Keep It Rolling Baby

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My husband says, “Masturbate for me baby, you know how much I like to watch you.”

He started to read an erotic story and the first four tries were crap. At last he found a good one. It was about mutual masturbation and I was finally getting turned on.

I slipped my hands under the covers and caressed my pussy. In the story, the girl was just learning to masturbate and was coached by a friend. My husband gave me the same directions and I followed along. He told me to rub my clit directly and I did.

The girl in the story found that to be overly sensitive and I agreed!

Based on the story, he told me to use four fingers to firmly massage my mons. This provided some gentle pressure on my clit and felt great.

I pulled back the covers so my husband could see what I was doing. He was loving it!

As the story warmed up, so did I. I was getting impatient and wanted to ramp up more quickly. I grabbed my rabbit and knew that izmir escort bayan would do the trick.

I spread my legs and slipped it lower across my stomach. As I approached my pussy, I turned it on to the lowest setting.

I edged it closer and could not wait to rub it on my clit. The anticipation was awesome and I went as slow as I could. I finally eased it onto my clit and then pushed down to put the head at the opening of my vagina. It was feeling quite nice and I was getting close.

As close as I got, I was not going over the top without an assist. I said, “bring me your mouth baby.” My husband asked where and I told him my nipple. I needed some extra stimulation and thought that pressure on my nipple would help me over the edge.

He smiled and immediately came to my rescue. He latched onto my nipple and sucked hard. But not hard enough. He was licking and sucking. He would suck with his mouth wide open and my nipple and most escort izmir of my breast would pull into his mouth. This felt good, but I needed more!

I quickly said, “harder baby” and he really went to town. I told him to bite it hard and boy did he!

He was just about to chew my nipple off my tit and even that was not enough. He knew how close I was, but I wasn’t there yet. He knew I needed more.

Without more direction, he then used his right hand to pinch the hell out of my left nipple. He twisted it and rolled my nipple in his fingers. I moaned loudly but did not cum. He pulled it hard away from my body while twisting and bit solidly into my right nipple all at the same time.

My legs slammed shut and I jerked the rabbit away from my clit. I rolled into a fetal position and felt my orgasm wash over me. My nipples were hard as rocks and the skin all over my body became goose flesh. I was thrashing and cumming for a minute or more.

As izmir escort I came, my husband was loving every minute of it. He could see I was not really finished and asked, “want dick?” Of course I wanted dick.

I was still coming and pulled my legs apart. He slid his cock home and instantly my orgasm reached a new level. I almost screamed, “Oh God!” I kept cumming and cumming. I was moaning and moaning and kept saying, “Oh God.” And I kept cumming.

He pulled back about half way out of my flooded vagina and slid home again. My orgasm rolled on. I felt awesome, but also felt like I might die. Damn did it feel good.

My husband then took advantage of me by sliding out most of the way and firmly thrusting back into my needy pussy. As he trust in, my orgasm rolled onward.

He thrust again and again at a super slow pace and my orgasm would… not… stop… At least six times he slid home in my pussy and each thrust elevated my orgasm. He spent nearly ten seconds per thrust and I was about to lose my mind. Finally, he pushed deep inside and came.

I slammed my legs around his back and pulled him even more deeply in my pussy. I was done and so was he!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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