Desire Becomes Reality

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A group of us from our social networking site decided to meet face to face finally, and we’re having an amazing weekend at a swank hotel. It’s been a great night; we’ve had an amazing time drinking, talking and laughing.

It’s gotten late, though, so most of us have gone up to our rooms. In my suite, I’ve put on some jazz, donned a silky blue robe and poured myself a glass of whiskey from the bar. I’m relaxing on the couch, twitching my painted toes to the music and sipping my drink, when I hear a knock on the door.

Caught up in the music, I dance over to the door and crack it open. You’re standing there smiling, still in your shorts and t-shirt from earlier. In your left hand is an unopened bottle of whiskey, which makes me laugh. You ask why I’m laughing, so I lift my hand to show you my half empty glass.

I invite you in and grab you a glass from the bar. After all the phone conversations we’ve had prior to meeting, I feel very at ease in your presence. I make myself comfy on the couch again, you pour yourself a drink then cross the room to sit next to me, propping your feet up on the coffee table.

I ask if you want me to change the channel to a movie or TV show, but you tell me the music is fine. We talk for a while about everybody we met in the downstairs bar, and about how much fun we had. I sit up straight and stretch my neck by rotating my head in circles. You set your glass on the table and tell me to turn sideways and you’ll rub my neck for me.

Willingly, I oblige and you start rubbing my neck and shoulders, easing the tension from the long day. I begin relaxing more and more, leaning into your hands and listening to the soft jazz and gradually, I feel your touch become slightly sensual.

Your fingers press into the muscles in my neck, but instead of a regular massage, it feels as if you’re caressing me. My skin heats and my stomach does a tiny flip-flop. A tiny sigh escapes my lips. I feel your hands glide across my shoulders, slipping my robe down my arms.

You begin to massage lower, under my shoulder blades, letting your hands roam down to my lower back. You press gently, kneading my back with your knuckles, then dragging your fingertips upward. You continue for a few minutes, neither of us talking anymore, and I begin to feel aroused by your touch.

The next time you slide your hands up my back, you let your fingers wrap around my sides. Your hands glide up my back slowly, higher and higher, until you lightly graze the sides of my breasts.

I inhale a shaky breath as I feel my nipples tighten. I don’t know what to say to you, so I remain still, with my head straight forward. I try to breathe evenly and seem calm, but you reach around me to lower my robe from my breasts, and my breath catches.

You cup my breasts in your hands and begin to caress them, dragging your thumbs over my hard nipples. You lean closer against me, and I feel your warm breath on my skin the moment before you kiss my neck.

I almost come, then and there; the hem of my robe is wet. You kiss my neck again, then a third time, as you lightly pinch my nipples. I turn my head to look at ucuz escort you and I whisper your name. You silence me with your mouth. Our tongues meet, and I gently pull yours into my mouth and begin to suck on it. I hear a little moan, but I can’t tell if it came from you or me.

You tug at my side, pulling me around on the couch to face you. Our kiss becomes more insistent. You pull me tight against you and I can feel your hard cock pressing against me, straining at the fly of your shorts. For just a moment in my mind, an image flashes of the two of us, naked in a bath, fused together.

I grab the hem of your shirt and pull it off, over your head; I want to feel your skin against my breasts. You cup the back of my neck and pull my face to yours for another kiss. You sigh into my mouth as you reach between us to untie the sash of my robe.

As my robe falls to the couch, I feel your hands reach around me, to my ass. You begin squeezing, kneading my ass cheeks, spreading and lifting them. I kiss you intensely and lightly rake my nails down your chest.

I shift just a little on the couch and reach around to take your hand in mine. I guide your hand around to my thigh, then slide your hand to exactly where I want it. A quiet moan issues from my lips as you begin to rub my swollen, wet pussy.

I breathe quicker against your mouth as you circle my clit with the pad of your thumb, then slide your middle finger inside me. When you slide a second finger inside me, I hear you make a little noise that sounds like, “Mmm.”

You work my dripping cunt, faster and faster and I begin to feel hot and tingly. You hear me moan and tell me, “Not yet,” then you slide your fingers out, push me back on the couch and lower yourself down until your mouth is pressed against me.

You lap at me and spread my lips with your fingers, dragging your tongue upward to my clit, then back down and then up again. You flick my clit with your tongue, eliciting a loud moan from me. I spasm and come all over my robe, as you continue to torment my swollen clit.

Finally, I can’t take anymore and I sit up, forcing you up with me. I kiss you full on the mouth, tasting myself, as I reach down and pop the button and lower the zipper on your shorts. I pull my lips away from yours and stare into your eyes as I tug your shorts and boxers off. I drop to my knees on the floor in front of the couch, never looking away from your eyes, and I say “My turn. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to taste you.”

With my hand, I gently begin to stroke your stiff cock, then, still staring into your eyes, I lean forward and place gentle kisses all over your head. I lick my lips then drag my tongue up the underside of your shaft until I reach the head once more.

I take the head of your throbbing cock between my lips and suck it lightly, all the while still looking at your eyes. I lower my mouth further and further until most of your delicious dick is wet. I begin suckling you harder, at the same time stroking the base of your shaft with my hand.

You taste warm and salty and so perfect that I get wet all over ümraniye escort again and my pussy begins to drip onto the carpet between my knees. I continue sucking you firmly, slowly, but all of a sudden I can’t take the anticipation anymore, so I increase my pace and begin to hum against your cock, pulling you toward your finish. I want to feel you explode in my mouth.

Your left hand shoots out to fist in my hair as your cock grows stiffer against my tongue. You begin to pant as my mouth shows your luscious cock no mercy. I feel your hand tighten in my hair and your hips suddenly begin thrusting upward. Your other hand shoots out to grab my hair and you continue thrusting your cock into my mouth, faster and faster.

The feeling of you pulling my hair, fucking my mouth, turns me inside out and I come again, drenching the carpet with my juices and saturating the air with my lusty groans. You twitch against my tongue, and your hot come bursts into my mouth. I feel you pulsating as your seed coats my tongue.

When I’m certain I’ve drained you dry, I stand up and take you by the hand. I tell you I want a bath, and silly boy, you ask if I want you to leave. I smile at you as I pull you toward the bathroom and say, “No, I want you to watch me bathe.”

You follow along behind me, into the bathroom and you see the oversized oval tub. As I begin filling the tub with water, I turn my head to look at you, and in a wicked little voice I tell you, “I want you to fuck me in this tub.”

You blink at me, then say, “yes ma’am.” I step over the edge and lower myself into the water, leaning back against the tub. You sit on the side and watch as I grab the little bar of soap. As I rub the soap over my breasts, I watch you watch me. Your tongue darts out to lick your lips as I drag the soap lower into the water, and begin to wash myself.

Enjoying your voyeurism, I let the soap fall from my fingers and I start rubbing myself. I spread my legs wide, so you can see everything as I pleasure myself. You watch me slide my finger in, out, then in, and your cock grows hard again. With you watching intently, I spread the lips of my throbbing cunt to give you a clear view as I continue to finger myself.

I whisper, “This is where I want your cock. Right here. Deep inside me.” You look up, into my eyes and say, “Yes ma’am.” I giggle and ask you to get in the bath with me. As you slide down into the water, I ask you, “What do you want?” You look at me for a moment and simply say, “You.” “Well, you have me already,” I say, “So what do you want?” You seem to think for a minute before you respond, “I want to suck your nipples while you fuck me.”

I smile and bite my lip as I scoot across the tub, between your legs. You lift me up and pull me into your lap, so that I’m straddling you. Anticipating the feeling of you inside me, I bite my lip again and push up with my knees so I am right above your rigid shaft.

I lean in to kiss you, and I take your tongue into my mouth, right as I lower myself onto your cock. You jerk against me and groan simultaneously, and your reaction causes my nipples üniversiteli öğrenci escort to stiffen again. You wrap your arms around me as I begin to rock over you, taking you deep inside me.

Even though I am wet and ready, my pussy is tight and has to stretch to take all of you. I sigh as I rock harder and take all of your thick cock into my core. I can’t stop myself from moaning. I am deeply penetrated and completely full of your cock; it feels so perfect. True to your word, you lower your head and take my left nipple in your mouth. You suck it gently at first, then lightly bite it.

I gasp from pleasure and whimper as you let go of that breast and move to take my other nipple between your teeth. You roll it gently between your teeth, teasing me, sucking me, fucking my nipple with your warm tongue.

My breathing gets harder as I continue rocking against you, feeling the lips of my pussy slide against the skin of your dick. The friction feels so good, I never want to stop fucking you. I remember a comment you made a long time ago about bending me over a counter, and I smile as I look at you and say “Let’s do this YOUR way.”

When you give me a confused look, I pull back, rocking onto my heels. I stand up and, smiling at you, I take three steps to the tiled ledge wall on the opposite side of the tub. Facing away from you, I bend slightly at the waist, draping myself across the ledge. I look back at you and grin.

You finally understand and step over to stand behind me. You stroke my back for a minute, then my ass. I feel you rub your cock between my lips, and I almost come again. You keep teasing me, tormenting me. I’m getting impatient to have you inside me again and I beg you, “Please, baby, please fuck me now.” You spread my lips with your fingers and thrust your massive, stiff cock into me.

I gasp and rare back, pressing my back into your stomach and chest as you continue to pound my little pussy from behind. You reach around and grab my breasts, squeezing them almost roughly. You pinch my nipples and I bite back a scream as your teeth bite into my neck. I want more and more, and I moan, “Fuck yes, baby, fuck me! Fuck me!”

You put your right hand on the ledge to steady yourself, and with your left hand, you reach around me to turn my face around. You kiss me hot and hard. Your tongue thrusts into my mouth as your cock slams into me. I bite your lip and you reach up and pull my hair until my head is resting back against your chest.

I jerk my head forward and you pull my hair again. I shove my ass against you savagely, willing you to fuck me harder. You slam into me harder and harder and like a madwoman, I begin to chant, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh my god, FUCK ME!”

You growl deep in your throat and pound my pussy deep and hard. I moan loudly as I come, again and again and again, my juices soaking your cock. I feel you twitch and convulse, and you growl again and I know you’ve just let loose a thick stream of come deep inside me. You thrust into me a few more times and then, with shaky legs, we both sit down in the tub.

I lean back against you and sigh, “Mmmmmmmm.” You wrap your arms around me for a hug and we both stay silent for a few minutes, waiting for our hearts to stop pounding. When our breathing is back to normal and the water is cool, you whisper quietly in my ear, “We never made it to the bed…”

It’s going to be a long, fun night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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