Dirty Dreams

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Big Tits

Martin slowly opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the clock on the bedside table. A momentary panic quickly subsided when he remembered it was Sunday and he closed his eyes and pulled the duvet up around his neck. As he lay there, drifting in and out of consciousness, he became aware of his morning wood throbbing hard and allowed his hand to drift down and close around his shaft.

His wife Karen stirred next to him and he quickly released his cock and rolled over onto his back, his meat pushing upwards against the covers. Karen rolled towards him and nestled herself into his armpit. Her hand gently brushed across his chest and teasingly moved down over his stomach and finally found his aching cock.

“Mmm, that’s nice…” said Karen as she felt the hot, hard flesh pulsing in her hand. “How many days has it been since I allowed you to cum?”

“Fifty two Mistress.” Murmured her husband, as he struggled to resist thrusting his cock into her tightening fist.

“Oh… you’re not suffering too much yet then, you’ve gone a lot longer than that before.”

Karen gave Martin’s cock a few pumps before loosening her hold and sliding her hands down to caress his heavy balls.

“I love how big and full they feel when I keep you denied.”

Karen tightened her fist around her husband’s balls until she heard him wince slightly and felt his cock buck.

“I had another dirty dream last night… do you want me to tell you about it?”

“Mmm, yes please Mistress… I love hearing about your dreams.” Breathed Martin.

Karen took hold of his cock again and started slowly stroking it.

“But remember, no cumming without permission… if you get close you need to tell me.”

“I will Mistress.”

“Okay, well… it was similar to the last one, except this time you were lying on the floor on your back. I was on top of you, pinning you down with my legs over your arms and my pussy right over your face. You were licking my clit while I was sucking these two guys… both of them had big cocks, like 9” or more, and thick too. You couldn’t really see much because I was on top of you but I’m sure you could hear the sounds of me sucking on their meat and moaning as you elazığ escort licked me closer and closer to orgasm.”

Karen paused a few moments and dipped her head under the covers to suck her husband’s cock for a few seconds. He was hard as a rock and clearly ready to pop any time, but she knew he was skilled at holding back and that he wouldn’t risk cumming without permission.

“I felt one of your arms get loose and move down your body and then I felt your thumb pressing against my asshole. I started pressing against it, trying to force it inside me and at the same time grinding my pussy against your tongue and chin. I felt your thumb slide inside and within a few seconds I had a massive orgasm right on your tongue.”

Martin let out a little groan, and felt his wife’s hand move a little quicker on his throbbing stalk.

“Don’t forget the rules slave… you don’t get to cum without permission.”

“No Mistress… I won’t.”

“Good… so as I came I leant back onto my arms and the two guys started beating their cocks really hard and fast. I looked up at them and begged them to cum on me, to spurt all over my gorgeous tits, and they did… First one, then the other, they pumped hard and fast until the spunk flew out of them and splattered right across my soft, sexy tits. They were absolutely covered in it, and some was dripping off of me and onto your face, and some was just dripping down my front in between my tits.”

Karen sensed her husband getting a little too close and eased off on her strokes.

“Then I reached up and rubbed my fingers in it, swirling it around and coating my tits in the mess. I know how much you love to see my tits dripping with cum, it’s so fucking hot isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress…”

Karen squeezed a little harder again, satisfied that her husband was far enough from the edge to continue.

“And then I slid my hands down my body and rubbed their cum all over my pussy and then pushed my fingers into your mouth. You sucked them clean and then I sank my pussy down onto your face and you eagerly cleaned that too… the little fucking cumslut that you are! I even scooped the cum off of your face and fed you escort elazığ that too, and all the time your cock was throbbing and aching, just like it is right now, desperate to shoot for me. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Mistress…”

“You really want to cum don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress…”

“Is that because you want the pleasure of an orgasm or is it because you crave the taste of your own cum?”

Martin paused for a second before he could answer.

“Both, Mistress.”

Karen chuckled to herself.

“Even though you know there’s no way I’m going to let you have a proper orgasm after fifty two days slave? No, I think you want to taste it… that’s what I think you want. That’s what I think you need to sate your thirst…”

Martin groaned in frustration.

“You’re such a cumslut slave, what are you?”

“A cumslut Mistress.”

“You know… if I ever get bored with denying you, I’ll still expect you to eat every drop of your spunk. Can you imagine what it would be like to go back to cumming three or four times a week and having to lick up and swallow all that cum every single time? You’d love that wouldn’t you… your cock is throbbing at the thought of that, isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress…”

“Yes Mistress… maybe I should get you to a hundred days and really fill those balls up, and then ruin you every night for a week and make you swallow every drop. You’d love to do that for me wouldn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress, for you…”

“And what if I made it so that every night you had to jerk yourself right to the edge and then ruin yourself onto a plate and then bend down and lick it clean, what about that?”

“I’d much rather you did it, and lick it off your gorgeous body Mistress…” Martin whispered.

“I know you would,” Karen retorted. “But it doesn’t matter what you want does it, because this cock, these balls and the hot, sticky cum inside them all belong to me don’t they?”

“Yes Mistress, they all belong to you.”

“Which means, whatever I say goes… doesn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Are you getting close slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Karen stroked harder and faster elazığ escort bayan and bent closer to kiss her husband, then kept her face close to his as she whispered.

“I love my dreams slave, but I think you like them even more than I do… tell me when.”

Martin held back as long as he could, desperate to enjoy every single stroke, but eventually he had to concede defeat.

“I’m close Mistress!”

Karen stroked his cock three more times and let go, her hand falling down between his legs and resting for a moment before pulling back and slapping his balls three or four times, but to no avail.

“So close, huh… maybe just a few more strokes.”

Karen gripped Martin’s cock lightly and started a fast stroking motion, barely applying any pressure but easing him back to the edge all the same.

“Oh God please Mistress… please, I need to cum.”

Karen laughed.

“Rubbish, you don’t ‘need’ to cum at all, you ‘want’ to cum, but you don’t ‘need’ to… what you ‘need’ is to taste that hot, creamy cum on your tongue, so give it to me!”

“I’m close Mistress.”

Karen continued to stroke a few more times and then let go once more, watching closely as Martin’s cock pulsed and throbbed angrily before leaking a bead of creamy white cum. A second passed and then a steady stream of thick white spunk trailed from the eye of his cock and formed a puddle at the base.

“Oh yes, that’s good… that’s really good. I like that.”

Martin looked down and groaned in absolute frustration, and then watched as his wife and Mistress bent forward and carefully sucked the puddle of cum into her mouth. She moved up his body and pressed her lips against his, slowly releasing the load of hot, sticky cum from between her lips and letting it drip into his eager mouth.

Their tongues meshed, extra slippery with the coating of cum they both shared and then Martin waited for the order he knew to expect.

“Show me slave, show me what a cumslut you are.”

Martin opened his mouth to show he hadn’t immediately swallowed the load of cum and Karen spat the last remaining drops from her mouth to his.

“Good slave, now you may swallow.”

Martin swallowed and felt the warm sticky cream pass down his throat.

“Thank you Mistress.”

Karen smiled and kissed him again, then grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers down between her thighs and into her soaking wet cunt.

“I so need to cum now, that was fucking HOT!”

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