Cousin Love Pt. 01

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I Was 18. Young, dumb and full of cum. My cousin soon, cured me of 2 of those issue. She was 26 and little did I know, always very horny.

Summer 1982

Our family always had cook outs every summer. The whole family would come over to someone’s house and we would bbq. The kids would play, the adults would drink, and smoke and the middle kids would sit around looking for something to do.

The summer after my 18th birthday was one of those days. I was sitting there drinking a coke and I noticed my cousin, Kathy. I guess I had never really “looked” at her. This time I did. I looked hard. Brunette, maybe 5’7, a nice round butt and a pair of big tits.

Why had I not noticed this before? Being 18, I didn’t give a shit who I jacked off to or had sex with. Well, sex was one thing……I jacked off a lot. What kid doesn’t?

I sat there and stared at her. I could feel an erection forming. As I adjusted myself for comfort, she took a quick glance my way and smiled. When she did, her big tits wobbled. No bra! That was enough for me and I excused myself and headed to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I quickly relieved myself of the erection I had. I washed my hands and opened the door.

I opened the door and there stood Kathy.

“Everything OK, big guy?” She asked

“Uh, yeah. All good. Just had to use the bathroom.”

“Well, with the way you got up and took off when I looked at you, I thought maybe you were sick.”

Did she know why I left? Did she know what I just did?

“Nope, just had to use the bathroom.” I muttered.

She laughed and pushed past me, brushing those massive mams against me.

I went back outside and grabbed my chair. My Coke was warm, so I grabbed a new one. It was hot that day, both in temperature and the atmosphere. Kathy strolled bahis firmaları back out, boobs jiggling.

Here nipples were hard. I could see them through her shirt. Too damn hot for that I thought. Was she horny? Why are those nipples hard?

She smiled at me again and turned her back to me. I wanted to stare at those tits more, but the ass was nice also.

The rest of the night passed without further incident and I didn’t even see her leave. Which was sad. I wanted another visual for tonight’s self-love fest.

My parents and I got home and we all went inside. I went to my room and thumbed through some old Playboys I stole from my brother. Soon I was lost in breasts. I managed to jack off twice and fell asleep.

The next day I woke around 1030. My mom told me that my aunt, Kathy’s mom, wanted me to go to her house and help with some things around her place. I was happy to go. Possibly another encounter with Kathy.

I showed up around noon and met my aunt. She showed me the boxes and gear in the garage that needed to go to Goodwill. I quickly loaded them into the station wagon. My aunt gave me $10 for my help and thanked me. No Kathy. Dammit!

I unloaded at Goodwill and got the receipt for my aunt. I returned to her house to give it to her and her car was not there. I walked into the kitchen and found Kathy. She was at the table playing a game of solitaire.

“What ya doing big guy?” She always calls me big guy. Afterall I am 6’5.

“I brought the receipt back for your mom.”

I handed her the receipt and she asked me to sit down. I sat and tried to focus on her face. But those tits in a white t-shirt were almost too much.

She continued playing her game, not noticing my stare. When she finally won, she raised her hand in the air in a celebratory kaçak iddaa fashion. Her tits were all over the place.

She grabbed them and apologized for the show.

“Sorry, big guy. Sometimes I forget how big they are!” She said, her hands lingering, causing the nipples to stiffen.

“No prob, cuz. I have seen bigger.” I said, trying to be all cool and shit.

“You have not! Whose boobs have you seen?” Kathy inquired.

Shit. Now I was stuck. I had to come up with a name quick……..

“You know my English teacher, Ms. Wiley? Hers are bigger.” I rambled.

“No way. I know her. Hers are not even close to mine. Try again.”

“Alright. No one. Yours are the biggest I have ever seen. And the biggest nipples!”

“Well, well, well big guy, seems you have been looking. Do I meet expectations?”

I was puzzled. Where was this going? “Yes. Hell yes you do!”

Kathy grinned and lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her monstrous globes. Her areola were huge with big nipples nicely centered. I though her right tit was even bigger than the left.

“How big are your tits?” I mumbled with drool coming from my mouth.

Grinning devilishly, Kathy said, “38DD.”

My cock got even harder. I had to touch them.

“Can I touch them?’ I asked forever hopeful.

“NO!” Kathy wailed, “you can look but not touch!”

“What fun is that?”

She thought for a minute. “If I let you touch them for 30 seconds, will you masturbate for me and cum on my feet?”

“What? Your feet?” I asked wondering what she was thinking.

“Yes, on my feet. Shoot your goo on my feet. I have a fetish of men cumming on my feet! It turns me on.”

“Are you sure? I mean, to get my hands on those tits makes it worth it.”

Kathy removed her shirt completely kaçak bahis and invited me to touch.

I grabbed them with both hands. Her skin was so soft, her nipples swelling with my touch. I rubbed my thumb over her big nipple causing a slight gasp from her. She leaned her head back and arched her back pushing her tits at me.

With her head back I dropped my mouth on her nipple and started sucking. Her head snapped forward and she yelled, “STOP THAT!!! YOU DON’T GET TO SUCK MY NIPPLES! YOU FREAK!!”

I pulled away and jumped back. She went back to being calm almost right away.

“Now, your turn. Get that boner out and get to work. My feet need some cum!”

I undid my jean shorts and pulled off my underwear. My cock jumped out from its constraints.

“Well, well, well big guy. You do have a big guy!” Kathy purred, looking at my 9 inch cock.

“If I am going to do this, I need some lube.” I told her.

“What are you suggesting?” Kathy asked.

“You got any lotion or anything?” I asked hoping she would offer to suck it.

“No, but hold out your hand.”

Kathy spit on my hand and I rubbed it on my swollen cock. Her feet really were beautiful. Perfectly pedicured. Dark red nails. Slim long toes.

As she sat there with there, legs crossed like a lady and her big tits resting on her arms, I masturbated away. I knew it wouldn’t be long. I was seriously horny. Her tits almost looking at me with those big nipples. About a minute later, I unloaded on her feet. 5 or 6 streams of goo landed on her feet.

I stood there looking at her, she parted her legs and her shorts had a big wet spot.

“Did I make you do that?” I asked naively.

“What? Oh my pants? Yes I believe you did. Thank you for cumming on my feet. You need to go now.”

I pulled up my pants and started to leave.

Kathy grabbed my arm. “Be quiet about this and there is a possibility it could lead to more things.”

“No worries, cuz. I want more.”

“Good. Now get home…big guy!”

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