My Beloved Auntie

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For Josephine


Aunt Josephine was a handsome woman in her late thirties whom I had adored from as far back as I could remember. She was a huge woman, over six feet and solidly built with a figure that was remarkable for a woman of her size. She had jet-black luxurious hair that reached her waist. Her face was nearly round, with a full nose and lips and big round eyes that made you uncomfortable anytime she turned them on you. They were eyes that held a lot of dark secrets. My family didn’t trust her but I didn’t care. We shared a tight, intimate relationship, which was unbreakable.

What I cherished most about her was the way she fussed over me anytime I came to stay with her. As from the moment she set her lovely eyes on me she would first engulf me in a bear hug that would nearly cut of air-circulation but I didn’t mind since she was so soft. Then she would force me to lie back while she ran around to prepare me a hot meal. She would even set up a hot bath for me. Yes, she really treated me like royalty. And which horny 18 year old wouldn’t want that kind of relationship with his hot aunt?

The most likely reason for our closeness was the fact that I was probably the only person who understood her and she was the only person who understood me.

Aunt Josephine was a nymphomaniac, so much so that her craving for flesh had alienated her from the rest of her family. It was not that she was promiscuous. It was just that she enjoyed sex enormously and that she could not just get enough of it. It was her only sin.

She loved to experiment with all types of men (and women) from all social classes, ethnic groups and temperaments. She was conscious of her own sexuality and totally at ease with it. She felt sex was something that should happen naturally without all the red tape that came with it. So as a result she became a serial dater of so many interesting specimens of mankind. Less approving members of the society called her a harlot. I felt she was just trying to be herself. If there was anything I hated in this world it was hypocrisy. Aunt Josephine certainly wasn’t a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is the only evil that walks the earth, invisible to all but God alone. John Milton said that.

I had met many of her lovers, was even quite friendly with a number of them. They were usually unnerved whenever they met me at her house for the first time but later got used to me when I apparently meant no harm.

I remembered with a smile the first time that I had caught her literally with her pants down. That was two years ago.

Then I was spending the summer holidays in her house. Aunt Josephine was a business woman who was rarely at home and she had given me the key. I had gone for a morning game of basketball and was anticipating a cold shower as I opened the front door.

As I stepped inside the warm interior I immediately knew that something was going on. There was a subtle change in the atmosphere of the house. Every house has its own atmosphere and I can detect changes in the atmosphere like I am a human Barometer.

I went to look for my aunt. I didn’t bother to call out her name. I didn’t like yelling in quiet places. She wasn’t on the ground floor so I silently went up the stairs. I had barely touched the landing when I heard noises: soft moans, beşiktaş escort grunts and the squeaks of bedsprings. I didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce what was going on. I wanted to turn back and head downstairs but I couldn’t resist a peek. Who could? So I went to her bedroom and tentatively put my head round the open doorway. What I saw would remain in my fantasies for the rest of my life.

A huge hunk of a man was banging the daylights out of my auntie. Both were completely naked, sweat ran off their bodies and soaked the bed sheets. He had her eagle-spread and he was pumping her like his life depended on it. She was staring sightlessly in my direction, her huge eyes blinded by extreme pleasure. The scene was so raw, so bestial and yet so touching that I was frozen to the spot.

Suddenly her eyes focused and she perceived my presence. A look of mild apprehension muddled the otherwise blissful expression on her face. I waved reassuringly to her and left.

Moments later the couple came downstairs fully dressed. The hunk was startled to see me but Aunt Josephine quickly made introductions. After he left she expected my demeanor to change towards her. On the contrary, I behaved as if I had caught them both playing chess. She was grateful for that and since then she didn’t bother hiding her extra curricular activities from me. We became so close that any outsider watching our interaction would swear we were sleeping together.

But such a dangerous undercurrent of lust, if unchecked, will eventually explode to the surface like molten lava bursting from a fissure and lead to forbidden sin.

This was a fortnight later on a particularly chilly night. It had rained heavily and after the downpour came intense cold. I had already retired to my room when I heard a tentative knock on my door.

“Come in.”

Aunt Josephine opened the door and came in a little way. She was wearing a transparent pink nightdress that was barely decent. Her black bra that was having difficulty in containing her magnificent breasts was very evident. So were the slim black panties. She smelt of soap.

“Please come over to my room for a moment. I just saw one big bloody rodent gallivanting around my bed.”

“My goodness!” I exclaimed, unable to take my eyes of her body, “Let me take a look.”

We treaded over the floorboards to her bedroom. The tension between us could be cut with a knife. Thunder crashed outside and the rain lashed relentlessly against the windows. It was a perfect night .

Aunt Josephine stood near the door while I made a thorough search of her room. Either the rat had evaporated into thin air or it was a master in the art of concealment.

Or it didn’t exist.

“I can’t find it” I said finally.

“But I saw it!” complained Aunt Josephine “It will probably come out and take a nip at me while I’m tucked up in bed.”

I smiled and shook my head.

“Okay, this is what I’ll do. I’ll sleep in here with you and if this creature rears it ugly head again I’ll nail it.”

“You’ll do that for me?” she said with a grateful smile.


“Thanks. The only thing is that I’m rather big. Are you sure my bed can fit the two of us?”

“No problem. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“No, don’t beşiktaş eve gelen escort do that” she cried indignantly “We can share the bed. Anyway, this is a cold night and we could do with some bodily warmth. It beats central heating any day!”

I wondered idly whether she knew the implication of her statement.

She climbed into bed and I followed suit. She was right: the bed was a tight fit for us. She was backing me and her immense buttocks were pressed against my stomach. The heat from her flesh permeated through the nightdress and soaked me up. I felt an immediate reaction in my lower region and my body pressed against her as well. She didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t either.

“Are you comfortable, Darling? She cooed. She always called me that. “Why don’t you smuggle in a bit further? I don’t want you falling off the edge.”

“Don’t worry; I’m not likely to drop off.”

I realized the double meaning of my words and I chuckled silently.

Well I didn’t drop off. Three hours later and my eyes were still fully open. My heart was hammering loudly in my ribcage and I knew she could feel it against her back. And she could also feel something else…

Suddenly she moaned and turned around to face me. Her eyes were still closed as if she were asleep. I could bet she was just pretending. Who could sleep with all that sexual tension in the air?

Our noses were barely inches apart. If I leaned my head forward a little I could kiss her on those juicy lips. I entertained that thought in my mind and it only served to arouse me further.

My arms were around her for support and I cuddled her closer. Her huge breasts cushioned my chest. I could feel the stiff nipples through the ridiculously fragile fabric of her nightdress. A soft musk scented the air. The scent you perceive when a woman’s honey pot starts to melt.

I bent my head forward and delicately rubbed the tip of my nose against hers. Then I gently, almost imperceptibly placed my lips on her mouth. My goodness! They were so soft. I badly wanted to suck those lips but I was scared silly. I delicately increased the pressure of the kiss. She still didn’t open her eyes even though our faces were pressed against each other. I was breathing in her every breath. I could feel her huge breasts heaving against my chest. My body had stiffened so much that I was evidently prodding her.

I slowly shifted my hands until they rested on her immense buttocks. I tried to reach for the soft underside but her bum was too big. I had to settle with gently rubbing the parts I could reach. When I got tired of that I stuck my hand under the nightgown and climbed her back till I reached the hooks of her bra. I easily unhooked it with one hand. I felt added pressure on my chest as her breasts were released.

Suddenly she opened her mouth to make a soft moan and our lips interlocked. I expected her eyes to open but they didn’t. I slowly sucked her lower lip. Her lips responded latently as if she was still asleep and was probably dreaming the sensation of being kissed. My tongue snaked into her mouth and found hers. I started to suck her tongue.

We kissed for a long time. Her eyes remained closed but we drank each others saliva like fine wine. She suddenly beşiktaş grup yapan escort shifted her head away from me with an exhausted gasp. When I tried to reclaim her lips she turned her head away again.

I abandoned all caution as I shifted down her body until my head lay between those magnificent globes. It fitted in snugly. I stuck out my tongue and softly licked the cleft between the soft mounds of flesh. I had to push my head way in to see if I could touch her chest. Her skin was covered with perspiration and sweat dribbled down her breasts and on my face. She was panting now and making soft grunts of pleasure.

Grabbing a handful of her nightgown, I yanked it down. Her boobs immediately escaped and I could at last savor those taut, hard nipples. I covered one with my mouth and sucked it slowly. I had to be careful not to suffocate since my mouth was busy and the flesh of her breasts had covered my nose.

The taste is indescribable. I sucked, licked and kissed her breast for a long time. I then had to turn her so she could lie on her back, that way I could have access to the other one. I shoved it in my mouth and sucked it hungrily. My auntie was moaning loudly and muttering stuff I couldn’t get.

I left her tits and moved lower south again. The heat coming from between her thighs felt like a blast furnace. I raised the hem of the nightgown and stuck my head underneath. I came face to face with her small black panties. I pressed my nose against it and the soaked fabric smelt wonderful. I pressed my lips against the mound and licked the material. Her juice filtered through and I tasted her. Yum!

I didn’t need to pull the panties off. I just drew it aside with one finger to get access to her womanhood. She was dripping wet. I covered her with my mouth and slowly drank in all the juice, sucking noisily like a spoilt child, my tongue wriggling in and out of her.

This time she couldn’t feign sleep, she was actually sobbing in pleasure as I licked at her most intimate parts. My hands went up to grab her boobs and I fondled and squeezed them for all they were worth. She was now rocking the bed and humping her hips against my mouth, her hands grabbing the sheets and yanking them out. I stuck my tongue in deeper, pushing it in and out like a cock. I grazed her clit with my teeth.

Eventually she screamed and her thighs clamped on my head like a vise. A shudder ran through her body as she gave a loud scream and for a moment I thought my head would be snapped off. It took her a while to mellow down and I was nearly asphyxiated. She finally released my head and I gratefully gulped in air.

My face was completely covered in her juices. Her cum still dribbled from the side of my mouth and down my chin. I absentmindedly licked my lips. I shifted up to face her. There was a faraway expression in her eyes that I had seen before. I smiled.

“Thank you, Darling” she said softly, “That was the best time I’ve ever had.”

“Anything for you, Aunt Josephine.”

“I should be feeling terrible but I don’t. Does that make me a bad person?”

“No, it doesn’t. You’re the best aunt ever. I wouldn’t have you any other way. I don’t care what anyone says.”

“Thank you, Darling. You make me happy.” There were tears in her eyes. I leaned forward to kiss her passionately on the lips.

“The night still young” I said.

“That’s true” she said as her hand reached down to touch me in between the legs, “Now stay still. Auntie wants to repay you back big time…”

I really want to thank that rat, real or imagined. Without the little bugger I would never have tasted heaven.

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