For Your Eyes Only

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It is late and you are asleep in the spare room at my parent’s house. I’ve been lying awake in my bed for hours, thinking of you; wanting you; needing you. I decide that I can’t take it anymore and I need you right now. I tip toe across the landing to avoid being heard by my parents. I silently open your door and slip into the darkness. Once my eyes become accustomed to the blackness I make out the silhouette of you beneath the covers. I can see that you have a vest top on: I think about my hands sliding up between your skin and the soft cotton and caressing your breasts, and your nipples hardening at the soft touch of my warm hands. You’re curled in a foetal position with your ass pointing right at me: I think of the times you’ve lay like that naked with me behind you, filling you and kissing your soft lips. At this thought my boxers become taught as my cock fills with blood. It is almost like it is pointing at you beneath the material, telling me where it needs to be.

Goosebumps are starting to form on my now naked body, and as my cock continues to grow and lift away from my body I approach your bed and slide in between the sheets. You murmur, roll over and pull me towards you. You soon settle back into sleep. My cock is pressed up against your belly now and my mouth is inches away from yours. I realise that you want to sleep but I can’t resist you. I kiss you tenderly on the lips, then your cheek and down to your neck. You become semi-conscious as my tongue enters your mouth, and your tongue subconsciously plays with mine. Your eyes open wide as you take in what is happening and I giggle slightly which makes you smile through our kiss. Instinctively my hands begin to explore your body.

My hand leaves your hip and runs down your body to feel the feminine curve of your ass. Then it glides back up, taking your vest top with it as my hand cups your breast. You gasp ever so slightly and it makes my cock throb, I need to enter you so much already. My thumb circles your nipple as I break our kiss and start nibbling your ear lobe. Now you are really starting to wake up, as you squirm noticeably against my hardness. It seems that you have just noticed that it is there as you pull your head back and smile, whilst grabbing onto the stiff shaft. You are like kadıköy escort a child who has just discovered the best Christmas present under the tree. My eyes roll as you start jacking me, and I feel like I could cum already, I am so turned on. I really want to taste you, and can’t resist taking your nipple into my mouth. Combined with you jacking me off I am in heaven.

After a few minutes of mutual groaning and wriggling I can smell your scent as you become more and more moist. To me, it is like smelling freshly baked bread when you haven’t eaten for a week. I become an animal. I leave my hand on you breast and simultaneously push you onto your back as my mouth slides down your belly to the waistband of your shorts. Your skin is so smooth, it is a joy to lick you and I can’t resist slipping my tongue under the elastic and flicking your pubes. My face moves down until my nose is less than an inch away from your wet slit. I can’t resist massaging your lips with my tongue through the cotton. I hear a noise of approval. I quickly move down and kiss and lick your thighs. Using my tongue I move the shorts upwards and upwards. I cannot wait to taste your juices but I want to tease you a little. My tongue finds your lips but doesn’t venture into the wetness. I lick and suck them whilst resisting the temptation to part you and slip my tongue inside you. Soon the wetness and sex sweat has made its way all over your mound. This sends me into such a state of excitement that I feel just you touching my cock could take me over the edge.

I kneel as I pull your shorts down, whilst you lift your hips towards me. You can see my cock standing erect against my tummy; glistening with pre-cum. Instinctively, you pull it towards your pussy as I collapse on top of you. You rub the head in your wetness and smile at me. Just as you line the throbbing head up with your swollen hole I fight the huge temptation and slide back down your body so that your naked pussy is in front of my face. I look into your eyes as my tongue parts you and searches inside. You immediately fall back from your elbows to the bed. I’m surprised as after just a few seconds your hands are on the back of my head pulling üsküdar escort me in for more friction. Now I decide that your clit needs some attention and I flick it with my tongue as your pussy thrusts towards my face. I want to see you cum so bad now that I give in to your wishes and suck it into my mouth. One hand reaches up to your erect nipples and I begin to rub and toy with your breasts. My other hand can’t resist feeling you inside. I grab your thigh briefly as two fingers find your hole. They slide inside with no resistance and start looking for your g-spot. They wriggle around just inside your tightness and feel your walls as your clit swells in my mouth with a little suction. I hear your first pre-orgasm noise and know that you are enjoying yourself. I can tell you are close but want to delay it just slightly.

I slide back up your body with our sweat lubricating our skin. I continue until I can feel the warmth of your pussy on the head of my cock. I smile at you and kiss you with my moist mouth as I thrust forward and enter you. I can feel my foreskin being pulled back by your tightness as each thrust takes me deeper and deeper. Now my sensitive head is completely exposed to your tight, wet, warm insides. I am totally at your mercy, and can’t resist a groan with every thrust of pleasure. You quickly silence me so that we’re not discovered. I can feel my cock grow as I get so close that I know it’ll hurt not to cum. You feel this and wrap your legs behind my ass and start pumping me faster and faster. I can’t take it anymore as I feel the hot cum shoot up from the base of my shaft and erupt inside you. The speed of my thrusts becomes out of control and as the second spurt of cum leaves my cock I slip out of you. Cum is sprayed out over your hot body. The first line, which reaches up to your breasts, is quickly repeated by three or four more heavy spurts. You smile so wide at my pleasure and this sexy sight only adds to the amount of cum shooting over you. You grab my cock and pump it dry onto your belly as I collapse and fall onto you, kissing you.

I regain my composure quickly and I move back onto your breasts. My hand caresses one breast, my mouth sucking and flicking the nipple of the other. You soon are tuzla escort pushing my head back down to your sweet (now salty) little pussy. My tongue finds your clit immediately, as two fingers enter you. As you writhe, my fingers experience your pussy tightening around them. You are fucking my fingers now and my head moves up and down never leaving your pussy. You begin moaning again as I continue to stimulate your pussy as well as your nipples. You cum in an explosion of moistness which envelopes my fingers and soaks my tongue and mouth. I immediately return to your face and kiss you passionately as you experience that wonderful post-orgasm comedown.

We lie for several minutes, stuck together with sticky cum, kissing before I fall asleep on top of you as I see you begin to close your eyes.

Some hours later I awake to find that I am once again rock hard. I realise that I am between your legs and I can’t resist touching you. Surprisingly you are still as moist as I slip my tip just inside you. You wake up a lot quicker this time and begin to kiss me again before your eyes have opened. You feel as amazing as ever, and I feel like I’ve not cum for days as I get deeper and deeper inside you. Suddenly you push me off. My alarm passes as you roll over and offer me your ass. Before I know what’s happening you’re guiding my cock back inside you from behind. You then take my hand and place it on your nipple as you adjust so we can kiss. You tell me that you want to be pumped hard before we start kissing once again. As I begin humping my hands explore your body from your curved breasts to your hairy mound.

You tell me this time that you want my cum inside and this drives me wild. I know that I could come right now but want to pump you some more first. Grudgingly I pull my cock out of you and roll onto my back. You get the message and clime on top of me. You soon have put my cock back inside you as you lean forward to kiss me, your breasts rubbing my nipples. You then begin fucking me and you feel tighter than ever. I can feel every part of you and am soon having to be silenced again. My hands grasp your ass as you move so sexily up and down my shaft. I guide you and soon you are making me gasp with every stroke. I then push one of your legs back so you roll and we are facing each other, my cock still filling you. As I start to hump you in this position I realise I am so close that I can’t hold back any longer. You feel my cock grow and you moan with pleasure. Then the spasms as more cum fills your hole force you to moan repeatedly as my face contorts with pleasure and a huge groan leaves my throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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