In The Cards Ch. 02

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Paige and I lie on the bed so satisfied from our orgasms. My dick still quivering invites you to lick any remaining precum from it while Paige and I both watch. You are going slowly up and down, sideways and around and I feel my cock responding to your soft mouth and warm, wet tongue.

I lean over to kiss Paige and then move down to her nipples. They are jutting out and she gasps at my mouth encircling her. I whisper to her to slide down to the end of the bed so her face is almost on the edge. I see you look up, your sexy lips glistening from my cum and smile at what might happen. I tell Paige to play with herself and watch us.

I stand up (dizzy from the blood in other parts of my body) and you do the same. Facing you I put my hand behind your head, bringing your face to mine and gently kiss you. Your wet pussy is pushed against my semi-hard dick and you begin to grind against me. I take my other hand and put the head of my cock and let it brush into you a bit. You can start to feel me respond.

“I bahis firmaları want you to let go, Katie. I want you to cum for Paige and me. Will you?”

You can only nod as my mouth meets yours and our tongues play an erotic dance. You move your hand to stroke me and you know what happens when I get kissed and stroked at the same time. We hear moans from the bed as we had kind of forgotten about Paige and we see her pussy lips spread wide two fingers frantically fucking herself. I move to her and when I do she moves her fingers to her clit. You move to her as well and envelop her mouth in yours. I stick my big dick in one destructive motion into her, almost impaling her tight pussy. Your mouth on hers, her fingers on her clit and my cock inside her puts her over the edge. She explodes on my cock as I ram and ram her and keeps cumming.

I pull out allowing her to drip all over the bed and carpet and move up to you to suck her pussy juices off me. You obviously oblige, really isn’t this the best of both worlds, kaçak iddaa your lover’s pussy juices on your lover’s hard cock. Paige is breathing heavily and spent as I bring you to me and spin you to the bed. I rub my now rock-hard cock between your ass cheeks.

Can you feel your mouth, Paige’s juices and my precum letting me slide up and down? I grab your big, big tits and cup them as I hump you. I move you towards the very satisfied Paige for a little Katie time.

“I want you to fuck Paige’s face, Katie. Go slowly and let her lick you.”

You are dripping and move up to ride her mouth. Paige is waiting for you and you lower your pussy onto her. You can feel her tongue flicker against your clit and her lips nibble yours. I move to both of you taking my cock and rubbing it between your pussy and her mouth. You shudder and the first of your orgasms takes hold. We love watching you cum. Every once in a while Paige takes the head of my dick and licks it and I enter you just a little, just to tease. You kaçak bahis reach around and grab my ass as you really want me to fuck you so hard but that will happen when I want it to. I remove my dick from the situation and you two continue.

Paige’s mouth and my cock are making you so horny and this becomes even better when you feel my tongue penetrating your asshole. I spread your ass and add a finger to stimulate you. You are thrashing around and this is almost too much but then I stand up and just attack your ass. No slow, gentle prodding, no getting used to my size. This is fucking, pure ass-fucking and you want this bad.

I thrust my entire full length into you and fuck the shit out of you. You are so tight and I am so hard and this is amazing. I feel you gasp, groan with pleasure and tighten as you fucking explode, drowning Paige with your juices. I keep pounding your ass but feel my big dick let go. I pull out a bit as the cream slides down your ass and I shoot what I have left onto your pussy and Paige’s mouth. You reach down to taste us and offer me some with your fingers. I accept it letting it cover my lips as we kiss. We both move down to Paige and lick our cum shots off her mouth, face and tits. We collapse on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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