From 7-11 to Heaven

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I think I had just stopped into 7-11 to grab a bottle of Snapple but it ended up being the sweetest bottle of iced tea ever purchased. As I opened the door, Debbie was walking away from the counter with two bags of ice, so I held the door for her. We hadn’t seen each other in quite a while, probably since she had graduated from high school the year before I had and here we were on break from college. She stopped to say hello and set her ice down for a minute while we chatted outside the store. I mentioned that it looked like she was having a party, not angling for an invitation but getting one anyway. When I mentioned that I was supposed to hook up with Rob that afternoon, she suggested that I bring him along, too. It sounded like a good plan so, after she declined my offer of a ride home since it was just a couple of blocks, I told her that I’d see her again in a few hours.

Rob was pretty psyched about my serendipitous meeting with Debbie and was hoping that her sister Cindi, who was a year younger than us, would be there, too. Not wanting to show up empty-handed, we stopped to pick up some wine and a twelve-pack of beer before we headed over. Debbie answered the door and seemed genuinely glad that we had showed up. Rob was carrying the twelve-pack so she sent him right out onto the deck to put it into the cooler while she had me come to the kitchen with her to open the wine first. We stuck one bottle in the fridge then I opened the other with the corkscrew she handed me while she reiterated how glad she was that we’d decided to come over. I had to pause and study her expression because she seemed a lot more excited about us being there than I had expected. I wondered how much she’d had to drink already.

We headed out onto the deck and it turned out that I knew most of her other guests. I grabbed a beer while she topped off a few cups with wine before sticking that into the cooler, too. It was a beautiful day for hanging out on the deck, catching up and consuming a few adult beverages. The grill was eventually cranked up and we had a substantial meal to offset all of the alcohol. As evening approached, the signals I was getting from Debbie became unmistakable and I was really fine with the prospect of something happening between us. She was definitely cute, with short brown hair with reddish highlights, a nice round ass and smaller but perky tits. The idea of kissing her was appealing but the idea of seeing her naked was even more so. I made sure that my responses to her signals were as clear as her signals themselves.

On my way back from a trip to the bathroom, I happened upon Debbie alone as I passed through the kitchen. There wasn’t even any discussion or consideration, we just ended up in each other’s arms and our lips met. It was a rather nice first kiss which soon progressed to some rather passionate making out while my hands slipped down to grip her ass. After a few minutes, we separated, smiled at each other, I helped her complete her task and we headed back outside. No one seemed surprised when Debbie shared a chaise lounge with me, leaning up against me while sitting between my legs. I was pleased to note that Rob also appeared to be making progress with Cindi.

We weren’t overtly affectionate around the rest of Debbie’s guests because it didn’t seem appropriate, but we took the opportunities that presented themselves, like when we had been in the kitchen. After another trip to the bathroom, later that night, I exited to find Debbie outside. I thought she was waiting her turn but, after making out a little bit outside, she took me by the hand and led me further down the hall. As we entered her bedroom, she told me that she just wanted to show me where I’d be sleeping that night. We made out some more at the foot of her bed before she told me that, before we went back out to join everyone else, there was something she really wanted to do. She went and closed her bedroom door, then began to unfasten my shorts. As they dropped to my ankles, she dropped to her knees. My briefs had started to bulge out and, by the time she started to slide them down, my cock was nearly fully rigid. She had me sit on the end of her bed and slipped my shorts and briefs completely off.

I leaned back on my elbows as Debbie took my cock halkalı escort in her hand and stroked it before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them down. I moaned as her hot mouth engulfed me and she pumped the base of my cock while sliding her lips slowly up and down it. Twelve hours earlier, I hadn’t thought about Debbie in I don’t know how long and now I was relishing the feeling of her mouth sliding up and down my tool while knowing that the odds that we’d be naked and fucking within the next few hours were pretty damn good. She was a talented cocksucker and was doing a good job of bringing on an orgasm fairly quickly. I’m sure she could have drawn it out but, given that she was in the middle of hosting a party, it was understandable that she didn’t at that moment. I was moaning and telling her how good what she was doing felt as my orgasm continued to build while I enjoyed the immense pleasure I was feeling. It wasn’t long before I could feel my cock beginning to swell even more with my impending climax.

When I grunted and began to spew into Debbie’s mouth, she continued to blow me until I was completely spent, then let my cock fall from her mouth and smiled at me. I told her how awesome she’d been and suggested we go throw her guests out so I could return the favor, but she laughed and said we’d have plenty of time for more fun once they were gone. I pulled my underwear and shorts back on then followed her back to the party. I was pleased to note that there was a definite hook-up going on between Rob and Cindi and wondered if he was hoping for the party to end soon, too. Eventually, Debbie’s other friends started calling it a night and heading out the door. Once everyone was gone and the four of us had cleaned up everything, made sure the trash was in the trash cans and the recyclables were in the recycling bins, we parted ways as Debbie and I headed back to her bedroom while Rob and Cindi headed to Cindi’s.

After turning on a small bedside lamp, Debbie locked her bedroom door, even though just the four of us remained in the house, and I told her that I was ready to return the favor, but that I wanted her to be naked while I did. I started by peeling her blouse up over her head to reveal her bra, which her nipples were clearly visible poking through. I kissed her neck as I caressed her nipples through her bra, but didn’t remove her bra next. I unfastened her shorts and let them drop to her ankles, stepping back to admire her in bra and panties as she kicked her shorts aside. We made out again as I massaged her ass through her panties then slid my hands up her back to unfasten her bra. I stepped back again as I slid it down her arms to reveal her pert tits topped with small areolas and hard nipples. I dropped her bra and brought my hands to her tits, caressing the soft flesh, before lowering my head to lick and suck her nipples.

She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned softly while my hands dropped to her waist then started to slide her panties down. Before her bush was exposed, I dropped to my knees so I could see it as it came into view. It was trim and brown and looked appetizing, so I had her step out of her panties and lie in the middle of her bed while I positioned myself between her spread legs. I kissed her smooth inner thighs and her lower abdomen before running my tongue up her slit and tasting her pungent secretions. She moaned and held onto my head as I lapped at her pussy, then slipped a finger into her and licked her clit. She let out a louder moan as I licked and sucked her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her snug, slippery pussy.

As I ate her pussy, my cock was throbbing at the prospect of slipping into her, but we were both appreciating my face buried between her thighs for the time being. She was writhing sensuously, reacting to the building pleasure that she was feeling as I felt her getting hotter and wetter. I got the sense that she was already as worked up as I had been just at the anticipation of finally being alone together and, as such, it wasn’t going to take a great deal of effort to make her cum. It wasn’t that I minded expending the effort, because I could have spent hours between her legs eating her olgun escort out, but if she was all worked up already, I wanted to provide her with some relief, after a sufficient amount of pleasure had been experienced, of course.

I got the sense that she was trying to keep her moaning under control, not that I thought Rob and Cindi would be paying any attention to us, but the longer I licked and sucked her clit and fingered her, the louder she seemed to be getting. When I felt her tensing up and her moans were becoming more like whimpers, I knew she was right on the edge so I didn’t tease her by trying to draw it out any longer. I put my efforts into making her cum and, moments later, she let out almost a cry and her body began to shake. I continued to eat her until she went still, then raised my head and watched her chest heaving as she recovered. When she finally opened her eyes and caught me looking at her, she asked me to stand up and undress for her so that she could see my cock again.

I got up and, standing at the foot of the bed admiring her naked physique laid out before me, peeled off my shirt and let it drop. Her attention was on my hands as I undid my shorts and, when she saw my briefs bulging out, she sat up. Once I’d dropped my briefs and my cock was pointing at her, she reached out and stroked it before turning around and crawling up the bed. She planted her face against the comforter but left her ass up in the air, so I got onto the bed on my knees and moved up behind her.

Her ass looked amazing so I had to run my hands over it and lean down to kiss it even though my cock was throbbing. Once I’d run my tongue between her cheeks and over her anus, though, and she reacted with a lustful moan, I thought it was time to get to some serious fucking. As I was guiding my tool into her hot, slippery pussy, her reaction to my anal stimulation had definitely planted a seed, though I thought it was probably too soon to try fucking her ass. Instead, I slid my cock all the way into her pussy until my hips were touching her ass as we both moaned with pleasure. I held her by the hips as I started to slowly slide the full length of my cock in and out of her, savoring the feel of her hot pussy. She slipped a hand back between her legs and massaged her clit as I was fucking her.

I kind of got lost in the moment, just enjoying the feel of my cock slipping in and out of her pussy. The longer I fucked her, though, the more I noticed her moaning building in volume and that she was starting to push back against my incoming thrusts. I was feeling just the initial stirrings of my own orgasm as her pussy started becoming wetter and hotter, but I assumed that, since she had just cum, she was probably still pretty worked up and it wouldn’t take long to get her back there again. I picked up my pace and fucked her harder as she seemed to get closer and closer, based on the noises I was hearing. Even when she let out a cry of pleasure and I felt her body trembling, I continued to fuck her all the way through her orgasm. It was only once I was certain that she’d ridden it out completely that I pulled out and had her roll onto her back.

I knelt between her spread legs and gazed upon her naked form once again before lowering myself on top of her and guiding my cock back into her pussy. As I started to slowly thrust in and out, I brought my lips down to hers and we started to make out again. I could feel her soft, smooth flesh against mine and her hard nipples brushing against my chest while also feeling my orgasm beginning to steadily build. Her legs were spread wide enough that she ended up resting her heels on my lower back so I was penetrating her as deeply as possible. It didn’t take long before I went from slowly thrusting in and out to fucking her vigorously which, based on her response, she was quite pleased about. I wasn’t necessarily trying to cum faster, but fucking her felt so damn good that I couldn’t help wanting more of it faster.

The buildup of pleasure was incredible and I knew that my orgasm would be intense but I also knew that it wasn’t likely to be the last one I experienced with her. My cock started to şişli escort swell even more as I approached the verge of cumming and I only slowed down my thrusting again when I was just about to spew. With a passionate moan, I exploded into her and continued to hump her until I was completely spent and somewhat lightheaded. I rolled off next to her and she smiled at me as I caught my breath.

We lay there for a while, talking softly, mainly about how opportune our meeting at the 7-11 had been and the potential that the summer now held for us. Naturally, my hand eventually ended up fondling her breasts again, which she was appearing to enjoy as much as I was. She soon dropped her hand to my limp cock and began to fondle it, which sent the blood back in that direction and it started to show signs of reviving. We started to make out again as I played with her nipple and she continued to bring my cock back to life. As my cock continued to grow, she ended up moving down the bed to wrap her lips around it again. With her hot mouth engulfing it, my cock stiffened dramatically quicker and was soon ready for her to ride again.

She started out straddling me so my hands went right back to her tits as she guided my cock to her juicy pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned again as she fully engulfed me then began to ride my tool. She started out moving slowly as I fondled her tits, gradually varying her movements to determine which provided the most pleasure. I ended up dropping my hands to her ass and, after massaging and caressing it, told her how great I thought it was. She stopped riding me and said that, since I liked it so much, she would indulge me. She switched around to a reverse-cowgirl position and, as she started riding me again, her luscious ass was staring me right in the face. Naturally, my hands were right back on her cheeks, massaging and squeezing the pliable flesh as I watched my stiff cock disappearing and reappearing right below it.

The longer she rode me and the more I stared at her puckered asshole, the more I thought about the reaction she’d had when my tongue had run across it. I still didn’t feel that trying to slip my cock into her ass was appropriate, but figured I’d go ahead and further test the waters. I sucked on my finger until it was good and coated with saliva, then started to massage her anus with the tip of it. Rather than swatting it away, Debbie moaned even louder and pushed back against it as she continued to ride my cock. Taking this as permission to continue, I started to put gentle pressure on her asshole and my finger began to slip inside. The further my finger slid in, the louder she moaned and the harder she rode my cock. By the time my second knuckle popped in, she was shaking and cumming like crazy.

I eased my finger out once she’d finished cumming and was dismounting my still-throbbing tool. She moved backwards until her pussy was over my face, then took my cock in her fist and started to pump it before lowering her mouth over it again. I moaned, immediately feeling my orgasm surging, then started lapping at her pussy while slipping a different finger into it. She was enthusiastically sucking my cock, demonstrating her exceptional cocksucking skills once again, while continuing to pump the base and gently fondling my balls. There was no question that I’d be cumming in her mouth again pretty quickly but I intended to get her to another orgasm as well before we called it a night.

I could feel her pussy becoming hotter and wetter the longer I lapped at her clit and slid my finger in and out but could also feel my own orgasm welling up as my cock swelled even more. Once I was right on the verge, I stopped licking her clit momentarily to savor the feeling of my orgasm, though I did continue to slide my finger in and out of her. With a low moan of combined pleasure and relief, I started to spurt into her mouth while she milked my orgasm out and swallowed my load. Only after I was completely spent and she’d let my cock fall from her mouth did I resume licking her clit. With her attention then completely on her own pleasure, she immediately began to moan as her orgasm continued to build. Having my full attention on getting her to cum helped her along as well and it wasn’t long before her moans were getting louder and longer.

She started to tense up right before her body started to shake and her pussy was flooded with pungent juices. I continued to eat her as she came, then dropped my head and slipped my finger free once I was certain she’d finished. She moved around to lie beside me, reaching over first to turn off the lamp, and we were sleeping peacefully in a matter of minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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