L.A. Lives: Episode 01

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L.A. Lives

A major new series, this is exclusive to the readers of LITEROTICA.COM… based around the exploits at a Los Angeles talent agency.

Episode One.

Scene One

I sat back in my chair, head lolling into the comfy leather rest, sinking right in. The chair was pushed back from the desk, but my hands were firmly gripped to it, flat out, arms outstretched. I grunted incoherently, ‘hu-hurrrrrrr’ and raised my hips back and forth in fast, eager thrusts.

I was looking down and could hardly believe my eyes.

‘You must w-w-want this job preeeeetty badly…’ I said between gasps. The pretty red lips stopped sliding round the end of my dick. The girl looked at me, devilishly smiled and made to speak. I instinctively took my right hand off the desk and started whacking my dick roughly against the young model-turned-actress’s cheek as she tried to nod and smile. ‘Huuuh… For fuck’s sake, keep sucking, hmmmm…’

I was about to shoot a fat load of gloopy jism into another would-be starlets mouth. Just a few more strokes with those masterful lips. The flood-gates would soon be opening…

‘That’s it, honey… Roll my balls between your fingers. Dig in those shiny red nails. Ahhh, you ARE good… I’m gonna make you a star… gonna be the biggest star… the brightest in the whole of Hollywood… Just another sec…’


‘ahh, jesus…’ I brushed the young woman away from me, trail of precum running from her smudged-lipsticked lower lip to my pants. God, she looked fine. I quickly buckled up, and waved her to go sit on a sofa in the corner of my office. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck…’ I zipped my fly up.

The girl slinked away, wiping her lushious lips on the back of her hand. I leered at her perfect ass as she went. She slumped down on the sofa, picked up a glossy magazine and started to flick through it. I grabbed the phone and barked into the receiver. ‘What the fuck is it, Rachel? This better be good, and I mean good…’

My PA the incredibly sexy, incredibly English Rachel was not taken aback by my manner. I imagined her coolly raising an eyebrow. She knew me… my bark was worse than my bite.

‘Look Paul,’ she said. ‘Your father just called… Your meeting with him is cancelled. Remember – The one this afternoon…’

‘You interrupted my appointment to say that? Jeez….’

‘I know you’re…’ (…pause…) ‘busy, Paul, but he told me to tell you right away. Besides he’s on his way over… now…’

‘Now? NOW? Oh Christ… Didn’t you tell him I was interviewing fresh talent till lunch?’ I looked longingly over at the nubile woman on my sofa, my cock twitched wistfully in my boxers. My heart went out to it. I trailed my eyes over the woman. Down her legs, long tanned, gorgeous, hmmm… Those strappy shoes and pointed heels… ‘Hang on. Just a minute Rachel…’ I placed a hand over the receiver.

‘Penny…’ The girl looked up from her magazine.

‘It’s Penelope, actually…’

‘Whatever. Could you get your feet off of my coffee table. Please…’ She looked at me, disbelieving then sulky, then slid her perfect legs onto the floor.

‘Thank you…’ I went back to the phone. ‘Look Rachel this is not good timing for me… Not good at all.’

‘Well, tough. He’ll be here in ten minutes.’ The line went dead. She’d hung up on me. The fucking bitch hung up on me? ‘That girl has got serious discipline problems. What the fuck do I pay her for…’ I muttered aloud. Of course, I knew exactly why I paid her. Because she looked fucking amazing…

‘Get your coat… I’ll show you out…’ I said, turning to the sofa. The girl frowned.

‘So…Am I on your books?’ she said.


‘Does the agency want me?’ She was really trying to be seductive but I could see she thought I was an asshole just for telling her to get her feet off the coffee table. She was a spoilt rich bitch who’d probably never been shouted at in her life.

I smiled. ‘We’ll be in touch. The agency has a lot of talent to get through.’ I held the door open for her, surveyed her ass at close range as she stepped bahis firmaları out. ‘See you… Penny.’ I watched her walk away, through the glass partition at the end of our waiting room. She made her way to the elevator.

‘So…’ said Rachel, looking up from her desk. ‘You going to hire her?’

‘Huh? Nah. She can’t act for shit.’ I watched as the tall, slim blond stepped into the elevator. ‘Shame though…’ I traced my way with my eyes from the top of her ankles to the top of her butt as the doors slide shut. ‘Really a shame…’

Rachel smiled, shook her head.

‘So how long before pops arrives?’ I said ‘long enough for me to fuck your brains out darlin’?’

Rachel glanced at me over her specs. She scrunched her nose. ‘About ten minutes. And no. You couldn’t afford me. And even if you could, I’d never say yes in a million years… Besides I think he’s got something important to tell you… You ought to be ready and waiting…’


I’ll screw Rachel one day. I vow it.

Scene Two

This is the deal. My dad runs a casting/modelling agency in LA. He’s had it since he was a young man and before that his dad ran the show. And in a few weeks it’ll all be mine. The old guy’s retiring.

Now you might think everyone in this town wants to be a star. And you’d be almost right. Everyone that is apart from my dad, my gramps before him and now me. And of course a few other agents who’ve realised that this is the job where the real perks are at…Screw acting… you get to bed more talent in week as the guy who hires the actors than some jobbing actor will fuck in a lifetime… trust me. Hell, you don’t even have to look that good.

When I was a kid I told my pops I wanted to be a firefighter.

My dad smiled, said I’d change my mind. Then, when I was about fifteen, I decided I was gonna be a lawyer. Again dad said I wouldn’t stick it.

‘The family business,’ he would say with a wink. ‘You’ll take it over one day… it’s in your blood… like father, like son…’

I suppose I was about eighteen, it was thanksgiving… My pop and gramps were drunkenly reminising one evening about work.

Gramps started telling us this long rambling story climaxing with him titty fucking Marilyn Monroe in a limo. I never did believe that story, but he told it with such a glint in his eye, so maybe…

…’that’s nothing’ my dad chipped in as Granddad finished his story. ‘I remember sharing a bath with Goldie Hawn and Jane Fonda one time. Between ’em those girls made me cum so hard.. my dick was aching when they’d done… Aching.. And they still wanted more. Those two were devils. They were sure fine though, back in the day…’

I swigged my beer, listening. Fuck being a lawyer, I thought.

Scene Three

Anyway. Back to the here and now.

I did, as you’ve gathered, join the family business. I’d been working there a couple of years which means I had a nice desk, nice office. Mansion, cars, the works…

A fucking incredible PA who flat refused to bang me (…God, you can be so cruel sometimes…).

My job description was to find and cultivate new acting talent… And generally this meant interviewing young girls who’d made their way from shitholes like Oklahoma or Kansas with crazy dreams of making it big. Sometimes I’d find them a walk-on part in a music video or whatever.

Believe me. You would be amazed at what these girls would do if they thought for a second it would help them get famous. Really.

And there were the other girls. Usually from Europe. From London, Paris, Milan. They would slap you in the face as soon as you explained to them the way Hollywood really worked – i.e. you fuck or you don’t work. They’d storm out, all indignant.

But usually they’d be back after a week or two… Saying they’d changed their minds… Sometimes I’d make them beg me to give them another chance. After I’d unloaded onto them or into them I’d boot them out and tell them their services wouldn’t be required after all.

As you can tell. I am a bit of a bastard.

Yep, I’m probably going kaçak iddaa to hell.

I’ve got to tell you about this…

This one time this really nice tall brunette called Caroline came in, cut-glass English accent. A class act. I mean she looked amazing and she could really act, too. Which is a bonus. After I had her read through a few script scenes I tried my luck.

I didn’t think she’d screw me… like I said, those European girls usually think they’re something special… but she was definitely worth a go.

‘Caroline… I think you’re amazing… I really do…’ I looked into her eyes, tried to make out that I was searching into her soul or something. It was all I could do to stop from glancing down at her glorious pushed up tits.

Caroline smiled, tilted her head forward. Long dark hair fell across her face from where it was tucked behind her ear.

‘Thank you,’ she said. I slid from behind my desk and walked up to her. A little awkward, my cock was already like steel.

She was wearing this thin summer dress, no thicker than paper and patterned with flowers and with very thin straps over her shoulders. It was cut just over the knee. I got real close.

‘I’m serious… You are… fantastic…’ She smiled and seemed genuinely flattered. I put my left hand on the nape of her neck. She moved away at first but then leaned into me. I stroked her neck. Whispered soothingly.

‘I think you have what it takes. I really do. You could really go all the way…’ She was smiling, her eyes closing. She bit her lip.

‘But I have a boyfriend…’

‘That’s okay… He need never know.’

I could see she was calculating in her head, her eyes were still closed… I guessed she was working out whether it was worth it. She let out a very long sigh. ‘hmmm…’

I took my right hand and silently began to rub her cunt, through her dress and panties. Hard but very, very slowly, grinding with the palm of my hand… My left hand was still on the back of her neck. I pulled her mouth to mine. This girl was a real looker. She squirmed a little and let out a frustrated moan as I moved my right hand deliberately away from where it seemed to give her the most pleasure.

I think I’m right in saying that I could already smell her juices, even at that stage. She was one of those girls that seemed to get hot in an instant. But I didn’t want her to overheat, if you know what I mean.

I knew how to play girls like this.

‘And when you’re rich… and when you’re famous… you wont even need your boyfriend anyway… you’ll be able to have any man you want… and wrap him round your little finger…. and every man will want you…’ She had her arms wrapped round my neck. ‘desire you…’ I whispered into her ear. ‘yearn to fuck you…’

We started to neck.

‘…even more than they already do, that is… big hard cocked stallion actors drooling over you… begging you to let them eat you out… why, you could have two at a time…’

I took my right hand away from her and used it to slowly unfasten my zipper.

‘…your picture in shiny magazines… prick teasing teenage boys and henpecked husbands alike…’

I pulled out my dick and let it flop against this beautiful young woman’s thigh. She opened her eyes, glanced down.

‘Oh my… you really do like me don’t you?’ she said, innocently. My cock throbbed. Boy was that an understatement. ‘That thing looks painful… You want me to sooth it a little…’ She raised her knee so her foot was off the ground then pressed her long slender thigh up against my dick.

It was my turn to sigh. I let out a long groan.

‘You like?’ she said smugly. It felt really good. Her little summer dress had ridden up, over her tanned leg. She angled her hip into my cock. I could just about see her brilliant white panties. She steadied herself with her hands planted on my shoulders.

And it felt absolutely incredible. My cock very, very lightly grazed back and forth against the top of her leg.

I couldn’t believe it. This girl who’d seemed so innocent all through the audition, who had moments kaçak bahis earlier protested she had a boyfriend… who I had almost not bothered trying to fuck because I thought no way would she be up for it… she was taking control…

… and she was driving me wild… but she was hardly touching my dick… at all.

She pouted.

‘Paul. You’ve gone very, very red…’ I grunted acknowledgement. Kissed her neck. The right shoulder strap of her dress had fallen down her arm. I crudely tried to lick the top of her chest but couldn’t quite get down to her tits. They were just out of reach and in any case still pretty much covered up. She held me back, out of reach of those glorious boobs. She sighed ‘mmmm…’ and leaned back more, ran her fingers through my hair.

‘Look Paul. I’m hardly touching it at all… it’s just rubbing on my leg, is it nice?’ I nodded. It was more than nice. It was amazing. We both looked down at my cock, watched her leg rhythmically humping against it, and then into each others eyes. I could see she was as turned on too by this kinky masturbation. We kissed, deep. Things became very intense very quickly. She sucked my bottom lip, bit it, then leaned away, shaking her shaggy mane of hair out of her face. ‘I think I can feel it twitching…’ she said. I swallowed hard. She pushed her knee high into my crotch against my swollen balls. ‘It’s twitching a lot, Paul…Oh, Paul, I think you’re gonna cum…’ she sighed.

She was right.

Honest, I’ve never spurted off with so little physical stimulation in all my life! But just from her slow ministrations with her leg, just rubbing it on the sensitive underside of my cock, she got me there…

Maybe it was those wide, innocent baby-doll eyes, or the rich, pouting mouth that seemed so sensual… Or that light dress, which hung low revealling her cleavage and rode high up her legs. Maybe it was her gorgeous scent.


The first shot was really watery, it spatted against her summer dress and she wrinkled her nose in disgust. ‘uh…’ It ran down onto the golden skin of her leg and she hurriedly mopped it away. She swivelled her body away, hands still round my neck, expertly avoiding the rest of my cum as it arched and pumped out of my spasming cock and passed her.

I shot about three spurts… but big ones… Caroline giggled, as she watched it squirt onto the carpet.

‘I think you’ll have some explaining to do to the cleaner, mister…’ she said. The farthest shot had reached about a metre and a half away.

‘Caroline you are…’

‘… I know, amazing… you already said…’

‘no really…’

‘so… am I on your books…’

‘Sorry? Oh, yes, of course.’ I knew I’d have to see this girl again. And again. And again. I leaned into kiss her but she pushed me away.

‘uh-huh. That’s as much as you’re getting.’ She stepped away from me and neatly brushed down the creases of her dress, ran her hands through her mane of hair. She scrutinised herself in my full-length mirror and she liked what she saw.

‘Like I said, I have a boyfriend…’ she paused. ‘But…’

‘But what?’ I said.

‘Get me some work… good work… and I might give you some more treats.’

So that was how I booked Caroline, and vowed to make her into a big, big star.

See there’s something about star-quality… something you can’t explain… I would’ve explained all this to Penny the cock-sucking wannabe this morning… but… she wouldn’t have understood.

I thought about all this, as I waited for my dad to turn up. To be honest just remembering that experience with Caroline made me very hard, and after the unfinished blowjob from Penny I was feeling really very horny, as you can imagine.

In fact I’d been only half joking when I’d asked Rachel if I could bang her (…god, she was sexy… perhaps as sexy as Caroline? Maybe even that sexy…).

I jerked off into a silk handkerchief from my desk drawer, seeking a quick, unmessy release. I fantasised about Caroline fucking me, then Rachel, then Rachel being eaten out by Penny as Caroline sucked me off. Finally, the image I came to, myself firing jism down Penny’s chin whilst Caroline and Rachel sat, just out of reach, gently french kissing each other.

I mopped myself up and a moment later there was a knock at the door. It was father.

End of Episode One.

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