Don’t Look Back Ch. 30

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Mid-morning the next day. Both men sat at their respective computers, working. Marshall lifted his ceramic coffee cup, brought it to his lips, only to discover the damn thing was empty. Setting it down, he pushed back in his chair, stretched his arms and flexed his fingers. They cracked with small popping sounds. Guess he’d been sitting there a spell without moving, engrossed in what he was doing.

“I’m getting some coffee, y’want some?” he offered, glancing at Lee.

Lee angled his own cup back and looked inside. “Since you’re getting up, sure, that sounds good. I could use a refill.”

Marshall rose, wincing slightly. He remembered now why he’d been limiting his movements. His ass was more than a little on the sore side, a combination of having worn the plug all day and night, and being gloriously pounded into oblivion by Lee the night before. He’d briefly considered getting one of the throw pillows from the couch to cushion his ass, but decided he’d rather live with the slight discomfort than give Lee fuel for smart comments.

Besides, every little ache was a reminder of last night, and that wasn’t such a bad thing. He shuffled across the room and reached for Lee’s mug.

“What’re you grinning about?” Lee asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just thinking about last night. And what’s gonna happen tonight.” Tonight would be his turn, the first time he’d ever topped in their relationship. And oh man, did he intend to wring every bit of casino şirketleri enjoyment from it he could—for both of them.

Without warning, Lee pulled Marshall onto his lap. He set Marshall’s cup beside his own, freeing Marshall’s hands even as he wound his own about Marshall’s waist. Marshall laid his hands against Lee’s.

“This will be a first for both of us, you know.”

Marshall realized that, which only served to heighten his anticipation. It seemed only fitting. He’d given Lee his virginity, and now Lee was offering his own. The very thought of being inside of Lee was… intoxicating.

“I hope you know you’re everything to me,” Lee murmured into Marshall’s neck. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, to make you happy, keep you safe.”

“I know that, and I feel the same way.” Marshall sighed and relaxed into Lee’s touch.

They sat together, simply holding on. Marshall’s ass didn’t even bother him in this position. Or else it had gone numb. Reluctantly, he realized he needed to get up when he felt Lee shift beneath him. He turned his head, looking directly into Lee’s dark blue eyes.

“Should we set a safeword for you?” he asked.

“For me?” Lee sounded surprised.

“Well, yeah. I mean, I have one, shouldn’t you?”

Lee chuckled softly. “Darlin’, there’s nothing you can do that’s gonna hurt me. Trust me. Besides, I trust you with every fiber of my being.”

Marshall understood what he meant. casino firmaları Although he had his safeword, he’d never used it, never had to. They knew each other too well to let anything get out of hand. Even in the throes of passion.

“How about that coffee you promised?”

Marshall understood the unspoken words that always lay between them—they were the bedrock of his existence.

“Coming right up, old timer,” he quipped, and was rewarded with a light swat on his rump. But a carefully placed one, at that. Marshall grinned all the way to the kitchen.

* * * *

Marshall spent a great deal of the remaining day focused on the night to come, unable to concentrate on anything but the culmination of his heart’s desire. He wanted tonight to be perfect—for both of them. The question was: how could he do that?

Visions of implements flashed through his mind—an inventory of the toys they’d acquired over the past couple of years. Although much fun was to be derived through improvisation as well. They had a very active sex life, and were not averse to trying new things. But what was appropriate for tonight?

In the end, Marshall decided he wanted nothing more than Lee, himself, and some lube. Good thing they’d stocked up when they were in San Antonio. Sometimes they ordered it online. That wasn’t exactly something you could pull off the shelf at the local grocery store. At least not for what they wanted to use it for. Of course, there güvenilir casino was always Tucker Falls, which was a little more sophisticated than Burnham, as evidenced by the existence of Partners, and they sometimes availed themselves of its proximity when they were out on the town.

Marshall was determined this was going to be the best night ever. And not just in bed.

While Lee worked on restoring a hard drive someone had shipped to them, Marshall gave up any pretense of working.

“I’m heading up to the store to pick up something for dinner. What would you like to drink with it?”

“I dunno.” Lee looked up from his work table. “Whatever looks good, I guess.”

Well, that didn’t help.

“Wine or beer?” Marshall tried to narrow the choices down.

“Beer’s good. Maybe see what kind of ale they got in?”

Marshall could work with that. This time of year, they might even have some of the seasonal stuff. He jingled the truck keys in his hand. “Be right back.”

Once at the store, he stood in front of the meat counter, looking over the various cuts of meat before selecting two nice-looking sirloin strips. He could grill those, with some vegetables. He chose asparagus and two ears of corn, then decided against baked potatoes as being too heavy. He found a twelve pack of seasonal ale and carried his selections to the front. Nothing sweet—Lee would be dessert.

“Romantic dinner?” the checker asked with a knowing smile.

“Yes’m,” Marshall replied, unable to keep from smiling at the thought.

“Ah,” the checker sighed, “why are all the good ones taken or gay, or both?”

“I’m afraid I wouldn’t know.” Marshall laughed.

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