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Big Dicks

I called an old friend. A guy I used to work with. His name is ‘Ken’. He is a ladies man. Truly loves women. Anyway, we hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years. We used to be pretty close when we worked together. We even doubled a set of sisters one time. That was pretty freaky.

So, he says he would like to get together for dinner. Sounds good to me (that’s why I called, right?). We talk on and on, trying to catch up. He reminisces about the sisters and the good times we had. Then he starts talking about a new friend he has. Not a regular, but a girl that’s married, as well, and likes to ‘get out’ occasionally. Her name is ‘Vivian’. He says she’s a large girl that just loves sex. She has large tits with inverted nipples, and goes nuts when you pinch them in the throes…

It turns out he thinks she would like to meet with me some time. I hesitate, but agree. It does sound interesting. A couple of nights later, he introduces us at a trade show downtown. Since we all work in the same industry, it seemed natural. We have dinner and then start making the rounds. The drinks flow nicely. Not too much, just enough to start to loosen up. I keep wondering what the program is. How is he going to lead this on? We used to call him “Mr.” Smooth. I had no doubts, nor reservations. I trust this guy.

So, before we know it we end up at a nice hotel, where he has a suite booked. We pick up a bottle of something smooth and head upstairs. We start to unwind, everyone knowing what the game is, and really loosen up. Vivian catches us both off guard when she pulls out a joint. She lights it up and offers it up after a tug. I haven’t done this since high school, but, what the hell. Like I care at this point.

After a couple of joints and a few tips of the bottle (which we decide later Ken had deviously avoided) things start to really heat up. Vivian gets pretty friendly. We have become more comfortable with each other throughout the evening, and there was enough tension built up that something had better happen pretty fucking soon. She asks Ken why he had brought me here, since she had thought that he had done a pretty good job ‘servicing’ her. She teased about maybe not being man enough to keep up with her. Or maybe he had lost interest and wanted to offer me as a substitute or replacement. She started to cry. He felt pretty bad, and moved over to hold her. He hugged her and told her that none of that was even close. He just wanted to see two friends have a good time, and that she seemed to be open to expanding her horizons. After a while she started to calm down. He brushed her hair back and started to caress her temples. A gentle kiss followed, with such a soft delivery that there was little mystery left behind Mr. Smooth. He was the real deal. I watched him as he mentally and physically reassured her that he would never harm her. Well, not in any way against her will, that is.

I am not sure to this day about his intention as to what happened next, I had half expected him to leave us at this point. But I sat there and watched him kiss and caress her into a frenzy. She was breathing more quickly as each minute passed, and as he worked her over I could see her melt. He slowly started to remove her blouse. I don’t know if she even knew it was happening. In a slight-of-hand type of maneuver, the bra was gone. That was quite a feat considering the size of it and its content. And there they were – very large, but quite firm and shapely for their size. The nipples were definitely inverted. casino şirketleri They almost looked like belly buttons. I had a strange urge to stick my tongue into them.

So there she sat. Her hair was black, medium length and curly. It draped across her shoulders in a very sexy way. I have a great appreciation for bare shoulders, and the way her hair framed hers it was the perfect accent for her chest. Ken had resumed his kissing and was working his way slowly across her face. He gently worked across her chin and along her jaw with a half nibble/half kiss. When he got to her ear, he augmented his stimulation by moving his hands to her tits. She let out a long soft moan and threw her head back into the cushion of the sofa. She definitely responded well to the combination.

Ken stood up and removed his coat, tie, and shirt. He was a slender, well-cut man with dark features. She laid there and stared directly into his eyes. It was obvious she was his, to have his way with. As he leaned over her and resumed his efforts, I started to realize that, although this was very erotic and an interesting show, it was not what I had in mind. I was trying to decide how to gracefully exit without disturbing them. Then I thought “What the hell”. I may as well get some enjoyment from this. I removed my coat, loosened my tie and unzipped my trousers. As I sat back in my chair and massaged my dick, I watched as Ken worked his way down to her tits and started to tease her nipples with his lips and teeth. He would work on one for a while, then switch to the other. Every once in a while she would let out a cute squeal.

After several minutes of this, Vivian started to move up from the sofa. She directed Ken by the shoulders to stand, then reached out and started to remove his pants. As the pants passed the level of his briefs it became obvious that he has enjoyed this almost as much as she. His erection is quite apparent thru his tight briefs, with the head just peeking above the waistband. There is a shiny drop perched at the top. When Vivian peels back the briefs she stares intently at the object of her desire, perhaps unaware that she is licking hers lips. She drops to her knees and guides him to sit in a chair just beside him, which is directly across from me. Her mouth devours his dick. He lies back in the chair as she continues, moving methodically, rhythmically up and down his shaft. I can tell by his expression that she is achieving her goal. From my position all I can see is his face, her head bobbing up and down, and her ass. I can use this. I continue to pleasure myself, as I concede that I am but an observer. It seems as though they are on another planet, and that, to them, I am not even here.

Then, as I look at his face once more, I realize that he is looking directly at me. He smiles. Then he raises his arm and points downward at her. I get the message. I rise from my chair and shed my clothes. I approach her from behind and reach out and start removing her pants. I slide them down her ass to her knees, then follow with the same motion to her panties. My hands start to caress her ass cheeks in a slow circular motion. I guess I am trying to continue with the same technique that he had started with. She responds with a deep moan and starts to sway slightly from side to side. As I work my way toward her puss I can get a sense of how much she is enjoying this. She is so wet that that there is moisture running down her legs. I quickly locate the source of the moisture and casino firmaları start a gentle massaging motion, starting with large slow circles around the edges. I rub her and she responds. This woman is on fire. Ken says “fuck her” and I drop to my knees and place the head of my dick against her opening. After a few easy presses, I find that she is very accepting and I drive it in the rest of the way in one deliberate motion. Not too fast, yet hard and deep enough that she lets out an intense groan of pleasure. I retract and start again. She and I quickly develop a rhythm that suits each of us.

We continued for some time, not wanting to stop, yet not wanting to tire one another with ‘same ol’. Ken tells me that she takes it in the ass. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice. In fact, you usually don’t have to tell me once. I pull out of her puss and use my hand to spread some of the readily available lubrication up and down the crack of her ass. This goes well. The lubrication spreads everywhere and her ass is gleaming with it. As I slowly work it around I give an occasional touch or press onto her asshole with my finger. I put my dick in her puss again to make sure I don’t dry out. As I slowly work in and out, I am constantly spreading lube across her ass. I use my thumb to stimulate her asshole, eventually working up to a knuckle, then all way in. Her ass gives my thumb that tight, smooth, easy grip that sends my dick over the edge. My dick comes out of her and I place the head against her ass. I start out with a very slow in-and-out motion that only applies a little pressure, then releases. A good ass fuck needs to be slow and gentle. If she isn’t begging for it, you’re doing it wrong. Patience and lubrication – those are the keys. As much as I wanted to just plunge in until my balls were smacking against her, I knew that I had to take my time.

And that’s what I did. By the time I was all the way in she was rocking back and forth on her knees, pretty much controlling the pace and depth, both of which were quite satisfactory to me. Ken was enjoying the process, as well. She was taking his dick into her throat all the way up to his pubic bone. This girl was amazing. She would swallow him up so that it looked like he was fucking her face. Then I noticed that she had her hand between his legs and was playing with his ass. She probed him very gently, and from the look on his face I could tell that he was about to explode. She could sense this, too, and stopped her activities. I stopped as well, so she stood up and headed off for the toilet. I turned to Ken and said “What the hell…?”. He shrugged and said “I don’t know, just go with it.”

When she returned she told us that she wanted both of us at the same time. Ken said “no problem” and lay down on the floor. She straddled him and positioned herself over his dick. She reached down and guided him inside of her. Then she leaned forward and started to move her ass up and down. I moved in behind and found a position that would allow me to enter her ass. And I did. After a few minutes we learned how to move so that everyone was being pleasured, especially Vivian. Ken reached up and started to fondle her tits. This drove her over the edge. It started as a shudder and ended with a scream and violent shake. Her first orgasm of the night. She became motionless and spent the next couple minutes trying to regain composure and catch her breath. Meanwhile, Ken and I kept up a slow, continuous motion. She came around and announced güvenilir casino that she wanted to suck some dick. I pulled out, she stood up, turned around and squatted on Ken’s face. Her face went down onto his dick and suddenly a sixty-nine was in full force.

She lifted her head and reached out for my dick. She pulled me toward her and downward. I went to my knees. She started inhaling my dick, taking in every inch. This was good. After several strokes on me, she would switch to Ken. Then back to me. She pulled me downward until I was straddling Ken and our dicks were almost touching. This saved her time when switching from one dick to the other. Soon, I could see what she was after: she wanted to try to suck both of us at the same time. She grabbed both dicks with both hands at one time and stuffed them in her mouth. There were many sensations at once – the warmth of her mouth, the tight grip of her hands, and the surprisingly smooth feel of another dick against mine. This continued for several minutes. When she stopped, she looked up at me and it seemed as though her mouth was getting tired and needed a break. I leaned over and started to kiss her. This started to get very intense, since it was actually the first time we had kissed each other. Then I reached down and started to play with her tits. I had been waiting for this for some time, and wanted to explore and experiment. It was wonderful the way she responded to different things. As I was doing this to her, she was moving her ass around over Ken. He wasn’t complaining, and seemed to be still breathing, so we assumed he was OK. Since his dick was still hard, we figured he can’t be too bad off.

Throughout all of this I was still straddled over Ken, and holding/kissing/fondling Vivian. She reached down and stroked my dick with one hand. I started to sway in time with her motion and realized that Ken’s dick was rubbing against me. I looked down to see what was going on, and, for some reason just reached down, grabbed his dick, and placed it against my asshole. Vivian was watching the whole thing and looked at me and said “yeah, baby, go for it”. Before I had a chance to think about it, she leaned forward, wrapped her arms around me, planted a big kiss on my lips, and started pushing downward. His dick slid into my ass, and I worked it around and ground down until it was all the way in. Now I could see what this was all about. It felt good. I started to move up and down, and Vivian released her hold on me and bent over to suck on my dick. At the same time she reached down and started paying with Ken’s ass. His legs spread quickly to accept her and in no time was at the point of no return. He started to thrust his hips forward into my ass. Vivian knew what was happening, and shoved me off of him with a blow to my chest that would make a pro wrestler proud. She clamped her jaws down on his dick and started to suck him dry. He lifted his ass up off the floor, trying to jam every ounce down her throat, which she accepted.

She sat back up with a creamy grin on her face and said “Next”. She reached down, grabbed Ken’s legs and pulled them up into the air. She had about a hundred pounds on him and was still straddling his face. He was going nowhere. I moved in and she guided my dick right into his ass. I pounded away for a few minutes, and then it was my turn for relief. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out, stood up, and grabbed Vivian by the back of the head. As she guided my dick down her throat I changed my grip from the back of her head to a couple of handfuls of that black curly hair. I started fucking her face and in no time dumped my load down the back of her throat.

She spat me out, wiped her mouth across her arm and said “Now that we got the foreplay over with…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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