Late Night Tip

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When N hit my line at 4:17 a.m. on a Sunday morning, I already knew what was up. It had been a rough work week, and I’d spent the weekend lounging on my couch, smoking, watching Netflix. Was going on hour three when my phone buzzed. It was N.

I sat up.

What u doin? Her message asked.

Trying to do you, I shot back.

N was a bratty little scorpio who had moods like a thunderstorm. Last time we talked was two or three weeks ago, because suddenly she’d decided she needed to spend more time with her husband and daughter.

But I couldn’t forget the way she looked with my dick in her. Like she was love drunk, exhausted and high off all the cum I could give her…I knew I had her addicted, and that it would only be a matter of time before she hit me up again. And now, here she was.

Another message came through from N: 😈

My dick stirred in my shorts.

You alone? She asked.

Waiting on you. I already had my hand down my pants, gripping my shaft.

The little thought bubble popped up in our chat window. I timagined her with her little tongue poking out, all hot and squirming.

Omw, she said.

If I knew N, she’d snuck off using the gym as an excuse. She’d probably worked out and then didn’t shower after because she knew her scent would make me jump on her. I got up, cleaned, and took a hot shower, then rubbed oil on my deep brown skin until it shined.

N’s knock was right on time. I answered the door naked, my dick oiled and heavy.

She was just my type. Short, chubby, brown skinned with a heavy ass and thick thighs that looked extra juicy in her pink workout pants. She wore a light blue windbreaker over small, delicious tuzla escort titties, and the outline of her nipples was just barely visible through the fabric. She wore her natural hair pulled back into a puff, which stuck out of the back of her pink baseball cap. When she saw me, she looked me up and down, licking her lips.

“May I come in?”


She switched past me, running her nails along my belly. I closed and locked the door.

“You know it’s been three weeks, right?”

She looked away from me, faking shame. “Yeah,” she smirked, nonchalantly taking off her hat and throwing it on my coffee table.

“Then you know I been in here throbbing,” I growled, grabbing her arms. “Waiting for you.” I flung her down on my couch. Before she could move I descended on her, taking her hat ofholding her wrists in one hand and wrapping the other around her pretty brown neck.

“Tell me you missed me.” She just stared at me, her eyes big, pleading. I tightened my grip until she panted. “Tell me you missed me.”


I stopped choking her, grabbed her hips and flipped her over. She squirmed, fought, slipped against my hard oiled skin and my hard, slick dick. I grabbed her workout pants in a tight grip, snatched them down her legs. Her big, delicious ass wobbled as I set it free, the scent of her hot pussy made my mouth water.

“Wes,” she breathed. “I’m sorry. Let me say it. Please—”

I grabbed her hair, shoved her face into the couch. Licked my fingers, then rubbed her between the legs. I felt her warm wetness, rubbed her until she stopped squirming and relaxed, opening herself to me.. When I stuck a finger tuzla escort bayan in, she gasped.

“Shut the fuck up,” I said, pulling my finger out and slapping her ass so hard she hissed, wiggling to escape the sting. I held her still, squatted over her thickness, then slid my dick inside of N slowly enough for her to dissolve into moans and whimpers.

“Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease, Wes,” she babbled as I picked up my stroke.

“Ooh lord, please. I’m sorry. I can’t take it. Please let me say how much I—”

I went in deep, back out to the tip, and started giving her savage long strokes, her slick pussy making the sexiest slopping slapping noises as she took all of me from the back, again and again until she couldn’t do anything but whimper my name.

“The fuck you was doing, making me wait three weeks?”

“Oh my—shit! Fuck. God, Wes. I’m sorr—ah! Fuck.”

I slapped her on the ass, pulled her hips back, kept pounding her.

“Goddamn, boy. Shit!”

I felt her pussy contracting on my dick, her insides melting for me over and over again as I stroked. Her legs vibrated on mine. I pushed her off of my dick, which by now was thick with her cum and cream.

“Suck it off,” I commanded.

“Mmmm,” she was delirious, face down on my couch with her juices leaking on my upholstery.

“Suck it off, N.” She turned, started kissing and licking on my head but I could tell in her eyes, her soul was no longer there. I grasped her face in my hands, eased her mouth open, and slid my length in between her lips. She made a muffled noise but opened her mouth wide.

“Good girl,” I purred at her, lowering escort tuzla myself so that I could fuck her face. “That’s a good little hoe. Open that throat for me. Yeahhhh, like that.”

She choked, trying to comply.Her mouth was so hot, so wet and I was so ready from fucking her that I almost shot off in her mouth as soon as my dick touched her tongue. I held it together though, and angled her head so that I could stroke all of my seven-plus inches into her mouth. She sucked and slobbered on me as I fucked her face, using her tongue and lips to apply pressure that I could feel all the way in my toes. I went deeper, gagging her, watching the tears spring to her eyes as her titties jiggled and swung with my energy.

The sight of her so helpless to me, so wracked with pleasure and pain combined with her tongue swirling on my dick had me ready to burst.

“Goddamn, N.” I roared, filling her mouth with my white-hot cum. “Bitch, you doing fantastic. Suck all the nut out of this dick.”

“Mmmph!” N responded. This time she didn’t gag. Instead, she suckled me, milked every ounce of my cum out of me with her lips and tongue, squeezing my balls in her soft hands.

“Yeah. Get it all,” I commanded, pulling my dick out of her mouth with a soft pop. She’d sucked it clean and swallowed every drop.

“Did I make up for my mistake?” N gasped, leaning back against the couch. I sat down behind her, laid her head on my thigh and began stroking her natural black curls.

“You did great…for now,” I responded, gently kissing her cheek. “That was just for the first week. I still have to get you back for the second week, and then the half.”

“Awwww man,” she moaned, squirming and kissing me on the thigh as I lit up a fat blunt full of Lemon Haze. “Technically, I was away for three weeks.”

My dick was hard again just that quick.

“Well then,” I said, guiding my hardness into her mouth, cutting off anything else she was about to say. “Let’s go ahead and get started on Week 2.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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