Erotic Interlude

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Like clockwork, I look up and there he is, boarding my train. The moment he sees me his lips twitch, not quite a smile but enough to let me know that he’s as aware of me as I am of him.

Tall, dark and ridiculously handsome, he’s almost a cliché. But the way he wears a suit and the way he carries himself tells me he’s much more than that. Older, but not nearly old enough to raise eyebrows, I like how he looks, solid, and a little dangerous.

As happens lately, my mind wanders off in a flight of fancy. And I start to smile at the naughty images it conjures.

With him sitting across from me, with a slow sensual slide of my tongue across my lush, full lips, I watch as he sits up a little straighter, his blue eyes darkening with every button I slip free on my blouse, till my breasts encased in black lace are heaving for his touch.

The other passengers seem to disappear as my gaze drops to his fly, to the aching pulse I can beylikdüzü escort detect there.

I let my bag drop to the floor, and reach for one of the upright poles, mere feet from my fantasy man.

Looking down, my clothes are gone, my steaming pussy clad only in a black lace thong. His eyes burn like embers as I slither my body down along the pole, wrapping a leg around it, I slide low and then shimmy my body back up, grinding my needy pussy against the coolness of the metal.

His hand reaches for his fly, and he’s pulling out his beautiful cock, so hard, and thick, and already nice and sticky on top. I can almost taste it on my tongue.

Then I do. Dropping to my knees, I wrap my hand around him and smile up into his fiercely intense gaze as I slowly slide my tongue over him from balls to tip, in a most sensual caress.

He groans and fists my long blonde hair in his hands, twisting it in his grip beyoğlu escort as I latch on and suck, and suck hard till I can feel him getting ready to let go.

Massaging his heavy balls, I smile coyly up into his eyes, letting him know how much I relish the taste of him, delectably salty sweet as he glides over my tongue.

But greedy man, he wants more. Lifting me under the arms, he pulls me off him then sets me down till my knees surround him, my hot pussy now kissing the tip of his pulsing cock.

“Now fuck me,” he murmurs, and I smile, more than happy to obey.

I sink my tongue into his mouth, and take hold of his throbbing member, as his hands clamp down on my hips. Ooh, as I impale myself, the slight sting of him is divine, hot, hard, and demanding as he invades my body.

The dark look in his hooded gaze drives me to perform. Clutching his shoulders, I make a show of sliding back up, till only the bostancı escort pulsing tip is inside me. I nip at his bottom lip, enjoying his hungry growl as I plunge back down until I can feel him so deep inside me that he’s kissing my womb.

His hands dig into my hips as he thrusts up as I thrust down, both of us breathing hard, panting, gasping; desperate for completion. I can feel it coming, and it’s utter bliss. And in his eyes, I can see the fiery gaze of a man about to explode with his release.

His hold tightens, my pussy clenches, his cock pulses, and we both groan as he captures my mouth with his, nearly devouring me.

I can feel the proof of our mating wet and hot between my legs as he nips at my bottom lip, then drops his head to press hot, delicious open mouth kisses to both my tingling breasts, hungrily lapping his tongue between them, and then drawing my tender nipples into his mouth.

At last, satisfied smiles curl our lips, and I can feel him sliding out, still pulsing.

He holds my hand as I get to my feet.

As he tucks himself away, I slide back into my clothes, and take the seat across from him.

We both smile, our little secret shared. Until the next time he boards he train, and my mind wanders off into another flight of fancy.

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