Dorm Showers Ep. 01

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Alison Brie

“Pssst! Paul!” I heard the hiss above the roar of my little shower cubicle in the dorms. I paused from one of the near constant adjustments I was making to the temperature of the water and opened the curtain just enough to peek out. I could only see Jason’s face peeking from his own shower across from mine.


“Do you see anybody?” He half whispered, a cute little idiotic grin on his face. I quickly searched around, but there were no other showers running, and no towels hung outside them. The curtain that separated the showers from the rest of the public bathroom was closed tightly. I shook my head.

“Then come here!” He said, beckoning quickly. I smiled uncertainly.

“What? Why?”

He rolled his eyes. “Come on, don’t be a prude!” I laughed.

“Prude? Really? Who uses the word prude?”

“Then don’t be a fuddy-duddy!” He replied, winking. “I heard you talking to Alexis that you haven’t gotten any in a while, and that you wanted to try something new.” He squinted at me for a second, and my heart melted a bit at how adorable he looked. “You are gay, right?”

“I like girls, too!” I half-protested.

Truthfully, I adored women, and I wanted to get married and have kids the traditional way, picket fence and all that. At the time I really expected that my attraction for men was just a phase, something to experiment with as a teen in college, in the Arts department, no less. But, after a few encounters at some theatre major parties, I was kind of labeled among the Fine Arts dorm as being gay.

He shook his head. “Uh-huh. So come here!” He beckoned with just one crooked finger now, his head lowered like a seductress drawing men in from under her eyebrows.

“But it’s really public!” I whispered back. I was only a little worried though. Most of me was itching to jump across, including the half-mast that was steadily casino şirketleri pulling itself up toward a full salute under my midsection. It knew exactly how long it had been since it had seen something besides my hand and the glow of my computer.

Jason gave me another sexy little look. “Leave your water running then, so people will think you’re still in there. And if we get caught…we’re just helping each other shower.” He paused and then held out his hand. “That’s not a bad idea, though…I bet we can make more than few suds between us, don’t you?”

I grinned wide, and after taking another look around, slipped out from behind my curtain (making sure to close it tightly again for the sake of illusion) and took his hand. He pulled me into his shower and shut his own curtain firmly.

For a second I reveled under the hot spray of his water after the cold shock of air in between cubicles before I realized that the stalls were not made for two people, and the two of us were standing very naked and very close to each other. My heart leapt in my chest as we met eyes and simultaneously started to look each other up and down.

For my own part, I’m not a bad looking guy. I’m 5’10, a good average, maybe slightly taller height. I weigh more than I look, about 170, though I’m pretty skinny and I don’t look all that muscle-y. I’m not a very hairy guy, pretty smooth all around, though I still trim my pubes to keep myself looking bigger and neater. By now, of course, my dick was fully erect, as excited as I was over Jason and the taboo-ness of it all. I’m only about 6 inches long, but girth is where my true strength lies. No one could wrap their hand around my dick and tell me it was small.

Jason, a tanned Adonis, was a little hairier than me. He had chest hair, he could obviously grow a beard (which I can’t), but was clean shaven, and his legs casino firmaları and crotch were a lot darker with fur than me, though it was obvious he trimmed himself, a fact I appreciated. He was shorter than me by just an inch or two, but broader in the shoulder, firmer in the torso. He was a dance major and had the body to prove it. His legs were lean, his body lithe, his whole being light, graceful and precise. His member was about the same length of mine, plus some change. It WAS thinner, but the head was the same size as mine, giving it a kind of cute, comical, cartoony look. I loved it.

But what I was really intrigued by was what lay under his erection. His balls were enormous! I felt a quiver of intense longing.

I have a bit of a confession. I have a cum fetish. I love pretty much every aspect of sperm. Watching men cum on women, men, themselves, a napkin, a table, in mouths, on faces, on breasts, on chests, creampies (anal or vaginal), on cocks, in hair, it’s all wonderful. My favorite porn is cum-compilations. Especially facially themed ones. Watching the expressions of the people getting spunked on is such a joy that I often mimic the person’s face as I watch, stroking myself desperately. The receiver never has the same expression. Sometimes it’s rapture, sometimes rage, sometimes boredom, or surprise, it’s always different and it’s always lovely. I love being on all sides of the jizz too. I’m just as excited to watch myself splatter someone as I am being splattered upon.

When I saw Jason’s low, large, luscious balls, I knew he was just waiting to unleash it all for me.

A touch to my chin brought me back to reality and made me realize I was staring. I let the hand draw my face back up to look at Jason’s smile. “Is this ok?” He asked.

I snickered quietly, and wrapped my arms around his neck. “This is perfect.” I pulled him into güvenilir casino a light kiss, right in the middle of the hot water spray, and as the kiss deepened, so did the connection of our bodies. It started with just our mouths, and as our arms wrapped around each other, we drew each other closer and closer. With our cocks erect and pointing at each other, they were the first to touch, and we both laughed around each other’s mouths as the initial touch made us both jump a little. We pushed ourselves together from there, our dicks sliding against each other until we had them pressed up tight in between our stomachs, side by side, our chests pressed tightly to each other, our tongues playing along teeth, lips and the tips of the other. I felt thrill after thrill as a movement by one of us made our low hanging testicles touch. It was like what was building up inside them was yearning to mix already.

We stayed like that for a little while, just enjoying the contact until Jason made the first move. His left hand stayed wrapped around the back of my neck, keeping my mouth locked on his as his right hand slid up and down my back, his fingernails lightly scratching, sending goosebumps up and down my body, despite the heat of the water. His hand ventured lower and lower until it reached the top of my ass when he suddenly grabbed my right cheek, his fingers almost in my crack, and pushed me into the wall of the shower. His kisses became deeper and more primal, his breathing the same. I could feel our dicks sliding against each other and against our stomachs in the slickness of the wet and I almost lost myself in it.

But I let it go on for only a bit longer before pulling my mouth away a bit. I smiled slightly and pulled his ear to my mouth. “I thought we were going to get sudsy.” I licked at his earlobe and kissed his jawline. He shivered and then pulled back himself, smiling broadly. I shook my head. I could get used to a smile like his. It could be sweet, it could be sexy, I bet it could’ve even been sad, but for now it was just broad faced joy, plain and simple.

He nodded. “That we are,” he murmured.

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