Doing as I’m Told

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First off, I am a 33 year old, orally bi man. I have girlfriend and a pretty good life, but sometimes I have a growing urge to suck off another guy. I push it down and usually just jerk off, but occasionally the urge becomes overwhelming, nd it’s while I am overwhelmed that I have found that I have taken very well to a sub role, even if it was not planned.

I was on a gay chat site again that day. My cock was out, I had some straight blowjob porn on the tv and I was just looking around. It had probably been months since I last gave another man head. It seemed like forever. I saw the usual selection of guys online. I’ve spoken to most of them at one time or another, had only actually ever met up with one. A new profile caught my eyes. It was of a 24 year old kid, obviously in athletic shape from the shirtless picture he had in his profile. I figured I’d see what he was up to so I sent him an email.

Bascially I just told him that I’m a masculine guy, with a girlfriend, and that I tend to get into sucking cock from time to time. I told him if he wanted to chat and maybe hookup to get back at me. I waited a few minutes, continuing to stroke to the facials on screen, then I received a response.

“Masculine men do not suck dick, even if it is from time to time.”

It was not the usual response I had received from similiar emails. casino şirketleri I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked over his profile again, then I re-read the email he had sent. I’m not sure why I thought about saying this, but I wrote back to him.

“I apologize sir, I did not mean to lie to you. I like to think that I am masculine, but I really just want to suck dick and be a good cocksucker to a real masculine man.”

I didn’t know what I was writing, but there it was, written and sent. I was rock hard. He wrote me back more quickly this time.

“Give me your YIM screename.”

I wrote it back to him immediately, without even thinking, then I quickly logged into my YIM. I wasn’t logged in for more then a minute when I heard from him.

“So you like sucking cock slut?”

“Yes sir.”

“So why did you tell me you have a gf?”

“I do sir.”

“Lol. Sure.”

“Can I suck your cock sir?”

“Lol, yeah real masculine. I don’t let just any mouth on this cock.”

“Please sir, I would love to drop to my knees for you.”

“I bet you would bitch. Bet your girlfriend would like to know how badly you want my dick. Maybe I should make you tell her before you get my 8″ down your throat.”

“Sir I can’t.”

He logged off of YIM. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell my gf, but I wanted casino firmaları to be used by this young man so badly. I sent him one more email from the gay chat site.

“I’m so sorry sir, I should know better then to say no to you. Can I make it up to you? I so badly want to service your big cock.”

My YIM lit up again.

“What’s your cell number?”

I wrote it to him without thinking. Then nothing. No emails or IM’s. I just waited. Then I got a text.

“So my buddy tells me you are a cocksucker.”

“Yes sir.”

Then I got an IM.

“Did he text you?”

“Yes sir.”

“You will go to his house now, you will walk in and go to the bedroom on the right”

“Yes sir.”

I still didn’t know if I would go through with it, but I noticed my dick was telling me otherwise. I got another text.

“I guess I could let a fag blow me. How close to Mulligans are you?”

My IM was still going.

“He will by lying in his bed, hat over his face so he doesn’t have to look at you. You crawl up and suck that dick”

The text went again.

“How far, bitch?”

I didn’t know who to answer first. I sent the text.

“Just a few minutes away sir.”

My IM chimed.

“You got it boy? Don’t say a word, swallow his dick and if you are good he will feed you his seed. Then güvenilir casino maybe we can talk.”

My phone vibrated. He had given his address.

“If you aren’t here in 10 minutes, don’t bother coming.”

I answered my IM, figuring that the text didn’t need a response.

“He wants me to come over sir.”

“What are you telling me for whore? I’d get the fuck over there if I were you.”

“Just go there and blow him sir?” I was putting off the inevitable, trying to buy more time so my head could get into the equation instead of just my dick.

“Go. Now.”

He logged off again and as he did, I jumped up and threw my shoes on. I tucked my rockhard dick back in my pants and flew out the door. Now, for some reason, I was so afraid that I would be late. I hit a red light and kept looking at the clock, it was going to be close. My phone vibrated, I feared the worse.

“So not much of a cocksucker, forget it dude.”

I pleaded with him. I sent a text back saying I was on my way and that I really wanted to suck his dick. I heard nothing back. I kept driving to the destination and I had still not heard back. I figured I would give it one last shot and I dialed this strangers number. He answered after a few rings.

“I dont take calls from cocksuckers.”

“I’m so sorry for calling sir. I am right outside. I was hoping that I could still suck your dick.” I sounded pathetic.

“Inside boy.”

I left my phone and my wallet in the car and I locked it upon exiting. I basically ran to the front door and entered.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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