Hannah Relieved

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Part 2

Day four started off slow I worked alone all morning. Jason found me at noon and suggested we go to lunch again. I practically jumped out of my chair to get to the door. We went to a Chinese restaurant across town and sat in one of their secluded booths in the back corner. He didn’t bother with bringing the computer in. When I was sliding into the booth my calf length skirt inched up to just above my knees. He moved right up next to me, thigh to thigh.

“Do you know how to eat with chop sticks?” he inquired with a sly smile.

“No. I’m not coordinated enough.”

“Let me teach you how. I bet you just need practice.”

He tried, taking my hand in his and moving my fingers into position.

“You’re hopeless. I’ll just have to feed you again.” He said before reaching around me and pulling me so my back was resting against his chest. He kept the arm around me on my waist, squeezing and rubbing his hand across my large middle barely brushing against my breasts. I put my hand on my lap to keep it out of his way while he fed me. I eventually got up my nerve to lay it on his knee with my elbow rear his crotch. I slowly kneaded his leg while lightly rubbing my arm over his growing erection. He moved his hand from my stomach to my breast, making my nipple stand out taunt and tight just begging for him to pluck it. He put his other hand on mine under the table and slid them up under my skirt along the inside of my thigh. I moaned softly.

He breathed in my ear “you’re so stressed out. I’d love to help you relax.”

As his breath whispered across my skin I was so hot I could barely keep from moaning out loud. I was worried someone would hear. I shook my head yes. He continued to move our entwined hands up my skirt until they were lying over my wet mound. He used my finger to push my wet panties down into my hot begging lips searching for my special place. He lightly rubbed my finger over my clit keeping my hand pressed over my mound. He was now pinching and plucking at my nipple. My breathing was picking up and I was moaning softly but the pressure wasn’t enough t make me cum.

He stopped suckling my ear lobe to whisper, “I think we needed to go someplace else to finish this. Go to the bathroom and take off your panties then meet me in the car. Pull your skirt up above pussy then put my jacket over your lap.”

“Why aren’t you coming now?”

“I need to pay the check and try to get rid of this hard-on you gave me.”

I smiled widely bahis firmaları and did as he told me. I’d never been this bold and wanton in public it was adding to my excitement, and with my boss. What the hell was I doing? I was surprised that he’d taken it this far and I knew he was going to make me cum. After what seemed like an hour he got in and started the car. Before pulling out he lifted his jacket and stared at my pussy.

“I love that you don’t shave and are a natural red head.”

“Most men do, love that I’m a red head I mean.” I said with and embarrassed laugh.

He slipped one big finger into weeping lips holding it firmly against my clit. I squirmed in the seat spreading my knees as wide as I could. Without any warning he shoved a big thick finger up into my wet slick hole and wiggled it. I moaned loudly and whimpered for more. He put in another finger and used his thumb to rub my clit.

“I’d rather not cover you up and let the world see your beautiful cunt but we don’t need to get arrested for indecent exposure on our way back to work.” Without removing his fingers he dropped the coat and pulled out of the parking lot and headed back towards the hotel.

“Jeez, Hannah you’re so tight and wet. I’d almost swear you’d never had sex at all. Lean the seat back a little bit close your eyes and try to relax.”

I tried to relax but was worried about people seeing us. He assured me even if someone saw we’d pass them soon enough.

I gasped “Have you done this before?”

In a much huskier voice than I’d heard before he said “not since college. Now hush concentrate on the feeling and relax.” He started shoving his fingers in and out of my pussy.

I started panting, “Do it faster, harder! God Jason, make me cum please, please. Faster do it faster. JAASSSOOON oh JEEEEZUUUSSS.”

I think I was squealing at this point and bucking so hard against his hand. My eyes were rolling back and I was gasping for air people next to us probably thought I was having a seizure.

“It’s so different with someone else.” I panted surprised. “Thank you Jason I really needed that relief. ”

He just laughed and said “You’re welcome,” Sucking my juice off his fingers.

Back at the office we worked as if nothing had happened except he touched me a lot more. He rubbed my leg, pulling my skirt up to mid thigh. I started to pull it down when he moved his hand away but he stopped me saying “I like to look at your creamy white skin.” He ran a finger kaçak iddaa up the inside of my thigh almost to my crotch.

I sighed out his name “JASON.”

He moved away, going back to work without another word. He was taking glances at my legs and breasts. I wanted to show him more cleavage but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to button up quickly enough if I was needed in the hotel. So instead I felt myself up rolling my nipples between my fingers while he watched.

In a low husky voice that was slightly trembling I told him “I’m sorry I didn’t think to return the favor you did for me earlier.”

“That’s o.k. you’re the one who’s stressed out. I’m fine.”

“I still feel bad. I know you could probably use some relief.”

“Nope, I’m fine.”

When we were getting ready to call it quits for the day he got up and locked the door. “Stand in front of the desk with your skirt around your waist and spread your legs.”

I did as he asked without thinking twice. He pulled my shirt out of my skirt and ran his hands up under it slowly stroking up my sides to my breasts but not touching any more than my sides. He did this several times until I sighed “Please touch my breasts.”

He pushed my bra up, took a breast in each hand and squeezed them together running his thumbs lightly over my nipples, bringing them to full attention. While he kneaded my breasts and stroked my nipples he stepped between my legs not quite letting his crotch touch mine. The anticipation of having his cock that close to me was driving me crazy. I moaned loudly and he hushed me by pushing my head into his shoulder. I decided I needed to touch him. Pulling his shirt out of his pants I ran my hands up under his shirt feeling his flat stomach with a trail soft hair leading from his belly button down into his pants. I traced it with my finger to the top of his slacks and started to unbuckle his belt. He stopped me and slid my hand back up his stomach. I started to protest but he made shushing sounds so I moved farther up caressing his pecks and tweaking his nipples, running my fingers threw his chest hair. I loosened his tie and pulled his collar aside and began to suck on his neck and earlobes. He moved his hands from my breasts around my back and down to my fleshy plump ass. Kneading it and squeezing it, making me moan into is neck. He rubbed a finger from my asshole to my aching pussy and back spreading my juice around.

“God you have a great ass. Nice and big easy to hold on to. Lots of kaçak bahis soft cushion if you’re taken from behind”

I shoved my hips forward into his cock and instead of moaning into his neck I bit him. Which made him let out a long harsh sigh. He obviously wasn’t alright with just giving me pleasure but he stepped back and got to his knees blowing on my on my wet cunt lips. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from moaning too loudly. I braced my hands on either side of my ass against the desk and spread my legs wider. The anticipation was about to kill me.

I whispered his name pleading to be touched. “Jason, please do something, anything. Oh please.”

He sighed into my red glistening lips and slid his tongue from the top of my slit down to my dripping hole. I almost screamed, throwing my head back I bit my lower lip, squeezed my eyes shut tight and grabbed more tightly onto the desk. He separated my lips with two big fingers and proceeded to ravage my pussy. He sucked and nibbled on my clit in between telling me to be quiet. Finally he shoved two of the fingers into my mouth. I eagerly began sucking and licking them. This made him sigh and moan into my wet lips. I started to cum and so I wouldn’t scream sucked his fingers deep into my mouth.

This was better than I’d imagined. He tasted so good. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I started to lower myself to the floor but someone knocked on the door making me jump two feet into the air. He pulled down my skirt, patted my ass and said he’d take care of it. He got up tucked his shirt in, tightened his tie being sure to cover any marks I may have left when I bit him and went out the door without a single look back. Leaving me to catch my breath and straighten myself up.

About 15 min later he came back in and said “I think we can call it a day.”

I stammered “But don’t you need taken care of. I know you’ve got to be about to burst. God I want to taste you so badly.”

“No, I’ll be fine I told you you’re the one that needs to relax. Go home take a hot bath and get some rest.”

I laughed lightly and said “as if.”

He gathered up his stuff and left me alone. I banged my head on my desk and tried to figure out how to get my hands into his pants. Then I started to wonder if he helped all his managers relax like this. It was unlikely but without asking I couldn’t know for sure. How did he know he it would work on me? Why did he think it would? Had I been that obvious with my lust? Did I care? Not at the moment I just wanted more…all of him.

I went home and refrained from masturbating determined to save all my excitement for him tomorrow. That didn’t stop me from fantasying about him though.

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