Holly’s Story – Day 07

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



Holly put the collar on Pet for some early morning playtime. Jack cooked. Emma came over for breakfast. Miss Burton called in sick. They were going shopping today!

The four of them walked into a nice department store looking for the teacher’s new wardrobe. Clothes that were fashionable but not trendy. Jack knew he was little more than a walking wallet, so he talked to the sales clerk, gave Holly his credit card, and headed for the bookstore.

In the women’s department, Emma and Holly began talking about fabric and color and style. The teacher stood silent, head bowed, eyes down, hands behind her back.

“What’s the matter, Miss Burton? Are you really feeling sick?” Pet shook her head.

“Dammit. I forgot to take off her collar this morning.” Holly removed the dog collar and put it in her purse. “Sorry about that. Back to normal now Miss Burton. Time to get your fashion sense on.” The woman smiled. She had no fashion sense. Her masters had always told her what to wear or not wear.

“Someone said green was a good color for me. It went with my eyes.” They wandered through the aisles, looking at a lot, putting most of it back. They had three blazers in greens and camel and six blouses in various pastel shades plus white. There were four pairs of pants and four skirts, in neutral tones. On a whim they had her try on a suit jacket that was all black and all silk. She looked stunning.

“We need more blazers or sweaters. Something so she doesn’t look so busty on top.” They found a cream colored knit vest that hung down to her knees and a loose lightweight pullover in green. Time to hit the fitting room.

All three crowded into the small room. The clothes were hung on hooks, ready to try on. Miss Burton, who had rarely been allowed to buy her own clothes, was trying to figure out what to do next. Surprisingly it was Emma, not Holly, who started the hijinks.

“Here let me help you.” Emma cooed. She began to slowly unbutton Miss Burton’s blouse. “You don’t mind if I help you, do you?”

“Whatever you wish, Mistress Emma Honey.”

“Stop that right now!” Emma’s reply was sharp. “You are not Pet. You are Miss Burton. Make up your own mind. Do you want help or not?”

Miss Burton was startled. She got a little smile on her face. Softly she replied, “Yes, I believe I do want help.” She plucked at Emma’s tee shirt, pulling her closer, as she spoke.

“We must be careful not to damage this blouse,” Emma said as she continued to slowly open buttons. Miss Burton’s soft, round cleavage came into view. Behind her, Holly was kneeling, removing the woman’s shoes.

“This last button is too difficult for me. Why don’t you try Miss Burton?” Emma used her fingers to coast over the exposed cleavage and under the edges of the cups. A zipper was pulled down and the woman’s pants came off.

Miss Burton softly sighed as she undid the last button. Holly eased the blouse off.

Emma commented “That black bra looks very boring. You need a prettier one.” Holly unhooked it, Emma slid off the bra straps and checked the size. 36C. Miss Burton’s tits sagged a little against her chest but still stood out.

Holly winked. “I know a place we can get a nice bra that’s not too expensive.” She put the black bra in Emma’s purse.

“Now those black panties don’t look right. I have it from a reliable source that you can teach history without panties.” Miss Burton blushed a little. Holly and Emma together slid the panties down and off. The panties went into the purse too.

Emma began kissing Miss Burton’s hairless pussy. Holly kissed her backside, all over both ass cheeks.

Miss Burton smiled, looked at the ceiling, and hummed a little. She had never been seduced before and she liked it. But, responsible adult that she was, she had to say “Aren’t we supposed to be trying on clothes?”

The two girls ignored her. Emma slipped a finger into the shaved pussy while Holly toyed with the ass hole. Miss Burton shifted her hips back and forth trying to get both holes filled at the same time. The girls continued to tease her.

Emma stood so she could suck on one of the big soft tits and still use her finger in her teacher’s pussy. Holly was kissing the woman’s ass crack and caressing the inside of her thighs.

Miss Burton stretched her arms high, closed her eyes, and began to sway her hips. She was humming to herself.

The teacher leaned forward and found Emma’s mouth. They kissed. The teacher licked the girl’s lips and pushed her tongue in.

The teacher brought her hands to Emma’s breasts – they were as soft as her own though not quite as big.

The two swayed to the unheard music as they kissed and tongued. Their hands massaged each other’s tits. They both were getting wet. Miss Burton began fingering Emma’s pussy.

Miss Burton had never been allowed to initiate sex with her master before. This was so sexy. A little clear fluid oozed out of her pussy and she felt casino şirketleri Holly licked it up. She was wishing somebody had brought a strap-on or dildo when Holly put two fingers up her pussy.

The teacher moaned. She slowly sat down on the tiny seat and spread her legs wide. Emma sat on one thigh and rubbed her pussy on it. Emma and Miss Burton continued kissing and fondling each other’s tits.

Holly kept her fingers moving inside the pussy and started licking the teacher’s clit. “God this feels so good,” Miss Burton thought. Her mind was floating. She felt her orgasm building.

The teacher tightly gripped Emma’s tits and pressed against the girl’s mouth. She was so close. Holly suddenly sucked her clit into her mouth and gently bit it. The teacher moaned loudly and came.

Holly thrust her fingers deeper. She abandoned the clit and began licking up the cum. The teacher continued her moaning. More cum flowed from her pussy.

A saleslady knocked on the door. “Is everything okay?” Nobody answered. The moaning slowly faded to silence as Miss Burton finished her orgasm.

Holly opened the fitting room door. Her clothes were in disarray from touching herself. Miss Burton sat on the tiny seat, naked. Emma sat on Miss Burton’s leg, half naked, skirt around her ass.

“We’re fine,” Holly said. She took a second look at the saleslady. “I know you. I ate your pussy during Sunday’s show. You have a very tasty pussy.”

The saleslady smiled. “Thank you. Maybe next time you’re shopping, I can return the favor.”

For the next 45 minutes, they tried on clothes, commenting on how they fit, how the colors looked. At each change, Emma and Holly would slowly remove the old outfit and dress Miss Burton in the new outfit.

Whenever a blouse came off, Miss Burton got her tits sucked. Whenever pants or skirt came off, Miss Burton got her pussy and ass licked. When the very last of the new outfits came off, Holly and Emma licked and sucked and made Miss Burton cum again.

Amazingly everything fit and looked good. Miss Burton was now braless and pantyless. Her tits swayed as they walked to the checkout.

The saleslady had her hand under her skirt as they approached. She held out her wet hand and Holly licked it clean. Emma watched, fuming.

At a shoe store, they picked up several pairs of comfortable flats. They skipped Victoria’s Secret and bought modest bras and panties in light tones at another store.

The girls went wild with jewelry finding a ton of trendy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets but Miss Burton made them put it all back. “Usually I only wear my collar.”

Holly found a delicate gold necklace with three hearts. “A souvenir of our shopping trip. You, me, Emma. That should get me an A on the next test, right?” Miss Burton, the teacher, gave the girl a stern look. Holly would have to earn the A.

They stashed their packages in the trunk of the car and went to the food court. Nothing appealed to any of them.

“I know a place.” Miss Burton led them outside to a local restaurant across from the mall. “My treat. A thank you for being so nice.”

Miss Burton had just paid the bill when Holly’s phone rang. It was Uncle Jack and they were late.

“We’re meeting him at Jade’s store. I wanted to get something special for Pet.” She turned to Emma. “And for my best friend.” They went back in the mall to the obscure corridor with only a few stores, most not yet open.

Holly stopped at the door and took out the dog collar. “I’m sorry,” she said as she put the collar on Miss Burton.

“Don’t apologize. It is who I am and what I like. You have been the best master I ever had Mistress Honey.” She turned to Emma. “As have you Mistress Honey Emma.”

Holly scanned the store for other customers. She saw Jack and he waved her in. She attached the leash to the collar. “Down.” Pet dropped to all fours and crawled by her side through the store.

Jade was talking to Uncle Jack when they arrived. Holly introduced Emma “and this is Pet”.

“Don’t name them. It just gets them attached. Slut or servant is the usual term.” Pet cringed but kept her head low. She was going back to having no identity.

“I’ll call her whatever the hell I want to call her. When her collar is on, you may call her Pet. When her collar is off, her name is Miss Burton.”

Jade looked surprised. “You let her run free? You are a crazy one Holly.” She bent down and held out her hand. “Nice to meet you Pet. You certainly are well trained. And quite good looking.” Pet placed her ‘paw’ in Jade’s hand. Jade scratched Pet’s ear and patted her ass.

“Up.” Pet stood in her submissive posture. “I’m looking for something special for my pet. Something sexy for around the house.” She hugged Emma around the shoulders. “And something special for my best friend. Something elegant. And a little sexy.” She kissed Emma’s cheek.

Jade eyed Pet. “36C? 38 hips?” Pet nodded. “We have some nice half cup bra and panty sets. Lacey. Black.” Both girls shook their heads ‘no’. They casino firmaları wanted something different than what Pet had been wearing to school.

“Ooh. I know.” Jade ran off and returned with a turquoise bra and panty set. The bra was full cup but offered no support. Pet’s large tits sagged and swayed nicely in it. Her dark areolas showed through the fabric.

Both pieces were lacy but done like a doily with large holes at random locations. Two holes let her nipples poke out. It was perfect.

“Strip.” Pet looked at her with a pleading look. She didn’t like getting naked in public. If the wrong person saw her, she could lose her job.

“It’s safe. I’ve been here before.” Holly glanced at the bench where two days before she had been tied naked as the main attraction in Jade’s sex show. Pet stripped and put on the undergarments.

“Leave those on. We’ll take two more. Do you have any in green? And some crotchless panties in the same colors?” Jade assembled everything.

“And what about you dear? What would you like?” Jade was talking to Emma.

“Nothing like that. I’m a little more modest. A little more tomboy.” Jade thought a while.

“I’ve got some very nice soft supple leather at home. It’s almost the same color as your skin. I could make you a halter top and matching shorts. You’d look naked at first glance.”

Emma nodded eagerly. “Do you like the bra and panties you’re wearing?” Jade asked. They were Emma’s favorites. “Give them to me to use as a pattern. I’ll return them with the new things in about two weeks.”

It was Emma’s turn to strip in the store. She handed over her underwear and dressed. She took Pet’s hand and bounced on her toes. Pet did the same. They giggled as their big unsupported tits bounced in unison.

“Do you having bathing suits?” Jack asked. “It’s the last day before the water park closes for the season. I thought we could have some fun.”

Jade gathered three bikinis and a men’s swimsuit. “These don’t have any lining in them so all your bits are going to show through. Nipples, areolas, bush.”

She looked at Jack. “Same for you plus the suit is a close fit. Your big cock is going to be out there for everyone to see.”

Jack suggested they all change into the bathing suits in the store. Jade began stripping with them. “I don’t want to be the odd man out.” Jade was the only one who didn’t get dressed again. “Hey, I like to be naked.”

“Pet, thank the nice lady. But be quick, we’ve got places to be.”

“Suck my tits. I haven’t had my tits sucked decently since … Sunday. When you did it.” She looked at Jack and winked.

“She likes to have her tits bitten.” Jack offered helpfully.

Pet went to work, kneading each breast, sucking the nipples in, flicking her tongue. Jade clearly enjoyed it. When Pet was done, Jade had several sets of teeth marks on each breast.

“Bring her back for Customer Appreciation Day. Sales will skyrocket.”

Before they left, Holly took Jade aside. They had a brief conversation. Holly was obviously ordering something. Jade nodded. They returned and Holly had a glint in her eye.

Holly let Pet walk out of the store. In the corridor, she removed the leash and collar. “You’re free for the rest of the day. At least until we get home.”

Miss Burton teared up again. “You’re too good to me. The clothes. Letting me be free. How can I repay you?”

Holly licked the tears off the woman’s cheeks. “Just keep being my pet, Miss Burton.”

They arrived at the water park and found it empty. The food stand and gift shop were closed. The only other person was a lone lifeguard.

He was tall and tanned and muscular like competitive swimmers are muscular. Emma looked at him over her sunglasses. “For him, I might be willing to switch sides.”

Miss Burton slid her hand down the front of Emma’s bikini bottoms and pushed a finger into the slit, rubbing her clit. “Or maybe I’ll stay with the girls,” said Emma.

The lifeguard was obviously watching but he had seen it before. He got off the tower and walked over.

“You four are the only ones here except me. You can do whatever you want but leave me out of it. I’m tired and just want to go home to my girlfriend.”

Jack smiled. “We can entertain ourselves.” Jack sat in a deck chair reading while the women headed for the slides.

At the top of the first slide, Emma captured Holly’s top and threw it on the grass. Emma removed Holly’s bottoms in the pool and dunked her friend. Both girls teamed up to strip Miss Burton. Emma’s suit came off on its own as she slid down the slide.

For the next hour, the three ran around naked playing in the water. There was a lot of splashing, a lot of tit and butt grabbing, a lot of giggles and laughter. They each tried eating pussy underwater with little success.

Jack noticed that Holly kept sneaking glances at Emma. Kept holding her a beat longer than usual. Always kept near her.

Holly came over for more suntan lotion. “You love Emma.” It was a statement, not a question. güvenilir casino Holly blushed and shrugged and squirmed.

“It’s okay. You can love more than one person. You can love them in different ways.” Holly looked at Jack, serious and silent. “You can be with her without losing me.”

Jack broke into a broad grin. “But the one you really want to hootchie cootchie with is that hunky lifeguard.” Holly swatted him with a towel then ran back to Emma and Miss Burton.

Tired out, the three women laid down on towels to tan. Putting on suntan lotion quickly led to other activities. “You get in the middle Holly. You’ve got the smallest tits so it’s easier to reach over you.” Emma got spanked for that.

There was no great orgy, just gentle, relaxed fingering and sucking and caressing. For Emma and Miss Burton, on the outside, there was a soothing sense of pleasure without pressure.

For Holly, in the middle, it was two mouths sucking on her tits, two hands feeling up her pussy, two fingers probing her ass. She came so quietly neither of the others noticed.

After about 25 minutes, the lifeguard appeared.

“I’ve been talking with my girlfriend about you three.” He gestured with his phone. “Even sent her a little video but it was hard to see. She wanted me to ask you something.” He blushed.

“I understand if you say no and I apologize in advance for asking. But it’s my girlfriend and she’s always wanted to do this.” He fluttered his hand around and turned a deeper red. He paused. They waited.

“She wanted to know if one of you would have sex with me while she watched.” The words rushed out.

“At your house?” Emma didn’t like the sound of that.

“Oh no. Here. Right now. She’d watch through the phone.” He was very uncomfortable. “She’s always wanted to watch and I like to make her happy.” He shrugged.

Miss Burton turned to Holly. “Mistress Honey, can I? Please? I’ve never had sex all on my own before.” She wasn’t wearing her collar but felt she had to get permission.

Emma teased her. “Are you sure you want to do this? I mean look at him – tall, good looking, built. Sure you don’t want to wait for short, ugly, and fat?” Jack wandered over just as Emma finished. He had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

Emma continued. “Is your girlfriend on right now?”

He held up the phone. On the screen was his girlfriend. She was an overweight blond with no makeup, wearing a ratty sweatshirt. The room behind her was obviously in a slightly shabby old trailer. The life guard’s face lit up when he saw her.

“Can you see us okay?” Holly asked. The girlfriend nodded. “You can’t record anything, okay?” The girlfriend nodded. “You like kinky sex?” The lifeguard and his girlfriend both blushed.

“Well, this is your lucky day. This lady here who is going to do your boyfriend,,,” she dragged Miss Burton in front of the camera “… she’s a submissive. She’s always been told who to have sex with.” Now Miss Burton blushed.

“Your boyfriend will be the first man she ever chose on her own to have sex with.”

The girlfriend grinned. “So it’s like she’s a virgin almost. That is so cool.” The ratty sweatshirt was pulled off. No bra. She had small tits with dark nipples.

“Honey, take off your suit so I can see your great big cock.” The lifeguard dropped his suit on the ground. The girlfriend pulled off her pants. No panties. She spread her legs apart, resting them on the arms of the chair. Her pussy was huge and clearly wet.

Jack volunteered to be the photographer. He started by having them stand side by side, both nude. He zoomed in and slowly panned down the life guard’s body and up Miss Burton’s.

“She’s got great tits,” the girlfriend said.

Miss Burton knelt down and took his cock in her mouth. She took it in deep and massaged his balls. She drew back and stroked his shaft. She did everything slowly and didn’t look at the camera. It wasn’t the first time she had been filmed.

The teacher could tell the lifeguard was getting too aroused. She lay down and asked him to suck her tits. She played with one breast while he sucked the other. She made him lick her pussy. She gave him a brief tit job.

Miss Burton looked at the camera. The girlfriend was on the screen masturbating. She had her fist inside her pussy and was smiling and moaning. Miss Burton asked “Pussy or ass?”

The girlfriend responded immediately. “He loves ass but I only let him do my pussy. Let him do your ass.”

Miss Burton positioned her ass facing the camera and spread her cheeks. Jack got a nice close up of her pussy and brown ass hole. The teacher shifted to a three-quarter view as the lifeguard moved behind her. Jack made them wait a moment while he found the best angle.

The girlfriend was fisting herself, intently staring at the screen. Holly and Emma stood nearby fascinated. Miss Burton was breathing hard. Her first time by herself and in her ass! She loved it.

The lifeguard swiped his cock up and down her slit to get it wet. Satisfied, he guided the head against her brown hole. Without waiting, the teacher slipped her hips back, pushing the head of the cock inside her ass. The man began slowly moving in and out. There was no resistance. He went faster. The teacher held her cheeks spread wide.

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