Fantasy Come True

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Telecommuting can be a blessing and curse as emphasized the day before. It was a curse requiring sole assistance to an old friend.

The old friend had called the previous Friday wanting to borrow his near new half-ton GMC pickup to haul material for a new walkway at the guy’s home. He’d also volunteered to buy the beer.

The friend was safe from his offer because he’d known the truck was never loaned and its owner didn’t drink.

The truck owner felt a bit put-upon, but volunteered to pick up and transport the stuff if it could wait for six days until Wednesday.

That next Wednesday he hauled almost a ton of sand, gravel and concrete in bags and left it in the guy’s driveway. The stuff was all in bags and sweat drained continuously as he single-handedly loaded and unloaded the stuff. Sweat literally poured from him as he worked because the friend obviously had to work during the week.

On the way back he’d stopped at one of those do-it-yourself car washes and rinsed the truck bed to rid it of leftover loose sand, gravel and cement dust. When finished he was tired and hadn’t bothered to chamois the truck. At least the paint would be protected. He slept well that night comfortable from the amount of exercise he’d suffered.

About ten the next morning he was up and went out to finish cleaning the truck.

He lived in a complex of sixty apartments with only forty reserved, rented parking places available on a first-come-first-served basis only to renters for another twenty bucks a month. The reserved parking was organized twenty adjacent spaces on each side of the driveway. The spaces were open and weren’t exotic but they offered a renter the luxury of not having to search for a place to park although the remaining twenty apartments did. Each group of the reserved twenty covered parking pair was built in the same opposing two row manner that many apartment houses use in the great southwest.

There was a wall at the rear of the stalls with openings every fourth space to allow entry and exit to the parking, provide an overhead shingled roof and four-inch steel poles every fourth space to support the roof at the vehicle access side.

The parking was not safe from vandals but white lines separated and delineated the spaces. Anyone could enter the area from the street or from the apartments. Although vehicles weren’t secure the shelter provided some weather resistance from overhead sun and rain.

His space was at one end of the row-of-twenty and closest to his apartment.

His apartment too was at the end of one of the apartment rows. There was a central courtyard that separated two apartment rows built ten downstairs and ten upstairs on each side of that courtyard.

He and the couple in the apartment next to him had lived adjacent for more than three years and the neighbor rented a single parking space adjacent to his although the couple usually drove separate vehicles.

The husband next door was four inches shorter than his six four and the guy was always going somewhere without his wife.

The guy followed sports and loved fishing and hunting and anything he shot or caught was stored at his folk’s house in their freezer. Sometimes the guy could be sociable but usually was withdrawn and reportedly spent many hours a week working. The husband had told him that occasionally he’d be paid for his overtime but not often. Even so he never seemed to have money problems when he went somewhere. He and a couple of friends had fulya escort season tickets to Baseball and Football and those tickets weren’t cheap.

The wife was sweet and always cheerful to her neighbor even to the point that they teased each other most of the time. He’d seen a photo of her with her husband taken more than ten years earlier and she was the kind of Poster model that sports guys love to have on their arm and show off. In the photo she’d been wearing a very short, very tight knit dress that barely covered her ass and a neckline that left no doubt about ample cleavage.

He guessed she’d put on more than forty pounds since but was still just as beautiful and even sexier though he’d never seen her in a dress as revealing as the one in the photo. He’d assumed she thought that earlier type of dress would show too much of her ampleness. And yet her body attracted him and he’d always wanted to see more of it and more than once enjoyed secret momentary erotic fantasies that included her. The fantasies always occurred soon after seeing and saying hello to her.

This day he’d just finished using a bucket of water, chamois and wax to clean out the remainder of his hauling adventure and had moved to the front to detail the truck’s interior.

He’d backed the truck in and was standing, leaning in through the door when he heard her returning. He glanced up and then stepped clear and closed the door to let her pull in and park.

She said hello and then opened the door, stretched and extended a leg straight to the concrete floor.

After returning her greeting he asked if she’d been shopping but his focus was on that leg.

She was wearing almost an exact copy of the short knit dress he’d seen in the photo months before and she looked far better than just good. The dress was truly short and the stretch had exposed most of her thigh and the shapely tight calf above high-heels. It also clung tightly to every curve.

His mouth dropped open because she’d never been dressed this way anytime he’d seen her previously.

He managed to continue by asking again if she’d been shopping and she told him yes but hadn’t picked up anything perishable. She added that she’d found a cute pair of heels and a set of lingerie she really liked.

He smiled and said nothing for a moment because he’d grown fully aroused by what he was seeing.

She commented on his truck and then asked if he was staring at her.

“You’re damned right I’m staring!” he thought but then only said that she looked good in that dress.

Now she rotated and extended the other leg before pulling herself up without taking her eyes off him.

“Do you like it?” she said and rotated completely to let him see everything.

Before he could answer she said that she’d found it in a store two weeks earlier and it reminded her the way she used to dress and she’d bought it. Then she added that her husband had asked her how much it had cost but didn’t say anything at all about the way she looked in it.

It was all he could do to get out the words that she truly looked great in it.

She blushed and then turned and leaned far into the car to retrieve her shopping.

She was almost fully reclined reaching across the driver’s seat to the passenger’s side for her stuff and the dress rode up and exposed both of her delicious thighs and more than a hint of a beautiful curved full bottom.

His Levi’s grew tighter. He was barefoot and gebze escort wore only Levis because of the heat and exercise working on the truck. His habit was never to wear anything under Levis although if he’d worn anything but a tee shirt he’d still have worn a tee under any regular shirt.

He wanted to reach over and run his hands up her legs and across her ass but only stood and stared.

Suddenly she turned only her head and glanced back before asking “Are you looking at my ass?”

He thought it was a tease again and said “Of course! What guy wouldn’t with you in a dress like that?”

She giggled and backed out while pulling her shopping bags over into the driver’s seat without picking them up.

“You like it?” she asked.

He smiled and replied “I was wondering if some neighbor guy made a pass at you what you would do?”

“Well it would probably depend on the guy that did the deed. Are we talking about you?” she asked with her huge smile.

He couldn’t answer right away and after a long minute she told him “If it was you I’d probably ask your place or mine or might even just do it right here.”

He still couldn’t speak but was still staring lustfully when she took his hand and said “There’s nobody around these parking spaces in the daytime so come on before you change your mind again.” then pulled his hand dragging him behind his truck.

A moment later she pinched the dress at the hips on both sides and wiggled her ass as she inched the dress upward until it was around her waist. She was smiling and he noticed the bright lacey green thong she wore. She hooked the thong too and leaned down as she took it off before standing naked from the waist down and he noticed her pussy for the first time. It was smooth, pink and bare and he couldn’t form the words as she took his hands again and pulled him closer.

She undulated her hips firmly against him as she moaned then said “I can feel it and I knew you were huge but now I want you to slide those jeans down and let me see it.”

When he still didn’t move she grabbed them at his hips. As loose as they fit and low and wet with sweat as they already were she pulled downward and they slid down easily to his knees00 and her hand found it.

She cursed lightly but hungrily and told him she hadn’t realized he was like this or she’d have been with him months earlier.

She stroked him and then brought it into position, closed her eyes and rubbed it’s head against her clit. Another minute and she folded one leg then lifted it to his waist, closed the leg around him and slipped it between her lips again and again.

Finally she told him she was ready and arched her back to insert the head.

As he started to move she said “I’ve got you wet enough and so I want you to drive slowly and steadily and don’t stop until it’s all the way in. I want to feel all of it. It’s so much larger than I’m used to but I want it all.” then she sealed his mouth with a sweet kiss.

He did as she’d told him until she extended the command and told him to hold it at full depth then she moved one hand to cup his balls.

She said “I have a real looking rubber dildo that isn’t quite as big as you are and I always hold it by the balls when I use it. I use it a lot especially after we talk and I’m alone in the bedroom. There have been times that I’ve remained using it in a single session for more than an hour and it’s always yours.”

Now she began to pull back gültepe escort and she almost lost him before she was moving forward again. “Fuck me slow and deep then I’ll tell you what to do next. I like a guy that will let me do what I need.”

She asked him to let her know if he saw anyone coming because she couldn’t see over the truck. He promised he would and then a few minutes later she brought her other leg up, wrapped it around too and locked her ankles behind him.

“Okay now!” she said fiercely. “Give it to me hard and fast. Take me!”

She’d already lost track of her orgasms but now everything was wild as he drove hard, held a moment then used her ass to focus her body as he worked. He’d never felt anything so tight around his cock and each time he pulled back he felt her muscles working him. He fought not to let it end and bit his cheek to hold off his climax.

It was steady rough sex for another half-hour before she asked between demanding breaths “Do you… like… my tits?” and then she pulled the dress higher until it was bunched tightly under her arms and she was all but naked. She wasn’t wearing a bra. “Can you bend far enough to bite them? I like them bitten when I’m being fucked.” she’d formed the words as she panted heavily.

He showed her how far he could bend without losing tempo, location or effort before he took one between his teeth, sucked and stroked it with his tongue. Her eyes were closed again and her head was back when her hips began to roll and shake violently and she said “Cum in me. Please, please cum in me now.”

Her back was slapping the tailgate of the truck and her pussy was slamming against him. The sound was loud and yet it seemed perfect to him when finally he began to empty into her. She milked him again and again until they finally settled with his weight pressing her hard against the truck.

His hand found her tits and closed around them as they caught their breath.

“I’ve always dreamed about having two guys and being able to bounce back and forth between them. Two guys with very different cocks that know how to use them and now I have them. You’re the one with the huge capable cock that always fills me. I don’t mean you and hubby together with me because I know neither of you would agree, but that’s okay because we can be together whenever its possible and if I know you’re there at night on the back porch I can meet you there while hubby is asleep in front of the TV. Is that okay?”

He didn’t have to answer except to smile.

She added with a teasing smile “You may as well know that this horny gal is probably going to spend long naked weekdays at your place for the next few weeks and I think you too can use a break from the same boredom as I fuck you out of your mind. I may even camp out under your desk and let you work… if you can.”

She unwrapped her legs and expressed admiration that he was still hard as it slid out. She pulled the dress down and then handed him the thong and told him he could hang onto it for her before she leaned forward and sucked him clean and dry. She took him deeper than he thought she could and furnished a more than satisfactory idea of any oral sex she might provide later.

As he was pulling his pants up they heard a car driving in. It parked on the opposite side of the area several spaces down and the driver didn’t even look their way as he locked his car and left.

She returned to her car, picked up the two plastic bags containing her shopping then kissed him quickly on the lips before walking toward her apartment.

Her hips were swaying invitingly and sensually as she walked. She glanced back, smiled and gave him an even more exaggerated sway of her hips before climbing the stairs. He locked her car for her.

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