Car Saleswoman Ch. 01

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Lisa had been working at the car dealership for almost a month. The job she took on was not nearly as easy as she thought it would be. She worked 40 hours each week, all month long, and never made a sale. Her boss had called her into his office several times and warned her that she needed to start selling some cars or she was going to be let go. It was now Friday, and judging by the looks Lisa had been getting from her boss, she knew that her only chance to keep her job was to sell a car by the end of the day.

Early in the afternoon Lisa finally got the lucky break she was waiting for. A man came into the dealership and agreed to let Lisa run his credit. He got pre-approved to purchase any car on the lot he wanted with zero down. Lisa showed him some cars on the lot that she thought he might like. She put a lot of emphasis on the higher end models in hopes of maximizing her commission.

The man took his time browsing the lot and asked to test drive some cars. Each test drive took almost an hour because the man insisted on driving all the way across town so he could get on the freeway and see how the cars handled at highway speeds.

After the hours balçova escort bayan of browsing and test drives it started to get dark and the dealership was starting to close down. Lisa brought him back to her office to give him information about prices and payment amounts for the cars he test drove. There was a note on Lisa’s desk from her boss telling her that he wanted to see her before she went home. She knew that she was about to get fired.

The man said that he wasn’t ready to make a purchase today and that he wanted to think about it for the night and that he would be back the next day.

Lisa knew that she didn’t have another day if she wanted to keep her job. She figured that her only hope to make a sale was to make a move on this guy. Worst case scenario would be that he would get offended and complain to her boss, causing her to get fired. But she was about to get fired anyway so she had nothing to lose. “Let me give you one more thing to look at before you go.” Lisa said. She had printed out a sales contract for the car that he seemed most interested in and got out of her chair as if to get the paper off escort balçova the printer. Instead of walking to the printer she walked up to the customer, sat on his lap and started rubbing his chest. “What can we do to get you in a new car today?” she asked as she put an arm around him and continued to rub his chest.

“What are you trying to do here?” he asked, alarmed at what was happening. Although the tone of his voice sounded like he wasn’t too happy to have Lisa on his lap, he never made any physical moves to stop her or push her away. Lisa figured that she still might have a chance.

“I’m trying to sell you a car,” Lisa said, “and I can be very persuasive.” Lisa moved her hands from his chest down to his belly and then down to his pants and started to unbutton them.

“I don’t think I am very comfortable with this.” The man said as Lisa pulled his cock out of his pants. “I think I am going to go now.” He said but still made no physical moves to stop Lisa from what she was doing. Lisa could feel his cock getting harder in her hands.

“It feels like you want to stay a little bit longer.” Lisa said as his cock reached balçova escort full harness and she started to stroke it. The man did not reply and he started to relax and enjoy the pleasure that he was receiving from Lisa’s hand. Lisa started to stroke him harder and harder, she watched his facial expressions and waited until he looked like he was on the verge of an orgasm. She slowed down to prevent him from being able to drain his balls too soon. “Do you want to buy this car?” Lisa asked as she grabbed the sales contract off the printer with her free hand.

“Yes” the man replied, in hopes that his response was enough to get Lisa to pick up the pace again and finish him off.

“Are you ready to cum?” Lisa asked.

“Please yes, go faster.” the man replied.

“Sign here.” Lisa said and pointed to the appropriate line on the sales contract. He wasted no time grabbing a pen and signing his name to finalize the sale. Lisa rewarded him by stroking his cock as fast as she could. It only took him a few seconds to climax as his semen shot out and got all over Lisa’s hands. Lisa got up and wiped her customer’s sperm off her hands with a Kleenex. She grabbed the keys to the car the man just bought and gave them to him. “Thank you,” she told him, “I hope you enjoy your car.”

“I will.” he replied as he grabbed one of her business cards off her desk. “I will definitely be back when I am ready to buy a pickup!” He said as he walked out the door.

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