Connor’s Senior Year Ch. 05

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Thanks for reading and for all of the past comments and e-mails about this and other stories.

This story contains incest, group sex, dudes sucking cock a little bit, and a lot of unrealistic behavior and physical proportions. If that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.

I haven’t named Connor’s parents in the previous chapters. They are Ciaran and Maggie.


I bounced Brianna up and down as Harmony got a close-up of my cock plunging into her pussy.

“So fucking big!” Brianna wailed. “So fucking good! I love your fucking cock!”

Over her shoulder I saw Madison smirk and wink at me. Madison had just done a girl-girl scene with Megan, guaranteeing that my cock would be ready to go for this one-on-one with Brianna. Watching my beautiful best friend and the supernaturally beautiful Madison rub their pussies together while their big tits bounced on their chests made my cock so fucking hard I thought I heard a stitch in my jeans give out.

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and a half day at school. We were in The Room. A long unused classroom in the oldest part of the school right next to the boiler room on one side and a storage closet on the other. It was soundproofed and locked with a combination that only certain students over the age of eighteen knew. Back in September, my shockingly beautiful English teacher Ms. Miller had caught me and Leo fucking Megan and Madison and sent us here to give into our impulses instead of in an unlocked regularly used classroom. We were surprised to find students and teachers alike sucking and fucking when we arrived. Teachers were only allowed when they were invited, and the only ones I ever saw were our big-breasted cum-hungry principle and my big-dick pussy-happy basketball coach. Today neither of them was here, and Ms. Miller had never been in The Room with us again.

I’d been so sure that I was going to get a chance to fuck the green-eyed sunny blond teacher. Even before catching me fucking Madison, she’d kept me after class and got a good look at my hard cock lewdly tenting my pants. I was thinking about that weird little meeting as I bounced Brianna up and down on my cock.

I was thinking about Ms. Miller riding it instead, her big tits bouncing in my face like Brianna’s were right now. It was lucky for me we were doing a creampie scene, because the thought of Ms. Miller riding my cock instead of Brianna made me explode inside her.

“I can feel you fucking cumming in me!” she screamed as I roared and my balls pumped jet after jet of hot cock cream deep into her pussy.

I rolled us over on the sofa and pulled my cock out so just the head was still trapped in her pussy and looked at her sexy naked body writhe in front of me as I filled her pussy with cum. Harmony got in close so when I popped my swollen purple head out of her juicy pink pussy a flood of cum dribbled out onto the floor, mostly mine, but with no small percentage of Brianna’s delicious pussy juice.

I backed out of the shot so Harmony could record Brianna smiling at the camera and scooping my cum out of her pussy and rubbing it all over her tits and licking it off her fingers.

After Harmony called cut, Madison kissed me hard, her tongue shooting into my mouth. I pulled her against me and felt her hands sliding up and down my rock-hard cock. Her tits pressed against my chest and I grabbed both cheeks of her luscious bottom.

“I need you to fuck me before I go home,” she said. “My mom is a nightmare at Thanksgiving.”

* * *

“You and Madison are really good together,” Megan said as we walked home together in the brisk afternoon.

I stopped walking. “Megan,” I said. “I think I have feelings for her.”

“Obviously,” she stuck her tongue out at me and then kissed me.

“Are you okay with that?”

“Maybe at one time I wouldn’t have been,” she admitted. “But things are a lot different now. I’m getting cock from like ten different guys on a regular basis, you’ve got about twenty hot sluts who will drop whatever they’re doing to come ride your cock. I hate to say it, Connor, but you’re just not enough for me anymore.”

“I don’t even know why I like her,” I said, chuckling at my best friend’s dirty mouth. “Sometimes I still kind of don’t.”

“She is still Queen Madison sometimes, isn’t she?” Megan chuckled. “But she’s good to you. She’s good to all of us. And she loves you.”

“Wait loves me?”

“Something more than she just like to fuck you, I mean. I’m sure she isn’t writing M and C in her notebooks or anything.”

I thought that I wouldn’t be too upset if she were. I smiled and started walking again.

“Have fun with her, Connor,” Megan said. “If it turns into something bigger, then I will be happy for both of you. I’ll be the best man and maid of honor at the same time.”

“You would probably need to help us out with the honeymoon, too, actually,” I laughed casino şirketleri as we set off again toward home.

Martha was just getting out of her car in the driveway when Megan and I walked up, and my big sister whooped and threw herself into my arms and kissed me hard, before giving Megan the same greeting. She hadn’t been home since the weekend before the big Halloween party, and I was ecstatic to see her. My sexy big sister wore a tight sweater over her big boobs and tight jeans over her thick round bottom. My cock was sending me urgent signals at the sight and smell and feel of her.

She asked Megan to stay, but Megan was even more excited that her brother was going to be home, as he went to school farther away and this would be his first visit of the school year. Megan left me to carry Martha’s bags into the house, and my sister and I chatted while she unpacked and undressed.

“Such a long drive,” Martha complained as she peeled off her sweater. My pulse quickened at the sight of her in a white tank top with her bright green bra showing through. She had tits as big and beautiful as Mom’s. “Wanna take a shower with me?”

“Of course,” I said, conspicuously adjusting my cock in my pants.

“Good,” she said. “And you can tell me about all of the sexual adventures you’ve been having without me.”

* * *

“Oh Jesus Fuck, give it to me, Connor!” Martha wailed. She was leaning against the tiles wall of the shower on her forearms while I fucked her from behind and played with her huge luscious tits. “Nobody fucks me like you do, little brother!”

“I think you mean Big Brother,” I said, stuffing my cock inside her a little deeper.

“Very Fucking Big Brother,” she agreed. “My boyfriend has a great cock and he knows how to use it, but yours is just incredible!”

A few deep thrusts later, she lost the ability to speak, and I had to help her stay on her feet as she bucked and thrashed and covered my cock with her cum. “FUUUUUCK!” she screamed. “I FUCKING LOVE YOUR COCK!”

It had been more than a month since the last time I’d fucked her, and even though I wanted to give her some more orgasms before we left the shower, I was unable to hold my own back anymore and I exploded inside her. “Oh fucking fuck,” I roared as my balls unleashed a torrent of hot gooey spunk deep in my sister’s pussy. “Holy fuck your pussy is amazing, Martha!”

“Cum in me, Big Brother,” she gasped. “Fill my pussy up with your yummy fucking cum!”

I held my big sister in my arms and obeyed, holding my cock inside her until my balls finished their pulsing and pumping and my cum was running down over my cock and balls and the insides of Martha’s thighs.

“I didn’t realize how much I missed you,” I chuckled.

“Please don’t ever stop fucking me, Connor.”

* * *

We dried off and stayed naked, playing with each other a little as we caught each other up on the last month. Martha thought she was almost ready to bring her boyfriend home and thought he might be meeting the family over Christmas break. Martha was very much into him, and thankfully for her, he was very much into group sex and orgies and partner swapping. Martha told me how she had insisted when he asked her to be his girlfriend that they were not going to be sexually exclusive. They’d met at an orgy, after all.

“Oh, by the way, you dipshit,” Martha said, slapping my arm and making her amazing boobs swing back and forth, “I saw you on PornHub.”

“Oh, that’s exciting,” I said with an unashamed smile. “What did you think?”

“I think I came like six times watching it,” she said. “But I can’t believe my little brother and his friends are making porn!”

“It’s a lot of fun,” I said. “We’re not really making any money, but I think the channel is growing faster than we thought it would.”

“It looks almost professional,” she said. “Who do you guys know who’s that good with a camera.”

I told her about Harmony and her YouTube channel and her aspiration to be a filmmaker. “Do you want in?” I asked her. “We need more people. You could do a scene with Leo or a girl-girl scene with Madison or Megan or Brianna.”

“I wish I could do one with you,” she said. “But that might be pushing it. How about an all-girl four-way?”

“That sounds pretty fucking amazing,” I said, picturing my sister and my three fuckbuddies writhing together on a bed.

“We’d have to do it Friday or Saturday,” she said. “I have to go back to school on Sunday.”

“I’ll see if the girls want to get together and make sure Harmony isn’t off somewhere making another horror movie.”

My sister kissed me and wrapped her hand around my hard cock. “Uncle Martin and Aunt Tracy are going to be here pretty soon. So how about we fuck again before they get here?”

* * *

After Martha sucked her cum off my cock while gulping down my huge hot load, I sent a group text to Harmony, Megan, Madison, and Brianna to see if they were available to shoot a scene with Martha either Friday or Saturday. casino firmaları Harmony was busy all day on Friday, but thought she could make it Saturday afternoon, and promised to let us all know on Saturday morning. The on-camera talent all expressed excitement about the prospect of hooking up with my sexy older sister.

I put on jeans and a button-down shirt to look nice for our first set of visitors of the weekend. Mom’s brother Martin was two years older than Mom’s 40. He’d married his wife Tracy when he was 22 and she was 18, and they’d had a baby that same year, their daughter Mazie. Two years later came another daughter Taylor, who at 18 was only a couple of months younger than me.

We used to see them a lot more often when we were younger, but Martin had moved a couple hours away for work, and now it had been since last Christmas since I’d seen my cousins. Before Kaylee, before the lake, before everything changed. Neither Martha nor I knew how things were going to be this weekend, which is why we were trying to get in one more fuck before they arrived, but when the doorbell rang I was still drilling my cock deep into my sister’s pussy.

“Oh fuck they’re here!” Martha wailed as her orgasm washed over her.

“Shit shit shit,” I said, yanking my cock out of her clenching pussy, but not in time to stop myself from cumming. My cock started belching my cum all over my sister’s stomach and tits and pussy.

The doorbell rang again, and Martha and I jumped off her bed looking for clothes.

“You have to go take another shower!” I said as I pulled on my jeans over my cum-covered cock and pinned it against my stomach with the waistband. I still couldn’t answer the door without a shirt, because almost three inches of cum-drenched cock extended beyond the waistband. Martha giggled and tossed me my shirt and scurried down the hall naked to the bathroom with streaks of my cum painted all over her upper body.

I pulled on my shirt and buttoned it and tried to keep it from hanging too close to my rock-hard cock and opened the door.

“Hey!” I said. “You made it! Sorry I was so slow to the door, I was about to jump in the shower. Thought I had a few more minutes.”

“Hey, Connor,” Uncle Martin said, extending his hand to shake. “Great to see you, bud.”

“You too,” I said, before moving on to give Aunt Tracy a hug, careful to keep my cock the hell away from her as I did. Tracy and her daughters were built like the women in our family, short to moderate height, big tits, thick thighs and a big luscious bum. There was no chance my cock was going to behave itself getting hugs from those three.

I managed to keep it from pressing up against Aunt Tracy, but failed when Mazie and Taylor gave me their hugs, and both of them gave me big smiles and a knowing look.

Thankfully Mom pulled into the driveway as I was helping them bring their bags into the house, taking the pressure off me to play host. Martha came down from the shower, dressed in a cute dress that showed off her ample cleavage and smooth creamy legs. She and our two cousins fell into a delighted three-way hug as they greeted each other before she gave hugs to Tracy and then Uncle Martin. I noticed with a smirk the way Uncle Martin’s eyes followed my sister’s tits.

The sleeping arrangements had my sister and I giving up our rooms for our visiting aunts and uncles. Dad’s sister and husband and their kids were due tomorrow morning, so the parents would each have a bedroom, and the six kids would be camping out in the game room.

Martha showed the girls the way to the game room and their temporary bed, and I showed Uncle Martin and Aunt Tracy to my bedroom, which I’d done my best to clean for them. Fresh sheets, vacuumed carpet, most of my clothes moved to the game room, porn videos intentionally left mixed in with my video games on the TV stand.

“I could definitely use a nice hot shower after that drive,” Tracy said, stretching her arms up over her head and lifting her big boobs inside her sweater.

“I’m going to go see if Maggie needs any help downstairs,” Martin said and kissed his wife deeply and pulled her body against his own. Tracy moaned into his kiss and there was no mistaking the prodigious bulge in Uncle Martin’s jeans when they parted and he left the room.

“Connor, honey,” Tracy said, peeling off her sweater in one smooth motion and leaving her standing in my bedroom in her jeans and a lacy black bra barely containing her big luscious tits. “Will you show me the way to the shower?”

I smiled at her and enjoyed the view of her body, letting her see my eyes roaming up and down over her every curve.

“I sure can,” I said. “Would you rather take your clothes off in here or in the bathroom?”

“I don’t even know why I put on a bra today,” she said, reaching behind her to unsnap it. The weight of her big melons dropped on her chest and she pulled away the overtaxed cups and exposed her tits to me completely. “Fuck, it feels good to let the girls out,” she chuckled.

“Looks güvenilir casino wonderful, too,” I said.

“You’re very sweet, Connor,” Aunt Tracy said. “Do you like my tits?”

“They’re amazing,” I said. “I think they’re fantastic, Aunt Tracy.”

She smiled and pulled down her pants, leaving black panties behind, which she kept on as she moved closer to me and looked up at me. “Which way to the bathroom, Connor?”

“Oh right, bathroom,” I stammered, feeling my cheeks turn red, but unable to take my eyes off her tits. “This way.”

She followed me from my bedroom in nothing but her panties and down the hall to the bathroom where Martha had just showered off my cum no more than ten minutes ago.

Tracy closed the door and took off her panties. “Didn’t you say you were about to jump in the shower?” she said. “It looks like there’s room for both of us in there.”

She was completely shaved. My cock lurched in my pants at the sight of her naked body just a step away from me.

“Your mom and uncle are going to be busy for a while, if that’s what you’re worried about, Connor,” she said, cupping one of her gorgeous tits and lifting it on her chest.

“Let’s take a shower,” I said. I turned on the water and took off my shirt, giving Tracy her first view of cock extended beyond the waistband of my jeans. It still had Martha’s pussy juice all over it, tacky now and drying.

“Jesus Christ, Connor,” Tracy gasped. “That is a really nice cock!”

I pushed my jeans down to my knees so she could see my entire cock and my balls together. My cock was painfully hard and pointing almost straight up in the air. She knelt on the bathmat and opened her mouth and sucked my cock head while she ran her hands up and down my sticky shaft.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned before taking my cock out of her mouth. “Martha has a yummy pussy.”

“Martha?” I stammered. Shit, maybe my sister and I should have looked at the clock before we started to fuck.

“I could smell sex on you as soon as you opened the door,” she said, standing up again and reaching for the shower curtain to open it. “And you trying to hide this fucking monster when you hugged me was very cute. Your Mom was definitely not exaggerating. Come on, lets get in there so we can fuck.”

So this is how the weekend was going to be.

* * *

“Holy shit Aunt Tracy,” I gasped. “You’re sucking my cock so good.”

The hot water rained down on my back while in front of me my naked aunt sucked my cock. She’d cleaned off the remnants of Martha’s pussy juice and I’d taken some time to get a nice taste of Tracy’s pussy, kneeling in the shower and licking her cunt while she propped a foot up on the edge of the tub. After she came in my mouth, we switched, and now she was sucking me almost as deep as Mom did.

“Can I fuck your tits?” I said.

“Fuck yes,” she gasped, a string of drool connecting her tongue and my cock. “Put this fucking monster between my big fucking tits, baby.”

I had to hunch down a little to reach, but I slapped both of her tits a few times each with my hard cock.

“Oh motherfucker, yes!” she groaned. “Slap my fucking tits with that fucking man-meat, Connor!”

I gave each of her tits another three or four hard slaps with my huge heavy cock before she trapped it between them and started moving her body up and down fast, fucking my cock with her tits.

“Oh fuck yes,” I groaned. “Fuck that big fucking cock with your amazing tits, Tracy!”

“Connor loves his auntie’s titties, doesn’t he?”

“I fucking love them,” I gasped. She was going to make me cum. “Fuck my cock! Make me fucking cum!”

“Yeah baby!” she cried gleefully. “Give me that fucking spunk! Cum all over my big fucking tits, Connor!”

“There’s gonna be a lot!” I warned her as my balls started to churn hard and I pulled my cock out from between her tits and started jacking my shaft hard, aiming my cock head right at her face. She opened her mouth just in time to catch the first long thick spurt as it exploded from the tip of my cock. “Holy fuck!” I groaned as cum rocketed up through my cock and splattered into Tracy’s mouth and onto her face. She leaned back and lifted her tits and I aimed lower to blast the rest of my load all over those big luscious globes.

“Motherfucker,” Tracy gasped. “Your Dad and your uncle cum like firehoses but this fucking cum-cannon has them both beat.”

It had seemed reasonable so far to assume that Uncle Martin and Aunt Tracy had extensive sexual experience with my parents. If I were to guess now, I’d wager that Mom and her brother Martin had probably had sex before Mom and Dad got together. Mom had, after all, already told me that big cocks ran on both sides of the family.

Tracy rubbed my hard cock all over her cum-streaked face and tits, and she paused to lick it off my cock and swallow it. “Big-ass fucking balls,” she grunted before sucking one and then the other into her mouth while she stroked my shaft above her head.

“Are you ready to fuck me now?” she asked, looking up at me and smiling.

I heard Mom scream that she was cumming from down the hall in my parents’ bedroom. Tracy giggled. “Those two,” she said. “Put your cock in me, Connor.”

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