Monica’s Art Class Ch. 09-10

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Chapter Nine

Today would be the Wednesday in which it was Ellie’s turn to pose. The thought excited Monica. It meant that Ellie was finally ready to take part in the fun the rest of the class had been enjoying for the past few weeks. She was a little disappointed when Mark phoned her to let her know that family obligations would prevent him from being present. It was still going to be fun bringing Ellie fully into the group activities. Mark’s initiation would have to wait until next week.

With these thoughts running through her head Monica set up the four chairs and easels that were going to be in use that evening. She was putting the last chair in place as the doorbell rang.

“I hope you don’t mind my just coming in,” Ellie said as she walked through the door.

“I could have been doing something private,” Monica teased.

“If you mean sex, given the recent activities of you and my fellow classmates, I’d just have joined you,” Ellie shot back before sticking out her tongue.

The two women looked at each other for a few seconds before bursting out into laughter. Their mirth was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Monica went to the door and opened it, revealing a smiling Shawn standing on her porch. She welcomed him with a deep kiss. After breaking the kiss Shawn waved hello to Ellie who was making her way past them into the guest bedroom to get ready for the evening.

Ellie suddenly squealed and turned. She leaped at Monica and Shawn, grabbing them both in a hug. “I love that the two of you are together now!”

After doing this, she let them go and smiled. She then waved her hand at them before moving into the guest bedroom and closing the door. Monica and Shawn shrugged at each other, both knowing that Ellie was prone to act in this sort of way.

The next to arrive was Angel, followed by Dennis and Lenora. With everyone present and seated Monica stood in the middle of the living room rug and thanked everyone for coming. It wasn’t long after that before the guest bedroom door opened again. Out walked Ellie wearing the white robe Monica had left for her on the bed. Ellie moved to where Monica was standing and dropped the robe, revealing her nude body.

Everyone present but Dennis had seen Ellie bottomless a few weeks previously when she and Lenora had watched Monica, Angel and Dennis in a threesome. Monica appreciated the beauty of Ellie’s breasts. They were medium in size, a bit more than could fit into the palm of a person’s hand with a slight hang to them. Her areolae were small and light in colour, just a shade darker than her pink nipples.

Of all those present, Dennis’ reaction was the most obvious. This was his first time seeing any part of Ellie naked. He seemed to have a hard time controlling his lustful facial expressions as a result.

Lenora burst out laughing. “God Dennis, you would think you had never seen a naked woman before.”

Monica observed Ellie and had to admit that she couldn’t blame Dennis. Ellie’s curves were perfect in their proportion. Her legs were long, athletic and beautiful to look at. The unshaven hair between her legs was the same colour as the shoulder length black curls on top of her head.

“Sorry Ellie,” Dennis said, one of the reddest blushes Monica had ever seen covering his face.

Ellie giggled and sat in Dennis’ lap. She placed her hands between her shoulders, just above her breasts and spoke in a little girl voice while fluttering her eyes. “Are you impressed with my little body Dennis?”

“Yes,” Dennis croaked, somehow managing to turn even redder.

“Ellie,” Lenora said, trying to sound serious while suppressing her obvious urge to laugh, “are you trying to seduce my fiancee?”

“No,” Ellie replied with a wink, “judging from the bulge I’m sitting on, I’d say I’m succeeding.”

Laughter erupted from everyone at that point. With a big smile on her face, Ellie got up out of Dennis’ lap and moved back to the center of the rug. Monica stepped onto the rug herself to direct Ellie into the pose she wanted her in for the evening. The laughter slowly died out as Monica began the class.

Ellie was directed to kneel in the middle of the rug with her legs together and her back straight. Her hands were placed a few inches behind her body with the tips of her fingers and thumbs the only parts touching the rug. Her head was turned downward with a slight lean to the right.

As usual, the evening passed pleasantly. Monica made a few more comments for improvement that she usually did, but that was the only difference from most Wednesdays. Most of these comments were directed at Shawn and Dennis. Monica had to suppress a laugh at the thought that it was probably because all of their blood was rushing to the wrong head. The visible bulges in their pants were certainly attesting to the idea.

There was a certain extra excitement in the air when the evening came to an end and everyone was packing their things away. Ellie stood in the middle of all antalya escort of the activity, her expression a mixture of nervousness and excitement. The other four students took the occasional glace at her as they packed up. All of them had looks of hunger on their faces as they did.

Finally, Monica decided to start things. Everyone was almost finished putting things away into their backpacks when she took Ellie by the hand and led her into the guest bedroom. Ellie’s breathing was becoming heavy as Monica pushed her onto her back on the bed. Monica grabbed Ellie’s left foot and brought her mouth forward to suck on her student’s toes. She then moved her mouth to Ellie’s ankle and began to kiss her way up the leg. She could tell that the anticipation had worked Ellie up enough that a lot of foreplay wasn’t going to be needed. With that thought in mind, once Monica reached Ellie’s knee, she jumped right from there to her pussy.

As soon as Monica’s tongue made contact with Ellie’s clit she had to hold on tight. Ellie planted her feet on the bed and bucked her hips upward violently.

“Oh God, you’re almost as good as Mark,” Ellie moaned.

Monica’s eyes felt her eyes go wide with those words. If Ellie was this active now and Mark was better, how did he keep contact with her pussy at all?

Monica circled her arms around Ellie’s hips and clasped her hands together in an effort to hold her place. It worked, but she also found herself being thrown around more without having her hands as a base on the bed. It felt like she was on some sort of strange amusement park ride.

Ellie’s hands pulled Monica’s face off of her pussy. Monica looked up to Ellie’s face just as the younger woman was saying, “Get me on my hands and knees. If you lick me from behind my hips don’t move as much.”

Monica turned Ellie over. The younger woman moved onto her hands and knees and spread her legs to give Monica better access to her pussy. Monica got on her own hands and knees behind Ellie and began to move her face toward her student’s back end. The scent of Ellie’s pussy was even stronger in this position than it was with Ellie on her back. Ellie mashed her face into one of the pillows and moaned loudly when Monica tenderly licked her clit. Ellie’s hips still moved, but the movement was manageable now. One lesson learned in the book of Sex with Ellie.

As she was enjoying Ellie’s taste Monica felt a pair of hands on her hips. She looked back over her shoulder to see Shawn, naked and smiling behind her. She turned her head to follow a set of moans and saw Dennis sitting on the center of the three chairs. Lenora and Angel were on their knees in front of him, licking up and down either side of his cock. All three were as naked as Ellie, Shawn and herself.

“I’ve got to have your fiancee,” Angel announced to Lenora. Just after saying this she stood up and straddled Dennis, facing him. She moaned loudly as she lowered and impaled herself on his cock.

Lenora was watching Dennis’ cock as Angel’s pussy rose up and down on it. She did this for a little while before she rose to her feet and walked to the bed. Monica watched as she moved between herself and Shawn and lowered herself to her knees in front of him. Monica caught Shawn’s gaze, they looked at each other, eyes locked as Lenora began to suck on his cock.

She enjoyed the pleasure on Shawn’s face, but suddenly realized that she had been ignoring Ellie. Drawing her attention back to Ellie, she saw the younger woman lying on her stomach at the end of the bed facing the chairs. Her legs were bent at the knees. Pointed upward and crossed. Her face was in the palms of her hands which were propped up on her elbows. She was looking at Angel as she rode Dennis.

Monica took the exact same body position laying down next to her. “It’s a beautiful sight isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Ellie answered. She then pivoted her head to look at Monica. “I want Dennis next.”

“Well,” Monica said, reaching out with her hand to touch Ellie’s ass and caress it. She listened for a minute as Ellie began to moan before continuing, “It is your night.”

She took Ellie by the hand and led her over to Angel and Dennis. She lightly touched Angel on the shoulder and leaning forward to whisper in her ear, “Ellie wants to try Dennis.”

Angel smiled at Ellie, lifted a leg and swung herself off Dennis’ lap. “Climb aboard,” she said with a smile.

Monica moved her hand to her own clit and began to rub it as Ellie swung herself into position. Ellie threw her head back and gasped as she let her body drop and Dennis’ cock entered her. She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him as she began to bounce her hips up and down. Dennis grabbed her hips and forced her further downward with every drop.

Monica’s attention was centered on Ellie and Dennis. Her concentration was total as her eyes fixed on the point where their bodies met. This concentration was broken when she felt a pair of hands on her hips. She looked lara escort down to see Angel’s face between her legs.

Angel shifted her hands to Monica’s ass just before she pulled her face right up to Monica’s pussy. Monica felt Angel’s tongue as it snaked out and began to lick up and down her slit and clit. She stared, glassy eyed, at Dennis and Ellie as heat, centered on her pussy, began to expand throughout her body.

She put her hands on either side of Angel’s head and pulled Angel’s face even closer to her pussy. She heard herself panting and moaning as the heat and electricity coming from her clit began to build.

Monica closed her eyes and listened to the combined pants, gasps and moans coming from Ellie and Dennis. As the minutes passed she began to feel her own orgasm near. As she got close she opened her eyes again to watch what Dennis and Ellie were doing. Ellie was now riding Dennis in a reverse cowgirl position. Monica’s and Ellie’s eyes locked onto each other. Monica’s orgasm was very close and she could sense that Ellie’s was even closer. She noticed that Dennis’s hand was on Ellie’s clit, rubbing frantically as Ellie body slammed up and down on his cock.

With one last drop Ellie’s body came to a stop. She starred, her eyes looking like they were in a haze, out into space past Monica’s shoulder. Her mouth opened wordlessly in a silent scream, her body shuddering for some time before settling back against Dennis’ chest. Monica noticed a smile form on Ellie’s face just as her own orgasm hit. She stumbled over to one of the unoccupied chairs and sat down as her wobbly legs gave out from under her. She sat there, smiling as she felt the electricity continue to course through her body.

She looked to her side to where Ellie was beginning to move once again, lifting herself off of Dennis. Ellie leaned forward and looked wide eyed down between her legs to where Dennis’ cock was still pointing upward.

Ellie’s voice was filled with surprise as Monica heard her exclaim, “Dennis, you’re still hard!”

“Yep,” he replied, “I haven’t cum yet.”

Ellie turned her head to look at him. “But, Mark always cums when I do. He says that my body in orgasm always puts him over the edge.”

Dennis smiled back at her. “Mark is still new to sex. He hasn’t learned control yet.”

“So a guy can keep going even after the woman has cum?” Ellie asked.

Monica had to stifle the urge to laugh. She knew it would be cruel to let Ellie hear that, she seemed so genuinely surprised to learn this news.

Ellie stopped for a bit, looking like she was thinking of something. Finally she opened her mouth and asked, “Could you teach Mark this kind of control.”

“I don’t see why not,” Dennis answered.

She smiled, but then blushed as her gaze turned down to his cock again. When she looked back up at him, she said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have the energy to finish you Give me a couple of minutes to recover and I promise I will.”

“No need to worry,” Dennis chuckled, “I’m sure I can find a volunteer to take care of my problem. I will take a rain check on your offer to finish me off though.”

“There’s a volunteer right here.” Monica turned her head to follow the voice. Angel was standing between the bed and the chairs with a big smile on her face, her arm raised and waving back and forth.

Now having the attention of the three people on the chairs, Angel repositioned herself so that she was on her hands and knees, facing away from the chairs. She looked back over her shoulder, smiled and wiggled her butt invitingly.

Both Dennis and Ellie were laughing as the former gently picked up the latter and stood. He just as gently placed her back on the chair he had been sitting in and moved to the floor beside Angel.

“Let’s enjoy this,” he said as he began to message her butt cheeks.

Angel purred as Dennis’ hands tenderly kneaded her behind. After a minute or two of this, one of his hands dipped between her legs to play with her pussy. Monica could see that one of his fingers was sliding up and down between her labia. His other hand swung under her body where it began to rub her clit.

Monica’s attention was drawn back to the bed. Lenora was on her back with Shawn on top of her. One of her legs was wrapped around his body while the other pointed straight up into the air. Her head was turning back and forth and her back was arched slightly as Shawn thrust into her with slow and deliberate movements.

Suddenly Lenora wrapped both legs around his body and flipped him over onto his back. She placed her hands on his chest and began to bounce her hips up and down, impaling herself over and over on his cock. She immediately sped up their pace going from slow and sensual to fast and frenzied in seconds.

On the floor in front of Monica, Dennis moved behind Angel and sheathed his cock in her pussy. Soon Angel’s moans and Dennis’ grunts matched the sounds Shawn and Lenora were making side escort on the bed.

The sight of the two couples in front of her was making Monica’s juices run again. She smiled as she felt Ellie’s hand on her inner thigh. She spread her legs further as Ellie’s hand moved up to touch her pussy, the boiling heat of her private area churning uncontrollably again. As Ellie began to explore Monica’s pussy, Monica own hand moved over to touch Ellie in the same area. Ellie was soaking wet as Monica’s hand made contact. The two of them played with each other, their excitement building toward orgasm for each of them as they watched Dennis and Angel, and Shawn and Lenora.

Dennis was the first to reach orgasm. He pulled out of Angel spurted all over the same butt cheeks he had been messaging earlier. He immediately began working her pussy with his hand, trying to bring her to her own pleasure. She cried out, lowering her head, raising her hips and thrusting herself back to meet the movements of his hand.

Lenora was the next to finish. Her back arched and her eyes rolled back in her head as her whole body shook. Lenora’s finish was followed seconds later by Angel’s. The scream that was emitted from Angel’s mouth just before her body went still was almost deafening.

As Angel slumped to the floor in a smiling heap, Lenora took Shawn into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down in a frantic effort to give him his orgasm. Her efforts were soon rewarded as Shawn’s hips bucked up with one last mighty thrust. His back remained arched, his muscles tight, his body looking like a drawn bow as his eyes rolled back. Lenora’s mouth remained in place on his cock as she swallowed his entire load.

Shawn’s hips settled back onto to the bed leaving Monica and Ellie as the last to cum. Monica felt the heat and pressure from deep within her reach the breaking point. Beside her, Ellie’s body began to shudder. Ellie’s hand mashed down on Monica’s clit triggering Monica’s orgasm.

As they all relaxed in the afterglow, smiles formed on all of their face. Monica watched as everyone looked around, sweat covered bodies everywhere.

“Same time next week?” Shawn quipped, breaking the silence and causing laughter to erupt from everyone.

When the laughter died down everybody began to get to their feet. One by one they each took a turn in the shower and then got dressed. Back in the living room, the usual hugs and good-byes were performed and said as they all made ready to go home.

“Remind Mark that he’s up next week,” Monica said to Ellie as she hugged her.

“He hasn’t forgotten,” Ellie replied. “He’s looking forward to it.”

Monica paid special attention to Shawn. He got his good-bye hug, but on top of it Monica kissed him, their tongues moving together in ways that Monica loved. After they broke their embrace and he walked through the door with everyone else, Monica stood on her porch, waving as the cars left. Once the last car was gone she closed the door and made her way up to bed.

Chapter Ten

One week later and another Wednesday had come. Monica opened her door when she heard the doorbell. She was greeted by the smiling faces of Ellie and Mark.

“Hello!” Ellie squealed as she hugged Monica.

“How are you two?” Monica asked. “Why the big hug this week?”

“I’m just excited about the rest of you seeing what my man has to offer under his pants,” Ellie giggled.

“Ellie!” Mark exclaimed as he began to blush.

“I can’t be proud of what you have down there?” she shot back with another giggle.

Mark simply shook his head his response. Monica could tell that he was trying to act annoyed, but his smile destroyed the effect. Ellie stuck out her tongue playfully before moving, practically skipping as she did, over to take a seat in one of the chairs in the living room. They were arranged in the usual semi-circle, but this time Monica had moved her couch to the middle of the rug.

“I’m in the guest bedroom?” Mark asked Monica.

“Yes,” Monica replied, trying not to laugh at their antics.

Her efforts were helped when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to let Dennis and Lenora in. She was just about to talk to them when the doorbell rang again.

“Sorry about this,” She said to them as she moved to the door.

“Don’t worry about it,” Dennis replied, smiling as he ushered Lenora to their seats.

Opening the door revealed a smiling Angel. “How are things with Shawn?” she asked as she stepped inside.

“We’re taking things slow right now,” Monica began. She was about to continue when she saw that Shawn’s car was parked in her driveway and he was getting out. He waved at her as he got his backpack out of the backseat.

Monica felt Angel’s presence at her shoulder. “Ah,” she heard Angel say, a light laugh added to her tone, “that’s what distracted you.”

“Sorry,” Monica apologized as she shook her head and turned to face Angel.

“You’ve got it bad,” Angel laughed.

“Yes I do,” Monica admitted with her own laugh, “but having it this bad is so much fun.”

A chuckle came from Angel in response. “Yes it is.”

Monica grinned at Angel. The grin was returned before Angel spun on her feet and walked into the living room.

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