Jen , Sandy

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It was a late Wednesday night with Sandy and I having watched a porno, me cumming all over her luscious tits and face then crashing till we heard the phone ringing at about 9:00 am, we ignored the phone, but then about 15 minutes later there was an incessant knocking at the door.

I went to go look through the peep hole and lo and behold it was Jennifer, my Ex. I thought “oh shit, Sandy is going to love this-NOT.” You see Jennifer is a fine woman of Jewish descent whom has really big tits, a small but really attractive ass and is about 28. Sandy on the other hand is Asian (half Japanese and half Hawaiian) she has saline tits and is every man’s dream – nice ass, slim waist, great face, cock-sucking lips, and those beautiful large come-stick-your-dick-in-between-my-tits breasts.

I asked Sandy if should open the door and she said, “Go ahead, she was getting in the shower” (no doubt to wash off the cum from last night). I opened the door and Jennifer was dressed in a slinky pink body hugging dress. Well, I invited her in and she sat beside me on the couch. I informed her that Sandy was in the shower, she seemed somewhat disappointed at first, but then got a look like she just found the perfect perpetual motion machine.

I asked what was up and she asked me to go ask Sandy if the three of us could spend the morning together–in the bedroom! I nearly casino şirketleri freaked, but was able to keep my cool long enough to go into the bathroom and pop this on Sandy, I was sure that Sandy would be pissed, but she got that look of excitement that she usually had after we got home and were ready to watch some good pornography and fuck the shit out of one another. I went back out to Jennifer who by this time had her shoes off and was all curled up on my couch looking like a cat in heat! I told Jennifer “Sandy is into it!”

And at that time Jennifer stood up and in one motion took her dress off and had nothing underneath, I was dressed in a robe also with nothing under it and Jennifer kneeled down and slid the coffee table out of the way opened my robe and began to suck my already hard 8.5 inches, now you must understand that while Sandy is a great cocksucker in every sense, I dare any man to be able to keep from cumming within 5 minutes of having his cock in Jennifer’s mouth!

Just then the bathroom door opened and Sandy walked out with the towel just around her waist leaving those beautiful tits exposed for Jennifer and I to gawk at, Jennifer slipped her mouth from around my cock and said, “God, you have the greatest body, I have been thinking about this for sometime now.” I was thinking geesh I wish I had a camera or be able to put this on casino firmaları a post card saying, “Wish you were here.”

Then the 3 of us went in to my bedroom and kicked a porno tape in the VCR in there. First Jennifer was all over Sandy, sucking her tits kissing her mouth and pussy! I was in heaven to be assured! We all laid down on my and Sandy’s bed and began the wonderful exploration that occurs when you are doing something you’ve not done before, Sandy was sucking my cock while Jennifer licked her clit, I fucked Jennifer’s mouth while Sandy fucked her pussy with a dildo and licked her nipples and clit alternating between them.

I had Sandy lay on her back and Jennifer crawled above her face then ever so slowly lowered her eager pussy on to Sandy’s waiting tongue, I then stuck my really hard and excited cock in to Sandy’s moist(bull shit It was soaked)pussy. Then Jennifer pulled my cock from Sandy’s cunt and drew it in to her mouth tasting every last drop of Sandy’s pussy juice off from it. I then had Jennifer get off of Sandy and told her to eat Sandy’s cunt out, then I walked behind Jennifer and without warning slammed my cock deep inside her sopping wet pussy she howled out for us to fuck her so loud I was afraid the neighbors would hear us.

Jennifer came all over my cock and balls with a semi-squirting orgasm, Sandy kinda freaked when she güvenilir casino saw this and had to have some, she came behind Jennifer and told me to cum in Jennifer’s cunt, I having thought that this was taboo(since you should always come in the one your with) asked if she was sure Sandy nodded and me barley being able to hang on for this long let loose a great big spurting cum bath one that hasn’t been seen for some time by Sandy, Jennifer or I, My cum filled up Jennifer’s pussy and started spurting out of that “oh so wet” cunt of hers along with another squirting orgasm, there she was with my and her cum all over her belly and clit and about half way down her thighs, I looked at Sandy and she said “Well I better get busy cleaning that up!” and then wend down on Jennifer who was now almost in a sex coma.

As Sandy licked Jennifer clean I looked down at my still hard cock and asked “What about me? Who’s going to clean this up?” Jennifer awoke to say come over here So on my knees I crawled over to her most eager mouth and let her lick the mixture of her and my cum off my cock, balls, pubic area and upper leg/thighs. she looked up at Sandy and I and said “This was the best I ever had!” and then collapsed with the 2 of us and we rested for 2 hours before Jennifer got up and took a shower and left! Whew what a fun day, Sandy loved it wasn’t jealous and hoped it would happen again soon. Every Thursday for about a year and a half after that we heard knocking on our door, we got the door most of the time when we were there and we had some great experimentation, and awfully good sex!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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