Judith’s hope Pt. 03

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In this story, all persons who participate in erotic acts are of age and freely invented. Similarities with existing persons or events are coincidental. Under-age persons are not involved in erotic activities. Statements with political or ideological content correspond to the opinion of the author. Sources on birth rates: e.g. UN World Population Prospects 2019

What has happened so far

The first two chapters were about the unfulfilled desire of Judith and Thomas for children. I was to play the role of the biological father because Thomas could not father children. However, this was not to be the end of the story; Thomas and I were to become and remain two equal fathers.

In addition, the child was to be conceived in our sex club. A lot of our friends from the gang of rubber-less were there to stage a smoking hot orgy animating Judith and me to copulate and to generate a child. I was the only inseminator of Judith. Otherwise, wild group sex was allowed to everybody. Men screwed as many women as possible or vice versa.

If I managed to get Judith pregnant the members of the club of the rubber-less had in mind to celebrate the event together and in an appropriate manner.

Did Judith get pregnant after the orgy?

The evening at the club was Judith’s first trial to conceive from me. Two weeks passed – and the attempt had failed.

However, being experts in this subject, Judith and Thomas knew that it usually takes some time — months or even years – until success for the majority of couples who have decided to conceive. They themselves advise their patients on questions of childbearing. So we all accepted the failure calmly, considering it temporary. But what next?

The experts’ recommendation was simple: don’t stress, just stay randy, and sooner or later you will succeed. And we followed this advice conscientiously and wholeheartedly.

Judith’s tall stature and her pronounced lechery were a permanent challenge for me to stay constantly horny and to reach even higher levels of sperm production. We decided, however, not to fuck anymore in the publicity of the club but to embed our passion into pleasant evening programs, including concerts in the familiar surroundings of our apartments. In the meantime, both Thomas and Judith had taken a liking to classical music. The two musicians from the club, Heike and Florian, definitely played their role in this. Increasingly, Judith, Thomas, Heike, Florian, Maria and I became a conspiracy of music and sex enthusiasts. But also many friends from the club of the rubber-less were able to enjoy the combination of classical music and sex.

House music and hot sex

One night, I invited to my house for a diner musical. I prepared some of my favourite delicacies which were to inspire frivolous activities later on. I opted for especially light food and a cool white wine to be drunk moderately. A long and physically exhausting program was still ahead.

Maria and I were the hosts of the evening. She had come a little earlier because she wanted to give me a hand with the preparations but that was unnecessary. I was able very well for the few little things that still had to be done.

Of course, she proved once again her talent for awesome dressing. She looked stunning in her sharp black leather skirt and her translucent blouse which showed off much more than hiding anything. Needless to say, she wore nothing underneath. Her curls fell gracefully down to her shoulder blades.

Her make-up was trademark Maria, again. If she hadn’t applied a discreet red lip pencil, I would have been led to believe that she hadn’t dolled herself up at all. Her peach skin was silkily smooth and the fresh shine in her eyes made a strong eye-lining unnecessary anyway. The light blue eye shadow was barely visible.

Maria always looks like a natural beauty. And a superbly dressed one at that. I had to scold her, albeit in an obviously sarcastic manner.

“Don’t you know it’s impolite for the hostess to be dressed much better than of all of the invited ladies? And to wear the most gorgeous make-up?”

Her bold, provocative reply:

“Does this bother you?”

And with both hands, she tousled her hair which, of course, looked just as good afterwards as it did before. This woman is truly indescribable.

Then she squeezed a sticky French kiss on my mouth – – and crumpled my balls violently. The sudden pain made me howl out only briefly but with a loud shriek.

“Isn’t it about time to be offered a glass of white wine?” she said carelessly and set out the last dishes to the dining table with no further comment.

How could I ever refuse a request of this enchanting fairy? Still being sore in my crotch, I handed her quickly a frosted glass with my favourite Pinot Blanc.

“See, there you go! Thank you.” she breathed with a flutter of her eyelashes.

Then, our guests arrived one after the other and, soon, we sat at the table in a lively conversation. There was gravad lax, cold roast beef and various salads. After a course with assorted casino şirketleri cheeses with home-baked bread the dessert was a tarte Tatin. I still found on the market some Berlepsch apples which are the best for this kind of caramelized apple pie. The wine was the same Pinot Blanc that I had already served to Maria.

Already at the table everyone was wearing provocative clothes. Judith in particular wanted to show off her massive natural assets with a transparent white mini dress that hardly disguised her voluptuous body. Because her ovulation was imminent she was particularly horny on that evening. Already during the meal I felt her soft hands under the table which could leave alone neither my cock nor my balls. A retaliating grip of mine under her skirt confirmed that her slit was soaking wet. Since, obviously, no textile was blocking the access of my fingers, I soon twisted Judith’s swollen clitoris. Her breath grew heavier until she gave out a loud sigh.

Under the minidress, I also met Heike’s little hand in search for Judith’s moist and slippery femininity. I raised my eyebrow, held Heike’s hand, and pulled it away from Judith’s gaping twat. But Heike immediately yanked her hand free and tantalizingly stuck out her tongue. Then she obscenely pushed back and forth two fingers through the O-shaped opening between her thumb and index finger of the other hand. She winked at me and formed with her lips the silent words “fuck me”. I understood of course and whispered to her a barely audible “Just you wait!” Thus, a salubrious deal was sealed between us. Only Maria seemed to notice this exchange, understood immediately what was going on, and winked at me encouragingly. She also had fallen quite a lot for Heike’s amorous advances.

After the meal, the well-fed group retired from the dining table and everybody looked forward to a musical interlude, this time by Florian solo. He performed on my small piano which, of course, is no match for the magnificent Steinway instrument at the club. But as we all know, even the devil eats flies at times of general deprivation. Florian played Handel’s Chaconne which was once again a great treat. Despite having the same name, it has little in common with the more famous Chaconne from the second Partita for solo violin by Bach. But my enthusiasm for the bright and cheerful solemnity of Handel’s music is unshakable anyway, and this particular masterpiece is an especially catchy tune. Once again I sat between Maria and Judith, who took both my hands. Although I would have liked to kiss both women, Florian’s music captivated me too much to allow me to succumb to frivolous thoughts. And in the end, this was just as well for the two women at the moment.

We listened spellbound to Florian’s piano playing and, after its end, the music continued to resonate in our heads for a long time. As requested at the club earlier by Florian and Heike, we refrained from applause and gave the music the last word.

But then we all begged Florian for an encore. He finally fulfilled our request and played the beautiful Sonata in B flat major K244 by Domenico Scarlatti which is rarely performed. A really appropriate idea!

It has been reported that Handel and Scarlatti, who were born together with Bach in 1685, have been invited in 1708 to a musical competition on the organ and the harpsichord. The event was organized by Cardinal Ottoboni in Rome. The outcome has been a draw because Handel won on the organ and Scarlatti on the harpsichord. However, the music that they played is not on record.

After the last sounds of the music, Maria got up to congratulate Florian on his performance. Of course, she did so with intense French kisses. She immediately invited him to a steamy hump.

Meanwhile I kissed Judith, first on her soft lips, then on her sparkling black eyes. She smiled at me and whispered inaudibly for the others:

“You’ll have to get me pregnant today. Fill me up as often as you can. Today, we’re going to do it until your balls are completely depleted.”

“Then you have to be a good girl and spread our legs nicely. I’ll let all my desire run wild inside you.”

“OK. Let’s go for a fuck. I’m sure the others will follow us.”

We got up and settled down in the improvised pleasure field I had set up in my guest room with a few mattresses pushed together. The scene was lit by candles, which created an erotic atmosphere.

Judith immediately stretched her legs wide apart in the air which pushed her mini dress up over her hips. With this she gave me a wonderfully shameless view of her already wet snatch. The labia opened and revealed the dark depths of her love cavity into which I would hammer my hard cock soon.

Judith carried her hair open that evening. Hence, her beautiful and trim body lay in the middle of a flood of dark and shiny lustfulness which spurred me on even more. But I still wanted to lick the soft wetland between her massive thighs. This caused her to give off a throaty groan of pleasure. I sucked the clit between my lips and nibbled it very gently. casino firmaları Then I inserted three fingers one after the other into the slippery cunt, looking for the soft G-spot with my fingertips.

As predicted by Judith, our fuck partners didn’t wait long. Thomas and Heike were soon horny enough to engage in a heavy fuck. Heike groaned under the violent thrusts of Thomas’ prick. Its considerable thickness opened her wide and the cock shone already wet from her juices.

Maria, on the other hand, took it easy and pulled Florian to the pleasure meadow on his huge stallion’s cock. Then, Florian grounded Maria in a randy fight, lifted her leather mini, and sank his tongue into the helplessly exposed twat. With both hands he kneaded her proud nipples while Maria jerked his huge pole and pulled the foreskin back over the glans.

General groaning and sighing spread quickly.

Meanwhile my balls were pressing frighteningly and I threw myself on Judith’s aroused body. I grabbed my cock and pulled it through the gaping slit from bottom to top and finally over the swollen clitoris. Then I moved it back down again and slightly penetrated the wet hole before pulling it out again, directing it back to the clit. I repeated this game several times until Judith exploded in a heavy orgasm and groaned madly:

“You are driving me out of my mind. Fuck me, for Christ’s sake.”

“I’m about to flood you with my juice…” I gurgled back.

Then I pushed hard and fucked Judith, first with slow but deep strokes, then increasing the speed. My juices rose in my cock very quickly and I couldn’t help but work her like a steam hammer. Despite my imminent cumming, I wanted to tease Judith’s clit with my fingers to give her another climax. Soon she was thrashing her legs around uncontrollably and finally screamed out her orgasm. Almost simultaneously I gushed my juice into the wet cavity and flooded it with a huge amount of semen.

Judith and I both collapsed in exhaustion and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Her smile was like a warm shower for me and I whispered to her:

“If I haven’t already knocked you up, I’ll do it right away on our next ride.”

For my cock and balls were unimpressed by the recent ejaculation and maintained their undiminished hardness. Soon I began to pound again Judith’s pussy which gave off a wet smack. Heike’s snatch produced similarly loud squishing sounds after having been fucked to satiation by Thomas. Maria and Florian were still busy with heavy petting. But Maria’s cheeks were flushed red and she moaned to Florian:

“My God, fuck me now! I finally need a good fuck, too!”

Maria didn’t need to say that twice. With a hard thrust, Florian fully impaled her and his violent penetrations degenerated very rapidly into a quickie, eventually spraying Maria’s cunt with a full load of cum.

Maria was somewhat surprised by this because she had not quite reached the summit of her climax yet. However, Heike noticed Maria’s condition in her own afterglow and immediately crawled between Maria’s spread thighs which were left behind by the temporarily spent Florian. Immediately, her returning lust made Maria twist her eyes and she started to moan loudly. But Heike didn’t let go of her before she had a violent orgasm. Maria’s scream was the last one in the first fuck while I already pounded Judith’s cunt again.

Thomas didn’t let Maria rest either, but gently pushed Heike aside and sank his stud bolt directly into Maria’s wet smacking gash. At first he took it easy because he had just squirted gush after gush into Heike. Maria was still whimpering while coming down orgasm by Heike’s licking but she accepted Tomas’ pushes with pleasure. She spread her thighs even wider so that Thomas could penetrate her more deeply. She whispered obscenely to Thomas:

“I am all yours. I only want to be your cunt! Use me as you please.”

“I’m going to fuck you very slowly to white heat!”

Gently copulating too, Judith and I watched the action. Because Florian also started to come on to his Heike again. He lay on the back of the graceful woman who lay underneath him on her stomach. His cock had lost only little of its hardness and therefore slipped easily into Heike’s slippery and pre-fucked wetness. He, too, put on a leisurely pace and enjoyed the tight and wet cunt. Then, he grabbed around Heike’s upper body at her flattened breasts and aroused her nipples. Soon Heike also groaned something soft into Florian’s ears. We couldn’t get what she said but it brought a lascivious grin to his face. The lust was dramatically spreading again.

For a long time a gentle general fucking was going on. Of course, Judith and I were involved in this and tuned in to everybody’s sighs of feeling well. For the time being, we three stallions tamed our desire to satisfy our mares. But, soon, the hands of one pair started to stray away to other couples close by. Heike’s fingers began to tease my balls from below while they went on clapping against Judith’s cunt. This immensely increased my lust and my pushes güvenilir casino became more passionate. Under Heike’s stroking my balls started to become turgid.

Judith’s soft hands stroked the Heike’s back and the sides of her breasts. And Judith’s own tits were pampered by the hands of Thomas and Florian. Maria reached for the big balls of Florian and grabbed them heavily. Florian groaned loudly and with gentle pain upon this treatment. The general act of everybody with everybody heated up considerably.

Finally, the three men pushed deep into the cunts of their fuck partners and became intent on releasing the pressure in their balls. This time I was the first one to shoot my load of cum into Judith, but I didn’t want Judith to stay unsatisfied. I worked her clitoris with my fingers and so we both climaxed at the same time. My cum spurted from my cock, as Judith’s cunt juice also discharged under her loud moans. The other two couples didn’t wait either for their orgasms. Under the skillful thrusts by Thomas, Maria proved once again her outstanding capacity for long paroxysms. Finally Heike shrieked her lust into the night while Florian flooded her cunt.

All six of us fell into a state of temporary exhaustion. But soon, a tormenting thirst called us back to our senses. We all rose towards the dining room where cool white wine and non-alcoholic refreshments awaited us. Some of the left-over tidbits still quenched a small appetite discretely peeking around the corner.

A general conversation arose and revolved around music more and more. Florian enthusiastically told us about his last meeting with Elisabeth Leonskaja who would soon perform in our city the two piano concertos by Brahms on two evenings. The Russian lady who now lives in Vienna left a very deep impression on Florian. He told us how she taught him a new fingering in Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and how he was still impressed by the professionalism and expressiveness of this artist. He had learned a lot from her and would be delighted if we were to accompany him on the two concert evenings. Who could resist such a request in view of the expected pleasure?

Soon afterwards, my guests wanted to say goodbye. Before that I promised Judith that I would visit her in the next few days to fuck her again. Since the weather should be sunny and warm in the next days, we also agreed on a making out under the open sky. I had not done this in a long time since I had my open-air one-night stand with Anna several years ago.

However, I wanted to let a few days pass because my balls badly needed a recovery from this evening. Judith frivolously declared that, in this case, she would have to fuck with Thomas meanwhile. She couldn’t stand being unmounted for that long. Then she tenderly caressed my balls and wished them a good re-energization before she French-kissed me lasciviously and left with Thomas.

Both, Heike and Maria fell around my neck. I couldn’t resist stroking their breasts and cunts as a farewell. Oh my God! The two women were still leaking from their fucks! They also gave a treat to my testicles complaining that I had eyes only for Judith. This made me recall my solemn promise to Heike that I would fuck her that night as well. I suggested that she stay a little longer and let me make her happy. But Florian and Maria had well satisfied their needs to fuck and urged for a departure. Heike just shrugged her shoulders and stoically gave in to her fate. Thus, I threatened Maria and Heike that I would have a dramatic hump with them as soon as I had succeeded in getting Judith pregnant.

“This is going to be some fuck you’ll remember for the rest of your life. We’re going to suck your balls dry right down to the last drop. After that, you’ll have to keep on fucking us without cumming. Life is not a pony farm! “

The two lecherous beasts winked conspiratorially and again pushed their lips onto my mouth for a lascivious kiss before they left with Florian. I still managed to ask Florian quickly to get us the concert tickets. We would then conclude these evenings with a decent love battle. He promised to contribute his share and said goodbye to me with a chaste hug and thanks for food and drink.

Three days later, as announced, I stood in front of Judith’s and Thomas’ apartment door in the early afternoon to pick Judith up for the planned lover’s tryst in the forest. Thomas didn’t want to join us because he still had to work on a lecture for a congress the following week. He wished us a successful day. I told him that I would be prepared to help him with his talk. But he said that he had to develop his ideas first. Then, I promised to critically listen to his talk before the meeting. We left Thomas behind and went out into the fresh air.

The promenade

Judith wore a sleeve-less mini dress with a flower pattern in strong colors. Around her wrists she had a row of bracelets, partly made of silver-colored metal, partly as chains of colored glass beads. I expected that she would not wear any underwear under her dress because we wanted to be horny without any hindrances. She again had her giant python-like braid of hair that fell down over her back and her ass cheeks. It was like an invitation to hold myself steady on it while I mounted her over her mighty buttocks from behind.

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