Blinding Blue Sky

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Work brought Lin into San Francisco for the day, but unfortunately her busy schedule had her headed to LA on an evening flight, to make an early meeting the next day.

Lin and her colleagues had a meeting at an advertising agency in the city. There she found herself across the table from a guy she’d never met from the firm named Matt. He was tall and dark, with teeth that fired her imagination. He clearly noticed her as well.

The meeting was dull, with several self-important people dominating it. This suited Lin fine, since her mind was on other things. The lights were dim, but she and the guy across the table were able to exchange meaningful glances in the glow of the screen.
Her body coursed with excitement. This was not something she normally did – sure, a little flirtation here and there was fine, but this felt much steamier. She sat back in her chair, arching her back a bit to let her jacket fall back from her chest. He clearly noticed, and kept taking in the sight of her small, pert breasts.

At one point his attention was taken by the screen, and seemed stuck there, so she searched for his foot with hers. Finding it, she ran the toe of her shoe up the backside of his calf. His attention was back. His eyes widened and bored into hers. Her heart pounded, for she could feel that this seemingly innocent play had a weight of commitment behind it – there would be no turning back.

The meeting broke for lunch, catered in the next room. Her attention was taken by some of the people in her group, and when she looked around again Matt was in conversation with some other people. He ataşehir escort bayan caught her eye, but continued talking. Some boring person tried to engage her in conversation, so she broke away to get some food.

At the buffet she felt a gentle hand caress her ass, feeling the sleek curve of her skirt over her cheek. There was no question in her mind as to who it was, and her pussy became instantly wet. His hand lingered and she pushed into it, ever so slightly. Then it was gone, and he took her paper plate and put it down. She looked at him. He smiled with narrowed eyes, and then turned and walked out of the room.

She checked to see if anyone was watching, and then followed. As she reached the hallway she saw him walk past the elevators, open the door to the stairwell and go in. Her blood was rushing through her body as she followed and opened that door. She didn’t see him, but she heard footsteps going up, so she headed up after them.

The stairs kept going, and came to a roof access which was propped open. Lin stepped through and the bright light of a beautiful day with a blue, blue sky blinded her. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and stood there for a moment with the wind blowing her fine, black hair across her face. She could feel his hands on her waist turning her body and pulling her to him.

His long fingers wrapped around her slender waist held her body to his as their lips meet in a ferocious kiss. Their tongues were instantly active, searching and probing each other. Lin felt his hard cock pressing against her stomach. One of his hands went escort kadıköy into her hair and the other went to her ass. She wrapped her arms around his back. He held her head and continued the passionate kiss and squeezed her hard.

A hand full of silken hair, he pulled her head back and trailed kisses down her long neck. He bit and licked at her flawless ivory skin, tracing the line from her jaw to her collarbone. A moan escaped her chest as her body caught fire.

His hand pulled her short skirt up and ran over the smooth skin of her ass. She gasped for breath, staring into the crystalline sky. The wind up so many stories whipped at them. His hands were on her ass and her breast, then one was unbuttoning her white blouse.

She could feel the unbridled desire flowing from him. The hand on her ass slipped between her legs and pushed her thong into her moist flesh. His fingers were merciless, stroking up and down the tender folds of her labia, slipping one and then two at a time inside her, and flicking over her tingling clitoris. He was biting and licking her nipples with an incredible hunger.

His strong hands turned her around and bent her forward. Her hands rested on the parapet. She heard his zipper and felt him pull her thong aside, then run his fingers up and down her pussy, slipping first one finger, then two into her.

He spread her lips with one hand and then she finally felt the head of his cock against her opening. He began to slide in slowly, but as she began to feel his size she had to have it all, so she bucked her ass back and pulled his big cock into her bostancı escort hungry cunt.

His response was to grip her hips and begin to pound in and out, fucking her with serious purpose. He slid in and out of her tight cunt, the wetness providing perfect lubrication. It was a heavenly tight fit, as she felt herself filled and stretched to capacity.

One of his hands came around her front and he began to stroke her swollen clit with several fingers at once. The feel of his tensing body, his cock getting harder and more rigidly working her pussy, his hand on her button, brought her over the edge. She cried out as she felt jets of semen course into her – jet after jet after jet. He held her tightly to him, buried to the hilt.

They were both still in the wind, the city and bay spread beneath them. He wrapped an arm around her and held her body tightly to his.

After a time, they wordlessly separated and headed back down the stairs, entering the room just as the assembled group was headed back to the meeting room. She slipped into her seat and heard nothing for the rest of the afternoon.

Then it was over and her group was rushing off to the airport. Her attention was demanded, and slowly she snapped out of her glaze and got back to doing her job.

Hours later she checked into her room in LA, still running as her efficient self. She plunked her bag down on the bed and noticed flowers on the desk. That’s funny, she thought, these were quite nice for hospitality in a corporate hotel like this. Then she picked up the card and see that it contained an email address with the domain of the company they had met with that afternoon. A rush of sensation came over her as she sank back on the bed.

Still holding the card, she lay there staring at the ceiling, feeling the wind whip through her hair again, once more blinded by the blue sky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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