Ms B Revisited

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After my first encounter in person with Ms. B had turned out to be such a resounding success, we began to form a somewhat closer relationship. She gave me her home phone number, and we would make appointments by email for phone sex every couple of weeks. I looked forward to these sessions; I would take the phone into my bedroom, along with a short glass of tequila, strip naked, and climb into bed, after which I would sip my tequila, reminisce for a few minutes about our trip to Oregon, and then dial her number. Sometimes I might touch myself for a few minutes first, sometimes I would wait until I heard her voice. What happened next was always a treat.

After six delightful months of this, B invited me to visit her on her home turf. I couldn’t wait. I booked a flight to her state, and she gave me a cell phone number with which to contact her when my flight landed.

I wound up arriving a few hours ahead of schedule, so I called her and found that she was finishing up a little volunteer work, and suggested that I meet her at the community fair where she was manning a table. I rented a car, got a map, and set off.

The weather was unseasonably hot and humid, but the car had a good air conditioner. I found the site of the community fair within about 45 minutes, parked the car, and stepped out into a blast of heat. She had described for me the area where I could find her, which was off on the edge of the site. I spotted her sitting at a table under a shade tree, looking bored, with no one to talk to. She saw me coming, and gave me a big smile — to call her smile “warm” would be something of an understatement. I immediately began to get an erection, to my embarrassment, because I was wearing some light cotton shorts with no underwear — I thought that might be sexy, but it didn’t occcur to me that I would be out in public.

I glanced around, and no one was looking my way, except for Ms B. I smiled back at her, and tried to think of something other than sex, in hopes that my hard-on would subside. It didn’t work. Maintaining eye contact with B increased my arousal. She was sitting at her table, wearing a lavender tank top, the bright sun bringing out the reddish highlights in her hair. Her tank top fit snugly, emphasizing the delicious swell of her breasts. As I got closer I could see her nipples threatening to burst through the fabric. She was looking at my erection, which was barely contained by my shorts. Her smile got wider.

I arrived at her table, which had a few pieces of literature sitting on a tablecloth, with B seated behind it on a lawn chair. I greeted her with some embarassment, standing there with my erection sort of looming over her table, but she didn’t seem at all to mind. She made some joke, I don’t remember exactly what she said. It was a variation on the old Mae West “are you just glad to see me” line. The idea of making small talk seemed a bit ridiculous under the circumstances, so I asked her what was under the table.

“Oh, bahis firmaları just a box with some brochures,” she replied.

“Let’s have a look,” I said.

I came around the table and got down on my hands and knees. There was a lot of room under there, with one lonely cardboard box off in the corner. Ms. B was wearing a sort of homespun cotton skirt and sandals. I crawled over, lifted her skirt above her left knee, and kissed her calf on the inside, just below the knee.

“HMMmmm,” she said, scooting forward a bit on her lawn chair. Then, behind the safety of the tablecloth, she slowly and deliberately gathered her skirt up around her waist. She was wearing bikini panties, and I could see tendrils of pubic hair escaping from above the top of her panties, and also from below around the crotch. This was very arousing. She spread her thighs to give me a better view.

I paused for a moment to enjoy the sensation of my cock, throbbing furiously against the fabric of my short pants. Then I moved closer, positioning myself between her legs. I rubbed my cheek along the inside of her right thigh. It was slick with sweat. The heat and humidity were really something else — my shirt clung to me. But the sensation of my cheek gliding along her thigh was wonderful. Her hands began to toy with my hair as I advanced toward her panties.

Her panties were the same lavender color as her top — a nice touch. They were made of sturdy cotton. I gently ran my tongue up and down them, encountering some resistance at first, and then gently pushing the fabric inside her as she began to melt under my minstrations. “I like that,” she said.

From my position under the table, I couldn’t see what was going on around us, so I decided to let her worry about that. I began to munch on her pussy through the cotton of the panties, and was rewarded as they quickly became wet and tasty. B was beginning to squirm and rock her hips a bit. Then she moaned, and with an impatient gesture, brought one hand to her panties and pulled them aside.

Her pussy was gorgeous, angry rose in color, swollen and open. Her pubic hair was chestnut colored and fine in texture, and spilling just a bit down her thighs. I licked tentatively around the outside of her lips, savoring her aroma which was quite strong in the summer heat. Then I slowly drove my tongue deep inside her.

Suddenly I heard her speaking to someone. I was going to break free and dive under the table, but her hands gripped my hair fiercely and held my face firmly against her pussy. I licked her slowly up and down as I listened to her speaking to someone named Margaret, who was evidently a friend of hers that she hadn’t expected to see at the fair.

Then, to my amazement, I heard her say to Margaret, “Come around the table — I want to show you something.” B continued to hold my head against her crotch, and I was tremendously aroused, so I decided to let B worry about her friend while I abandoned myself to the kaçak iddaa exquisite sensations of eating her hot, steaming pussy. B caressed my hair as she began to fuck my face in earnest, moaning just audibly. I couldn’t see a thing, but I became aware of another body crawling under the table with me.

Then, I felt a feminine hand seize my cock through the fabric of my shorts. My fly was being unzipped, and my cock was brought out and fondled, and then Margaret, or whoever she was, began to slowly and wonderfully jack me off. The sensation, combined with the taste, feel and smell of B’s very hot pussy in my mouth, was blissful, and just then B began to cum, flooding my mouth with pussy juice.

I lapped the juices eagerly from B’s cunt, feeling my own climax approaching, when suddenly B sat up in her chair and smoothed her skirt down over her lap, cheating me of the sensations I craved. She was speaking to someone else now, and I withdrew discreetly under the tablecloth. I turned to get a look a Margaret, who was a girl with a tanned face, thick curly blonde hair, and a big grin. She gave my cock a squeeze and gave me a quick, wet kiss on the mouth. Then the other visitor apparently left, because B scooted forward again in her lawn chair, and quickly stripped off her soaking panties, thrusting her cunt forward.

Before I could resume sucking it, Margaret jumped in there, beating me to it. B began to moan again, stroking Margaret’s hair. Needing something to do, I began to caress Margaret as she energetically ate B’s pussy. I unhooked her bra and began to fondle her tits, when suddenly B jumped back in her chair again, pushing her skirt back down, and Margaret under the tablecloth.

B was now talking very seriously to someone, while Margaret and I were sort of jumbled up on the grassy floor beneath the table. We waited breathlessly for B’s conversation to end, but it kept going on and on. Margaret’s hand once again found my cock and began to stroke it purposefully. I quietly shifted my position until I was lying in the opposite direction from Margaret, and as my fingers crept into her panties, I felt her mouth close over my cock.

We were basically in the 69 position, and hidden from view, so after exploring her wet pussy thoroughly with my fingers, I helped her wriggle out of her panties, and then I buried my face in her cunt. She tasted different than B, not quite as hot and spicy, but delicious nonetheless. She was sucking my cock like she wanted me to cum. I put my tongue as deep inside her as I could, thrusting it in and out, and she could tell that my orgasm was approaching, because she slowed down and took me all the way in. The sensation was incredible. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, engulfing her vulva and swirling my tongue around her clit as I began to ejaculate copiously into her mouth. I think we came simultaneously. My face was completely bathed in her sweet pussy juice mixed with sweat.

Then B raised the tablecloth kaçak bahis and peeked at us. “Having a good time?” she asked. We nodded breathlessly. “That was my supervisor. I’m done for the day. Let’s pack up and go to my place.”

Margaret and I buttoned up our clothes, and as soon as the coast was clear, emerged from under the table. We packed up the table, tablecloth and box of brochures into B’s car, and then drove as a three-vehicle convoy to B’s house, which was only a few minutes away. Margaret asked if she could take a shower, and B showed her where it was and gave her a towel. Then B rejoined me in the living room, and said, “let me show you my bedroom.”

We walked into her room, and she sat down on the bed, smiling at me. She hoisted up her skirt again, revealing that her panties were still absent, and said, in a husky voice, “watch me make myself cum.” With a big smile, she began to play with her clit, alternately pushing one, then two, then three fingers inside herself. As she masturbated, I stood before her and took off my shirt and pants. I stood there naked before her with my cock sticking out as she quickened the pace of her fingers. Now that we were inside her home, she made a lot more noise, gasping and moaning until she brought herself to a powerful climax, staring into my eyes.

I then came to her, pulling off her tank top, and hungrily seizing her lovely tits. She cried out as I devoured one nipple, then the other, and then I tore off her skirt, pushed her back on the bed, and plunged my cock deep inside her. We embraced and began to fuck. I loved the feel of her voluptouous breasts and belly, covered with sweat, rubbing against me as I drove my cock into her cunt. She writhed against me and came again almost immediately. Then she began to whisper in my ear as we continued to fuck in earnest.

“I’ve never had a woman eat my pussy before,” she said, thrusting her hips to meet mine. Hoarsely, she said, “I liked it.”

“Your pussy tastes so good,” I gasped back to her.

“How good does Margaret’s pussy taste?”

“It tastes good, too.” I moaned in pleasure. “It tastes really good. But yours tastes better.” B moaned too.

Then I lifted myself above her, keeping my cock deep inside, and hoisted her legs up over my shoulders. I held her hips in my hands and pushed my cock into her deepest recesses, then dragged it slowly out and upwards, rubbing the shaft sensuously against her clit. Her feet were near my face, and I began to lick and suck the sole of her right foot as I slowly fucked her. B kept talking, more urgently. “Your cock feels so good. Are you going to let me suck it later?”

“Yes,” I gasped.

“Will you cum in my mouth?”


“Here,” said B, reaching around and gathering some of her pussy juice with her fingers. She lifted her fingers to my mouth, and I sucked them desperately, increasing the tempo of my thrusts. “Is it good?”

“It’s so good,” I cried out.

Then she gathered more juice, and this time put her fingers in her own mouth. “Oh, it is good!” she gasped. I moaned and sucked the sole of her foot again as I began to cum. “Yes! Cum inside me!” B said hoarsely, as her own orgasm began.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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