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Bass. All I hear is my breathing and the bass. I have to open my eyes for this to be real.

“You want me?” he asks.

I shouldn’t even be here. “Uh huh.”

He’s close enough to radiate some of that incredible heat onto my body, but doesn’t touch me. “You can’t have me unless you ask.”

I look up at his dark eyes. “Please.” I have to swallow to get the word out. I’ll drown in my own lust before our skin makes contact.

Without a smile he asks. “Please, what?”

Fucking asshole.

“Just, please!” I reach forward but he steps back. I drop my hand.

He’s sly; he knows how he looks, what men would do for a chance to be near him. “What do you want?”

“I want you.”

Finally he steps in to put one powerful thigh between mine. “Where do you want me?” he growls in my ear.

I shut my eyes. “Inside.”

“Inside what?”

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I’ll do anything if you’ll just turn me around and fuck me.”Inside me.”

Teasing me, talking so close that I can feel his lips move, he asks, “How do you want me inside of you?”

“Fuck me.” I don’t talk like this. I never talk like this. I’ve never begged for anyone before, but I’ll do it now.

“Magic word.”

“Fuck me, please!” I tell myself it’s perfectly okay to debase myself for an Adonis I’ll never see again. I’m visiting, he’s probably a man whore, but if I can fuck him tonight it won’t matter if I don’t get breakfast in the morning or even a name.

“You want me to fuck you here? In this nasty-ass bathroom?”


“You’re not even taking your clothes off? Fucking whore.”

I don’t care. Ripping the foil from the condom I kneel to roll it over his mighty prick, the one I felt pressed against me on the dance floor, the whole reason I followed him to the bathroom. It’s thick, casino şirketleri long, at least eight inches if not more. I might be one crazy motherfucker for thinking I can take it.

“Make sure you kiss it while you’re down there. That’s it. Now stand up. Face the wall. Feet farther apart.” He yanks my pants down only to my thighs, just enough so he can get at my ass. “Get ready. Breathe.”

The initial pain is almost unbearable. “Oh, god!” My legs are going to collapse. My guts will spill out of my mouth and my tombstone will read, Here lies some asshole who died getting porked by some stranger in a disgusting nightclub toilet stall. I bite the back of my hand to stop the piercing shriek that springs from my chest.

“That’s my cock up your ass, fucker.”

I taste blood. “Fucking shit! Fuck fuck fuck!”

“Arch your back.” He raps me with his knuckles for emphasis. “Relax. Let me in.”

He isn’t coaxing me. Every syllable is a command. He pulls out a little, spits on his cock, and pushes again. I should have taken those damn poppers, I think. I don’t like being high, but had I known my night out would end in a rectal enlargement I would have taken any extra help.

“Get on my cock,” he orders. “Open your hole and take it.”

Breathing heavily through my mouth I do my best. I push back at him, sliding inch by painful inch onto that monster.

“That’s it,” he says approvingly. He pats my ass, which should not make me feel good about myself, but it does.

I’m going to pass out. “You’re too big,” I whine.

“You can take it.”

“I can’t.” Bracing my forearms on the grimy wall, I try to relax. It’s impossible.

“You will. I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to take my cock until it fucks the cum right out of your balls, do you understand me?”


He casino firmaları grabs my hair to look me in the eyes. “Yes?”

“Yes.” I can’t say no to that fierce black gaze.

“Now relax and let me fuck you.” The dance floor demigod pulls his hips back and begins to fuck me. He doesn’t build up, just uses his meat as a jackhammer to excavate a home for his gorilla dick. I bite my forearm and try to tilt my ass so that the fucking actually feels good. When I find that angle it’s obvious – as soon as the hot stranger’s cock punches my G spot I cry out, screaming into my hands.

The man ruffles my hair. “Good boy!” he congratulates me with unabashed condescension. “That’s a good little slut. Now I don’t have to go easy on you.”

Holy shit! “You’ve been holding back!?” I exclaim, looking over my shoulder at him.

His big hands wrap around my waist and he grins. “Baby, you ain’t never gonna be fucked like this again.”

The next thrust shuts me up. God, he’s so rough, not giving a shit if I cry or moan. He slaps my ass and then kneads it, making me squirm to escape that pain even as I shove myself onto his marauding dick. He fucks me so hard that I have trouble breathing; every time I gasp for air this stranger pulls me onto his cock. It’s hot; everything inside me is hot. My lungs burn and my skin is on fire. God, I’m so hard it hurts. I have to come.

“You like that, bitch?” he asks. “Answer me.”

“Yes,” I choke out. My toes are going numb.



“What do you like?”

I can hear footsteps outside the stall. Someone else is in here, listening to me get fucked like a common whore, and I don’t care.

I reply, “I like your cock inside me.” I do. It touches every inch of me, every cell, knocks me around and feeds güvenilir casino my hunger. If he were to pull out now I would die. I need it. It’s keeping me alive.

“Yeah, you like the way I fuck that sexy tight ass, don’t you.”

“Don’t stop.”

“Get your hand on your dick,” he commands. “That’s right, jack yourself hard, because I’m going to fuck your own jizz into your hand, and then I’m going to come in your ass. That’s what you want, right?”

“God yeah,” I gasp.


He’s fucking me so hard I can barely get the words out. “Because I need it. I need you to come. I need your cum inside me.” My ass is on fire. My dick feels like it’s made of pure energy, and I’m close to setting it off like a rocket.

“You sound like a pussy. Are you a fucking pussy?”

“Yes.” I’m a hole to be used, I’m a lover, I’m anything he wants.

“Whose pussy, bitch?” He slaps my jiggling buttocks.

“Yours, goddammit! I’m your pussy!”

He comes on a groan, bottoming out but still humping into me so hard that my feet leave the ground, and I grab onto the top of the stall in desperation because I’m coming, too, shooting so hard it covers the wall and hits me in the chin. “Fuck!” I shout, jerking on the cock inside me. “Fuck!”

The son of a bitch pulls out before I’m ready and I nearly collapse. “Stay where you are,” he orders. I smell the sharp odor of a permanent marker a moment before the stranger pulls my ass cheeks apart and blows on my raw, swollen opening. The marker’s felt tip tickles, but the sensation disappears from the sudden pain of teeth.

“Holy fuck! Ow!” I yelp, finally finding enough strength and dignity to turn around and yank my pants up. “What, were you raised by wolves?”

“I’m leaving,” Adonis informs me as he stands and throws the used condom in the toilet. He has the gall to wipe his sperm-covered cock on my shirt. “Call me if you want a rematch, hot stuff.”

He leaves without another word. I need to find someone with a hand mirror so I can write down his number before it rubs off in my underwear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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