Can You Keep A Secret?

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I struggled with where to put this story, it seemed to fit three categories pretty well: Anal, Loving Wives, and Erotic Couplings.

Ultimately I settled on Erotic Couplings, because in my mind the anal and married parts of the story are secondary to the coupling. That said, this is a strictly anal intercourse story, if such is not your purview; then please click off now.

Do enjoy the story; this one was a pleasure to write.

As always, please vote. There are five stars at the end of the story, choose one and let me know how I did.

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It all started with curiosity. I had emailed a friend of my wife one day with an email message that said only, “Can you keep a secret?”

You see the wife works for a large financial institution and does pretty well for us. Any income I generated was inconsequential to hers. So we agreed I would play Mister Mom when the twins were born. It was a great time being there for the first word, first step, and all of the other firsts. My wife wasn’t real happy that she missed them, but deep inside there was no way in hell she was giving up her career for them, or me.

She had enough pull with her company, that once the kids started school that she got me a part time gig working security; to keep me busy, according to her. It was just as likely to keep me away from the other stay at home ‘moms;’ some of which were certainly worthy of attention.

Over the course of time, I discovered that one of her friends had the email address gr8assedmomma. I found the email address one day when going through the inbox at the house. The email that she had sent was a link to a racy story, that to say the least was disturbing to me. It was a story of a domineering woman, who had made a cuckold of her husband. It was a pretty decent description of our marriage outside the adulterous behavior of the woman; or so I hoped.

Something inside me woke up, a predatory territorial part that had long been dormant. I wanted to know who this woman was, so I sent the five word email, “Can you keep a secret,?” using an email account just for this purpose to see if I could get her attention. Before I could get the girls into the van, I heard my email ding. Checking it, I saw a return email from her and it said, “Of course, can you?”

My mind began racing at the possibilities. I decided almost immediately to pursue this, to see where it would lead, so, I sent back, “What time is your break?”

She returned, “10:00”

“Wear a pink skirt.” I typed.

“Already am wearing a white one.”

“See you at 10:00, go to the coffee shop”

I was at my station at 10:00 when she came off the elevator with her head on a swivel it wasn’t hard to pick out who she was. Standing about 5’4″ tall she weighed all of maybe 110 pounds. Though I couldn’t tell if she indeed had a gr8 ass or not, she certainly had gorgeous tits, a full heavy C or D cups. She moved a cute little bounce with each step. She was indeed wearing a white skirt with a grey blouse that fit loosely. Her clothes looked expensive as did her jewelry from a distance. After all if you can see a diamond at fifty feet or so, it has to be pricey, right?

About ten minutes later she headed back to the elevator clearly dejected. I sent an email from my phone that said, “Don’t know about the ass, but your tits look GR8!”

She obviously received the emails on her phone as well, as I heard her squeal. She stopped; spinning around looking all over the place then sent a franticly typed email. I waited two or three minutes until she left before looking at it, “Where R U?!”

For the next three or so months once a week, sometimes twice I would have her wear something specific for me and go someplace and wait for me to contact her by email or IM. I was careful to never let her see me, and if she did, her eyes passed over me each time, after all who really sees security unless they need something?

One morning as the kids were settling into the van, I emailed, “Use your phone camera and send me a photo of your naked ass.” It was a lark of a request, not expecting a response that even bordered on what I had asked for’ however, less than ten minutes later I was staring down at a photo of her ass.

She indeed had a GR8 one. Her body was svelte and lean, her ass forming a perfect upside down heart shape, much like the asses you see in anime or hentai movies. I pulled into the school parking lot and emailed back, “When was the last time your husband fucked you in the ass.”

She returned, “He never has. The pencil prick thinks it disgusting. Switch to IM.”

I considered it a moment and then logged into IM while the kids were yucking it up in the back two thirds of the van. Almost instantly she sent, “Let’s meet”

I responded, “No.”

“I’m tired of fucking myself while thinking of you.”

I pursed my lips and sent, “Fuck your husband; it will be good for both of you.”

“No.” bahis firmaları was her only response.

I stared at it a moment, I had the day off, so I suppose I could, the only thing I had planned was a cup of coffee with one of the mom’s. Deciding, I sent “find motel room, send IM on where. One hour.”

I took the kids in dropping them off at the respective classrooms. I saw the mom that I was going to have coffee and let her know that we would have to do it another time.

I headed home, raced through the shower, and then dressed in jeans and a golf shirt. I received an IM giving me the name of a motel and a room number. It was a good selection, plenty of retail places nearby that you could park at and walk to the motel. It was far enough away that no one would be looking for me, yet close enough that I could legitimately explain why I was there.

My heart was pounding, racing a mile a minute as I drove in the direction of the motel. I stopped along the way at a mega store. I walked around until I found everything I thought I would need for the day: a long scarf, compact mirror, cotton balls, condom friendly lubricant and a three pack of condoms

Paying for them, I continued my journey to a Gr8 ass, my cock half hard already. My heart continued the out of control palpitations and wondered if it were possible for a guy in his mid twenties to have a heart attack from excitement. My mind was playing out every conceivable scenario. Before I got my heart set on any particular scenario, I put them all out of my mind.

I parked a quarter mile away in a different mega store then walked the rest of the way to the motel. Seedy was the only word that came to mind to describe it. Faded to a putrid grey, the paint was peeling off the sides of the building in arching curly-q patches. Knowing that there was no way to see if I recognized any cars, I walked passed the motel, turned down an ally then entered through the back entrance.

Finding the stairs I stopped long enough to un-wrap everything then headed up.

I found the door, my heart beating so madly that I was sure I was going to die before I knocked. Standing next to the door, my nose against the wall, I knocked and held the compact out to where I could see her torso, or a little lower.

The door opened, a gasp and an “Oh!” came from the room when she saw my hand. In the mirror I could see she was wearing the same white skirt that she wore on the first day. The blouse was a pink wrap around that was tight, magnifying the presence of her ample breasts.

“Face the wall the door opens to and close your eyes.” I said.

I heard her ask, “Why?”

I had expected that reaction, being prepared, I said, “If you don’t I’ll leave sever contact, you will spend your life wondering what it would have been like.”

“Okay,” she said her voice breathless.

I saw in the mirror that she in fact did turn. I poked my head around the door frame saw her eyes were indeed closed then stepped in. I heard her sigh as I pressed her head against the wall with one hand, pulling the door from her hand with the other. Letting the door swing closed, I took her left hand and placed the palm directly over her eye. I repeated the process with her right hand.

She moaned as I ran my hands over her thighs, across her stomach then over her breasts. I tweaked each nipple through her blouse. Her bra felt like it was primarily lace underneath the blouse. Pressing my cock against her ass I whispered, “Do what I say when I say or it’s over, understand?”

She whispered, “Yes, I understand.”

I pressed harder against her, mashing her body from knees to forehead against the wall. Moving my mouth to the side of her face, I whispered, “I am going to fuck you like no man has ever fucked you before. That is why you are here isn’t it?”

This time she moaned as she said, “Yeees.”

I ground against her ass cheeks, my turgid cock depressing the fleshy cheek, and softly instructed, “Do not move unless I say otherwise.”

Her heart and breathing reflected mine as she barely got out, “Yes.”

I backed off of her, her ass following momentarily, until I pressed the small of her back, pushing her stomach back against the wall. In a soft voice I said, “I am going to blindfold you. You are not to remove it until ten minutes after I leave. Understand?”

I heard her breath catch in her breast as she whispered so low that it was hard to hear, “Yes.”

I ran my hand up her inner thigh watching her skin and body react to my touch. It was easy to see her desire and need. “Once it is on, you are to tell me if you see anything at all, light included,” I said with a low voice. I was finding it difficult to keep my speech and breathing under control. My heart was still racing, though now a little slower than it had been.

I put the bag on the floor next to me, and then fished out the cotton balls. Taking about five cotton balls I rolled them together to make a larger ball. I repeated the process for a second large cotton ball. I moved kaçak iddaa her right hand then placed the cotton ball over her closed eyelid. I then maneuvered her hand to the position I wanted; her middle three finger tips holding the ball in place. Moving to the other side, I repeated the process for her left eye.

I took the long scarf out and wound it around her head, pulling it snug against the back of her finger. My mouth was just above her ear, my lips fluttered over her lobe as I said intimately, “Carefully lower your hands; make sure you don’t disturb the cotton balls.”

As her hands lowered I tightened the scarf until I saw it biting into the bridge of her now, her cheeks, and forehead. Giving it one more good pull I tied it off letting the ends dangle down her back. I checked the cotton balls, they were snugly in place, the silk of the scarf bit into her just enough that when I gave it a tug, she yelped, but it didn’t move.

“Good…” I whispered, trying to decide what to call her.

She started, “My name is…”

“STOP!” I hissed at her. “Your name is whatever I fucking decide to call you.” I pressed my full weight against her, crushing her to the wall and rasped, “My first name to you is Sir. The last name is Master, and my middle name is ohmyfuckinggod.”

I almost exploded in my jeans when I felt her melt into me, her ass pressed back a little, the tension in her body dissipated almost instantly. She moaned out, “thank you sir,” her voice soft and high pitched, she sounded like a breathless Meg Tilly.

Pressing my cock against her hard, I whispered, “Stay right here, and don’t move.”

Meekly she whispered, “Yes sir.”

I turned my attention at long last to the rest of the room. I checked the closet and bathroom for other people. I then pulled the drawers out of everything, and then moved every object in the motel room. I didn’t find anything that resembled a camcorder, audio recording device, or anything else that was suspicious.

I took her purse to the rickety table then poured the contents out while keeping her in my sight. Her cell phone was in there along with all manner of other things, including her wallet. I rifled through the wallet quickly then put it back in the purse. I picked up her phone, went to the contacts section, and then scrolled through the contacts. She had an inordinate number of males in her contact list. “How many of these men are you fucking?” I asked crossly.

“None sir,” she whispered.

Chidingly, I asked, “What are they, friends and family?”

Her voice quavering slightly, she muttered, “No sir. They are people I flirt with.”

In a tone that I used primarily for the kids I said commandingly, “That stops today. You will delete them after I leave and email me a photo proving it.”

It almost sounded like she was relieved when she said, “Yes sir.”

“What about the women, are you flirting with them?” This time I was playful, right up until her answer.

“The only woman I flirt with is Brenda.” She said softly.

My world teetered slightly hearing my wife’s name. After a moment curiosity got the best of me and I asked, “Does she flirt back?”

I don’t know what I expected but the “Yes, sir” I got wasn’t it.

Trying to keep my voice sounding playful I asked, “Are you two lovers?”

I saw her shake her head as she said, “No, I wish.”

“Why do you wish?”

“I get wet every time I am close to her.” She replied.

I was shocked. My wife was hot enough to get someone wet? It was a revelation to me. I scrolled through the phone looking for the photos. When I found then I asked, “Why does she do that to you?”

Her voice was full of venom as she replied, “I don’t know, she just does, like you, sir, she is strong, unlike the weak woman I am married to.”

I flinched at the shot at her husband but let it go. The photos were pretty uninteresting, mostly of her son, one of her delicious ass that she had sent me, and startlingly, one of Brenda’s ass. I put the phone in camera mode and set it aside, next to mine.

Placing my hands on her rounded hips, I guided her into the middle of the open space. I untied the wrap around blouse she was wearing slowly and let it flutter to the ground. She was wearing a pink lace bra, her hard nipples poking through the lace. I sucked each one into my mouth lavishing it with my tongue before biting down on them, eliciting heated moans from her. Turning my attention to her bra I unhooked it; tossing it aside after pulling it over her arms.

Her areolas were insignificant in size, taking up barely twice the area of her nipples. They were the tightest circle I had ever seen on a woman, and in contrast to Brenda’s Greenland sized areola, quite attractive. They were just off of centered on her tits, which hung slightly, but were full. Stretch marks ran along the side of her breasts, evidence in the mass increase after the birth of her child.

Her stomach was slightly rounded; you know the stomach of a woman not a child. It was flat kaçak bahis compared to some, but held a lovely swell. A scar ran across her, testimony of the C-Section to deliver the baby. She must have sensed my gaze as her hands crossed her stomach hiding the scar. I pulled her hands aside, revealing the scar again. Leaning forward I kissed along the length of the scar, nipping at her skin after each kiss. In a low soft voice, I breathed out against the scar, “You have nothing you can, or have, to hide from me.”

I heard her sob as she cried out softly, “Yes, master.”

I turned my eyes back to her body; her skin was beginning to loosen, but not flabby. It looked more like left over skin from her pregnancy, but not unattractive in any way. She was soft; soft and delicious from the waist up.

Next I turned my attention to her skirt. I unfastened it, unzipped it, gravity then took over pulling it down around her ankles. Her panties were the same pink lace as her bra, a garter held up her hose. Undoing the garter I pulled it off, followed closely by the panties. I left her hose and pink high heels on her.

I looked at her snatch and marveled. The faintest trace of a hair line pointed down her pubic mound to her pussy. Her pussy itself was wide open; her lips blossoming out like a rare orchid. Her nub was hard; juice coating everything was beginning to seep down her thighs.

I faced her toward the bed, then I sat back on it, drinking in her body, it wasn’t a girl’s body by any stretch, but she was a gorgeous woman. A woman I decided in one for or another I was going to keep. “Turn to the left,” I ordered as I pulled my shirt off. I stared at her profile, the elegant lines from her calf to her thighs, to her ass to her tits. I licked my lips in anticipation and said “Turn to the left again.”

There it was. The Gr8 ass itself if anything, it was far more beautiful in person than it was in a grainy photo. I picked up both of our phones then took a picture with each one. After which I said, “Turn to the left again.” I took a photo of her profile with each phone and commanded one last time, “Turn left once more.” As her tits settled into place I took a photo of her with each phone again.

The moment preserved for posterities, and masturbations, sake, I put the phones aside. Stepping up to her, I led her to the bed. Helping her up on it, I said, “Place your chest and head against the bed, cross your wrists in the small of your back.”

The anticipation could be heard in her voice as she said, “Yes, sir, will you be tying me up?”

I chuckled as I playfully swatted each ass cheek. “No, I am going to fuck your ass.”

I quickly kicked my jeans and briefs off. I went to the bag, retrieved the box of condoms and lubricant. I rolled a condom over my hard cock and then knelt behind her on the bed. We were both so fucking ready to fuck that there really wasn’t a functional point to foreplay. I was dying to taste her though.

I reached between her legs and slid my fore finger along her slit, starting near the clit. Arriving at her honey pot, I slid my finger in, both of us gasping. Her cunt was so tight that I could feel her pussy pulling at, even welcoming, my finger. “When is the last time your husband fucked you?”

I slid my finger back and forth in her as she moaned, “Since I got pregnant.” I quickly did the math in my head.

I am sure my voice was incredulous when I said blurted out, “Seven years?!”

“Yes, sir. I have not been with anyone since I got pregnant with Sean.”

I could feel my prick quivering at the thought of plundering her. First things first though, I leaned in, kissing her anus, pressing against it with my tongue. The forefinger of my right hand was plunging in and out of her; with my left hand I reached around and took her clit between my fingers, pinching it lightly. As she pressed back against me, I began pinching it harder and harder, keeping up my three front assault on her libido.

She began moaning a low rumbling sound into the mattress of the bed. Her body started to shake and quiver and then with a screaming, “OHGAWD,” she came. Her juices flooded my hand as her ass opened up for my tongue, seemingly trying to capture it. I slowed my pace down, letting her catch her breath.

Taking advantage of her total relaxation, I liberally applied lubricant to her anus then pressed the same finger against it that I used on her pussy. After a moment of resistance, the finger slid into her, a moaning groan escaped her. I slid my finger in and out of her, applying more and more lube until she started panting and leaning back into my fist as it slammed against her.

Forcing her ass down, I rose up onto my knees and placed the head of my woody against her anus. A low moan began rising from her as the head entered. I waited until she started pushing back against me, then pressed forward as well. The sphincter posed little resistance as she swallowed me whole up her hole.

Pulling halfway out of her, I grabbed the two phones, shooting a photo on each of my cock half buried in her. Looking down it was the hottest damned thing I ever saw. Her perfectly shaped ass clenching my turgid staff tightly was stimulating, grasping me with each of the spasms of ass muscles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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