Blue Bird

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I strolled along the wide sidewalk in the early evening. It was warm still with just a hint of light filtering around me. I glanced to one side a caught a glimpse of my reflection in the darkened store window. “Nice,” I muttered aloud to no one. I paused and faced the window, staring as though I were looking into a dressing mirror. My blouse fit snuggly over my chest, my breasts filling it without the aid of a bra. My nipples poked the fabric from the excitement of looking at the reflection. My short skirt hung nicely over my firm rounded hips. I leaned back slightly against my crutches and looked at my long right leg, bare, alone, extending to the black high heel shoe on my foot. A quick glance around found no one near. I snaked the left hem of my skirt up until my hip exposed itself. I watched the short rounded part where my leg once matched the other and smiled for a moment before letting go of the skirt, giving it a shake to make sure it hung properly.

“Hi Jan,” Mark said as I approached still about fifteen feet away. He leaned against the outside wall of the ‘Blue Bird’, a causal restaurant where he had suggested we meet for dinner.

We had stumbled upon each other though an Internet dating site, chatted online for over a month, talked on the phone, and this was our first time to meet in person. Living a thousand miles apart made it difficult to do so, but he had traveled to meet a customer in a town nearby and we had agreed we should meet. My heart had been racing all afternoon and I had gotten little done at work. I left early to change and now felt like I needed another shower.

“Wow! So, at last we meet,” I said as he held my waist and held me close enough to feel his chest swell with a deep breath. I stared into his blue eyes and struggled to not move too fast. I kissed him on the cheek and pulled back. “How was the meeting?” I figured that might be a safe topic.

“I closed the deal. I’d been talking to them about the software for several months. My boss was pleased.”

“Hey, it gave us a chance to meet.” I grinned as I continued to look at him. I took a step back and struck a pose. “What do you think?” I cooed softly. “Worth the wait?” I smiled and stepped closer.

His tongue wiped across his lower lip. “My goodness, yes. Stunningly beautiful.” The tongue wiped the other direction. “Good enough to eat.” He grinned.

We had a lot of sexual talk online. We had exchanged naughty words. We both loved to talk that way. I’d had more than a few orgasms in the process, though I had not told him. Even while walking along the sidewalk this evening, I knew I would not deny us a chance to get naked in bed.

“Golly, should we skip to desert?” I laughed and wiped my wet palms along my skirt feeling another part of me forming its own wetness.

“I can’t say the thought hasn’t crossed my mind.” He laughed. “Maybe we should eat so we will have the strength for later on.” He laughed again and pulled the door open.

I almost expected him to sit beside me in the booth, but he took the bench across the table from me. He mumbled something about it would let us look at each other better. My hand rested in the middle of the table as I opened the menu. He took the bait and wrapped his fingers around mine.

“This is so exciting,” he said looking up from the menu towards my face. “It is no lie that I’ve fantasized about you … a lot.” He ignored the menu for a moment as the thought filled my mind. “You know … all the things we çorum escort talked about online. I lay in bed and replay them all the time.” His lips formed a kiss and blew it towards me.

“We have some specials,” the lanky big-breasted waitress with cleavage exposed said breaking the spell that was forming. We quickly scanned the menu and ordered, then watched her ass sway as she walked away.

“Did you like that?” I asked quietly.

“No way it could compare to what is across the table from me.” His fingers squeezed mine then relaxed.

“Good answer.” I laughed. “I like smaller boobs … that way I don’t have to wear a bra.” I cupped one breast for a moment.

“Yeah, too many legs.”

“Yeah.” Now it was my turn to squeeze his fingers as my mind drifted back to the reflection in the store window. Now four years without the leg, I still was happy. “Yeah,” I said as I returned to the moment. It was no secret to Mark. I had told him after several online talks after he told me about his preference for women like me, at least for women with one leg. He had admitted not giving much thought to why I had wanted this, but that he did not mind.

The dinner conversation was light and only served to pass time. We already knew much about each other from our time online. Parts of my body were demanding attention and I assumed he was feeling the same. I was happy to see the credit card receipt placed back on the table and him putting the card in his wallet. I stood and put my crutches under my arms and watched as he shoved the wallet into his hip pocked.

“My, is someone anxious to leave?” he teased as he stood.

“I want you alone,” I replied with a smirk remaining on my face for a moment. I glanced around realizing that I might have said that a bit loudly. No one seemed to be staring.

“Well, well. I think that is easy to arrange. My hotel is a few blocks a way … if you’d like to come back with me.”

“Yes. I most definitely like to cum … with you.” I made sure there was no mistaking how I pronounced the word. It was something I had been ready for since some of the first erotic chats online with him.

His hand gently held the small of my back as we walked along the sidewalk. Deserted, dark, and we were alone. Sensual feelings surged and raced though my body from his touch. I wished my blouse were not blocking his touch from the bare skin.

The elevator opened on the twelfth floor with a ding. The carpeted hall stretched forever in both directions. He pushed me to the left and soon the lock clicked as he removed the cardkey from the shinny brass lock. I don’t remember the door closing behind us. I know it did. All I could hear was my heart pounding.

“Make your self comfortable,” he suggested as he walked to a small mini-bar. Bent over, he glanced back at me. “Do you care for a drink?”

“Scotch if you have it.” I did not need anything to weaken my inhabitations. It just sounded appropriate. I sat on the couch in front of a fireplace and lay my crutches on the floor to one side. My hand reached out and took the glass as he settled beside me. Our glasses clinked in a mock toast before the first sip.

“Wow,” he muttered as his eyes undressed me. At least that is what I assumed he was doing.

It was exactly what mine were doing to him. I snickered and took another sip. “Oh yeah?” I teased. “Do you have me naked yet?” I laughed and rested my hand on his neck, gently rubbing my fingers.

He çorum escort bayan leaned forward and sat his glass on the low table then took mine to place beside it. Without comment, his lips touched mine. The sensual force was incredible and there was no resistance. Our tongues meet. They moved back and forth between our mouths. I could feel myself lowered backwards and my hands stroked his back.

“The bed might be better,” I encouraged, though I did not have too as his hand pulled between my thighs. “Baby,” I moaned spreading my single leg and letting the foot slide to the floor. My lips sucked his and our tongues dipped into the wetness of our mouths. “There’s no rush,” I whispered letting him know I wanted him, now or later.

His hand slid along my thigh under my short skirt. As he realized I had no panties and nicely shaved there, he inhaled deeply in a huge sigh. “Darling,” he blew into my mouth around my tongue. His fingers explored my wetness and felt inside for a moment before his hand drifted to my short stump. It wrapped the soft mound and lightly massaged. “Very nice,” he whispered pulling his face away from mine.

“Go ahead, look,” I suggested pulling on the hem of my skirt. “Everything down there is something I love. I know you do too.”

His lips kissed my navel as he trailed a series of wet marks over my hot skin. My hand lightly guided his head. Of course, he needed no encouragement. His hands pushed my thighs farther apart. The one on my stump continued to massage. “Lovely,” he mumbled as he paused to savor the view. His tongue dug though my pussy and lifted the clit out of its hiding place. Without thinking, I rocked my crotch against his mouth. His lips wrapped around my clit and lightly sucked.

I maintained contact. “Good,” I encouraged gently then rubbed my pussy over his lips. “Eat me baby.” I rubbed myself against him again feeling a finger enter me then another. “Yeah.” Quickly I was lost in an intense orgasm then fell limp against the arm of the couch.

“I guess I did a good job,” he teased as he sat upright and stared at the nakedness once covered by my short skirt. “Damn,” he drawled. My eyes fluttered open and then an expression covered my face as if to ask what the problem might be. He realized my puzzlement. “No, no. I was just enjoying the view. That is one lovely pussy you have … and that stump. WOW!”

“Yeah. Custom made. I love it.” I stood and slipped the skirt towards my foot. With a slight hop, I was free of it. My hands reached out and I made a slow turn modeling for him. “Do you like?” I quizzed.

His hands reached out and rested along side of my hips. “What’s not to like?” He smiled and pulled me against his mouth. Again, his hand cupped the end of my stump and fondled as he nibbled my pussy.

“You do seem to like to kiss down there,” I teased moving my stump outward.

“Is that a complaint?”

“Hell no!” My hand pulled his head tighter against me and I thrust my pussy outward. “Eat me baby, eat me all night long,” I begged loudly.

He sucked my clit and squeezed my stump tightly, then pulled back slightly. I heard my loud sigh. “The bed,” he quickly said before standing and leading me by the hand.

I pulled my blouse from my body and dropped it near the edge of the bed then sat beside him. We pulled at his belt and zipper dragging his pants away together. Soon his erection stood nicely without any clothing to hide it. I grinned escort çorum as I closed my fingers around the warm skin, just letting it rest in my grip for a moment before leaning down to kiss the skin stretched tightly across the swollen head.

“Dreamed of this,” I mumbled as it slipped between my lips, just the head for now. My lips wet the head and my tongue circled the thick edge.

“Slide that sweet ass up this way,” he begged pulling at my foot. I did. I could feel his lips kiss across my stump and up the few inches to my pussy. I moaned and spread my thighs. His face found where it belonged and his tongue vanished inside.

It seemed like days; maybe it was only minutes or hours. Eventually we became so drained there was no strength to do more. I fell asleep with my head on his chest, his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“Housekeeping!” the deep female voice boomed along with the rap of knuckles on the door. Soon a click followed as a cardkey unlocked the door. “Sorry, I’ll come back,” the woman sheepishly said closing the door behind her.

I figured it was not the first pair of naked bodies uncovered on the bed she had seen and I did not attempt to keep it from happening. Mark’s cock was standing nicely though the whole time even though he was still asleep. Softly, quietly, I moved my face towards the cock. The crusted remains of multiple orgasms on the sheet brushed against my skin. Most of his cock had been in my mouth for several minutes before he awoke.

I stopped and looked back at his face. “You missed the maid ogling your cock.” I laughed and sucked a few more times. I adjusted my position and straddled him letting it slowly disappear inside me. “This is the way to wake up baby.” I rocked my ass and rode him up and down. “Don’t you think?”

His hand held my breasts like a warm bra and his thumbs caressed my nipples into replicas of small mountains. “The thought has crossed my mind more than once, you know.”

“And?” I begged as my head rocked back and my mouth fell open in a small gasp. “Oh baby, this is one fine cock.” I brought my head forward and draped my hair over his face.

“I was thinking we need to find a way to wake up like this more often.”

“Kind of tough when you are a thousand miles away.”

“We don’t have to be … do we?”

“No baby, we don’t. Who moves? Who gives up their current job?

“Would it be that easy?” He asked between groans as his orgasm grew near.

I continued to fuck his cock and look down at him as we talked. His hand cradled my stump. After a few more passes along his long shaft, I said, “Yeah.” He smiled, but remained quiet. “It’s not like we just met in a bar last night. We’ve been talking a while. This has been as good as I dreamed it would be.”


“Yeah baby. I could see us together … don’t you? Or do you have other one legged chicks after you?” I stopped fucking his cock even though I knew he was very close.

He shoved his cock deep inside me. “Don’t stop.” He shoved it again encouraging me to restart my fuck.

I sat still and sat upright with my arms cross under my breasts. My nipples peeked over them. “Well?” My expression remained slightly cold. A frown began to form.

His hands pulled at my arms and I felt myself rolling onto my back. His cock reentered me, this time more deeply. His long slow strokes excited me. His face now hung over mine. A few strokes in silence, then “You are all I dream of darling.” Now, he completed a few more strokes, still in silence. “I told my boss I wanted to move here to manage this new contract. He agreed.” His chest pressed against mine. My leg wrapped over his back. We finished our orgasms together. We remained in each other’s arms. Forever.

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