Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 03

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With the house to myself after the twins left with a friend, I could do anything I wanted. I thought about the sisters that I had met last night in the hot-tub. I anticipated that there would be more of that. I decided to finish my homework for the weekend and be free of that hanging over me.

An hour later, I heard a strange tapping noise from my bedroom. It got my attention and I listened to hear where it was coming from. It didn’t sound like a knock on the front door or the back door. The tapping came again. Maybe it’s a woodpecker pecking on the side of the house. That didn’t seem right either. The tapping came again but louder and more taps.

I got out of bed to investigate. I grabbed my robe off the back of the door and was in the process of pulling it over my naked body when I saw the source of the tapping. Sarah and Sandy were standing in our picture window that looks into the backyard. Sarah was rapping her knuckles on the window pane as she had her face pressed to the glass so she could see inside. Sandy was beside her with her back to the window. I guess she was making sure no one saw them. Sarah grinned when she saw that I was naked and in the process of pulling my robe on. I pointed at the backdoor and headed that way.

I opened the door and the two of them slid quickly through the gap before I had the door fully opened. They wore tight tee-shirts with no bras. Their nipples pushed on the cotton material. They had cut-off jean shorts and gleaming white sneakers. Their hair was down and it hung well past their shoulders to the small of their backs. Their erect nipples had the expected effect on my dick and I didn’t even realize that it had lifted and was poking through the gap of my robe until their eyes went wide and they put their hands to their mouths and snickered. I grabbed my robe and pulled it together but there was nothing to be done about the tent in my robe.

“What’s up?” I said.

Sarah and Sandy giggled and Sarah pointed at my crotch and said, “It looks like that’s up.” Sandy burst out laughing and Sarah gave an elbow to Sandy’s ribs. Sandy elbowed her back, knocking her against the closed door. Angry looks flashed back and forth between the two of them for only moments and then Sandy began caressing her left nipple with her right hand. I doubt that she even realized that she was doing it.

Several moments of silence passed between us and it was clearly making them uncomfortable. Finally, Sarah stumbled out a sentence to break it. “Ummm… ummmm. We are actually here … ummm … for that.” She pointed at the tent in my robe. She was rocking nervously from foot to foot as she spoke. Sandy just nodded vigorously when Sarah finished and pointed at my tented robe too. I let more silence fill the room. I wanted more information about what they wanted with my cock and I just wanted to mess with them a little.

After nearly a minute, I pulled my robe apart and let my erection bounce upward and point directly at their wide-eyed faces. The girls turned to each other and Sandy whispered, “Fuck. It’s huge. We have to get a couple of selfies. Those snooty bitches would never believe us without the selfies.”

Sarah giggled and turned back to me. She spoke to my bouncing cock rather than my face as she said, “Well. Ummm … We wanted to take some selfies of us with your big dick. We won’t get your face. We just want to have some proof to show the class princess and her court. They would just say we made last night up just to make ourselves look woke.” Sandy just nodded. She was fiddling with her nipples again. Sarah saw her doing that and swatted Sandy’s hand away from her tits.

I got the gist of their request but I wasn’t pleased that they planned to blab our hot-tub session around their high school just to make themselves look more ‘woke’. I got it though. High School life sucks when you’re on the outside of cliques like the class princess and her court. I had experienced it not very long ago. I said, “What’s your plan? Just take cell-phone photos of my erection to show the princess?” Sarah grinned and nodded and pulled her cell-phone from her pocket. Sandy followed suit and showed me her cell-phone.

I grinned at them and continued, “If your intent is to brag about how big the dick was that you had sex with, you’d need to put something in the shot for comparison.”

Sandy said, “You mean like a ruler or something?”

I smiled and said, “That would work, but then the princess would just say that you downloaded the photos off a porn site.”

Sarah’s eyes widened like she had an idea. She looked at Sandy and they had that twin’s communication thing going on. She turned back to me and said, “What if we took selfies of ourselves kissing your dick? That would be proof, huh?”

I smiled and said, “That would be undeniable proof.” Sandy took my hand and pulled me into the living room and Sandy took several shots of Sarah with her lips pressed to my knob.

They got together to review the shots and then Sarah said, “This won’t work. These pictures look like I kissed a big dildo. We have to get Dex’s hips in the shot and take some shots to show how big it is and then show us antalya escort sucking it into our mouths. Sandy was on board with that plan and we all moved into position. Sandy took pictures while Sarah first kissed my knob and then pushed her lips on and slowly pushed about a third of my cock into her mouth. She gripped the base near my balls. Sandy said that she was going to switch to video and Sarah began her blow-job as she looked at the camera. Sandy giggled and said that she wanted her turn.

Sarah was reluctant to stop her blow-job and so was I. They switch positions and Sandy kissed my knob while Sarah clicked off pictures. Then Sandy pushed onto my cock and struggled to get further down my shaft. Tears burst out on her cheeks and she gagged a little but quickly recovered. Sarah was clicking away. Then Sarah told us she was going to video and Sandy began her blow-job while Sarah filmed. After a minute Sarah lowered the cell-phone and said, “I think we’ve got what we came for.” Sandy kept right on sucking my cock.

Sandy pulled back and licked her lips and looked up at me and said, “Fuck my face?” I smiled down at her as she pushed her lips back on. She pulled my hands up to the sides of her head and I started gently face-fucking her. Sarah raised her cell-phone and started filming again.

Sarah got some close-up shots and then said, “Come on Sandy. We’d better get home before Mom and Dad get back from grocery shopping. I continued the face-fuck making sure I didn’t push to much cock in her mouth.

Sandy pulled back against my hands and I let her go. She pulled off my cock and said, “We should have some pictures with Dex’s cum on our faces. That would shut the princess-bitch up.” Sarah was reluctant to stay any longer but she eagerly nodded and Sandy went back to work on my cock. Sarah moved down beside her sister and I pulled my cock from Sandy and let Sarah push her way down my shaft. I was getting close to cumming as I moved back and forth between them. As I got closer, I took the cell phone from Sarah to get a bird’s-eye view of them sucking my cock. I warned them when I couldn’t hold back anymore and Sarah pulled her face back beside Sandy’s with her tongue out like she’d apparently seen on porno sites. Sandy did the same and grabbed my cock and began furiously jerking on it. I blew my wad of long pearly white streams in a half-dozen installment onto their hair and down over their faces. I aimed the shots so both of them got an even share. I aimed for their open mouths and they received it before pushing it out on their lips. I was in the throes of my orgasm and my hips flew forward in a subconscious effort to launch my jizz as far as I could. They were covered and I got it all on video.

When we were done. I took a few still shots of them side-by-side covered in cum. They should have enough to satisfy the princess-bitch and her court. Sarah started licking the cum from Sandy’s face and I started filming again. Sandy did the same for Sarah and then the got up and went to the kitchen sink to wash off the sticky residue. I closed up my robe over my softening dick and synched the belt.

Sarah and Sandy came over to me and kissed me on the lips and thanked me for helping them out. I said that the pleasure was all mine and it was. They scanned the backyard through the rear door windows and then made a run for the hedges where they had disappeared last night.

I sat down on the couch and thought, ‘Well, that was an interesting hour,’ as I lazily stroked my semi-erect dick. Then my mind turned to the upcoming afternoon.

As I was getting ready to go, I wondered if I should jerk-off so I could last longer with a group of horny women; at least that was what I thought might happen. I decided that the morning ejaculation in Sarah’s and Sandy’s faces would be good enough.

As I drove into Molly’s driveway, she came running out and said, “Good, you’re early. Park your car on the street. Okay?” I did as she requested although I didn’t understand why. Molly hurried me into the garage through the side door that she had come out through. She immediately put her index finger to her lips as a sign to be quiet. I was quiet as instructed. Molly eased open the door from the garage to the house and pushed her head inside to see if the coast was clear. She motioned for me to follow her and she went quickly through the downstairs and up to her room. I caught a flash of her mother in the kitchen as I hurried behind Molly.

Molly softly closed her bedroom door behind me. I was confused and Molly read my face. She said, “My mother doesn’t know you are coming. This is a surprise for her and her friends in the support group. All they do at these get-togethers is moan about their lost husbands and tell each other how horny they are. Last week, before she got a load of your monster cock, Mom suggested that they hire a male stripper and take turns fucking the shit out of him, her words. The others thought that was a great idea but none of them stepped up to making that happen. So, if you’re up for it, I thought you’d make a fantastic stripper. I have a leather hood that I bought at the sex shop down town to hide your identity, lara escort if you want.

The doorbell downstairs bonged and we heard her mother yell, “Come on in.” We looked out her bedroom window and a total of four very expensive cars had pulled in. One middle-aged woman was half-way up the sidewalk carrying some kind of food dish. Two other younger women were getting out of their cars and collecting a food dish of their own from their back seats. They hugged each other with their free arm and kissed before making their way up the sidewalk.

Molly said, “Nice looking gaggle of MILF’s huh?” I laughed and nodded. “I figured that you would let things get going and get into their moaning mode before you show up in your costume.” She handed me the aforementioned leather mask, a pre-made bow-tie and what was basically a jock-strap with a furry elephant’s trunk sticking out in front to accommodate my dick.

I took the items and said, “Seriously. I’m not going to wear this thing.” Molly giggled and said, “Mom says that the fuzzy elephant dicks on those party porno sites really turn her on. You can do this for her can’t you?” I relented and started to get undressed, to don her costume. She watched with considerable interest as I got down to naked, and then she said, “Umm.. We have some time before you go on. How about me getting some of that?” She pointed at my dick that at the moment was dangling limply between my legs. “Jesus. Dex. It’s huge even when it’s soft.” She lifted her short skirt to reveal that she wore no panties. She spread her labia and said, “See how wet I am?”

My cock reacted as usual and began it’s rise. Molly just stared at it as it got longer and fatter as it rose up off my balls, to horizontal and finally to bobble around as it pointed at her face. From the look on her face, she was fascinated. “Damn. I’ve never seen that before. By the time I’ve seen my boyfriend’s dicks, they’re already hard.”

I replied, “As beautiful as you are, I’m not surprised.” Molly turned red with embarrassment and then hurried across the room and into my arms. She was nearly in tears as she kissed me over and over again as my cock jabbed her in the stomach. She finally acknowledged it and wrapped her fingers around the shaft just below the ridge. She pushed her hand toward my body, stretching the skin of my glans. I do this same thing when I masturbate because it heightens the sensation. She kissed me again sensuously as she started jerking me off. Her right hand was on my shaft facing opposite with her thumb toward my body. She joined her left hand the same way and vigorously stroked my cock. She was pulling me forward and pushing me back. She was already breathing erratically.

She tried to push my cock downward toward her naked pussy but my cock was so hard it wouldn’t comfortably do that. I put my hands on her waist and lifted her straight up in the air. She had to release my cock although she did that reluctantly as if she was afraid, she wouldn’t get it back. Molly hooked her heels behind my thighs as I lowered her pussy toward my cock. Neither of us could see but when she touched my cock; she made an adjustment and rocked her hips onto it. She groaned hard and long as I lowered her. I moved my hands to cup her naked butt-cheeks and started rocking my cock in and out of her as she did the same with her hips.

Her arms went around my neck to hang on and we kissed long passionate kisses as we fucked each other. Molly used her legs to pull herself on even harder and it wasn’t long before her eyes went wide and her body seized. She let out a groan, “Oh fuck. Dex. I’m cumming. Jesus. Fuck me hard. OOOOHHHH.” The last part came out as a wail. We were already fucking as hard as we could in this standing position so I turned and pushed her against a wall and pummeled her pussy. She was cumming already and she wailed out another moan, “AAAWWWWW.” She stopped kissing me and her head lolled back against the wall with her eye’s pinched shut and her mouth open in a sensuous “O”. She was chanting, “Oh my gaawwd. Oh my gaaawwd.” I could feel her erect nipples on my chest under her tight-fitting Angora sweater. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra.

I could have pushed myself up to join Molly’s orgasm but I wanted to save myself for the task at hand. When Molly’s face dropped to my shoulder, I knew she was done. She was gasping for air and continued her mantra for another minute or so. I flexed my hard cock in her and her body lurched and she let out another moan before settling down again. I could have kept doing that but I decided to let her come down.

I walked us over to her bed and bent over to let her down. She released her legs and let herself slide of my erection to her bed. She released my neck after one more kiss and I stood up. She just watched my cock bobbing up and down in front of her. I grabbed up the bow-tie and put that on. Then I stepped into the elephant trunk jock strap, noting the Velcro, quick disconnect straps on my ass. I went to Molly’s bathroom and wiped my cock clean and dry from her lubrication and stuffed my cock down the elephant trunk. I checked myself out in the mirror side escort and had to laugh. Not bad though, all things considered.

Molly giggled when I walked back into her bedroom swinging the elephant trunk from side to side. I pulled on the leather mask. It was a little tight but not bad. Molly grabbed her cell-phone off her night table and I posed, flexing my ripped muscles. She took several shots and then said, “Take your cock out of the trunk so I can get some shots of that. I did as she asked and walked my semi-hard dick over to her so she could suck it up to full size. I stepped back and posed with my cock pointing at the pictures on the wall across the room. She took several shots. In my mask, no one would be able to identify me without being intimately familiar with my erection.

Molly wiped her pussy dry with the same towel I had used and then she motioned for me to follow her. My erection was back in the elephant trunk as I followed Molly to the top of the stairs. I could hear the women downstairs talking in the kitchen. Why do parties always happen in the kitchen instead of somewhere more comfortable. That was where the food was, I guess.

Anyway, it made it easy for us to get down the stairs without being seen. Molly grabbed the elephant trunk and pulled me close behind her. We stopped and listened to the conversation in the kitchen. Molly had timed it pretty well. One of the younger women was asking Linda if she had made any arrangement for a stripper like they had discussed last week. Linda responded that she hadn’t. She said that she was too embarrassed and suggested that Midge do it. A middle-aged woman, that was probably Midge, objected and said that Dierdra should do it. A youngish voice said, “No way. I’d be happy to participate but I’m not setting it up.”

Molly said, “Well, I guess that isn’t going to happen.” We heard the other women one by one agree with her. The voice, presumably belonging to Dierdra said, “Shit. I’m about ready to fuck the bedpost. My dildo is useless. I can’t get off no matter how long I go. It’s so frustrating.”

Another younger voice spoke, “I know what you mean. I need a young virile cock pretty soon or I’m going to go nuts.”

An older voice, probably Midge, added, “I’d take an old half-deflated one at this point.” She got a hear-hear from another voice.

Linda said, “I don’t get it. We’re all pretty good-looking women with some experience on us. Why can’t we get a good-looking guy without acting like a bunch of sluts on the prowl?”

Midge’s voice said, “Maybe that’s exactly what we’ll need to do.” The others didn’t think much of that idea.

Molly was squeezing my cock to keep it up while she waited for just the right moment to step into the kitchen with her surprise. I guess right then was the moment because Molly released my cock and motioned for me to wait as she stepped into the kitchen.

Molly’s mother greeted her with a surprised voice and then said, “Hi Molly, you remember Midge, Dierdra, Francine and Amelia?” Molly nodded at each of them as her mother pointed them out.

Francine spoke up right away and said, “It’s Frankie.” Midge was Linda’s age and Dierdra and Frankie were younger by a decade and Amelia was thirty at the most. All pretty young to lose their husbands and based on their conversations that I had listened in on; none were ready to leave sex behind.

Molly said, “Mom? Why don’t you tell these ladies about your experience earlier this week? I hope you aren’t mad at me, but I overheard you guys talking about getting a stripper to fuck, or rather have sex with, last week. After your story I’ll give you my surprise?”

I peeked around the corner to watch Linda’s reaction. She turned red and glared at Molly who just smiled back at her. The others were intrigued and urged Linda to tell them her story. They were as giddy as school girls.

Linda held up her hands to quiet the group and then proceeded to tell how she’d had sex with a college guy. She left out the part about Molly bringing the guy home as a gift for her. The other women hooted and pumped their fists and urged Linda to tell all the details. Linda was embarrassed by the raw talk of the sex she’d had but she succumbed to the others prodding. She described her emotions and sensations to the others like she had relived them over and over again all week. She even described the anal sex and multiple orgasm. The others were squirming on their barstools as Linda told the story. Molly grinned through her entire story.

When Linda was done, she and the others were breathless and fanning their faces. She turned to her daughter fanning her own flushed face with towel and said, “I thought I would have another orgasm just talking about it. So, what is your surprise?” Both Molly and I knew that we wouldn’t fool her mother with the hood. Just my height and physique gave me away. Once out of the elephant trunk, my cock definitely would have. Molly said to her mother and friends, “Let’s go in the living room to get comfortable.” The group was intrigued and they jumped off their stools and hurried into the living room and picked out their seats. Linda reluctantly followed as she eye-balled Molly. As they left the kitchen, I moved in so they wouldn’t see me at the bottom of the stairs. At six foot six and a ripped physique, with a red leather face mask, a bow-tie and elephant trunk jock-strap and nothing else, I was easy to spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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