Innocent Massage Seduction

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I walked up the country road beside my friend Danny. Dressed in shorts and t-shirts and carrying a large rucksack each, we talked and told jokes as we made our way to the small village that would be our home for the next week.

Originally there were going to be a few of us on this little holiday in the countryside. But, as often happens, one by one people dropped out until it was just me and Danny left. And as soon as that happened, as soon as I realized that it was going to be just me and him staying in his uncle’s holiday home, my expectations of the holiday changed completely. A good predator is always quick to recognize an opportunity.

I know what you’re thinking. Danny is obviously a handsome virgin. Unspoilt and untouched. Innocent and pure.

In fact Danny was a cock hungry 20 year old who loved licking ass, sucking balls and swallowing cum. It was me who was pure. It was me who was innocent. I hoped this was about to change.

A few months previously, before the holiday got planned, Danny and I were hanging out with a few friends. It was common knowledge that not only was Danny gay but that he had recently been fooling around with another one of our friends who had previously just only been into girls.

This intrigued me immensely. I heard one of our friend’s remark that Danny got off from ‘getting straight boys into bed’.

When the holiday plans reduced down to just me and him, I recalled that remark and it lit up a desire in me that until then had until then laid dormant. As far as Danny knew, I was straight. And that was true, mostly. For curiosity had awakened within me and a door of possibility had opened.

We were close to the village, just a couple of miles of hiking left to go, when I turned to Danny.

“Hey guess what?” I asked with a cheeky sparkle in my eye.

“What?” Danny replied, intrigued by my question and the look in my eyes.

“I brought a little bit of pot with me” I answered. “And I can’t wait to smoke a big fat joint when we get to the cottage”

Danny laughed heartily, aware of my reputation as a man who enjoyed a smoke.

“Sounds good to me, I think I’ll join you” he said whilst smiling back at me.

I smiled with him, enjoying the easy banter that we often shared. But unknown to Danny, my statement was a lead. And the beginning of my plan.

“We better make sure we stock up food before we start smoking though. I just have no control when it comes to the munchies.” I said, still smiling.

“Yeah tell me about it. I’m just the same. Last time I was stoned I opened a pack of cookies and didn’t stop eating until I had finished the whole pack. And then I opened another!”

I laughed and, after a few seconds of seemingly casual silence, I laughed again and said the words I had been planning for the past few weeks.

“You know, food isn’t the only thing I crave when I’m stoned. I always get just so goddamn horny when I’ve had a smoke” I admitted to Danny. Hoping to begin planting that little seed in his mind.

“Really?” Danny said, his expression suddenly becoming thoughtful.

“Oh yeah. If I’m on my own the very first thing I do after a joint is boot up my laptop and furiously wack off to a variety of internet porn!” I divulged.

“But what if you’re not on your own?” Danny inquired as he laughed at my honesty.

“Well I just have to try to think of something else until I am!” I joked.

We laughed together and went on to talk about other things as we approached the village. After a visit to the local shop we found the cottage and let ourselves in. A quick tour of the place revealed that the place was totally undeveloped upstairs which meant the only place to sleep was going to be the casino oyna pull out sofa bed in the lounge. Danny asked if I was ok with that and I kept my voice as neutral as possible as I said I was. In fact inside I was secretly delighted as this fitted my plan perfectly.

We unpacked our things and I said I was going to have a shower. I took my towel to the bathroom and stripped off my traveling clothes. I stepped in the shower and groaned in delight as the warm water cascaded onto my tired body. I rubbed soap on my chest, down to my stomach and then onto my cock and balls. I soaped my asshole thoroughly and my cock began to swell at the dirty thoughts of what I hoped the evening alone with Danny would bring.

After my shower I walked out of the bathroom and returned to the lounge. In my absence Danny had set up the sofa bed. I walked over to the other side of the room where my rucksack was and glanced over my shoulder to make sure I was in Danny’s line of sight. As I slid off the towel from around my waist I nonchalantly dried my armpits to prolong the amount of time my pert ass was exposed to my gay friend.

I looked round quickly and caught Danny staring lustily at my smooth cheeks. I pretended not to notice as he guiltily looked up into my eyes as I smiled innocently back at him. I turned my head away and bent forward to open my rucksack.

I could feel his hungry eyes running over the back of my legs and ass like a caress as I pretended to look for my shorts. I was enjoying my apparently innocent exhibitionism and unknown to Danny my cock began to harden. I finally took my shorts from my rucksack and slipped them up my athletic and tanned legs. As I pulled them over my erection the waistband squeezed my cock and I let out a small sigh.

Danny didn’t notice and, probably disappointed the show was over, he went off to the shower himself. When he returned I was sitting there still in my underwear but with a t-shirt on top and beginning to skin up a joint. Danny dressed himself as I had done in front of him but I pretended not to notice, even as I managed to sneak a few glimpses at his toned ass.

I lit up the joint as Danny finished dressing. He had put on a tight shirt which showed off his smooth body and his own pair of shorts. I made an effort to not let him catch me looking at him. I didn’t want any suspicion to enter his mind. Not yet anyway.

I passed the joint to Danny and stretched my arms in the air whilst putting on a fake grimace. “You OK there bud” Danny asked as he took a toke on the reefer between his lips.

“Yeah my back’s just aching a bit from carrying that huge rucksack” I said.

This was the bait. But Danny didn’t bite. Not just yet.

I could see a look in his eyes. Like he was weighing up probabilities. But I must have been a puzzle to him. Should he put our friendship in danger, and the whole holiday in jeopardy, by making the wrong move?

Again, keeping my voice neutral to preserve the aura of my innocence I said “You know I could really do with a massage. You wouldn’t mind working a few of my aches out of my back would ya?”

Danny’s face looked a picture. He looked surprised and not a little pleased to be given this opportunity to lay his hands on his seemingly straight friend. But again I could see the conundrum in his thoughts. So I made an effort to remain acting nonchalant. Like the fact I knew he was gay and was about to touch me was no big deal.

Before Danny could answer I lowered myself down on my front and slipped my t-shirt off. I told him my shoulders were tight and smiled as his hands tentatively began kneading my muscles. After a few minutes I said my lower back was also aching. Danny took the cue and rubbed his hands down canlı casino wards from my shoulders. The bottom of his hands stopped at the top of my ass cheeks and he circled them around my lower back.

Again, unknown to Danny, my cock was hardening beneath me and I ached for relief. But as far as he was concerned I was straight and this was just an innocent massage between friends. I needed to give him a nudge.

Hoping he would remember our conversation from earlier I told him I could feel the effects of that joint.

He laughed and asked if I was craving food.

“Yes” I said, “amongst other things!” and laughed, and for the first time allowing a hint of naughtiness into my voice.

Danny fell silent and continued to massage my back. I hoped he had heard my comment and I asked if he could work on the back of my thighs. He started just above the knee and my cock twitched underneath me as he touched this more sensitive area. His touch was becoming more sensual. I wondered if he was beginning to have his suspicions as he alternated between deep rubs and light squeezes.

He moved his hands slightly higher and his fingertips moved slightly underneath my shorts at the back of my upper thighs. As they ran down and then up again my erection pulsed fervently beneath me. The pressure was becoming too much and I knew it was time to take things further. To give Danny that final nudge.

“I think these are getting in the way a bit. I suppose I should take them off” I said, again trying to keep my voice neutral.

I slid my shorts half way down my legs and Danny, without saying a word, helped them down further and off my feet.

This was it. The final stage. I lay there face down in front of my gay friend. My naked ass exposed to his gaze and the unsaid invitation hanging in the air.

The anticipation building up in my loins was both excruciating and wonderful at the same time. I allowed a small gasp to leave my moist lips as Danny’s hands returned to my upper thighs and slid upwards onto the lower half of my ass cheeks. He was taking a risk and I wanted to reassure him this was ok. So as he pushed down on my cheeks I ground my pelvis into the mattress and groaned again. This time a little more loudly.

His touch felt electric. I arched my back, lifted my ass and slightly parted my thighs allowing Danny an unobstructed view of my testicles.I let out another moan of delight to further reassure Danny I was enjoying being touched.

“That feels so good” I said and I ground my cock into the mattress again.

Danny resumed massaging my bare ass cheeks and, seemingly emboldened by my writhing, grasped and knead them a lot more firmly than before.

He turned his hands inward and as he squeezed his fingertips lightly grazed my asshole. My cock strained underneath me at his touch and I let out a deep moan to communicate my pleasure to my wonderful male masseur.

Danny’s hands felt magical but I wanted more. I raised my ass again and pushed firmly against Danny’s hands as I arched my back even more than before. Blessedly, Danny took the bait and slid one hand under my cheeks and grasped my heavy, sensitive balls. This was it! It was finally happening.

I groaned loudly in pleasure as I melted in his touch. It felt better than I ever imagined it would and almost came right then. He cupped and squeezed my balls and, with the pretence of innocence now completely dispelled, began laying kisses on my ass cheeks.

He continued to feel my balls and ran his other hand under my belly to lightly stroke the tip of my penis. The light caress was heavenly and I thought nothing could feel better. Until I felt the kisses centering in on my asshole and then suddenly I felt something kaçak casino warm and wet at the entrance to my ass. Danny was giving me my first ever rimming and it felt absolutely incredible. His warm breath ran down my crack and over my balls as he hungrily licked and sucked on my asshole. All the time squeezing my balls and rubbing my penis.

I bucked my hips and cried out in joy as he stuck his tongue all the way in and increased his stroking of my hard cock. This was too much and I felt the waves of pleasure building to an orgasm within my cock and balls.

Without thinking I instinctively now wanted that warm mouth and tongue on my straining member so I flipped myself over onto my back and smiled up at Danny as his eyes feasted on the thick rod in front of his face, tip oozing with pre-cum and twitching in pleasure.

“Suck me” I said.

I cried in pleasure as Danny lowered his wet mouth onto my penis. He slurped and gulped on my shaft whilst continuing to squeeze my straining balls.

My ass was still wet from his tongue and as he sucked harder and bobbed his head up and down even faster he slid one finger down my crack, onto my asshole, and pushed into me.

As his finger invaded my prostrate my cock became even harder and my balls became even more sensitive.

Never before had I experienced such intense sexual pleasure. His finger moved in and out of me a few times and I could take no more. The waves of orgasm swept through my legs and my balls as my cock erupted and I shot spurt after heavy spurt of thick creamy cum straight down my gay friends warm, wet mouth.

As my orgasm subsided I looked at Danny and smiled as he gulped down the sticky reward of his administrations.

My gaze lowered to his crotch and gasped as I saw the size of the bulge in his shorts. As I reached out and peeled his shorts down his beautiful cock sprang upwards and slapped against his ripped abs.

It was the first time I had seen another man’s penis erect before in all it’s glory. I eagerly bent towards it and licked it’s purple swollen end. One taste was all the encouragement I needed as I then pushed my lips as far down the warm hard length as I could before starting to bob my head up and down, determined to give Danny the same pleasure he gave to me.

Danny grunted in pleasure and ran a hand down to my cock as I continued to slurp on his succulent penis. He rubbed my bell end to collect some left over cum and then gently rubbed it over my asshole.

As I realized his intention my cock began to harden again and my asshole seemed to ache in trepidation.

I felt Danny moving his hips back and gave him one last kiss on the end of his shaft. I sighed as his cock left my mouth but no sooner had it gone I felt him move his tip onto the outside of my asshole. I was on my back with my legs almost bent back behind my neck as Danny loomed over me. He rubbed his penis around the entrance of my asshole a few times before slowly pushing and penetrating my virgin hole.

As he ground his way into me my cock suddenly became harder and more sensitive than it had ever been. I cried in pleasure as he pushed in and out of me, giving me my first ass fucking.

I felt dirty and abused but was loving every minute of it. Danny starting pumping my cock as he thrusted into me. The pleasure was too much and I felt close to the edge again as Danny increased the tempo of his fucking.

As Danny pushed down into me one last time he groaned in deep delight and pumped hot cum into my warm asshole. Knowing he had unloaded inside pushed over the edge and I exploded in his hand, shooting hot cum up and down onto my gay friend’s hand.

As we collapsed into each others arms I squeezed his bare ass and whispered “I want to fuck you now”. Danny kissed me full on the lips and then smiled as he lowered his head down to my soft penis.

“Better get you warmed up then…” and starting sucking…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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