Julia’s Lovers

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Julia was a sweet young lady that I met, that seemed to be madly in love with my best friend George. I met her at the Thursday night Senior Center dance where she displayed her inherent sensuality while clinging close to George. Many of the seniors were appalled at this couple because George was quite pale because of the aging process, and Julia was a deep rich ebony youngster, 28 years in age. At least everyone kept their comments and feelings to themselves, and we all had a good time enjoying the band, and freedom of motion. After the dance, the three of us spent time chatting, for me to discover this girl is very bright, and the understanding of George and Julia’s relationship becoming more comprehensive.

After a few more get togethers we sort of bonded into a fellowship. Julia took me back a bit when she said she is now in love with me – in front of George, making him titter in laughter – confusing me!

I told her, “I do not wish to abuse a friendship my dear, and I cannot interfere with your relationship,” which then broke her up.

“Al, are you so narrow minded that you have to follow some societal rules for friendship? Is your ego so large you cannot conceive that I don’t have more friends than just the two of you? And do you think I am captivated onto George by sexual activity? I simply do not have to copulate to love, and am able to love others for the emotional support they render. Love is emotional, sex is totally different, and is animal gratification – an uncontrollable natural tool for species survival!”

With that she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, looked me in the eyes and said, “Thanks lover.”

A month went by with out a get-together. I received a call from Julia stating that George is dying and has been committed to a sanitarium by his family. She had also been stripped away from him by his family, making it impossible for her visitation, and would I at least be a correspondent for continuing communications between her and George. I agreed, and told her I would see her at the park that was close to her apartment for updating, tomorrow afternoon.

The day was a balmy summer day with light breezes when I saw Julia in jeans and a black T-shirt sitting on a park bench appearing upset. I sat beside her and said “hi lover, what is wrong with my sweet lady on such a nice day.”

She tearfully looked into my eyes said, “George died last night – I just lost my number one love.”

“I am terribly sorry, honey. I haven’t heard a thing about it.” Twisting her about, I pulled her into my arms, and after pressing cheeks in a tender hug I placed my lips upon hers. I felt her arms move about me, and her passion build to surprise me as her tongue slipped past my lips. I felt her shake with sexual excitement for a few moments while the stabbing motions of our tongues continued, and the pressure of our bodies increased, until we finally gained control and separated.

“Thanks Al, I needed that, I am still a female I hope you realize. I loved George and will miss him forever. He was totally unable to enjoy me physically, but that does not eliminate my hurt of losing him.”

I kissed her again while feeling her relax in my arms, totally yielding onto me, as in permission for me to take advantage of her. I then said “Too bad we are on a park bench in the middle of the afternoon,” which broke up her sadness – and made her giggle a bit. “Let me drive you home lover,” which brought forth another snicker as we trudged off to my car.

Upon entering my Beatle she commented, “as you know by now, I enjoy my living individuality to the point I have lost all desire to be pupetized by society, and so I am as liberated a female as they come. I do realize life goes on and I will live life to the fullest, with fond memories of George; however, I have already accepted the realism of his departure, and do not need any morning or recovery time. His life has ended as a normal function of living; and as a movie ends and the screen dims, the vision of performing creatures and their interplay ends – George is simply non-existent now!”

After starting the car, and getting out in traffic Julia gave me instructions on how to get to her apartment. “Please count on me to be there for you lover,” I said.

And she answered “I definitely intend to because I mentioned I had many friends; however, I only had two lovers…George and you. I hope I do not become too big a burden, Al.” Taking her hand in mine we drove further.

“You know Al, George was rather kinky sexually; however aging had worn him down to the point performing was out of the question, however he was hoping that the two of us would let him enjoy his voyeurism, but time interceded. Yes, I would have done it for him, but I would have enjoyed it with you, doubling the reason.”

“Darn it (I almost dropped the bug into a chuck hole), if I knew you had a thing for us older guys, I would have pleasured the two of you in a heartbeat.”

She smiled, “George told me you have fantastic staying power, and are a extraordinary sex partner, casino siteleri firmly believing in ladies first. Here we are lover, burn the navigation into your mind.”

I ran around the car to help this exciting lady out of her seat, and pulled my typical stunt of slipping on a small rain puddle that was a remnant of yesterday’s rainstorm, depositing mud on my pants. We both laughed it off, and I took her in my arms and kissed her again – the torrid heat was still burning in both of us. She pushed me back and said “we better get inside before we have another mess on your pants to cleanup.”

“Gosh lady, you have lots of confidence. Maybe you’re expecting too much out of an old bull? If I would choose the best way to join George, um, you may just have the answer.”

Pulling me through the hallway with a big grin on her face we stopped in front of another woman sitting on a couch reading a paper. “Sara, this is Al who I told you about. Entertain him while I use the john.”

“So Sara, have you and Julia been living together very long?”

Sara responded, “That Julia girl, she forgets to properly title her buddies, I happen to be her sister! Julia’s feelings of freedom wants to cut out all of societies ties.”

With that she raises herself off the couch, closes the distance and gives me a big hug. “My, My, I see sis has a big effect on you – for a senior citizen yet, I better make myself scarce so I am not caught in any fracas”.

She gives me a big grin and leaves the room. I turn around and there is Julia standing there with her hand out. “Ok Al this is it. Hand me your pants. Um, if you are too shy, go to the john and pass them through the door, and I’ll get the mud off.”

I then retire to the john and remove my trousers handing them to Julia. “Thank you Al, and if you wish to hide from us, stay in the tub, pour some hot water and take a refreshing bath, towels are available on the wall, while I change into something more comfy.”

After soaking awhile, the door opens and in comes Julia wearing a simple old grannies nightie, almost down to her ankles. “Don’t feel uncomfortable, because I am not. I have seen all of George, and because of love; I so wanted to pleasure him. To me there is no give and take with sex, it is just take and take. Two animals humping together with primal needs, taking their gratification from each other. Love is different, even though the sex drive is still there, concern for your partners pleasure becomes evident and intermingled with the natural pleasure of sex, when it occurs.”

Julia moved a throw rug close to the tub and got down on her knees after raising her gown a bit – that brought a bit of swelling to my cock. “I see your little man has a mind of his own. It’s a little smaller than most, but it is nice and thick, and totally capable of sating us ladies that are blessed with a universal fit – one cunt size fits all cock sizes. It is really sad that most men can’t realize this simple fact of sex, and pass up lots of opportunities by being timid due to their lack of size.”

With that she leaned over the edge of the tub and placed a big kiss on my lips as I felt her hands stroke my body under the water. After the torridity, which modified my cock to full erection, her tongue departed my mouth and she looked me in the eye stating “I happen to be a very torrid woman that feels very comfortable with you. I have lots of sex partners that have learned to keep their mouth shut, and if they become a blabbermouth or too possessive, they are gone. If you can honor that code, please touch me.”

With that she lifted her nightie permitting my hand to move to her inner thigh, making her catch her breath. Now seeing my need, and feeling my hand slide close to her pussy, Julia abruptly stands up, removing her nightie standing before me. “It may be a bit crowded but may I join you in the tub?”

Upon seeing my glow of happiness, and happy smile as a yes, she steps into the tub, one foot on either side of me. I look up to see this Nubian beauty towering above me with her messy tangle of short pubic hair that appears to be lustfully dampened. Julia is bearing a confident smile accented by pearl white teeth. While I breath in the aroma of tasteful perfume mixed with the sent of an aroused female, she lowers herself to straddle my body, moving her knees until she sets down on me with her pussy basically kissing my cock – thrilling the hell out of me. Looking into her eyes, after admiring her small breast that will never need a bra for support, I comment, “It looks like we are a match by nature; I look at small titties as nipples being closer to a woman’s heart – for better emotional coupling.”

With that I pull her down closer to me and lick and nibble each one generously, then pulling her the rest of the way until she is lying on top with my cock still trapped against her entrance. Now with her nipples on my bare chest we start into an intense tongue duel, while my hands interplay with her ass to assist in orchestrating her seductive modulations – churning the bath water. slot oyna My cock accidentally enters her pussy, discovering it is a hot wild milking machine, only for her to slow down, relax and comfort me with kisses.

“Take it easy Al, we have lots of time, and we are quite safe here. Ooo you feel so good inside me, please just hold me for a while and try to relax.”

I look at her and say. “Good is a poor adjective, umm my dear. Oh god, I wish pubic hairs would react as Velcro!”

A giggle and she responds, ” hold on my man, uuh, after we dry off, we will go to my bedroom, um delicious, and the two of us will enjoy the pleasure of sex, all the way, without any debt – just gratitude! If you are too much for me, uh, I am sure Sara will come to your aid, we sisters we are very close.”

With that we kiss again while doing a bit of light thrusting enjoying the feel of her soft velvety soaking pussy – finding it quite difficult to cool off for the big adventure. After we choose to separate, Julia gets up biting her lower lip as my cock departs from her pussy and steps out of the tub and grabs a couple of bath towels for us to enjoy drying off together – while touching and kissing as much as possible.

“Now I know you are good at intercourse, which happens to be my favorite, because of your fabulous control that was displayed in the tub. Just follow me down the hall, and remember, you can have my sister also if she is willing, but only after I am all used up,” she laughs.

After drying off we head for the bedroom passing Sara’s room, whose door is open. I hear Sara chuckle “have fun you guys, and let me know if there is any left overs.”

Julia sees I am embarrassed when we enter her room. “Al, we are totally liberated women, and realize we have the same drive as men for procreation, so don’t be shocked. If and when you feel comfortable with her being there with us, it will be OK with me. There is no room in my life for jealousy, especially concerning the enjoyment of the naturally needed stimulation of genitals sliding together for mutual relief, putting it simple and direct as possible. As you can see I have no prejudice, and that is true regardless of race or sexual preference. I love gays for their being, and have been with sexually hungry women like my sister. My primary motivation in living is sex! So come lie down with me, I need you.”

With that said Julia took my hand and pulled me onto her delightfully soft bed, surrounded by a room that was effervescent with feminism. Moving close together, we restarted our intense kissing and stroking. Julia broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. “The thing that I enjoy from older men is they do it slow. The young man’s passion is to be quick and heavy, fill her pussy with a full load. I like slow – with the lights on, enjoying the man’s eyes reflecting the pleasure that I am participating in. Seeing his straining erection that I molest with mouth and tongue, to the point of ejaculation, only to have him regain control and let him return the favor by licking my pussy to intense sensitivity.”

“Shush lover” I breathe into her ear, “we are here, and the time is ours. I get the picture and philosophically we are the same, luckily opposite in sex tools only.”

I pull her over feeling my cock slide between her thighs tickled by her pubic hairs while masturbating in her warm closeness in praise of her feminine powress prior coupling. Our tongues are darting together as she tries to drive her tits deeply into my body, while in turn I am grasping her ass cheeks to help her pressure her large clitoris to slide on my thrusting penis. I feel her skin roughen from seizures of goose bumps, as she places her cheek against mine and softly moans in my ear, along with an orgasmic shutter. With that she shakily breaks away and laughs, “don’t worry Al, I am multi-orgasmic,” and with that moves her now perspiring body down and takes my cock into her ‘heavenly’ mouth.

“For fooling around, you obviously got me pretty good because I can taste my juices on your cock. Although I don’t mind sperm in my mouth, hold yourself back and save your first discharge for my pussy. I want you on top, as deep as possible, and yes, I am perfectly safe! With all the men I enjoy, I have to be since I do not wish to help overpopulate this planet.”

Giggling she renews her sucking, while positioning her body above me while lowering her sex onto my hungry lips and tongue. Her lithe body is a delight as my tongue dances up and down her seam enjoying the extreme contrast of a light pink pussy being exposed that contrasts intensely from her skin color, only to feel her stiffen as I take her clitoris between my lips to repeat the darting done to her tongue.

“Oh god,” she moans unable to maintain the contact of her lips and tongue on my cock. “If you keep that up I will go off again,” and a few seconds later she is shaking with excitement, loudly moaning her pleasure while uncontrollably dripping her juices onto my hungry tongue, and mouth.

She looks sheepishly at me and asks my pardon. canlı casino siteleri “I feel like a school girl experimenting with sex, and discovering a very experienced partner.”

With that, she centers herself on the bed stretching her legs far apart with knees bent. “Come on lover, it is time to consummate our fooling around.”

I place her legs on my shoulders as I move closer to her open sex dragging my cock along her puffed up labia. Folding her over more I feel myself returning slowly into her pussy, while kissing her in gratitude. I start fucking her with just the tip of my cock watching her eyes open wide in surprise, only for them to break into a puzzled expression upon my removal.

“Where you going? I kind of liked that …OOO,” as I changed my angle to masturbate onto her maiden lips and clitoris, “this is fantastic but lets save it for sloppy seconds, I need you in me without teasing, I want your sperm splashing inside, and afterward we can start all over again.”

With that I line up and drive my cock fully into her, my balls resting on the bottom edge of her pussy’s lips. We both start copulating hungrily, until a pleasant rhythm with stimulating accents is found. We slow and stop, still connected. I kiss her lips and ask if she is comfortable, and she tells me her legs are a bit cramped in this position, so I lower them off my shoulders and press my body onto hers. Her legs become pythons wrapping about my torso as I return to kissing her irresistible mouth. Our rhythm returns, and Julia seriously manipulates her pussy muscles.

“Ok Mr. you asked for it” her eyes staring intently into mine while breathing heavily – only for her to start losing control again, making me the captain of this adventure.

My face red with excitement, my trembling body close to unconsciousness, I start emptying my testicles deep into her spasming pussy. Julia had joined me in our definition of an ultimate sexual union, two needy creatures orgasming together for individual satisfactions and relief. I roll off her delightful body onto my back.

“Catch your breath Al, and if you are not wimping out yet, just relax and let me soften you up by soaking in our juices.” With that she climbed aboard, straddling me while sinking my cock into the warm pudding of her cunt.

“Thank god you are still hard. George was right about your staying power. I really do wish we could have thrilled him by watching us.”

While still enjoying the physiological changes involved with intercourse, we started kissing and fondling again with Julia initializing copulation.

“Just relax Al and let me do it for us, I really don’t want to kill you.” After a couple of minutes of intense excitement, I feel our juices running down onto my balls again, along with Julia’s wild spasming on my cock.

After an intense kissing session, she removes herself and stares at my cock. “Goodness, does it ever get soft?”

I laugh and state, “Give it a little time my dear, and it will. Remember, us older folk are a bit slower. As long as we can do this thing frequently I am quite happy, I just recover slowly.”

Julia gives me a big grin and says, “I am not about to waste good cock, so can you handle any more?”

To which I say “yes” but somewhat weakly.

“Sara, if you have some time, come on in here.”

With that Sara enters the room sizes up the situation and starts removing her clothes.

“After listening to the two of you for the last hour, I am horny as hell. Mister, I am going to take it easy on you and fuck you in a comfortable casual position. Let me do the work until you either soften, or I cum. You seem to be very effective with that pudgy little thing, but if I am too much, Julia will get me off, and if you are capable, can help.”

Sara is a bit heavier than Julia, and she lies next to me on her back raising a leg while I turn onto my side totally aroused by this extreme attention. She takes hold of my cock, and directs it toward her steaming hot juicy pussy, while I press it into her, making her moan with pleasure while Julia happily starts tongue kissing her. Sara tells me to relax and let her do the fucking again, and to my surprise, with a tighter pussy than Julia’s. I think to myself about the concept of ‘big girl small hole, small girl all hole’ with a chuckle.

I place my hand over Sara’s nipple and gentle massage it with my palm – and the tempo of her undulations increase. I grit my teeth almost praying that I can give her all that is expected. I move my fingers to her clit seriously rubbing it making her moan in delight; hopefully attempting to hasten her orgasm. The tempo is now 3 of her undulations to each of my cock’s slower long thrusts, and I realize I am a goner – I simply loose control. All I can do is hang in there and enjoy her frantic fury realizing this last spurt that I am able to muster is shooting deep inside her, and it totally empties me. Sara also feels this trickle – triggering her orgasm making her thrust her pelvis tight against me momentarily, and she gratefully shutters into relaxation. As the victor, she proudly feels me start to soften within her. Separating, she holds herself close to me and plunges her tongue into my mouth in happy combat, her demonstration of sexual afterglow gratitude.

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