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Lynn was one of those women that if you saw her walking down the street, you wouldn’t really notice her.

She was a big gal, and without fail she had on a knee length plain skirt and sweater, except on the warmer summer days she wore a lighter blouse, and sometimes slacks.

Her hair fit the description of mousy perfectly.

In fact, there was not one single feature about her that stood out, she was just a bit on the homely side female.

I found her quite by accident, in fact, it was an accident. I had hurt my back, it hurt like hell is the understatement of the century.

The business card a friend had placed in my hands said massage therapy. I looked at it and for some reason I didn’t throw it away. It was days later when I made the call, after everything else I had tried just left me still miserable.

Over a period of a year or so, Lynn used her magic on me. The sessions were perfectly normal, she worked out the sore spots, brought blood flow to the area that was injured.

It helped, it helped a lot. Over time the pain just went away, replaced by a sensation that was like the pins and needles one gets when they sleep on an arm in the wrong position.

I was naked under the sheet of course, but Lynn never touched anything inappropriate. I also got used to her and realized that not only did I like her, but I became over time fascinated with her.

For one thing, she had saved up her money and bought a lot south of the city. Next she had covered the muddy driveway with leftover asphalt roofing material. She had cut up the roofing material into thin strips, and spread it out.

I was amazed that she would think of that, and it worked perfectly. She couldn’t afford to buy rock and she got the construction debris for free from one of her clients.

Next it was build a house. She poured her own cement blocks, setting each one carefully into place. It took her a couple of years of spare time work. I was out there several times as the project went on, and even pitched in to help once in awhile.

Lynn rewarded me for my help by making the sessions longer, then she began to undrape my ass and work out my glutes, that felt nice.

Once she had two rooms finished, some beams installed and a roof up, she moved from the office that she rented to her own place. That saved her money, the construction sped up and she ended up with a fine but rather odd looking two bedroom house.

There were still lots of things that needed finished, each time I arrived for my weekly appointment she had added a bit more.

Over time, as I got to feeling better, I got to thinking of her hands on me in a bit more intimate fashion. We even had a few conversations that hinted along those lines, and of course she knew.

To please me, she mentioned one day that since we knew each other so well that she would not mind if we dispensed with the top sheet. She said it would save her a bit on laundry, too.

I agreed, thinking this was it, but the session was just like all the rest, except that I was naked. I always got an erection, an enormous one in anticipation güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of perhaps a bit more than the usual session.

Lynn just ignored that. No amount of suggesting or hints would get her to cross that line, week after week I would lay there naked with my penis as hard as it could get, and her busy hands would get close but never touch. The dull sensation in my lower body would change under the ministrations of her magic hands to a tingle, I would get back to my house and masturbate furiously thinking of her.

I even drifted off and saw a few others, so many of them were willing, and I would close my eyes as their hands wrapped around me, thinking of Lynn.

It became one of those obsessions, it was almost like I needed the..conquest?

One day as Lynn was working on me she mentioned that she was having some troubles with paneling she had installed on one side of the room, it was pulling loose. She pattered on about how she was going to drill the cement to mount fastners to hold it. I even suggested a couple of other methods, but she had her own plan in mind. I really thought nothing more of that as we went through the session.

When I got to my next appointment, I saw that Lynn had a client ahead of me, there was a car parked out front. Lynn had built a small waiting room off of her home office, so I took a seat and picked up one of the magazines she kept out there.

I had just settled in, the door opened slightly and she peeked out.

“I am running 15 minutes late, Danny. Is that all right?”

“Sure, Lynn. I am in no hurry.” I smiled at her.

She nodded and closed the door.

I scanned the magazine, I had seen it a dozen times, so I reached down for another one that was in a stack under a small coffee table. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a motion.

By leaning forward, I realized I could see right into the massage room, the paneling had been removed, leaving a gap of about six inches where the bottom cement blocks ended. I knew there had been a screen on the inside there before, Lynn’s idea of ventilation for the walls. I could see the man lying on the table clearly, and all of Lynn’s lower body from just above the waist down.

The man was lying there on his back as Lynn worked on his chest, and he was completely naked. I didn’t think of that being out of the ordinary, since I was always naked too.

I tried to ignore it, but I kept leaning forward to take a peek, as the voyeur in me came out. Lynn had moved to the other side, began to work on the man’s legs. Her hands came up high, I saw her actually push against his testicles. He responded to that, his penis stiffening and lifting up off of his stomach.

I leaned back for a few minutes, concerned about being caught peeking, then I leaned down and looked again. Lynn now had her blouse open, she was rubbing her bare breasts on the man’s stomach.

That was a surprise.

Her breasts were round and soft, sagging down. She had huge dark nipples, and they were stiff and pointed. Then she came around to where her back was to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me, I saw her lean over, her head began to bob up and down.

Could she be doing what it looked like she was doing, her mouth almost had to be…on him? That lasted quite awhile, then she stepped to the foot of the table and ran both hands up the man’s legs. She didn’t stop when she got to his groin, her hands went up and over his cock. Grasping it with both hands, she began long slow strokes. Her bare breasts slid back and forth up and down the man’s legs as she stroked his erection.

I sat there in shock, amazement. It hadn’t registered on me that when she leaned forward, the side of her face had come into my view. Then her head turned, and she looked right at me.

I quickly jerked back and sat up. I thought about running, getting the hell out of there, I was caught cold peeking into Lynn’s massage room.

I waited for quite a long time, then I leaned forward to take another peek, unable to stop myself. She had a towel in her hand and was wiping off the man’s penis, holding it with one hand and wiping with the other.

It was just a few minutes later when they both came out, the man turned to her and hugged her, she hugged him back, just like she had done every time with me. He shot me a sidelong glance, kissed her on the cheek and left.

“Ready, Danny?” Lynn asked me, with an expression on her face I hadn’t seen before.

I got up and followed her inside, sitting on the chair while she changed the sheet on her table.

“Go ahead and get ready.” She told me, and left the room. I stripped and lay face down on the soft table, then I heard the shower running. Lynn came back out shortly, this time she was dressed in slacks and a pullover smock, drying her hair.

She set down the towel, reached for a comb and ran it through her locks a few times. Then she picked up her bottle of oil and began to work on me.

I lay there quietly, I really had no idea at all what to say. Lynn was quiet too, usually she was pattering on about her next project, or telling me about some incident going on.

“I didn’t get my room finished all the way, I ran out of time.” She said, finally.

“I see that, but there isn’t much left to do.” I answered lamely.

“I am sorry about what you saw. I didn’t realize.”

“It’s OK, Lynn. I guess that is just someone you know?”

“Yes, that is Walter, he and I…He helps me a lot and we sometimes..go out.”

Well, that explained that.

“You won’t tell anyone, will you? This is my office and I could get into…trouble.”

“The door is locked, Lynn. I won’t tell a soul. It’s just that..sometimes I wish..”

“I know. I know about men, they have needs. I just never wanted know.”

“I understand, it’s OK.”

“Thank you, Danny. You have been a good client, and like a friend to me.” She patted my back softly. I just nodded.

“OK. Well, time to turn over.” She reached for her bottle of oil again as I struggled to roll over onto my back.

“You saw did you güvenilir bahis şirketleri think?” There was a catch in her voice. My ears perked right up.

“Yes. You are beautiful, I really didn’t mind at all.”

“You really think so?” Lynn got a pleased tone in her voice.

“Yes, Lynn, you have beautiful breasts, if you don’t mind my saying so.” I was telling her the truth about that.

Lynn hesitated, her face taking on a reddish color.

“I want to make you happy!” She blurted out suddenly.

“OK.” I answered, not completely sure what she meant.

Lynn reached for a towel, wiped her hands. Then she reached down and tugged the smock over her head. Those big titties I had caught a glimpse of before were now displayed for me. Her nipples had snugged up in excitement, I realized she wasn’t used to compliments. Her skin was unblemished, there were no tan lines. The tips of her nipples were tiny, sticking out like needles, the darker area was a vertical oval shape.

She reached down and cupped my balls, lifted gently.

“May I?” She asked.

“Yes, please. I would like that.”

Lynn leaned over and holding my testicles, she slid her mouth over my erection and began sucking furiously. She was very much an amateur, I had gotten a few blow jobs from pros over the years and I knew the difference. Then her tongue came out and swirled around the head of my now rock hard cock, and it began to feel lots better.

After a few minutes of that, she oiled up her hands and began to stroke me. It didn’t take very long, I felt myself tighten up, and then I went off. She gripped just as I climaxed, then released and my sperm shot out and splashed on her chest. Her hand stayed busy all the way through my orgasm, milking the last sensations out of me.

Then she reached for the towel again and wiped her hands. As she reached for the smock I stopped her.

“Please don’t cover those up.” I blurted out. She seemed pleased at that. Then she started in massaging me again, vigorously. It made her breasts sway back and for delightfully. I was actually hoping to get another erection but she had milked it all out of me for the moment.

Finally she was finished, she went over and sat in the chair as I sat on the edge of the table. Her big breasts were still naked, she just sat there and watched me, unashamed of her big titties hanging down.

I reached for my clothing, got dressed. Then I reached for my wallet.

“Please don’t pay me, Danny. I just can’t take money, not for…that.” Her eyes were studying me, looking for a reaction.

“Lynn, you work for a living. I will pay you for the massage, the rest? Well, let’s just call that..friends?”

She nodded.

“OK. I can deal with that.” I handed her the fee, started to leave.

“I better fix that wall, huh?” She giggled. Then she got up, pulled on her top. We walked out into the waiting room.

A pretty middle aged woman sat there, the expression on her face was priceless. Her eyes were as big as silver dollars. I shot her a sidelong glance as I gave Lynn a hug, then kissed her on the cheek.

“Hi, Kate! Are you ready?” I heard Lynn ask her next client as I left.

“Yes. I think I am going to enjoy this today!” The woman flashed me a huge grin, then turned and followed Lynn into the room.

I was humming to myself on the way home. I could hardly wait until the next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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