LucyBeth AnaMarie

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Dick Gif

Please note: Sorry for any mistakes in language or translation. If you need help in translation, email me. Spanish is my third language and I am not very good at it. English is my second and I am best in it.

Her name was LucyBeth AnaMaria something something.-She stood 1m40. She was not the most beautiful, but she was easy to look at. Her most notable feature was her breasts! They were at least EE ‘s and very prominent. Her low, low-cut black tee shirt made them very visible–at least the deep cleavage between them.

We were flying to Fort Worth from Los Angeles and she had just sat in my seat next to the window. Her big bag and backpack covered the floor and 2 seats next to her; one of which was hers because I was going to sit next to that window no matter what.

“Senorita, este esta mi banco,” I said in my broken Spanish.

“OH!” she said, “Para Usted,” she slowly said in a low sexy tone as she moved to the middle seat.

Then the flight attendant appeared behind us, “Miss, where are you flying to?” she asked politely.

“A Benezulea!” came the answer.

“I am sorry, you can’t take that bag in here, it must go in the baggage compartment.”

“Que?” the short, dark beauty asked.

“A donde vaya Usted?” asked the newly appeared male attendant.

“Miami y Benezulea!” she replied.

“OK, por favor, no aqui,” he said, pointing to the huge bag, “en Miami para Usted.” He said as he took the huge bag from the floor and took it to the front of the jet to be placed in the luggage compartment under the plane.

I looked at her and said, “Lo siento mucho.”

She smiled a huge beautiful toothy grin and said, “No problemo,” as she settled into the seat beside me, turning and looking deep into my eyes. “Usted estan Americano?” she asked in a sweet tone.

“Yes, aaaaaahhhhhhh, Si!” I replied.

“Adonde vaya Usted?” she politely asked.

“To my friends in Florida, Orlando,” I smiled back at her.

The captain came across the PA system, “Welcome to American Airlines, our flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth will take about 2 hours 30 minutes, please take your seats and prepare for take off, our attendants will now instruct you in the usage of the emergency equipment.”

Then the many attendants went through the pantomime of the taped presentation on the dropdown screens.

During this the young beauty next to me leaned toward me and asked, “Como se llama?”

“Steve,” I replied.

“Bueno, estoy LucyBeth AnaMaria…” and I heard something else after pendik escort that but can’t for the life or death of me remember what her last names were.

Then the plane started to move away from the building and the docking station. I pulled out my Palm and turned it on, finding a good book to read.

Suddenly her hand was under mine, “Que esta este, What esta that?” she asked in her broken English.

“My Palm, a personal information machine” I tried to explain in simple terms.

“Poquito computer?” she asked.

“Si!” I replied. “Usted comprende?”

“Tu! Por favor!” she snapped back at me.

“OK, Tu comprende?”

“Si! Comprendo!” Then she asked “what you read?”

“A story about Star Trek.”

“Muy Bueno! Te quiero Star Trek!” LucyBeth answered with a huge smile, as she leaned forward to look at the screen of my Palm, revealing more of that gap in the front of her shirt. I could see deep into her cleavage, see the roundness, the fullness between her breasts, see the curvature of those huge globes of flesh, see the blackness of the bra holding and separating them, pushing them together, making them rounder and fuller, pushing them up and outward. I took a deep inward breath.

“Que pasa?” LucyBeth AnaMaria shyly asked.

“Nada, gracias,” I quickly answered.

“Mi melones, Si? Las estan bonitas, no?” she shot back at me.

“Pero SI!” I whispered.

Her left hand left the armrest between us and took my right hand. She moved our hands to the underside of her breasts and rubbed my hand under her boobs. I stopped my hand moving at the bottom of her left breast and pushing upward, squeezed lightly. Her intake of breath shocked me and I dropped my hand to the armrest. She smiled and asked, “Nice, no?” Being in shock I could only answer, “Yes.”



With a huge smile and an up and down nodding of her head, she replied, “Si, mas mucho!”

We leaned back in our seats as the plane suddenly left the ground. I turned away and looked out the window, taking my camera from my belly bag. I shot several times, catching the valley, the mountains, and the two huge lakes beneath us. When we broke into the clouds I put my camera back in my bag, zipped it and leaned back in my seat again.

Her left hand found my right one.

“Mi freijo.” Need….como se dice….”

“What?” I asked.

She made the motions of covering herself. I looked up, found an attendant, and asked for a blanket. You know those half-size, scratchy wool maltepe escort kinds that almost cover and yet are not quite all there.

The attendant rushed away and came back with two of the deepest darkest tomato red things I have ever seen. Guess that’s why AA has red in their company logo.

LucyBeth pulled the first blanket over her lap and legs, then pulled the second over her front and shoulders, leaned her seat back a few inches, looked at me and in her sexy deep sounding voice, said, “Muchas Gracias, mas luego.” Then closed her eyes.

I turned to the window to look out at the tops of the clouds. This sight always reminds me of Christmas desserts, marshmallows melted all over the top of pies, yams, and other sweet stuff.

In a few minutes I felt that small hand reaching out again, finding mine, and pulling it under the blanket. She guided my hand downward, forcing me to lean to my right, moving toward her. She guided my hand to her belly. I felt the tee shirt parted there and I began rubbing, feeling her soft flesh, feeling the soft glow of heat coming from her skin. I moved my middle finger in circles around on her belly, moving lower and all around, searching for her belly button.

Her eyes still closed, faking sleep, her lips curled upward in a soft smile as I finally found that innie hole and began rubbing my digit up and down on it. I dipped my finger into the hole and pushed a bit harder then withdrew. She sucked in air and slowly exhaled.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Escaped her lips. That was encouragement enough for me. I pushed and pulled my finger in and out a few more times; her hips shifted up and down. I moved my hand downward more, coming to the border of skin and fabric. Both of her hands came together just under my one, and she snapped her jeans open, pulling the zipper down. She shifted her hips again, and spread the opening wider, moving the jeans down a bit lower. I continued my downward exploration, finding no panties or hair anywhere.

My fingers found soft, wet, warm lips, at just the top of the opening. LucyBeth sighed deeply, long, and happily. I spread my fingers slightly, feeling the soft flesh, feeling the moisture—the heat, feeling my fingertips sliding against her skin. I ventured my middle finger downward, inward, parting her lips, the pre-cum helping part her pussy easily. I pushed my finger in slightly, she responded by pushing her hips upward, sliding my finger in deeper. She moaned softly.

I tilted my hand downward and inward, pushing my kartal escort finger in deeper, feeling the fluid increase as she had a mini cum. Then I put a second finger, my index finger in her hole too. This brought another deep sound from her chest. I pushed my hand deeper, added a third finger, and curled my fingers upward, scraping the inside of her pussy lips. Her head turned toward me; her smile bigger. Then she put her left hand on mine, and pushed hard and deep—my fingers sank as deeply as they could, bottoming out in her insides.

She started a slow movement, in and out with my fingers, fucking herself with my fingers.

I looked up and her eyes opened only a small slit.

“Bueno!” she whispered.

I caught her rhythm and continued it, adding a twist or a turn or an upward or downward movement from time to time, just to throw her off her own finger fucking rhythm.

She sank lower into the seat, giving me better access, making it possible for me to add another finger to the group, and fill her totally with my hand. I fisted her deeper, twisting my hand round and round, feeling her juices flow faster, moving my fingers independently back and forth, up and down, in and out.

Then she did it. She froze. I forced my hand as deep as I could, held it inside her and pushed even more. Her face changed, her eyes shut even tighter, her breath stopped completely as her orgasm hit her.

No sound came from her lips, no motion came from her body; she just froze in that position as she grabbed my hand with both of hers, one finger going to her clit and pushing downward and inward hard, really hard, forcing her clit against my hand and knuckles.

Softly and gently she began breathing again, even if it was ragged and in fits.

She pulled my hand out of her cunt, squeezing it and playing with my fingers as she did. She moved my hand back upward onto her belly, helping me find her innie hole and rubbing my fingers into it. Then she let go of my hand and shifted a bit and pulled her jeans up again, zipping them.

Her head moved to my shoulder. She turned slightly and putting her lips on my ear, kissed my ear, nibbling on it and whispered, “Muchas Gracias. Esta muy bien! Mi culo estas muy muy bien!”

I turned my head a bit, kissed her lips, then pulled my hand out from under the blanket, bringing my fingers to my face, my nose, sniffed, put my tongue on them, licking her juices from my fingers, then put my hand to her mouth. She sucked my middle finger into her mouth, licking her tongue all over my finger and then my hand.

“Esta bueno!” she breathed.

“Si!” I responded.

With her head on my shoulder, her hand on mine, she fell asleep and I looked out the window, wondering if it would continue or just go away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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