breakdown. He called me the afternoon before my divorce was going to be finalized by the courts and I told him, “Tomorrow is going to be tough day for me.”

“I can only imagine. I’ve been dreading that day for you since you mentioned it to me,” He replied.

“I’m sure I’ll survive,” I said, trying to convince myself that my depression wouldn’t overwhelm me.

“I wonder if I could get you to promise to do something for me that might help?” Jeff asked.

“You’re going to tell me to surround myself with friends and keep busy… like everyone else has advised,” I replied.

“Not exactly… I was hoping you might agree to come to the airport and pick me up since I’ve flown in to surprise you.

I squeaked with enthusiasm and replied, “Now?”

“I can take a taxi, but I’m not sure where you live,” He said.

“I’ll be right over. Will you be waiting out front of the arrival terminal?” I asked, still sounding excited as I scrambled to find my car keys and was thankful I hadn’t changed from my good outfit into my grubby clothes.

“See you soon Sis… but don’t crash the car trying to hurry,” He warned.

I disregarded maltepe escort his warning and drove like a bat out of hell in order to get to the terminal as quickly as possible. This was the first time my brother ever visited me at my school and I suddenly wondered if it was possible that his wife might be with him. As I approached the terminal slowly I spotted him easily and pulled to the curb in front of him. Bounding from the driver’s side I left my door open and dashed around to give my brother a tight hug.

“Thank you for coming… this is the best surprise ever,” I acknowledged.

“Better than the time I put that toad in one of your boots?” He teased.

“Better than if you put all those kinds of times together,” I said, and gave him another tight hug before a horn honked, turning my attention towards my open door and the trouble it was causing. I dashed around to close my door, while my brother tossed his single bag into the back seat and took his seat in the front.

“Sherry didn’t come?” I asked as I was trying to be polite.

“Did you want her to?” My brother asked, while giving me a quizzical look.

“Not really, but she shouldn’t know that,” I replied.

“Don’t worry Sis… she likes you only half as much as you like her,” Jeff said.

“Ouch!” I teased.

“It’s truly good to see you,” He expressed as he seemed to finally settle into his seat.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Starved,” He replied.

“We can pick up something on the way to my place,” I expressed.

“Or I could take you somewhere nice,” He offered.

“I’m happy to see you, but I don’t want to go out anywhere,” I said, and showed the frown on my face to him.

“Do you mind pizza?” He asked.

“That sounds good, but I already ate so I won’t have much, I replied.

“Then I’ll only need one extra-large,” He teased.

“One all-meat, fully masculine pizza to go?” I teased.

“Mostly meat… some cheese and black olives he replied.

I was so excited I nearly missed the driveway into the pizza place, but jerked the car sharply into the parking lot and we both went inside for him to order. The place was packed as usual for this time of night, but I knew they would be quick to get the pizza out to us.

“Be right back Sis,” My brother said as he disappeared toward the door and to the outside. I couldn’t imagine where he was going as my car was locked and only I had the keys. I thought about going to my car to see if that was where he was going, but knew he would return quickly once he realized his mistake. Our name was called and I brushed between several people to get to the pick-up window to identify myself and get the pizza box. While getting bumped and touched by others I managed to get turned around and through the mostly male patrons and to the door. As I exited Jeff was about to enter with a 12-pack of beer in hand and I realized he’d gone to the convenience store to get some beer.

“Good idea, I didn’t have anything for you to drink,” I said as we made it to my car and loaded in.

“The pizza was quick,” He said as she peered into the back seat where I’d set it, then leaned over and tilted the lid to double check it was ours.

“They have a system that gets pizza’s quicker than any other place in town,” I said.

“Looks good,” He said as he returned to his seat and we arrived at my apartment complex.

“It’s not much,” I warned as we headed up the steps towards the second floor units. I was carrying the pizza and 12-pack, while Jeff was following with his piece of luggage in hand.

“Nobody likes a place they rent,” He said, as we stopped outside my door and after setting his bag down, took the pizza box from me so I could open the door.

“It’s only a studio unit,” I warned, as I pushed open the door, and exposed the small area to him.

“So don’t worry about it… let’s enjoy the pizza and catch-up,” he said.

“I’m getting divorced, what more catching up do you need?” I asked as I started to find some plates an Jeff rejected the idea of using a glass as he pulled open a can of the cold beer.

“Do you want to talk about it? It might do you some good?” He said.

“What do you want to know?” I asked, as I handed my brother a plate with two slices of pizza on it.

“Was there something that went wrong, or was it lost love in general?” He asked.

“When we were together he was happy to live together as if we were room-mates, and when we were apart we missed each other like friends,” I “explained.

“Are you saying the sex was bad?” Jeff asked.

“If there was sex… it was bad sex,” I said, as my appetite came to life and I reached for a pizza slice and pulled it onto my plate.

“If that’s the case my marriage is doomed to fail,” Jeff said.

“You two have good sex don’t you?” I asked, in disbelief of what my brother had just revealed.

“I think most married couples have issues with sex,” He said, before filling his mouth.

“What issues do you have?” I asked.

“You really want to know mecidiyeköy escort Sis?” Jeff asked.

“Is it too personal to talk about?” I asked.

“It lacks adventure… it’s become mundane as if it’s some kind of chore,” He explained.

“So spice it up,” I said.

“Sherry has made it clear she doesn’t like spice in her sex,” Jeff said.

“She sounds like she would be a perfect match for my ex,” I replied.

“I thought he didn’t like sex at all?” Jeff asked.

“He blames me for putting too much pressure for him to be more passionate and creative,” I said.

“I think if we keep talking about this it’s going to depress both of us,” Jeff said.

“I think I agree,” I replied, “but I have one last question,” I replied.

“Always the inquisitive one,” Jeff said as she pulled another slice of pizza from the box towards his plate.

“It’s a very personal question,” I warned.

“I’ll give you an honest answer,” He insisted.

“Have you ever cheated on Sherry with another woman?” I asked.

“I expect you’ll be shocked, but I have,” He said, but he didn’t say it in a way that made me believe he was either proud or sorry about it.

“More than once?” I asked, as I was shocked and hadn’t expected him to cheat or admit to it if he had.

“A few times with different women… which I’m sure you’re about to ask,” He said, and I was.

“Do you feel guilty when you cheat?” I asked.

“I worry about getting caught, but when I’m doing it I don’t feel guilty,” he explained.

“I can’t imagine you could cheat on your wife,” I said.

“My first time was with an old girlfriend about six-months after our wedding,” He explained, “She gave me things my wife expressed she never would be willing to. I probably shouldn’t have been so open with her about how my wife was sexually, but she said she felt badly for me and wanted to remind me how good I had it with her.”

“What kind of things?” I asked.

“I don’t think you really want to know,” Jeff replied, and I felt this was his way of ending the topic, so I didn’t pursue it further.

“Did you see her again?” I asked.

“I’ve never cheated twice with the same woman,” He said.

“How many different woman?” I asked. He took his time to respond and I wasn’t sure if he was figuring out how many times or figuring out a way to tell me he didn’t want to tell me, and then he said, “Seven.”

“I’m beyond shocked,” I replied.

“Sometimes it just happens,” He said.

“Aren’t you worried about catching something?” I asked.

“I’ve always used condoms,” He explained.

“Give me a couple examples of how these things just happen?” I said with just a trace of sarcasm in my tone.

“One was with a co-worker… Her husband was out of town and she wanted to have a drink after work instead of going home to an empty house. In the end we ended up at her house,” He said. “Another time I was at an outdoor concert and was waiting in line at a port-a-pot when the girl behind me grabbed my hand and went into the port-a-pot with me. Before I even had a clue what she wanted she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth giving me a blow-job. We never fucked, but I count that as cheating,” He said.

“Was she pretty?” I asked.

“Very pretty, and young… I was hoping at the time she was at least eighteen in case we got caught,” He said.

“Do you think my Ex cheated on me?” I asked.

“I’d be shocked if he didn’t. You two were never together,” He said.

“Are you tired?” I asked as I looked at the clock and it was nearly 10:00 and I knew for him it would be midnight by his body time.

He looked around the small area in which I lived and couldn’t help but see the double bed in the corner of the room and little other furniture beyond the two bar stools we shared at the small kitchen counter.

“I’m not sleepy tired, but I feel like I could sit down… or lay down and relax,” He said.

“You’re my guest, so I’m giving you my bed,” I said quickly.

“And I’m going to be a gentleman and tell you no way!” He replied.

“It’s not fair to make you sleep on the floor,” I said.

“Would you attack me if we shared the bed?” He asked.

“I’d hope I have enough self-control not to attack my own brother,” I teased.

“So it’s up to you… I can sleep on the floor or share your bed, but I won’t allow you to sleep on the floor,” He said.

“What are you going to sleep in?” I asked.

“I’ve got a pair of gym shorts I can wear,” He said.

“You can change in the bathroom, but don’t come out in a hurry because I’m going to change out here,” I explained.

He opened his bag on the floor in the corner of the room and removed a few of his things like his toothbrush and such along with his shorts and went into the bathroom and closed the door. When he was behind the closed door I quickly pulled my clothes off and put on a fresh pair of panties along with an oversized tee-shirt I would occasionally wear when I was cold. When I was changed and my dirty clothes merter escort were hidden away I sat on the side of the bed and waited for him to finish. As he exited the bathroom I got up from the bed and went in to brush my teeth and prepare for bed. I exited the bathroom and Jeff was seated on the side of the bed with only his shorts on.

“Which side of the bed did you want? I might get up once or twice in the night so I wondered if you wanted the wall side so I would climb over you?” He asked.

“Sometimes I cuddle aginst the wall anyway, so that’s fine,” I said as I draped open the sheet and light blanket and crawled into the bed. Jeff turned out the lights and settled into the bed spaced away from me.

“Now I’m wide awake,” He whispered.

“I’m not tired either,” I replied with a giggle.

“Are you pushed up against the wall?” He asked as he must have reached over with his hand and when his fingers touched my arm he traced my skin with his touch, giving me chills.

“I’m right here… I’m not cramped, I said.

“I have plenty of room over here,” He replied, tracing his touch against my arm again and then taking my hand and giving me a gentle pull. I moved slightly closer to him, moving towards the center of the bed.

I turned my body onto my side, turning to face the wall, facing away from him. His touch didn’t leave my arm as he traced his fingertips up and down from my shoulder to my wrist.

“Keep that up and I’ll be cuddling against you instead of the wall,” I teased.

“Do you sleep better when you cuddle?” Jeff asked.

“I fall asleep faster,” I replied.

“You could cuddle against me if you like,” He offered.

“Do you want to cuddle with me?” I asked, unsure if I should or not… but he was my brother.

“I think I would like to hold you and fall asleep with you,” He replied.

Slowly I moved towards him until the back of my body touched against him and he folded his arm over me. His first touch brushed against my breast, but he quickly moved his hand and let it settle onto the mattress away from my body. “Sorry about that,” He whispered.

“It’s okay,” I replied as I moved my hand to take hold of his hand and brought it to my lips to give my brother’s hand a kiss. “I love you, and I’m so glad you’re here,” I whispered.

“I’m glad I’m here too,” He replied as he nestled his body closer to mine and there was no confusion in my mind that the hardness I felt against my bottom was my brother’s erection.

“Are you getting excited? I asked.

“It’s a momentary thing… it’ll go away,” He replied.

“Who are you thinking about?” I teased.

“I’m in bed with you… who do you think I’m thinking about?” He asked, and I guess I was too naïve to imagine he could be getting an erection thinking about me.

“Is that possible?” I asked.

“You’re as sexy as any woman I know… are you joking?” Jeff asked.

I let loose of my hold on his hand and as I thought he might do he moved it upwards to brush against my breast, but this time it was clearly not an accidental touch.

“Do you want me to get out of bed and sleep on the floor?” He whispered.

“No,” I replied quietly. He teased my nipple briefly and then traced his hand down my stomach and onto my thigh until he found the edge of my long night-shirt and moved his fingertips beneath the material. Retracing the path his hand had traveled, but this time touching against my bare skin he returned his hand to my breast and nipple. This time as he teased my nipple my body couldn’t help but respond by moving back tighter against his body.

As he aroused me with his touches against my breasts I realized how insanely horny I was and knew if I was going to end this, I had to do it now. I was almost able to open my mouth to ask him to stop, but instead words came out of his mouth as he said, “You really don’t want this shirt on do you?” Without waiting for my response he began to push the material upwards from my hips as I raised my hips from the mattress for him and then he pushed the shirt up past my breasts and pushed the material until it went over my head and disappeared onto the floor behind us.

“This is so wrong,” I moaned as his hands returned to my breasts.

“Do you want me to stop?” He whispered before he kissed my ear lobe.

“I don’t want you to stop, but I don’t know how far we should go?” I moaned and I realized I was grinding my bottom against him and while he still had his shorts on I could feel the blunt head of his cock against my panties and pussy.

“I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do,” He whispered.

“It’s not a matter of what I want… it’s what we shouldn’t do?” I moaned as my body was more aroused than I could remember being in a long-long time.

“Say the word and I’ll stop,” He whispered, but his touches grew more intense as he teased my aroused nipples between his thumb and finger.

Unable to control myself I turned around to face my brother and gave him a full and lengthy kiss against his lips. When I ended the kiss he whispered, “I love you Sis.”

“I love you too,” I replied, and this time as we kissed he speared his tongue between my lips and the sexual passion increased. His hand returned to my breast while my hand moved to worm inside the elastic waistband of his loose fitting shorts and wrapped my fingers around his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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