Dinnertime Truth or Dare

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Briskly silencing the shrill cry, I cocooned myself deeper within my duvet and listened to the rain’s soporific beat drum seductively against the pre-dawn blackened window-pane. A few seconds’ thought was all it took to decide me that today I would enjoy a day of guilty pleasure avoiding the rigours of work. I reset my snoozing alarm clock for 9:30am, a time when I knew my secretary would be behind her desk, contemplating my whereabouts.

9:30 seemed upon me as soon as I’d closed my eyes, but the rain had stopped and my window was bright. When I’d subdued the jangling alarm, I felt refreshed and, pleasingly, horny. I slipped one hand into my boxers and felt the soft, hot skin of my cock inflamed in a hard erection, aroused by a pleasant dream that had been frustratingly banished by my second wake-up call. Letting my fingers linger in my boxers, I reached for my phone and dialled my secretary, a dippy blonde bombshell for whom I’d long harboured a secret sexual fantasy. She answered immediately, and my excuses began while I rubbed my cock. “I’m afraid I won’t be in today; I’ve woken up feeling stiff and very hot. Can you let everyone know please?”

After spending a pleasant hour dozing and touching myself, mentally undressing and fucking my secretary, I turned on the computer and logged into Literotica Chat. It would be a fun way to pass the morning, meeting random faceless people and revealing intimate secrets to strangers. A conversation was soon ignited with a delectable-sounding şirinevler escort young lady – Amanda, a PHD student – who shared residence of the same city as me. We gelled immediately and, feeling playful, I suggested a game of truth or dare. Sexual secrets surrendered and pornographic pictures peddled, my heart skipped a beat when Amanda dared me to take her out to dinner that evening. I’m not one to turn down a dare.

Freshly showered and scented, I worried around the restaurant entrance around the corner from my flat gripping a rose, nervous and excited. A hand on my bum alerted me to her arrival and I turned to feel her lips on mine, immediately aroused. Amanda looked even more fabulous in the flesh than on-screen, and having seen her naked in photos that morning, I was easily able to undress her in my mind. As I slipped my hand over her ass, she turned, took my hand and led me into the restaurant.

We headed for a table in the corner and got tucked into aperitifs. Conversation came easily, then after a while she leaned over the table and, taking my hand, slipped something into my palm. “A treat for you,” said Amanda. Looking down, I saw that I was holding a small black remote and looked at her with a puzzled expression. She just smiled back at me.

Touching the remote button, I saw her tense suddenly, breathing in sharply, closing her eyes and slowly tilting her head back with a growing smile. Realisation sprang upon şirinevler elit escort me then… a remote vibrator hidden in her underwear. She brought herself under control and looked at me sternly until I turned it off. She shuddered and smiled again. “Now, you’re only allowed to use that for one minute every time you complete a dare!”

Of course, I chose a dare immediately. So when the waitress came to take our order, I had to ask what things on the menu acted as an aphrodisiac. She laughed and I had to say, “But, seriously…?” And when she mentioned asparagus, I had to order it for my starter, by which time the poor girl had reddened and could hardly look at either of us. I didn’t use my one minute straight away, but waited until the waitress came back with the wine. Tapping the remote, I said, “Amanda will try the wine!” and I hardened again, watched her struggling to control herself and concentrate as she held the stem of the glass and swirled it, sniffing the wine.

The dinner passed all too quickly in a swirl of naughtiness. During the main course, I dared Amanda to go to the ladies’ and remove her knickers, depositing them into my coat pocked as she came past me. I hadn’t forgotten about the little vibrator, and told her that I wanted it inside her for the rest of the meal. She got up and did it without a moment’s hesitation, slipping the little lacy bundle into my pocket discreetly as she returned. I put my hand into the pocket şirinevler escort and felt the soft material, finding a wet patch on it, muttering, “Dare too please.”

“I take it you’ve found the wet patch?” she quizzed. I nodded. “Well, wet your fingers on it, then lick them off in front of me.” I obeyed without question, flicking on the vibrator as my fingers touched my lips.

Although I wasn’t still hungry by that time, I ordered chocolate mousse for pudding. Because of a dare, her shoeless foot was rubbing my crotch as the order was taken. When it arrived, I knew I couldn’t eat it there and then. At that point, she chose a dare.

With one hand I pulled her still damp knickers from my pocket, hiding them under the tablecloth. With the other hand, I dipped two fingers into my mousse and brought them under the tablecloth too, smearing the creamy chocolate on the inside of the crotch of her knickers. I passed them too her underneath the table and told her to put them on so I could save my dessert for later. She took them, looked at them, smiling, then handed them back under the table. “Only if you do a dare too,” she said.

“That’s not part of the rules!” I objected.

“Well,” she said, “if you want to lick your chocolate mousse off my pussy in 10 minutes, you’d better learn to adapt.”

Of course, I couldn’t resist, so she laid out her dare. “Go to the gents,” she whispered, leaning across the table so I could see straight down her cleavage, “and think of licking that mousse off my shaved pussy. As you do, I want you to wank into the crotch of them. After that, I’ll put them back on and I’ll let you take me home and lick me.”

I stood up and, flicking on the remote of the vibrator buried inside her, I said, “Well, you’d better ask them to bring the bill then…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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