Kirsten Finds Her Inner Fucktoy

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Kirsten is a hot babe with a gorgeous face, and a liking for older men. The successful, powerful type in their mid 50s. She loves being used by them. It drives her wild. She craves dirty sex with them. And she’s built to be enjoyed. Gorgeous. Sexy Very fuckable.

Tonight she was meeting a new older man. From his messages, he was very, very dirty. Kirsten could hardly wait.

She was dressed to kill. Or be fucked senseless. All in black. Short dress with a zip up the front. Black stockings. Black boots. Black coat. If she undid the coat and unzipped the dress, Ben could play with her naked front very easily. She was dressed to be exposed in public. Fucked in public. Kirsten would like that. She always liked being enjoyed in public, while she played with a cock.

Kirsten was always looking for places — hidden corners in coffee shops, secluded alleys — to be ravished. Being finger fucked where she might be seen drove her to distraction.

The doorbell rang.

Kirsten checked herself in the mirror. Damn, she looked nice. Plenty of cleavage. Plenty of leg.

She opened the door. A very presentable older man was standing there, with flowers and chocolates.



‘Flowers and chocolate,’ Ben said, advancing towards her.

‘Mmmm,’ Kirsten replied, taking them in each hand.

Ben kept coming, until he had her pinned up against a wall. He put a hand on each breast.

‘Very nice,’ he whispered in her ear.

‘Mmmmm,’ she replied, arching her back to give him better access.

Ben took hold of her hair and her chin, and kissed her, his tongue violating her mouth. Her willing mouth.

Kirsten bahis firmaları sighed.

Ben’s hand slid down her body, exploring it. Right down her thighs, on the outside of her dress. Then up her thighs — on the inside of her dress. His hand closed on her pussy.

Kirsten dropped the chocolates and sighed again. This was so nice.

Ben caressed her pussy. Then he moved her panties aside and played with her pussy lips. Kirsten pushed her arse against the wall in appreciation, giving him better access.

Ben slid a finger up her. Right up her cunt. He finger fucked her, slowly and strongly.

Fuck that was nice. He had such a long finger.

Ben slid a second finger up her cunt, and fucked her hard and fast.

Kirsten twitched and moaned. She had never been taken so quickly and so deliciously. She was going to cum very, very soon.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me,’ she whispered in his ear.

He did.

‘Do you like that, you sexy, hot bitch?’

‘Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkk,’ Kirsten groaned.

She came. It slammed into her. It was as hard as she had ever cum in her life.

She dropped the flowers, and put her arms around Ben. She wrapped a leg around him. He finger fucked her right through the orgasm, all the way to another one. Kirsten was on this orgasmic plateau, where she came and came and came.

Eventually Ben extracted his fingers and laid her in a big roomy chair. Which was good as Kirsten had gone completely boneless and couldn’t hold herself up anymore.

She was so fucked.

Ten minutes later, she had nearly recovered. Ben half carried out to his kaçak iddaa car, and strapped her in.

‘You can finish recovering in the car.’

‘Thanks,’ Kirsten sighed.

Ben played with Kirsten in the car. Slowly. Casually. Deliciously.

He pulled up at one point and finger fucked her hard again. Kirsten could only twitch uncontrollably on his fingers.

When they got out of the car, in the dark car park, Ben laid her over the back of the car, lifted her dress up and slammed his cock up her. Fucked her hard and fast for a minute or two. Then he pulled out, zipped up and took her to the restaurant.

Kirsten was loving the way he was treating her. She was on the edge the whole time, waiting for his next move.

And she hadn’t even fondled his cock yet.

They were shown to a secluded booth in the restaurant. Very private.

Ben unzipped himself when he sat down. Gave Kirsten a condom. How many did he have, she wondered.

‘Suck my cock.’

Kirsten tore open the condom and slipped it on. She went down on him and sucked his long, lovely cock. She loved sucking cocks and this was a nice one. Very, very nice.

‘Play with yourself,’ Ben said.

Kirsten did. She was just about to cum again, when Ben pulled her up and laid her over the table. He placed his cock against her pussy lips. He slid in a fraction.

Then he slammed his cock right up her cunt.

Kirsten moaned and arched her back. Ben pulled his cock nearly all the way out, and looked into her eyes. Kirsten licked her lips.

Ben slammed his cock right up her.

Kirsten twitched and spasmed.

Fuck this was good.

Ben kaçak bahis slammed her like this for a few minutes. Each time was better than the last, until Kirsten was quivering and twitching uncontrollably. She hadn’t cum, but she was right on the edge. Then Ben pulled out, took off the condom, zipped up and sat down.

The waiter walked in. Kirsten was still sprawled all over the table. She got up slowly, rearranged herself a bit, and sat down. Her hair was everywhere and her aroma filled the air.

They ordered.

They fell into conversation. Ben explored her mind. Wanted to know all about her. Kirsten told him. A man had never opened her up like that ever before. She talked and talked and talked. He listened and laughed.

And slowly, luxuriously and sensuously finger fucked her. Oh so slowly and gently. Kirsten had never had a finger up her pussy for anything like that long. It was so, so, so nice!

She was ready to spread herself all over the table again and beg Ben to fuck her senseless. Waiter or no waiter. Actually with the waiter watching would be good. At the same time, she felt charming, witty intelligent and great company.

Ben thought so too. Kirsten was utterly delightful. And utterly fuckable.

On the way back to the car, Ben took her into a dark, secluded deserted alley, pushed her up against a wall and fucked her slowly and deliciously from behind for about 10 minutes. His cock pushed all her buttons and she came, impaled on it.

Then he took her home. Where he gave her a 2 hour massage. Best massage Kirsten had ever had. By the end of it, she was blissfully relaxed. Then he fucked her yet again.

Finally he put her to bed, naked, and climbed in behind her. Also naked. Kirsten drifted off to sleep with his cock nuzzling her pussy lips. He hadn’t even cum yet. Kirsten’s last thought was that she would have to remedy that.

In the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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