In Thrall

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(From the Chronicles of Lady Macbeth)

By Aleq de Satyr

Part 1


Lady Macbeth is a leading character in Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. As the wife of the play’s tragic hero, Macbeth (a Scottish nobleman), Lady Macbeth goads her husband into committing regicide, by killing the reigning Monarch, after which he becomes King and she becomes Queen of Scotland. After Macbeth turns into a murderous tyrant, she was driven to madness by guilt over their crimes, and commits suicide.

Some literary critics and historians argue that, not only does Lady Macbeth represent an anti-mother figure in general, she also embodies a specific type of anti-mother: the Witch. Modern day critics define a witch as a woman who succumbs to satanic force, a lust for the devil, and who, for either this reason or the desire to obtain supernatural powers, invokes (evil) spirits.

Other scholars assess Lady Macbeth’s femininity and sexuality, as they relate to motherhood as well as witch hood. She proves herself a defiant, empowered nonconformist, and an explicit threat to a patriarchal system of governance…In one of her secret chronicles which she entrusted to her faithful and loyal maid, she wrote explicitly about her erotic encounters with her friends the three Witches, aka the Weird sisters, who had predicted her ascendancy to the throne. This story is derived from that chronicle about events that led to her suicide. However, the author wishes to emphasize that the story is purely imaginary.

What is done is done

I have been horrified and wracked with guilt; since my husband and I became regents I have been reduced to madness; I sleepwalk in profound torment, and hallucinate constantly and with my husband preoccupied with affairs of state I am not being fucked at all. My cunt had lain fallow for the longest time and was crying out for some action. I am very horny a lot of the time and masturbation does not help much. It occurred to me then, that Abyss the leader of my friends the three Witches, once told me that Witches have been forced to establish their own set of sexual norms, making them some of the most sexually open-minded and adventurous people around. She had talked about bacchanals and pagan forest rituals, when they go out in the woods and fuck their brains out with male avatars of the god Pan. Also about the potential spiritual aspects of sex from her own experience; that there is a kind of healing thru lots of sex. She connects sex with her practice of witchcraft because they are both powerful tools for shifting consciousness and require the ego to let go, to surrender to something greater…

So I said to myself, what is done is done. I will open a new chapter in my life; I will live again. It was in the year 1605 AD.

I told my husband that, I wish to spend some time at the family retreat in Ayr to regain my bearings. Instead, I proceeded to the Weird sisters Coven and homestead near Avalon, with Fiona my maid, who was raised by Witches…We arrived on the eve of the Summer solstice a very warm day and the sisters were preparing for their rituals the next day. They were in ebullient mood and looked younger, spritier than their fifty plus years, a whole ten years older than me…It had been awhile since my last visit. The stone and wood house had been renovated, the courtyard blooming with flowers.

Abyss the oldest still looked ageless, Nyx the middle one now had smoky hair and Raven was still very hairy, sultry and sensual. They truly evoke the name they have adopted “The Sacred Harlots”. Abyss said they already knew the reason for my visit and will accommodate me exquisitely, gently patting my cunt thru my dress.

It was high noon the next day, as we celebrated Litha, the summer solstice. We sat in a circle in the spacious sanctuary naked, illuminated by seven phallic-shaped red votive candles and suffused with a heady smell of sandalwood incense. I noticed Abyss’ enormous erect clitoris jutting out like a sore thumb from her big hairy cunt.

Abyss then invoked the sexual Goddess:

“Standing on the threshold of the Cosmos,

All fear must be transcended.

Where the sun and moon combine, the landing will be made.

From the extraterrestrial realm the Goddess comes.

We will commune with her to know her ways…”

After a series of chants and incantations, the communal wine (laced with cyprine or cunt juice) was passed around at the last prayer:

“The circle is ever open; never unbroken.

The Goddess be with you wherever you are.

Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again.”

At that point Raven ushered in three young men bonus veren siteler all naked and by the Holy sepulcher, they were hung like Centaurs! They all seemed to be in their thirties; they were introduced as Gaul the Frenchman, Fez the Moor and Remus the Sicilian. Fez’s black cock the biggest was as long as my forearm, very thick and bolt upright! My cunt ached salivating with anticipation, filled with juice…We drank some wine, whiskey and ate roasted pheasant and fruits. Abyss asked me which of the men I fancied; I pointed out Fez the Moor.

I was fascinated by his warm eyes, his lovely smile, his muscled brown body and above all his massive cock. I could not take my eyes off him and he got the message. He came over, took my hand and led me to a mattress at the far side of the room. It was a turgid, steamy afternoon; Fez hovered above me, his chocolate brown body exuded a monumental lust. His massive, thick rock-hard cock throbbed. By Cerridwen I love that prick! A gentle breeze wafted in thru the open window while I rubbed my totally drenched twat as I lay spread-eagled.

“I want to fuck you, really fuck you until you drown” said Fez, lasciviously.

I felt invisible forces churning in my cunt, the pull of his erotic magnetism….My cunt was at high tide, a pool of salivation, drooling thick abundant slimy, sticky juices. My sensuality was breathtakingly effervescent, as I grabbed Fez’s massive cock with both hands and guided it into my boiling cunt. It was so fucking hard and heavy! He pushed slowly into me, all the way into my womb, and then began to fuck me slowly, relentlessly. I opened myself to everything as Fez thundered his massive thrusts into my drenched twat, his warm eyes caressing me..

“O Cerridwen, I’m being truly fucked” I wailed over and over, wringing more pleasure from him…We’d been fucking for a very long time, and I’d come many times already.

“Ah, woman, you’re so delicious” Fez murmured to me, plowing deeply into my ever widening cunt.

I was fiercely happy to have the trunk-like prick move inside me inexorably, lathered with my thick sex-juices, as it touched all those places inside me that other cocks never reach. He rocked my body with his prick while I grunted in my throat with each thrust, gripping the pounding cock with my strong cunt muscles, calling out “Oh Cerridwen”! then coming in several long blasts, milking the cock harder, my teeth clenched, riding the possession of my intense pleasure…

The muscles of my fleshy calves and thighs tensing and releasing in this magnificent sexual encounter. An unruly lust gripped me, flooding my body. My clitoris throbbed hugely, my scent inviting, my cunt all-welcoming; soaked, wide open, blood red. Fez’s’ cock was firmly lodged in my womb, my muscles tighten around his dick, sucking him in, holding him there. Trembling, quaking, soaking in our juices; our wings beating like vultures of lust. The room was filled with the loud sounds from my super wet cunt.

Fezs’ breath came faster and shallow, then with a loud cry, shot his hot cum; pouring it into my womb in powerful torrents…I came again in a violent rush, beating the mattress and screaming my ecstasy; my fleshy, hairy gaping cunt leaking abundant cum and juices for long moments.

My strength was my sexuality; my rhythm was driving and hard, ritualistic. I pushed Fez onto his back, climbed on top of him and impaled myself onto the massive cock and really fucked him. I love being on top, riding the well-oiled totem pole, my thick slimy juices streaming down Fez’s, hard cock in rivulets…I rode him hard. We connected hardness and softness, intoxicated crazed. We swarmed over each other, became many chambered. We swilled each other down. We were a spontaneous mass movement. We pulverized each other…And when we were gorged, when we had swallowed sex in large quantities, we released each other, feeling satiated.

“Who the fuck is Cerridwen”? asked Fez.

“My Guardian angel” I chuckled.

When I regained my composure I observed Nyx and Raven being fucked by Gaul and Remus, while Abyss and Fiona watched. Later Fez fucked Abyss while Remus fucked Fiona. I had never watched other people fucking before and I enjoyed it immensely. Our solstice celebration had begun in earnest.

Magical Healing

It was hot the next day. We were joined by Nyx’s itinerant lover Marik the Gypsy minstrel. He looked a little older about my age, but strong and very hairy. He fancied Fiona, I was sure for her youthfulness, and serenaded her with Gypsy melodies on his lute. She in turn was very affectionate…Marik undressed quickly displaying a bedava bahis huge fat cock and within minutes had Fiona spread out on the ox skin and fucking her lavishly while we all watched.

Fez grabbed some food, whiskey blankets and an ox skin and led me outside. He took me to a stream a short distance away. The water was so clear we could see the fishes chasing each other…After a few drinks Fez spread me on the blanket, I was soaking wet. Fez plunged the monster prick all the way into my cunt and beyond and began a steady thrusting, stretching my twat wide and deep.

I moaned, squeezing his hard arse as he thrust deeply into my yielding cunt. Bouncing frantically at the feel of his monster cock, I raised my legs and locked them around his waist. “Oh, Fez, it feels so good” I crooned, savoring his long, deep, hard thrusts as my cunt splashed waterfalls. I was lost in an avalanche of pleasure, as he fucked me with lingering strokes. I clenched then loosened my thighs rhythmically, opening and closing my cunt to his oily-smooth thrusts into my womb, deeper and deeper. I felt huge tremors spreading thru my body, from my cunt to my belly and thighs. Spasms of tightness opened and clamped down, as hoarse rhythmic groans issued from my gaping mouth, my legs were flexed and spread wide.

Power surged in me as he drove deeper into my womb. I was totally abandoned to the exquisite pleasure, calling his name, begging him not to stop. Then I began to shake and tremble violently in orgasm, screaming continuously. I was unwilling to relinquish the huge swollen, throbbing cock so he rested inside me for a while. I was utterly calm and at peace. On the trees was a waterfall of birdsong….I dozed off briefly. I woke up to Fez nibbling my tits, stroking my clitoris. I smiled and kissed him deeply. We had another round of drinks.

“You have an exceptional cunt, tight yet supple, buoyant and uncommonly juicy. I have a feeling that it has not been used much” he said. “Are you some kind of a noblewoman”? he asked.

“Actually I am the Queen of Scotland” I said.

“Yeah and I am the King of England” he laughed.

“Come on, this time I want to fuck your arse” he said.

I was a bit apprehensive since I have not been fucked there before; but I was also curious so I let him put me on my elbows and knees, my arse in the air…Fez lubricated his cock with my cunt juice then slowly pushed the hard cock into my arsehole. He fucked me slowly, gently and Oh Cerridwen, it felt simply wonderful! Every now and then he would use his hand to stir my arsehole with his cock. Then he would pull out and fuck my cunt lavishly for a while, then back to my arsehole. It was just divine! And I came and came, my body in spasms…

After a while Fez laid me on my back and fucked me slowly, languorously stirring my cunt with his cock; he would pull out now and then, and let me suck my own juices off his cock and still I came. Then with a very loud roar he blasted a torrent after torrent of cum into me, filling me to overflow, sending me into oblivion! Oh Cerridwen, how magical!

“This kind of fucking and two others is called magical healing, favored by Witches” he said. “I am in need of healing all right” I said softly, joyfully in Thrall of Fez and the Weird Sisters.

Back at the Coven, there was an orgy, a bacchanal in progress. The room was filled with the cries and moans of the women being fucked and the air was thick with the aroma of cunt and sex. The celebration of Litha continued.

The hot weather continued into the next day. Raven persuaded me to soak ourselves in the stream. After frolicking in the water for a while we lay on blankets in the sun, drinking wine eating snacks and swapping lewd stories. Raven was curious of and sexually excited by me. I detected in her an inner flame composed of amorous fervor. I told her she was beautiful, feeling the strong magnetism between us, the sweet possibility of sex. I noticed a trail of cunt juice down her inner thigh. Her pubic hair, juice-curled along the creases of her hips and down like an explosion of weeds all over her inner thighs and down her legs…Like most Witches, Raven accepted her natural hirsute body and loved it resolutely, imperfections and all. And I marveled at the richness of it, so womanly.

Raven caressed my body with dexterity, until I was fully aroused. I had never been with a woman before, although I had heard about such practices. Then she devoured my cunt, my clitoris with such relish and exquisite expertise that gave a whole new meaning to sexual ecstasy, and brought tears of joy to my eyes. I exploded in a powerful orgasm, my deneme bonus body shaking and trembling for long moments. Later she taught me how to eat cunt. And we simultaneously devoured each other’s cunts, redolent with our thick creamy juices.

“Witches call this kind of fucking, Magical Healing” she said, reminding me of what Fez said.

The next day Abyss intimated that she had a treat for me. While the others were making merry in the courtyard, she arranged a tryst between me Marik and Remus…I was on top of Marik, my cunt impaled on his hard fat cock while Remus fucked my arsehole. My openings were filled to capacity! The men were such experts at that kind of fucking.

The hard cocks throbbed and vibrated in my cunt and arse. Again and again the monster cocks curved inwards; So fucking deep into my clenching cunt, arsehole, forcing louder, wet liquid sounds and farts from my holes…My moans, cries, howls became darker, mournful as I opened and closed my twat, my arse around the granite-hard pricks in ecstasy; darkness gathered in the room, I was so happy coming and coming non-stop, quivering harder in my creamy depths, my erupting womb. I trembled violently as I continued to come and come, superhuman; with wrenching orgasms howling like a banshee, plunging headlong into the abyss with the men, as their semen gushed again and again in thick torrents into my parched womb and belly and I collapsed into oblivion. When I came to the men were gone.

“You have just been baptized with Magical Healing”, said Abyss beaming… “It is called Druaderia, and transforms sexual energy into powerful magical and spiritual energy” she added. Indeed, I knew I had been royally, magnificently fucked and gloriously baptized at the Coven.

Part 2

An Epiphany

I felt Invigorated Rejuvenated, ecstatic and a Rebirth of sorts; The Demons were gone and I was at peace with myself. It was time to return to the castle before my husband sent out a search party for me. I decided to take Fez with me. He was abundantly excited when he learned that I was indeed the Queen of Scotland.

At the castle I presented him as my new personal body guard and set him up in an annex to my quarters. My husband came over to greet me briefly then hurried back to his meetings with warlords. At sundown my cunt began to ache and drip; I was very much aroused and needed to fuck. I took some wine and fruit to Fez’s chambers. He was expecting me and already naked…We drink the wine; He places a pillow under my arse.

I was soaking wet after a lengthy foreplay then he presses his huge hard cock into the silky liquid of my slippery cunt, until he is completely engulfed by my drenched twat. He fills me totally and we fuck and fuck. In ripples of unending pleasure. We fuck again and again. Man into woman and back again. Cock into Cunt. Fez draws my many orgasms out long and slow while I scream with abandon, until I feel the hot spunk rush down the shaft of his prick and explode like an avalanche inside my twat, which jerks in spasms, eagerly soaking up the semen, every last fucking drop.

“I love it” I say breathlessly, “I love It”. Later he fucks my mouth, something new to me, and I swallow all the spunk he pumps down my throat…I was euphoric. I was amazed at Fez’s super stamina and prowess in bed. He could fuck me for hours, bring me to monumental orgasms that I never dreamt possible. And the more we fucked the more I wanted to be fucked…I implored him to be merciless, to ruin my cunt my arse. I had become extremely addicted to sex and I loved it.

Abyss’ farewell words to me were: “You are now a Witch and a sacred harlot, you will desire to fuck all the time; do not be ashamed, enjoy it, it will heal you”…And I truly felt being healed, regaining my spirit; indeed, An Epiphany. Sometimes I would invite Fez into my bedchamber, to fuck me there so my royal bed linen is soiled with spunk and cunt juices. I love that! He would fuck all my openings in various ways and styles for hours. I would sleep soundly, peacefully for hours afterwards fully satiated.

One morning as I basked in post-coital bliss, Fiona came to inform me that one of the maids had entered my bedchamber inadvertently, and saw us fucking. She had threatened to spread the news, so Fiona promptly locked her up in a room. I was alarmed enough to dispatch Fez to the family retreat, to lie low for a while.

In the days that followed, I became morose, despondent and sleepless for lack of sex; my cunt ached and dripped incessantly. I missed Fez and his cock terribly. I lost my appetite, I drank heavily, the madness and hallucinations had returned with a vengeance. I was tormented by demons, haunted by ghosts. My sins had finally caught up with me. I cried all the time. Finally, I decided that enough was enough I will end it all.

Two days later Fiona found her mistress dead from the poison she had taken.

The End

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