Let’s Talk About Something Else Ch. 01

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Opposites go on and off again as they try to bridge lifestyles

There isn’t much to do on the eastern shore of Maryland. We get tourists in the summer and other than that there’s just crabbers (“watermen”) and farms. When the nearest big town is in Delaware you know you’re in trouble. And it’s hard to catch a good man, too, which is why I have to look online. That’s where I met Chad and I want to tell that story because it was kind of during, or right after, we dated, that things got really crazy.

I’d been in a drought for a couple of weeks. Usually when I don’t have a man and I’m craving it I’ll use my friend Jerry as a fuck buddy. He’s a bar tender at the Applebees I waitress at. He’s got a big gut and a small dick, and he’s more interested in guys than girls, but we hook up when we’re both really horny. And he’s fun to hang out with. But Jerry had been sent to Orlando to open a new Applebees and was going to be gone for three more weeks. So I was looking online and most of the profiles were old, out of shape guys. But then Chad’s jumped out at me. He was tall, built, with dirty blond hair and green eyes. Worked as a nurse in D.C. and had a sailboat. He had lots of photos of him on his boat looking rugged. I winked at him and a couple of minutes later he texted me. I like my profile. Patty, another friend at Applebees, had helped with my photos. I’m not gay, but if Jerry isn’t around and I’m really horny I let Patty eat my pussy until her cheeks and chin are shiny with my cum. Anyway, Patty took some great photos of me. In one I stood in a pretty pink and white polka-dot bikini holding a fish to show off my pierced belly button which had a cute little crystal and small chain. In another I was in short shorts bent over a bushel of crabs, holding one up and pretending to kiss it. That was to show off my ass. I don’t have the biggest tits, but I know that my legs and ass drive guys crazy. I wear a pixie haircut and I dye my blond hair pink (My sister says a thirty-four year old woman shouldn’t have pink hair, but she’s just jealous because she’s a hog). Chad and me texted a little bit passing compliments about each other’s photos. Chad’s profile said he had just gotten out of a long, really bad relationship.

Sounds like your break up was a good thing. She wasn’t worth it! Lol

Ya, I should have never stayed with her that all that time. We didn’t even have

sex the whole last year.

OMG! Your poor thing. You Free Sunday?

I am! Dinner? I love the eastern shore.

Sure! Why don’t we have a drink at my place first and figure out where to go?

Sounds good!

That Sunday I wore flip flops, tight shorts, and a cute little t-shirt with a heart on the front. I had a sexy black thong under the shorts and a lacy black bra. Chad had an hour drive from where he lived across the Bay Bridge. Most of the guys I ended up dating were from the other side of the Bay. Somebody told me once that in Michigan, the people that live in the north call the people that live in the mitten part “Trolls” because they live under the bridge. I didn’t know of a name for people that lived on the west side of the Bay Bridge but I think they had a name for us: red necks. He texted me once he got across that he was almost here.

See you in a few, I said, can you stop and get me some Camel Lights, pleasssssse?

He didn’t text me for a couple of mins but then said, Ok, but I didn’t know you smoked. =(

Twenty minutes later he knocked on my door. He was really handsome. I gave him a hug and we sat down at the kitchen table. I unscrewed the top off a big bottle of wine. “Next time, I’ll bring the wine,” he joked. I lit a smoke and I asked him what it was like being a nurse. I saw him looking at my tits and when I got wine glasses I could feel his eyes on my ass. He was a really nice guy. He had been with his ex-girlfriend for over three years. She was a mean jealous bitch. We kept chatting about being a nurse; it was more interesting than my waitressing. He asked me about living on the Eastern shore.

“My uncle was a watermen,” I said. I used to go out crabbing with him.

“You ever been sailing?”

“No. But my uncle hated sailboats. He used to buzz them fast and close with his speedboat. They’d get all pissed off and blow horns at us.” I laughed remembering all the times I’d seen my uncle piss off sail boat people.

He got a sour look on his face. “That’s not cool,” he said and got quiet. We were silent for a minute. “Let’s talk about something else,” he said, “Where are you from, Kate?”

“Born and raised right here in Talbot county”

“Really? You have such a thick southern accent I thought you were from Alabama or some place.”

“The Eastern shore is a slice of Alabama right here” and I laughed. “Let me pour you another glass. We chatted a little about his drive over, there was always a lot of traffic on the Bay bridge. He was a really nice guy and hot. I wanted him.

“Have a seat on the couch and I’ll be right back” and I moved him ataşehir escort to the couch and ducked into my bedroom.

Thinking it was time to be a hero or zero, I slipped out of my shorts and t shirt. I had some black stockings with a garter belt and my bright pink, four inch “fuck me” pumps ready. I tossed my black thong on the bed and changed quickly. I gave a slow turn in my stand up mirror. I knew there wasn’t a man on the planet that could resist my freshly waxed pussy framed by stockings and a garter. And the pumps really accented my slim, tall legs. My lingerie bra looked cute and I loved the way my pink hair clashed with all the black and matched my pumps. I strolled back and leaned in the doorway to the living room. He looked up from the couch and his jaw dropped.

“You like?”

He just nodded.

I walked over to where he sat on the couch and straddled him, giving him a deep, slow, kiss. He sighed as we kissed and kept it going a long time, probing my mouth and playfully flicking tongue tips. He began squeezing my ass and I nibbled and licked his ear, “I’m going to treat you so good, baby,” I whispered, “make you forget about that bitch.” I leaned back and undid my bra. Like I said, my tits aren’t that big but they are round and perky. I put one of my nipples in his mouth. He sucked it and began squeezing my ass harder, gentle rocking me. I pulled his mouth away for another kiss and then I slid down, between his legs. It took just a second to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. He lifted up and slid them down a bit and a thick, natural, nine-inch cock sprang free.

“Holy shit, what a gorgeous cock” I cooed. It had a perfect curve to it and was thick and throbbing. So thick. Keeping his smoky green eyes locked in my “baby blues,” I traced my tongue up the shaft. He groaned. I flicked the head and then teased him more, giving his shaft soft kisses and tracing it with my tongue. Teasing guys gets me so wet. He was fidgeting and took off his t shirt. I freed his large balls and licked them. I took one into my mouth and he moaned. I love sucking balls, and his were so soft and warm and big. Slowly stroking his cock I sucked on one ball and then another.

“Stop teasing and fuck me” he said hoarsely.

He kicked off his shoes and I peeled his jeans off and then straddled him again. With one hand I spread my pussy lips and with the other I guided his thick cock toward my steaming hole. He was hard as a baseball bat.

“Shouldn’t we talk first?” He said weakly, “birth control, any health. . . ” I cut him off with another kiss nibbling on his lips.

“Talk? Can’t you feel the heat coming off my little pussy, baby, I need your cock now,” I whined and ran the shaft of his cock along my wet slit. His only answer was to start hungrily sucking my nipple.

Parting my pussy lips again I inserted his rod into my cunt and slid half way down. He was so big and it had been weeks; I wanted to take it slow. “Mmmm” I said. His cock was so thick it was already stretching my pussy. I moved up and then slid down his whole length and sat there, smiling with my eyes closed. He felt soooooooo good and filled me up like I could never remember being filled. He kissed and bit my neck. He started bucking and thrusting up into me quickly. It really had been a long time for this guy! After a minute he had his hands on my hips and was pistoning his cock into me while I bounced like a rag doll on top of him.

“God damn baby” I moaned, “work that little pussy. . . “

He was grunting and picked up the pace. My clit was pounding against him on the down strokes and sweat beaded on his face. “Keep fucking me like that baby!” He was going crazy, sucking my tits hungrily one minute and then biting my neck the next. All the while he was mercilessly bouncing me on his beautiful cock while my clit ground against him. I love being on top of a guy and grinding my clit down on him. It makes me cum so quickly. With Jerry it’s the only way I can cum. I felt my release building. “You’re gonna make me cum all over that fat cock. . . ” I held onto him tight as I felt my orgasm hit “God Dammnnnnnn” I yelled as I came, sinking my nails into his back and my teeth into his shoulder. He kept pistoning me through my orgasm. His face was strained and he seemed close to cumming, but just kept fucking me. The room was full of the tangy smell of sex and the sound of sweaty skin slapping. I was squeaking and squealing because my pussy was sensitive after I came and it had been weeks since I had a cock in me, and even then, the last one was Jerry’s little dick. I felt dizzy and spacey because of how hard he was fucking me. He made me totally dick drunk. With sweat covering his face, Chad slowed down and we kissed while I gentled rolled my hips on his cock.

“I was so close,” he said, “but I’m on antidepressants because of that bitch and they make it about impossible to cum. You feel so fucking good. Your pussy is so tight. I hate these meds.”

“Baby, your cock is so thick and good my tiny kadıköy escort pussy is getting all sore. But I’m going to take care of you.”

I got off him and reached into the little end table to get baby oil. His cock was so slick with my juices I didn’t think I’d need it, but it was a mighty prick. I poured oil on my hands and slathered his cock while flicking his lips with my tongue and kissing him. Then I stood up, turned my back toward him and spread his legs wide. I held his slick porn star cock with one hand and lowered myself, guiding it toward my ass. I felt his pulsing, angry head against my asshole and put my weight on it. The head of his cock was about as big as a plum and just as red, but hard as a knot of oak. My ass protested and I put more weight on it. For a second I think my whole 120 lbs was being supported by his proud cock on my asshole. Then my ass gave way and he slipped inside, going through my second ring of muscle and impaling me deep in one movement.

“Fuck!” I yelped squeezing his legs hard as a jolt of pain hit me. Given the choice, I would have worked that magnificent cock of his into my ass a little at a time. I took some deep breaths to give my ass a chance to get used to him and let the pain go away. “Baby that cock feels huge in my ass” I told him. And it did. I could feel him in my belly and my whole lower half seemed electrified and straining. That’s when I knew I wanted him to be my boyfriend.

With my hands on his knees I gentle rose up and then down on his cock. I had my legs together and I wanted him to see my heart shaped ass with a black sun tattoo above it because I’ve been told I have an amazing ass. I raised slowly up until just the head was in. Then down again.

“You are so sexy with my cock splitting your ass in two” he said.

“That’s right baby,” I cooed, “just let me take care of you, let this tight ass fuck the cum out of you.” I squeezed my ass on his cock as I slowly rose up and then relaxed when I sank down on it. He moaned and reached to my front, pinching my nipples and rolling them between his fingers. My pussy was dripping and running on his ball sack. I fucked him slowly like that for a couple of minutes, clenching my ass on the way up and relaxing on the way down. He felt so good in my ass. Delicious. “Does that ass feel good milking your cock, baby?” As an answer, he put his hands on my hips and started thrusting into me and bouncing me on his staff.

I leaned back so we were cheek to cheek and I nuzzled his head and ran my fingers through his hair as he worked my ass. He was sweating again and had that tense look with a creased brow. By now his cock was pistoning my ass as fast and hard as he’d fucked my pussy. Without warning and without pulling out he pushed me onto the floor face down and hoisted my hips up with his hands. He started fucking my ass even harder, jackhammering into it with his heavy balls slapping maddeningly about my pussy.

“Take that ass baby” I squealed.

He was rutting now, out of control. My head was down and my ass was in the air. I looked back and his face was red with tension and he was straining like he was going to have a stroke. I was holding onto the carpet with fists the best I could to stop from sliding across the floor. My eyes filled with water and my jaw was clenched but I couldn’t ask him to slow down or stop. Sweat was dripping off his nose and chin straight onto my ass and back. His gorgeous cock was pile driving my butt

“Oh fuck, Katie. . . I’m gonna cum”

“Cum in my ass baby! I want that cock to explode deep in me.”

“Katie. . . Oh fuck. . . oh fuck. . .” and with that he roared and drove my ass to the floor with a violent thrust as his cock erupted. I felt jet after jet of his cum shooting into my ass as his bellow turned into a long strangled groan. There was so much cum; I could feel his cock spasming in my ass as it kept spurting its goo into my guts. It felt like he filled my ass with a pint of cream.

Chad collapsed on top of me and must have blacked out because his mouth was open and he was drooling a little on my shoulder. We were a sticky, sweaty, hot mess. I squeezed his cock with my ass, wanting to milk every last drop from that amazing tool. He came to after a minute and just lay panting on me. We stayed like that for maybe twenty minutes catching our breath and snuggling with his cock in my ass. When he rolled off and pulled out I felt cum bubble out of my ass and I giggled and kissed his forehead. “Let’s shower baby,” I said, standing up. I could feel his cum sloshing around in my ass and more bubbled out. God damn. I was full of cum.

One of my pumps had slipped off as he pile drove my ass, so I kicked the other one off. I was wobbling, but I led him by the hand to the bathroom. I lite a smoke as the water got hot and sat on the sink. He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my eyes. So romantic! We both were glowing from cumming so hard. In the shower we soaped up and I kissed him so he wouldn’t notice when I stuck bostancı escort bayan a finger up my ass to let all the trapped cum out. His passion gushed down my thigh and glops of it plopped on the shower floor and swirled down the drain.

“I’m going to make you a soap beard!” I said and I covered his face with bubbles. “Oh, premature gray, so sad.” He laughed and turned me around and spanked my ass a good four or five times while I giggled. His thick cock was hard as iron again bobbing in front of him. I dropped to me knees and took his cock into my mouth with no teasing. I jacked his soapy cock off as fast as I could with his throbbing head in my mouth. “Oh. . . fuck” he moaned. But then he stood me up and we stepped out of the shower. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him while he carried me to the bed. Like I said, so romantic!

He spread my legs on the bed and took a good look at my pussy. “You have a great pussy, it’s so smooth and soft.”

“That’s your pussy now, baby” I said.

He gave my pussy a slow, sloppy lick. Then he began exploring and probing my pussy with his tongue. It was like he was getting to know my pussy with his tongue, sampling and licking every part. “You taste amazing,” he said, “salty and sweet.”

I purred and said “That’s so good baby” and I spread my pussy lips wide so my clit was exposed. With my pussy spread open like that he began tongue fucking me. He got deep, too, shoving his tongue into me. Then he latched onto my clit with his lips and began sucking. A wave of shivers ran from my toes to my fingers. As he sucked my clit he stuck two fingers in my pussy. My hips were bucking against his face and hand. He probed his fingers deep and then curled them up, pressing against my pelvis. Electricity ran through me.

“Baby. . . baby. . that’s so good what are you doing to me?”

He chuckled and whispered “you like that? That’s your pubic symphysis.” And he went back to sucking my clit and working my pussy with his fingers. I’d never had somebody go down on me like that and I shook my head back and forth while holding his head with both hands. I bucked my hips against his face but his strong hands held my hips. I screamed and came hard, wrapping my legs around his head until I stopped trembling. He uncoiled my legs from and began gently kissing and licking all my cum from my thighs and pussy. His face was slick and shiny with my cum. We snuggled and I could feel is cock pulsing heat and blood against my leg.

“Stand up baby,” I whispered into his ear. He did as I asked. My bed is tall and with him standing his cock was just above the level of the bed. I turned over on my back and slid toward him, hanging my head off the bed. He didn’t need to be told what to do. He played with me first, tracing his cock around my lips and cheeks while my hungry tongue lashed at it. Then he guided it into my mouth and steadily pressed until I gagged. He withdrew. Then did it again. His cock was so big and thick I couldn’t take all of it in without gagging and coughing. He didn’t seem to care and just kept up his torment, pushing it steadily in until I gagged and then pulling it out. I’m sure he could see my throat bulging when his balls bottomed out on my face each time. Soon, there was so much of my slobber on his cock when he pulled it out of my mouth a couple big noodles of spit followed it. I didn’t like the game he was playing because his big cock was literally choking me, so I put my hands on his ass and pulled him forward so that his balls were in my face. I circled one and then the other with my warm tongue and then began sucking. He started jacking off his cock. To put on a show for him I spread my legs, reached down and spanked my pussy with one hand, then fingered myself and spanked my pussy again.

“God damn you’re hot” he muttered and stroked his cock faster. He was tensing up. His warm, soft balls were heavy and full of cum. I flicked them with my tongue and sucked them until he was moaning and trembling. But he still couldn’t cum. He was beating his cock desperately and fast, his hand had it in a vice grip. I wormed a finger into his ass. His balls tightened up.

Fingering his ass, I cheered him on while I slurped his balls, “Give me a cum shower baby, make a mess all over me with that big load, baby”

“Oh fuck. . .” he stammered and then let out a loud, painful groan as I felt his first spurt of cum shoot all the way down to my pussy. He kept spurting cum while I held his ass, ropes of hot jizz landing on my belly and then he aimed at my tits and painted them before collapsing next to me.

“Mmmm. So much spunk for me, baby” I said and started to spreading it over my tan skin. I love cum. It’s so good for your skin. I scooped up what was pooled around my belly button and tasted it, loving the little fiz and saltiness of him. I spread it around my nipples and tits. He threw his arm over me and we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with my head on his strong chest. I kissed his temple and cheek and lay beside him. He blinked awake and smiled at me. His cum from the night before had dried from my neck to my pussy. While he looked at me I peeled a big flake of his cum off my tits and put it in my mouth, letting it melt on my tongue before swallowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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