Massage Parlor

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I never knew the meaning of a true massage until I worked for a massage parlor back in 1987.

Late one afternoon a man’s wife called the office asking for extra special treatment for her husband whom has been having trouble for quite sometime getting an erection since the accident he had a year ago. He had been having problems with his back and according to his Wife problems sexually. After taking a course in body massage I was hired at the massage parlor and was practicing massage techniques there for about a good year and never saw what I saw this particular day. I worked for a woman named Madelyn, she was about 5’4″, Long Blonde Hair and Blue eyes.

She had a specific aura about her that is hard to describe but very sexy to say the least. Mr. Bluze was coming in for his appointment at 7:00PM and Madelyn asked me to help her prepare. Mrs. Bluze was paying Madelyn very good money to set this up so she was very meticulous. She sent me to clean up the Jacuzzi and prepare a comfortable bed for Mr. Bluze. She proceeded to her safe where she pulled out some unusually items for a massage parlor. I wasn’t quite sure she had planned to do with them. Some candles, Incense, feathers, and some other odds and ends.

She asked me to set up incense candles in every corner of the room She then filled up the Jacuzzi and added some oils to the water that had a very sensual aroma. I noticed some jars on the table filled with some sort of clear liquid. She told me she would use it for the massage. A few minutes later Mr. Bluze showed up for his appointment. Madelyn told me to greet him and show him to the room she had just set up for him.

Mr. Bluze was a very handsome guy. He was about 5’11” Brown Auburn Hair almost shoulder length. He had very soft brown eyes that almost put me in a trance when he looked at me. He smiled at me and told me he was here for his appointment. Dazed by his smile I almost forgot where I was. Good evening Mr. Bluze let me show you to your room. He told me to call him Gary. OK Gary come with me. I glanced at him with flirtatious eyes almost forgetting he is a married man. His Wife requested we give him the best treatment possible.

I wasn’t sure what Madeline was up to but it didn’t seem like your every day massage that she was setting up. I walked into the room with Gary to find Madeline there waiting in a long red see through negligée. Well Hello Mr. Bluze please come this way. She handed Gary a towel and told him to take off his clothes and she would be with him in a minute. She and I walked out into the other room so he could undress. She handed me a white lacey and then the picture became a little clearer to me. She gazed at me and told me to put the negligee on, Mrs. Bluze told us to give Mr. Bluze the best treatment possible and that is what I intend to do.

She is paying me good money and in turn I will pay you for your efforts as well. The picture was clear to me now and I found that I was very willing to go along with what ever she wanted as I found Gary very attractive. We both walked into the room where Gary was sitting on the end of the massage table in his towel. He looked surprised to see our appearance and wasn’t sure what to expect.

He kept staring at me, it might have been the way I filled out the negligee Madelyn gave me to wear. I have been told to have a very nice ass and have always been complimented on my breast how perfect in size and how large my nipples are. My nipples were popping right through the lace, I think they were hard with anticipation of what we were going to do to him. Madelyn noticed the confusion on his face and told him Just relax Mr. Bluze come over here and sit in the Jacuzzi for a little while.

This will relax you before we get started. While Gary sat in the Jacuzzi Madelyn asked if I would like to go sit with him and give him a basic massage. I was more than willing and antalya escort I told her I would. She then told me to take off my clothes. I was a little embarrassed at what I was about to do but I really liked where this seemed to be going. I started taking off my clothes and Gary looked very surprised. What’s going on , he said. Madelyn explained Just relax Mr. Bluze this is compliments of your wife, she asked that we give you the best treatment possible and that is what we are going to do. So I began to climb into the Jacuzzi with him and I couldn’t help but smile when I looked down at his semi erect cock.

He was totally gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to put my hands on him. I told him to move up a little bit and I sat behind him rubbing his shoulders working my way down his back and back up to his shoulders. His skin was nice and smooth because of the bath oils Madelyn had put in the water. I was beginning to get aroused by what was going on and the way it felt to touch him. Madelyn began to disrobe also and climbed into the Jacuzzi in front of Gary. Your Wife says you love Hanging Tits Mr. Bluze as she hung her tits in his face. Would you like to suck on them?

He nodded and she told him he would have to be a good boy if he wanted to suck on them. She told him to relax and she began to massage his arms and legs while I massaged his back and shoulders. He was now fully erect just of the thought of us being in there with him naked and making him feel so good. His cock was swelling and I wanted it so bad. I felt like I could cum in a second and was beginning to get frustrated knowing I can’t have his gorgeous cock. But no sooner did I think that Madelyn took my hand and brought it around the front of him and placed it on his cock. I felt his cock in my hand and started massaging it with more passion then I ever had giving a basic massage. I was really into what I was doing. Wrapping my hand around him and working his cock and making it get harder and harder.

Gary moaned with pleasure and Madelyn began to whisper to him “Do you like that Mr. Bluze? Do you like the way Kathy massages your cock? Hmm? Mr. Bluze explained that he really liked it. How about this Mr. Bluze as she stood up and bend over and showed him her pussy lips. Do you like to eat pussy Mr. Bluze?” She then stuck her ass and pussy in her face and made him lick her. She asked me if I wanted to take a turn. I wanted to so bad and I begged her oh yes please let me take a turn.

So I stood up and realized my pussy was so wet it began to drip down my thighs. I gently placed my mound in his eager mouth and I can’t begin to tell you how good he licked my pussy. He lapped up all of the juices running down my leg and worked his way up to my clit. Madelyn took over stroking his shaft and his balls. I looked down and noticed the head of his cock swelling even more than before. Madelyn then told us to get out of the Jacuzzi and dry off. She told Gary to go lay down on the massage table.

This wasn’t your basic massage table It was big enough to fit more than one person and was made up with satin sheets. Madelyn began to restrain his arms and he asked her what she was doing. She told him not to worry and just sit back and relax. I stood there with my towel wrapped around me, my pussy still dripping down my legs. Madelyn opened the jar with the clear liquid inside She leaned over and stuck her tit in his mouth and let him suck on her for a minute and began to rub the clear liquid all over Gary. Sticking her fingers in his mouth and making him suck on them. Madelyn explained that she just finished masturbating before he came and that the jar was filled with her cum. Do you like the way my cum taste Mr. Bluze?

He began to nod as he couldn’t speak with her fingers in his mouth. Do you want to make Kathy cum in your mouth so you can taste hers too? He nodded with excitement and groaned antalya rus escort with pleasure. She began to massage his cock with her cum and asked me to join in and massage the rest of his body. I poured some of her satin like cum into the palm of my hands and began to massage him. Madelyn asked me if I would like to taste her cum too and grabbed me by the hair and put my mouth around his cock. She told me to suck his cock clean as she began to slap my ass.

She then lit a candle and placed it next to him. She picked up her feather and lightly started to run it up and down his chest and she told me to go and talk to him as she started running the feather lightly over the tip of his cock. Gary squirmed and Madelyn just smiled at him and told him she would make sure he never had a problem getting a hard on again. She teased his cock and made him anticipate her every touch. He was in heaven I could feel his excitement. I only wish I could feel what he was feeling. I asked him if he wanted me to sit on his face and he begged me to do so. I climbed up on his face and let him lap up my juices once again.

Madelyn began to wrap her mouth around his cock and started sucking all of the pre-cum out of his cock. I watched her suck him off while I had my pussy licked. She gave really good head. Gary was pleading with Madelyn that she was driving him crazy. You want to squirt for me Mr. Bluze, don’t you? Would you like to cum all over my face while Kathy squirts in your mouth? He shouted out YES And sent my pussy into shivers as I felt the vibration of his mouth against my pussy lips as he spoke.

Well, Mr. Bluze I have to maintain this hard on of yours for a while before I empty your balls. Madelyn explained what she was going to do to make sure he couldn’t cum. She told Gary that she was going to massage the nerve endings of his cock from the inside and this therapy would revive the nerve endings that prevented him from getting a hard on. She grabbed a thin soft rubber stick the same size as his urethra. She began to insert the tip of the stick into his cock and he let out a loud groan. Please don’t do that it hurts. Madelyn told him to just relax and that it would only hurt for a minute until she found the nerve endings. I knew when she found them because he began to shout oh my God what are you doing to me and he moaned loudly. That feels good Mr. Bluze doesn’t it? Oh yes, he said.

Oh my God it feels better than anything I’ve ever felt before. Madelyn began to slowly fuck him with the stick in his little hole he felt the stick massaging his nerve endings from the inside which needless to say are a lot more sensitive than the outside. At the tip of the stick was some sort of switch, which Madelyn pressed and the stick began to vibrate. Gary begged and pleaded, because the stick made him feel like he cock was going to explode more cum than he could cum in a life time but he couldn’t let it out because Madelyn had the his hole plugged up. He screamed and pleaded but Madelyn said she must leave the stick in and that she had to maintain his hard on for a little while longer. Madelyn then gently inserted the stick in as far as it would go until his hole was completely clogged. She left it vibrating and left him pleading. She grabbed the candle she had on the table next to him and explained to him that she was going to give him liquid heat treatment on his cock and balls.

Mr. Bluze. First you will feel a little warmth dripping around your cock and balls and then wax will harden into a very thin layer and tighten around your cock. She began to pour the warm wax over his cock and let it drip onto the tip of his cock. He kept groaning into my pussy and sending me into shivers. Then he felt the wax tighten around him trapping the stick inside him and tightening around his cock. Gary felt as if his balls were going to burst antalya ucuz escort if she didn’t let him cum. Madelyn then asked me if I would like to sit on his cock that was now covered with a thin layer of wax.

Fuck him and make him squirm Kathy. He begged her not to. He knew if Kathy sat on his cock that he would lose it and it would be very painful since there was noway for the cum to escape. Madelyn told him to settle down. Let Kathy fuck you now. So I climbed off of his face my pussy now wetter than ever. I knew I would lose it too if I sat on his cock since Madelyn made his mushroom so swollen and ripe. Madelyn grabbed my ass and gently lowered me down on his cock making me fuck him as fast and hard as I could.

I felt my pussy beginning to switch and the look on Gary’s face made it even harder for me to keep my composure. He began to scream that he couldn’t take it no more and he needed to cum. Madelyn spread his legs underneath me and told me she was going to massage the entrance of his asshole and see how he likes that. She began to massage his ass and insert the tip of her finger inside him and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. She began to spank him and lick his ass and told him to concentrate on my tight pussy wrapped around his plugged cock. I promised your wife Mr. Bluze she would never have trouble with you getting a hard on again.

If you promise to go home and give her the best fuck of her life I will peel the wax from your cock and unplug your hole. He shouted that he would do anything. Just please I can’t take it no more. Just a few more minutes Mr. Bluze and I will let you release. She then pulled me by my hair and told me to cum all over his cock. I felt my pussy spasm and squeeze his cock over and over again I came all over his cock and balls and it kept on cumming. He screamed with pleasure, begging and pleading.

Now Pee on his face Bitch! Madelyn shouted. I stood up and spread my pussy lips so he could get a hard look at my dripping pussy and let out a stream of hot piss all over his face, Madelyn then started peeling the wax from his cock and asked him if he promised to do what she told him to do. He said Yes I will I promise! Madelyn finished removing the wax and fucked him a little more with the vibrating plug just so she could build up the cum in his balls a little more. She released the plug and began teasing his cock again with the feather. She climbed up over him and started to play with her pussy. She smiled at him and asked him what he wanted.

Do you want me to give you my ass Mr. Bluze while you watch me play with my pussy? Hmmm? He Nodded with anticipation. Madelyn Inserted the tip of his cock into her tight little ass and worked his cock slowly inside her. With every thrust she went a little deeper sucking up his cock into her asshole. She massaged her clit facing him and told him to watch her play with herself. He was in such a state of pleasure he was trembling all over and moaning as loud as he could.

Madeline told me she was going to cum really good because Gary had such a nice cock but she wanted me to do her one little favor and stroke his balls lightly with my fingernails. She told me this would make his cock expand in her ass and make her cum even better. So I began to work my fingertips from the bottom of his aching balls to the top and felt an instant surge inside. Madeline screamed and the cum poured out from her pussy and her piss immediately followed all over his stomach.

Madelyn climbed off of his cock and told me to help to stroke him as she licked his balls. I stroked him and looked into his eyes and I could see he needed to cum so bad. I began stroking lightly with a rhythm and squeezing the base of his cock and then I started to stroke him faster and Madelyn told me to gently squeeze the base of his balls to make sure every drop of cum came out. Gary let out a scream of disbelief and his cock erupted all over my tits.

By the time he was finished I was drenched with all of his hot cum. Needless to say he comes back for a massage from time to time and Madelyn lets me have him all to myself. He feels so good and I look forward to fucking him every week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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