Dirty Weekend

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I got the text around 6.30. “I’m leaving the spa in about ten minutes. So should be with you by 7. S xxx”.

I’d met Sophie a few months ago. She had been at a networking event at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall. By far the youngest woman there, I’d naturally spotted her. But I hadn’t expected to be talking to her. However, we ended up with drinks in our hands having found a quiet corner with comfy leather sofas. Sophie had short dark hair and a winning smile with twinkling eyes. She dressed very professionally. You could see she had amazing legs and a great figure. We’d talked about her journey into marketing and setting up her own business. Just by being in her company, it made me feel on top of the world. I’d expected it to be just that evening though. We exchanged business cards at the end. Yes, we had flirted together all that evening and it had been enormous fun… But I couldn’t see how we’d meet again really.

A few months later, my clinic had decided to launch a cosmetic surgery line. And I said to the management team, that I knew the right person to manage our go to market strategy. Sophie’s card was out of my wallet and we had met a couple of times. Now was the evening to see the video to be launched through the channels she had selected. We’d arranged to meet at a bar near her home. I’d decided to book a room in the hotel nearby.

“I have had my nails manicured and painted a smutty scarlet for you. And I’ve had my make-up done.” The next text followed. I smiled. Well! There were my instructions to show my appreciation when I saw her. But I was still flattered that Sophie should make this effort. And my eyes fell on her choice of ‘smutty’. Certainly she was never less than the constant tease!

Then a third text came through. “Millie’s coming too as she said she’d like to be there the next time we met.” No request. No context. But Sophie had told me about Millie. She was apparently a close friend and a personal trainer at the nearby gym. She had come up as the subject of conversation at our last meeting. I remembered two things now. That Sophie had said that her decision to use waxing had followed an intimate moment between them. And that Sophie’s parting words had been “perhaps we should make it a threesome.” Each of our meetings seemed to test the boundaries every time.

7pm arrived and so did Sophie. She looked sensational with her business clothes, perfect hair and beautifully made up face. I stood up to greet her. I had chosen a dark wide pinstripe suit, crisp white shirt and strong purple tie. She laughed at my formality and we kissed affectionately on the cheek.

“I love your fingernails. Is striking the right word?” I said. Looking at the acrylic extensions that made her long fingers look even longer.

“Well, they could certainly do some damage against some soft skin.” said Sophie, her eyes twinkling as usual.

“I’d better keep my trousers on then”. I replied.

“Don’t you dare!” came back Sophie. “I won the contract from the spa. I’m in the mood to celebrate”.

“Well, let’s start that with some champagne.” I said. And I went to the bar, bringing back a bottle of Taittinger with three flutes.

“Millie’s always late. But I’ve had a text that she’s on her way. She’ll appreciate the champagne.”

And indeed, at that moment, a woman with the silkiest blonde hair arrived. As if to add to the drama of the moment, the bass opening of KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” played over the speakers in the bar. Sophie leapt up and put her arms around her friend, kissing her on the mouth in front of me. I could see that Millie was a little shorter than Sophie. But she was equally smartly dressed in an electric blue blouse and black mid-thigh pencil skirt. Suddenly thoughts of her gym and her firm toned body flooded my head.

“… You can see she’s a beautiful girl, she’s a beautiful girl …” went the song over the speakers.

I shook myself mentally to collect my thoughts. I extended my hand rather formally. “Hello. You must be Millie! I’m Sam.”

Millie looked at me with gently amused eyes. She took my hand, but moved in closer to me. She turned her head slightly and I accepted the invitation to kiss her on the cheek as she kissed me back.

“Would you like some champagne, Millie?”

“Is the Pope a catholic?” she replied.

OK. Quick witted – like Sophie – I filed away. And I filled the last flute, handing it to Millie.

We turned our attention to the business of the evening. Sophie showed us the video. It captured what I had wanted to emphasise – that proper and professional consultations took place. It also gave the reassurance şirinevler türbanlı escort that our clinic was staffed with fully qualified physicians. And it subtly used the prestige of the Harley Street address. Overall, I was delighted with the results and I thanked Sophie. Millie critiqued from the perspective of someone who might be a customer.

Millie was sharp enough to point out that all the actresses were in absolutely no need of Botox or filler. This moved us on into a deep conversation on the ethics of the industry, social pressures, regulation, and so on. I could see I was in the company of two very intelligent women. I relaxed with the glass of champagne. It was just fun to be in the company of two beautiful, intelligent women. Accept the company and enjoy the conversation, I said to myself.

The conversation moved to more personal matters. Millie asked about how Sophie and I met. I asked Millie about her gym and training regime. Sophie raised the subject of tattoos and piercings! I had to admit that I had none. But with a little bravado, I decided to say that I had considered a cock ring.

“Eeee yuk” said Millie. “I don’t like those.”

“I don’t mind a cock cage.” said Sophie.

Quite quickly, I realised I was heading out of my depth.

“I understand Sophie has a nipple piercing!” I said to move the conversation along. The knowledge was from the benefit of our frank conversations.

“Yes,” said Millie. “her left to be precise.” The two girls looked at each other. I’ve just been trumped I thought to myself.

“I have a tattoo.” added Millie.

“Oh yes.” I asked. “Where is it and what is it of?”

“Under my breast and it’s a quote from Einstein”.

“OK.” the pitch of my voice raised. “Was not expecting that! So does Sophie know what the quote is?” Thinking of how Millie knew about Sophie.

“Hmmmm. Something about everyone being a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

“You do have a good memory, Soph.” confirmed Millie. And all I could think about was whether Sophie had actually read the tattoo.

“Well, it’s been a different kind of evening” I said as the clock moved on to 9pm. “Intelligent conversation and philosophy. Not my usual Friday evening. Thank you, both. I need to send the video on to the management committee. I promised it them tonight for our Steering Committee tomorrow. It’s been such a pleasure.”

And we parted with affectionate kisses but with a sense of tension that there was really much more to the evening.

I headed on to my hotel. And I posted the video from my email to the team.

It was 9.30pm. My phone buzzed. I looked down at the text. Sophie’s name was above it. “We’re in the bath together, Sam. xxxxx”

A few seconds later, the phone buzzed again. “Come over if you want dirty sex tonight. S&M (kinda has a ring to it dontcha think?)”

I picked up my phone. “Where?”

A few seconds later Sophie texted me her address.

I arrived at Sophie’s at one minute past ten to ring the doorbell. There was still a part of me that could not believe this was happening to a middle aged guy like me. Was I being set up? Was it a complete stranger’s house I was being sent to in a massive practical joke?

Millie answered the front door, leaning around it – her fine blonde hair cascading down over her shoulder. I almost sighed with relief. Millie ushered me in, closing the front door behind us. I then saw that she was just wearing a black and white hooped rugby shirt.

“I don’t recognise the colours.” I said

“Brive.” replied Millie, pushing her chest out … presumably in order to display the club badge.

“Ah, the French club!”

I followed Millie down the hall. The shirt meant that the whole length of her legs was shown. They were golden tanned, matching her hair, and they had a wonderful muscled skin tone. The fact that I couldn’t see any of her ass under the shirt paid wonderful tribute to the condition of her glutes!

Then I saw Sophie. She stood in the room in matching bra and thong with hold up stockings and six inch heels. Her legs simply went on forever.

“Sophie. You look incredible… I mean you both do…”

The three of us embraced in the middle of the room, kissing each other’s mouths as we held onto one another.

“Give me your jacket, Doctor Sam” said Millie as we let go of each other.

“And I told you that I wouldn’t let you keep your trousers on tonight.” reminded Sophie.

“I suppose I am a little şirinevler ucuz escort overdressed in the circumstances!” I said. I undressed unbuttoning my shirt and standing in my boxers.

“And those too.” instructed Sophie.

I pulled down my boxers so I stood is just my unbuttoned white shirt. Sophie walked up to me. She ran her nails up my balls and grazed them along my shaft.

“It’s quite an animal, Sam. I’d say it needs caging. But we’ll let it out tonight.”

And she kissed me on the mouth again as she scratched her nails along the bottom of my balls again, to leave me completely erect.

An empty bottle of Moët lay on the carpet and another one opened. Clearly some Dutch courage had been needed to fire off those texts. I looked at the gorgeous pair as Sophie sat down and they both picked up their glasses to drink. I knelt at Sophie’s feet, looking up at her, and slipped her heels off. Then I reached up and slipped her stocking off too, my fingertips brushing her thigh gently as I pulled it off her. She closed her eyes momentarily to savour the touch.

I looked up into Sophie’s deep brown eyes as she opened them again. The twinkle had been replaced by serious desire.

“Have you ever had your wrists tied?” I asked her.

She shook her head.

“Lay on the ground. Put your arms over your head.” I said.

Sophie slipped to the ground and followed my order. I moved above her to tie her wrists together with her stocking. Millie moved down and picked up the bottle. She seemed to effortlessly slip Sophie’s thong to the side and push the neck of the bottle into her pussy.

“Just as well it wasn’t Mumm” I murmured.

The two girls seem to instantly get into it. Sophie was thrashing against the bottle as Millie thrust it in and out of her. Her head was rocking side to side.

“Millie – kiss my tit the way you do.” screamed Sophie. Her long neck stretched up so she looked pleadingly down at Millie as she lay on the ground.

I moved round to take over bottle duties from Millie. Millie moved to the side of Sophie. She knelt down and started kissing her. I watched as she lifted Sophie’s breast from the bra cup and used her mouth and lips and tongue to pleasure her nipple. It was the most delicate of touches, just using the piercing through the nipple to pull and stretch her every now and then; every time eliciting a moan from Sophie. Millie’s hand reached down to mine as she continued to suck Sophie’s breast. She guided the angle and the depth of the bottle as I picked up the speed. Sophie was bucking and screaming now. Millie’s hand left mine and trailed along the bottle until her fingers rolled against Sophie’s clit. Sophie’s back arched as the orgasm rose through her body. Millie stopped my hand and released Sophie’s nipple. Her legs clutched in and then she fell back to the floor.

Millie looked at her and chuckled.

“I have never seen you look such a mess, Soph! Your hair is all over the place. You’ve got one stocking on, the left breast out of your bra and your thong pulled across.”

Sophie didn’t seem to mind how she had got so dishevelled.

“Sam. I want your cum over me too.”

I grabbed my cock in my hand only too glad to touch myself. And I started to stroke. Millie freed Sophie’s hands as Sophie lay there recovering her breath.

“Millie – come and help me.” I said.

Millie came to me and replaced my hand with hers. We stood over Sophie as Millie pumped me with a corkscrew action. I looked into her strong blue eyes. It was almost too intense. And I had to throw my head back and just give myself to the girl’s hand. Sophie sat up as she recognised that my climax was close. Almost instantly, the first ejaculation fired into her face. The second hit her chin and ran down her breasts. Millie yanked the final few squirts from me.

Sophie wiped some of the warm white ribbon on her face with her hand. She presented Millie with her cum-covered fingers. Millie licked it off her and then began kissing and licking it off her face. The girls continued. Millie took off Sophie’s bra. Then Sophie lifted off Millie’s rugby shirt. Her mouth trailed down Millie’s body. I watched as Sophie performed the intimate act on Millie that had persuaded Sophie herself to start waxing. She licked and kissed and probed Millie’s utterly smooth cunt with her tongue. Millie fell back and gripped the side of the armchair. Her hips thrust out to Sophie’s mouth. She rocked her hips in time with Sophie. She squeezed with her hands. She closed her eyes. And I listened as her breathing got faster, until there was a şişli escort long moan from her mouth and her legs locked, thrusting her ass off the seat. We had all reached climax now.

I didn’t want it over. Millie was naked slumped in the chair. I was sat on the sofa opposite having watched the two girls. I slipped off my shirt. Sophie was sat on the floor. I moved down beside Sophie as Millie lay recovering.

“Time to get you out of those last clothes.” I whispered in her ear as I put my arms around her from behind.

Sophie’s bra and one stocking lay strewn on the carpet. She sat up and stretched out her leg so that I could push the other stocking down from behind her. I slipped it off her foot and placed it with her other stocking. Then I put my hands on the strings off her thong. She lifted her ass and let me slide it off her too. Millie was watching and alert now, so I playfully tossed the thong to her. She smiled and draped it over her face before placing it down. The air crackled with the moment of silence and anticipation for round two.

So I asked Sophie.

“Do you have any toys?”

“Upstairs in the bedroom.”

“What do you have?”

“Rabbit. Bullet. Butt plug. And anal beads.”

“Bring the bullet and the anal beads down. You’re going to use them on Millie.”

Sophie leapt up to go on her errand. I went over to Millie and took her in my arms pulling her to me. For the first time, I now touched her incredible body. It was so firm, with such smooth, soft skin. I pulled her into me so I could feel her breasts against my chest. My hand ran down her back and squeezed her firm muscular ass. Absolutely incredible I thought to myself.

Sophie returned quickly. She placed the butt plug next to me.

“And that’s going into your ass later, bad boy.”

Millie drew out of my arms and lay on the carpet raising her butt in the air. She knew exactly what she was going to be asked and didn’t seem to mind at all. Sophie squeezed the lube straight onto Millie’s rosebud. And then she buried the beads into her one by one using her long nails to push each one in. Millie groaned on each occasion and I counted the six beads. She then rolled over with her knees up and legs apart. Sophie took the bullet and started low. She worked it up and down the lips of Millie’s pussy and over her clit. The moans continued from Millie’s mouth. I wanted to come close and watch again. I moved above her and started caressing those beautiful breasts that I had felt touched against me a few moments ago. Sophie began probing Millie with the bullet, speeding it up. Again Millie’s back arched and she looked down and thrust back into the vibrating toy.

Millie started calling out and bucking. She was clearly close. Then she stiffened. Sophie ripped the string of beads out of her ass. And Millie’s scream pierced the room. She shattered between us as her orgasm crashed over her. And then collapsed to the floor legs splayed.

Sophie and I left her to recover and started to make out. We were standing, kissing, stroking, touching. Sophie’s hand dropped to my crotch and started raking my balls and cock again. As she did, I felt a lubed finger on my asshole. Millie was behind me and inserting the butt plug. I gasped and Sophie dropped to her knees as she felt my cock respond. Millie was pushing the plug in my ass as Sophie used her mouth on my cock. Then to my shock, Millie stretched a rubber resistance band around our hips and tied us together.

“I’m going to use you as my strap on, Sam.” she whispered in my ear.

Sophie sat on two cushions on the edge of the sofa spreading her legs. Millie and I moved between her legs. Sophie took my cock in her hand and guided it onto her dripping pussy.

“Now!” she called out.

And I felt Millie push my hips. My cock slid inside Sophie. Millie began to thrust back and forth. My hips took the timing from her, lock-stepped by the tight rubber strap holding us. Sophie’s pussy felt so good around me. And every time Millie thrust, then not only did I fuck Sophie but Millie’s bone seemed to drive the plug deeper into my ass. My head went wild and I felt my cock begging to cum.

“I’m going to cum.” I shouted out.

“Shoot” ordered Millie.

“Cum in me.” cried out Sophie. She was thrusting her hips back hard into me. She was panting and moaning.

I reached back and grabbed Millie’s ass to signal to stop thrusting. Buried in Sophie’s pussy, my cock spasmed and emptied its second load. As I did, Sophie’s moan went suddenly louder and I felt her pussy clutch on my shaft. The cum inside her seemed to tip her over the edge. The climax washed across her body.

“Mmmmm. You are the perfect strap on, Sam.” whispered Millie into my ear. “I must keep you in the bottom drawer by my bed.”

“I think the pleasure was all mine, Millie.” I said.

Then I looked down at Sophie with her arms and legs splayed in post-orgasmic bliss.

“Well, possibly not all.”

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