Depraved Descent Pt. 02

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Lena felt her Grandfather come inside her. It lasted for long minutes and she came again and again as she felt his scalding hot and viscous semen pump into her.

She did not see that the semen was black and corrupted, only felt her lusts climb higher.

She grunted as she pushed back against her Grandfather’s pulsing cock. She felt the two heads of his cock, lodged deep within her, move violently as they spewed forth black ejaculate.

Their jerking motions further excited Lena and she knew that this was meant to be. She was created for just this. She was the vessel for her Master’s seed.

The memory from the previous night came unbidden to Lena as her Master’s proxy cock continued to spew it’s vileness inside her. The communion ceremony. She was naked upon an altar of cold, dark granite. Her Grandfather was naked as well and on his knee’s before an immense statue behind the alter.

The statue was of a great, four horned beast, face hidden by dark shadows cast by candlelight The beast had a protruding and rounded belly, covered in a dense matting of fur. Hugely muscled shoulders and arms ended in clawed hands, golden bands encircled antalya escort the massive biceps.

The tops of strong thighs were visible and although her Grandfather’s body partially concealed their form, she saw they ended in hooves.

Lena, atop the alter, looked at her Grandfather’s bobbing head and realised that he was sucking the statue’s cock.

Her Grandfather looked absorbed in the task, one hand holding the statue’s erect stone cock while his other furiously stroked his own. The cock was double headed and easily twice the size of her Grandfather’s.

The chapel was silent except for the wet sounds her Grandfather made. She gasped, her hips jerking upwards and legs falling open to expose her hairless pussy to the cool air of the chapel. Her Grandfather turned from the statue to stare back at her, his face glazed with his own saliva.

“Master will grace my mouth and belly with his seed soon my sweet sow. We will conduct the communion in good time my eager slut. Wait but a moment and you too will enjoy our Master’s most vile of gifts. You are to be reborn this night sow. Master’s seed will make you anew.” With kemer escort those final words, Lena’s Grandfather returned to his sucking and stroking.

The memory fled Lena’s mind an her Grandfather withdrew his cock from her streaming cunt. She glanced down to see her thighs drenched in the tarry black semen. She maintained the breeding position without being told, knowing what was expected of her.

Lena’s Grandfather stroked fingers into her sodden pussy and then bent over her to offer her his fingers, dripping black cum.

“Taste the Master’s seed. You must be so very hungry to know his taste.” His eyes were opened wide, their blackness capturing Lena’s gaze. She opened her mouth and sucked his fingers clean.

The taste overwhelmed Lena. Spicy, sour and bitter it coated the inside of her mouth and she fell flat to the bed convulsing. Her Grandfather laughed delightedly.

“It’s potency will diminish with repeated ingestion my sweet. It will take your body months of training before you will be able to swallow his seed without pain.”

Lena heard her Grandfather’s words and knew that the pain konyaaltı escort was important to the process of her becoming her Master’s sow.

She felt the knowledge of what was happening unfurling in her mind. As if she had always known and was only now recognising that.

“Feed me more pain sir. I wish to be perfected for my Master.” Lena was excited by her own words,

Weak and body aching bone deep, she lay on her belly, legs wide while her Grandfather shoved four fingers in her gaping hole. She ground back on the invading fingers and moaned salaciously.

Her Grandfather pulled his fingers from her cunt and roughly grabbed Lena’s face with a clean hand while the other was covered in the Master’s seed.

“Open.” He commanded. Lena opened her mouth and licked her lips in anticipation.

“Wider sow.” Lena’s mouth opened wider, her lustful gaze locked to his. Without hesitation her Grandfather shoved all four fingers down her throat.

Lena choked and swallowed quickly. The pain was intense and immediate. Too weak to do more than flop about the bed, she orgasmed several times. Acute pain became acute pleasure.

“Come sweet, time to sleep. We begin your training in earnest tonight.” Lena felt the duvet cover her again as she lay languid and drowsing. Her Grandfather gave her a chaste kiss on her cheek, retrieved his dressing gown from the floor and departed her room.

End Part II

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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