London Swinging

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Years ago when we used to swing regularly. We used to go to this small club just outside Central London almost every fortnight. We went on different nights from Singles nights to couple nights. This particular night we went to a singles night where they had about 5 guys to each girl. It was a small club, a dance floor, a bedroom with a four poster bed which was next to the dance floor, on the other side of the dance floor was a smaller room which had a window into a larger room.

On this particular night, we arrived just after the club opened. We had danced around, talked to a few people. As with this club the action really doesn’t start until later in the evening. The first thing that we witnessed was a couple went into the four poster bedroom with another guy. The husband dropped his trousers and sat in a chair next to the bed and the guy and the wife stripped off completely. The guy then lay down on the bed, and the guy’s wife lent over the bed with her bottom toward her husband, giving this guy a blow job. Most the club, including my wife and I crowded at the door and into the room to watch. While we were watching, one of the guys we had been talking too earlier in the night was standing next to us observing the actions as well, he got a bit bolder and he started touching my wife’s breasts.

While we were all watching, another guy pushed past us all, he entered the room and dropped his trousers and pants and he started wanking his cock until he was very hard. He knelt behind the guy’s wife on the four poster bed and slid his cock straight in. She didn’t even turn around she just continued to give the guy on the bed a blow job. This guy started to fuck her slowly and then he gradually sped up his pace. The husband was obviously enjoying it all and was wanking himself very quickly while he watched this new comer fuck his wife and she was giving this guy oral.

The guy that was playing with my wife while we all watched was called John (not his real name), by now he had his hand in my wife panties, fingering her pussy, while we all watched the action. We watched as the husband looked on excitedly while this stranger fucked his wife and at the same time she was sucking the guy on the bed. The guy behind her started to really pound into her, she broke contact with the guy she was giving oral to moan very loudly. The guy behind her started to buck and we could all tell that he was spunking inside the guy’s wife. The guy just pulled out and got dressed, he then pushed past us all watching from the door, the guys wife still continued to give the guy on the bed oral, at no time did she turn around or look to see who had just fucked her. She had no idea who he was. At this point my wife mentioned in my ear that he hadn’t used a condom, we could all see his sperm dripping from her pussy, and it was running down her legs and also dripping onto the end of the bed. At that point escort ataşehir the husband got up off his chair, kneeled down behind his wife and started to fuck her. She kept on sucking the guy on the bed, her head was bobbing up and down, the guy on the bed started to spunk, she pulled away and wanked his cock and we could all see his cum squirting out from his cock on to himself and her breasts. The guy on the bed cleaned himself up and then got dressed and left the room. We all watched this guy with his wife, he fucked her from behind like a piston engine, and then spunked inside her as well. What amazed us all, he pushed his wife onto her back on the bed and spread her legs wide and started to give her oral. A few people watching were excited at the idea, a few others were obviously disgusted. He spent ages licking and sucking on his wifes pussy. At this stage John had a finger in my wife and she was hanging on to me watching everything that was going on. I had her breasts out, pinching on her nipples, she was really breathing very hard.

Once the guy had finished giving his wife oral, they both got up, dressed and came out onto the dance floor. At this stage the spectator’s had all disappeared and John was lost back onto the dance floor.

My wife and I sat around the edge of the dance floor and occasionally danced. We had seen a few more couples playing in different rooms and on the dance floor. It was about one o’clock in the morning; most of the couples had played around except for us. We had even watched John fuck another couple through one of the viewing windows. It was about that time that John found us again.

We ended up against the wall of the four poster bedroom, it was very late in the morning. My wife was against the wall with myself on one side and John on the other. We established a crowd that was sitting on the bed, there were about four other couples and five single guys left in the club. A few of the couples had commented on wanting to watch us have fun and they started cheering us on.

The guys that were left, seemed to take the cheering as a sign to move in, within in a few minutes, my wife had about eight different hands on her, her top was very quickly undone in the front and her skirt was raised, her underwear pulled completely down, they got bolder and her skirt was completely removed, except for her top which was undone at the front she was almost completely naked. John was pushed out of the way by the guys, and reluctantly looked on whilst sitting on the bed . I reached one stage and found a number of hands touching her pussy. She was swamped, she had two guys sucking on her breasts, and she must have had about three sets of hands, playing with her clit and a couple of fingers belonging to different people moving in and out of her pussy. A couple of the guys had their cocks out trying to guide her hands onto them. She was very kadıköy escort bayan excited and worried at the same time. I could see that she was getting very worried about things getting out of hand, the owner of the club could see that she was worried and decided to take matters into his own hands and said the club was closing.

He ushered everyone out except for us and John, once everyone had gone we ended up in the four poster bed room. We all started to strip off, myself and John ended up on the bed with my wife and the host sat in the same chair next to the bed and watched. He proceeded to wank his cock to full hardness while watching the three of us. My wife was on her back and I was giving her oral as she gave John a blow job, she was really enjoying herself and was moaning around John’s cock. When she was wet and ready, she started moaning that she needed a cock. I handed John a condom to put on, my wife interjected and wanted to feel John bareback, I glanced at her not approving but she pleaded and said that she got his cock hard and wanted to feel what is like without a rubber. I relented and nodded my head, my wife got on all fours and put her bottom to the edge of the bed towards the host. John walked around her and slide straight into her. I crawled under my wife and proceed to lick her clit, I could see John’s cock sliding in and out of her. I glanced over at the host between her legs and he smiled back while pumping his cock. I thought I would let John fuck her for a while and suggest a condom again. She was really into it now and John was really fucking her hard. She would sometimes stop sucking me to moan whilst John fucked her. I had given up on trying to lick and suck her clit, and just fingered her clit. I knew it would be long before John was going to cum. I crawled out from underneath her, and then kneeled in front of her, while John humped her she tried to suck my cock again. I suggested a condom, but she said no and was very adamant that she would let John fuck bareback. I didn’t object any further, my wife has a very naughty streak in her and when her mind is made up it is made up. It didn’t take long for John to announce that he was cumming, I watched his buttocks clench and he bucked and spunked into my wife. John withdrew and stood next to the bed.

She pushed me forward onto my back, in one smooth operation she moved her pussy onto my cock. She was riding up and down on my cock, John stood next to the bed sucking on her breasts. Her pussy was so wet, John really spunked her up well, his come was seeping out around my cock and becoming all foamed up. I was very aroused and it didn’t take me long to cum and I was pumping into her pussy.

The owner of the club got up from his chair, with a full erection, my wife rolled over onto the bed onto her back. I got up and searched my trousers for a condom and gave it to the him. I watched escort bostancı him, slip the condom on his cock. He then got between my wifes legs in missionary style and started to fuck her, slow at first then harder. John knelt at her head, offering his cock to her which she tried to suck. I sat in the chair as I watched these two blokes make use of her. I needed take a pee, when I got back I from the bathroom I found them in a different position, The owner of the club was on his back, my wife was mounted on top of him riding up and down, John was lying at the head of the bed and my wife was trying to suck him back to life.

I sat back down in the chair to watch, whilst I was watching, I could see the guys cock sliding in and out of her pussy while she bounced her up and down on him. That’s when I noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom, I mentioned the condom, my wife broke lose from her sucking of John and said that it was getting in the way and she told him to remove it. He was really fucking her hard now, John not wanting to be left out, got down between the hosts legs and started playing with her bottom and pussy, She turned around and said to John not the arse, so then he got his cock and was sliding up into her pussy at the same time as the host was fucking her.

He was sliding his cock into her pussy in opposite rhythm to the host’s cock. He managed to get his cock into her pussy at the same time. I watched in amazement, she was impaled on two cocks. The two guys got into a rhythm, as one pulled out the other pushed in, taking turns in fucking her.

She was going out of control with the two cocks fucking her and was cumming continuously. The host couldn’t hold back any more and he started cumming, this triggered John at the same time. Both he and the host pushed deep inside her as they both release their hot spunk, she must have been stretched to the max as both their cocks longed to push deep inside her as they came. She looked like she was going to pass out.

John got up, she rolled over onto the bed and was breathing heavy and catching her breath. She lay on the bed with her legs spread wide for us to all see, cum was running out and all over her legs and the bed.

After we had all settled down, we decided to call it a night and we got dressed. We exchanged numbers with John.

As soon as we got home and through the door, she went to the bed room and stripped. When I entered the room, she was laying naked on the bed with her legs as far as possible apart. She was spreading her pussy lips, she looked me in the eye and told me she was a naughty wife because she had let three men cum in her and she had two cocks fuck her at once. I could see that she was very wet, I could see cum all over her pussy. Some of it had started to dry.

She told me she that I had better give her oral and fuck her again, I immediately stripped and knelt between her legs. Her pussy was so hot and I could smell the combination of all the spunk. I licked up and down and tried to fuck her with my tongue, she was going wild. I then fucked her until I added another load. Out of all our swinging adventures that was the most memorable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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