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“This is definitely crossing new territory,” Marianne Walsh said, looking at her husband Luther Brands. They’d known each other for nearly a decade and been romantically involved for three years. During that time, Luther discovered his bisexuality and Marianne fell in love with the world of BDSM. Since then, the couple found themselves at something of a crossroads. Where do they go from here?

“We’ll explore it together,” Luther replied with a firm nod. Marianne nodded, and looked intently at him. The two of them lay in bed together, browsing. They were looking at Bisexual Universe, an online forum aimed at bisexual men and the women and others who love them. Since many in the LGBT community despise bisexual men and seek to deny them out of existence, bisexual men and their admirers are going their own way, hence the forum. Good news for Luther and Marianne.

Six feet three inches tall, bald-headed, muscular and dark-skinned, Luther Brands is a proud son of the Jamaican-Canadian diaspora. Upon meeting Marianne and Luther, many felt the two of them could not be more different. Five feet eleven inches tall, plump, red-haired and green-eyed Marianne is still somewhat of a newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Canada, by way of Galway, Ireland. The foxy Irishwoman still speaks with her Galway accent and is damn proud of it.

When Marianne and Luther met, one fine day at Algonquin College, they hit it right off. At the time, Luther was dating Stacey, a big-booty Nigerian chick with a penchant for wild sex, hard liquor and fast living. At the time, Marianne was staying with her aunt Gertrude in the Nepean area while studying at Algonquin College. The sheltered young Irishwoman began exploring her sexuality in those halcyon days, and discovered the world of BDSM along the way.

Fast forward a few years and Luther and Marianne live together in a nice two-bedroom apartment not far from the By Ward Market area. He works for CMHC and she works for Nav Canada. Just another middle-class couple living the dream. On the surface, the attractive, twenty-something interracial couple appears to have it all. Things are seldom what they seem in most cases, and this holds true for the private lives of Marianne and Luther…

When Luther revealed his bisexuality to Marianne ages ago, it was something of a surprise. Luther is a very masculine brother whose virility is legendary. Women are always checking out Luther while he and Marianne walk about town together. Luther does seem to enjoy the attention from the ladies, but the ladies aren’t the only ones checking him out. Everyone wants a piece of this fine specimen of Jamaican masculinity…

“I abstained from everyone else, male or female, since we started dating,” Luther reassured Marianne after that particular revelation. Marianne found herself at something of a crossroads. Nowadays, every woman seems to want a gay male friend, usually the most effeminate fellow around, to help them with shopping and gossip. Most of those same women find bisexual men repugnant and would never date one. Such is life, apparently.

Fortunately for Luther, Marianne isn’t most women and she truly loves her husband. A lot of women think that bisexual men are programmed to cheat and cannot be satisfied with monogamy. The LGBT community certainly promotes that negative stereotype of bisexual men, whom they reject off-hand or see as sexually confused liars. Lucky for Luther, Marianne has a mind of her own. The happy couple decided to explore together…

“When bahis firmaları we go over there, we do as I say,” Marianne cautioned Luther, who smiled and kissed her. The forum had munches and meetings every other Saturday of the month. During their first meeting, Marianne and Luther were surprised. There were eleven guys, nine women, and the meeting leader was a tall, curvy and attractive black woman named Joanna. She heartily welcomed the newcomers.

“Welcome, you two are so cute,” Joanna said, smiling at Luther and Marianne as they joined the meeting. Luther pointed out Joanna’s Caribbean accent and Marianne nodded in agreement. Folks went around introducing themselves. The bisexual men at the meeting were a surprisingly diverse lot. Luther was pleased to see that the men looked, acted and sounded like normal, regular guys, unlike the effeminate stereotypes that he’d come to dread. People like me, Luther thought, relieved.

There was Scott, a burly trucker from Calgary who was raising his two daughters after a messy divorce. Apparently, his ex-wife is nuts. Trent, a slim black man from Winnipeg who lived with his First Nations girlfriend Sheila. Victor, an Asian businessman living with his partner Troy. Vivian and Dalton, recent retirees who moved to Ottawa from Edmonton. Rod and Kiana were a college-age interracial couple from Montreal. Truly a diverse lot.

“My husband Clayton and I started the local chapter of Bisexual Universe,” Joanna said, and a tall, athletic white guy with a cowboy hat took the podium. Clayton smiled at Joanna and kissed her on the lips before turning to address the others. Marianne looked intently at Joanna and Clayton. A bisexual redneck married to a black woman, Marianne thought, smiling. In many ways, Clayton and Joanna were the inverse of Marianne and Luther…

“Most women reject bisexual men, and I’ve had gay men sabotage my relationships with women by outing me, I was alone for a long time, trusting no one, I was really lucky to meet Joanna,” Clayton said, looking adoringly at his wife. Luther took Marianne’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Marianne smiled at Luther and said nothing. She continued to look around.

Marianne’s eyes met those of Kiana, the light-skinned, Afro-sporting, curvy young biracial woman from the City of Montreal whose boyfriend Rod, a tattooed blond-haired surfer type, was clicking on his cellphone. Marianne’s heart skipped a beat as Kiana winked at her, and she smiled but said nothing. Luther did not seem to notice anything out of sorts with Marianne, and they continued to listen as people talked and shared their stories.

“A lot of bisexual women don’t like bisexual men, guess I’m a unicorn, cause I find bisexual guys hot,” Kiana said, smiling at Rod as she spoke. Marianne smiled as Rod and Kiana shared their stories. They met at the University of Montreal, fell in love and were real active in the local alternative rock community. They recently moved to Ottawa to work as government contractors and seemed to be enjoying life in the Capital of Canada.

“Mare, you think she’s hot,” Luther whispered into Marianne’s ear as they listened to Kiana and Rod, and Marianne blushed. Marianne smiled at Luther and shrugged. While Marianne considers herself mostly straight, she’s had a few encounters with women since she began dabbling in BDSM. Hell, a month ago, Marianne had a lot of fun with Sholonda, a tall and sexy, dreadlocked black woman from Detroit, Michigan, whom she met at the Rideau Center.

“Hmm, maybe,” Marianne kaçak iddaa whispered to a smiling Luther, as she recalled that steamy encounter with Sholonda. As it turns out, Sholonda, a proud bisexual African-American woman, loved BDSM as much as Marianne did. The two women got down and dirty in the By Ward Market apartment while Luther was away on a business trip. Marianne shuddered as she thought of all the fun and wicked things she did with Sholonda…

“Fuck me silly,” Sholonda told Marianne, as the sexy plump redhead stood there, rubbing her big tits with one hand while stroking her strap-on dildo with the other. This was the same strap-on dildo which Marianne used to fuck Luther with. Marianne felt her pussy get wet at the thought of her recent adventures. Luther is a lot of fun. The big macho bisexual Jamaican stud quite simply loves pegging and Marianne is always happy to fuck the hell out of his cute ass. Sometimes, though, Luther isn’t enough for Marianne…

“Shut up and give me that ass,” Marianne said as she put Sholonda on all fours. Marianne admired Sholonda’s curvy body, gorgeous dark skin and big and round black ass. Marianne has a secret, she’s sexually attracted to darker-skinned men and women. The freaky Irishwoman is quite kinky and proud of it. Gripping Sholonda’s hips, Marianne leaned into her and began fucking her.

“Oh yes,” Sholonda moaned as Marianne smacked her big black ass and slammed the dildo into her pussy. Marianne is quite dominant in the bedroom, regardless of whether she is with a woman or a man. Grabbing hold of Sholonda’s long locks, Marianne yanked her head back while fucking her silly. Marianne rammed the dildo into Sholonda’s snatch and didn’t let up until the freaky African American gal squealed in delight as she came. Good times…

“What are you thinking?” Luther whispered into Marianne’s ear. Marianne flashed her hubby a naughty grin and said nothing. The night before, after a nice dinner in one of those patio restaurants that doesn’t fear Covid, Luther took Marianne home and showed his darling wife what Jamaican manliness was all about. It was one of those rare occasions when Marianne allowed Luther to totally dominate her…

“You’re a pain in the ass,” Marianne said, laughing quietly. She recalled how Luther grabbed her and bent her over his knee before spanking her thick white ass. Marianne squealed and tried to flee but Luther’s strong hands held her into place. After giving Marianne a good spanking, Luther put her on her knees. Marianne smiled up at him as she grabbed his long and thick, uncircumcised Jamaican dick and took him into her mouth.

“Hot damn,” Luther moaned as Marianne fingered his ass while sucking his hard dick. She then sucked on his balls, driving him absolutely nuts, but in a good way. When Luther came, Marianne drank his manly seed. Afterwards, Luther put Marianne on all fours, grabbed her ass and thrust his hard dick into her. Marianne welcomed the feel of Luther’s hardness in her pussy and began grinding her big ass against his groin, giving him a great visual to work with.

“Fuck me in the ass, slowly,” Marianne demanded, after Luther pounded her pussy for a while. Luther grinned, and took some lotion. As Marianne eagerly spread her thick ass cheeks, Luther lubricated her backdoor then pressed his dick against her. With a gentle thrust, Luther worked his dick into Marianne’s asshole and began fucking her. Marianne’s ass was warm and tight, just the way Luther liked them.

Gripping Marianne’s kaçak bahis wide hips, Luther plunged his dick into her asshole, and her screams delighted him as he fucked her. Ass fucking is one of those things Luther definitely loves. Marianne is mostly dominant and rarely lets Luther fuck her in the ass. Those special moments are definitely something Luther savors and looks forward to, that’s for damn sure. Luther fucked Marianne’s ass until the freaky, big-bottomed Irishwoman tapped out. After pulling out of Marianne, Luther kissed and embraced her.

“What are you thinking?” Marianne chimed, snatching Luther out of his reverie. Luther grinned and shrugged. Looking around the room, Luther locked eyes with Rod, the tattooed guy with the mixed-race girlfriend, Kiana somebody. Looking back at Luther, Rod smiled and nodded, and as Luther looked on, he and his girlfriend Kiana kissed passionately. Luther politely looked away. Let them have their moment.

“Not much,” Luther mumbled, remembering the good times he once had with Ivan Gaines, a tall, red-haired young white dude he knew in Gatineau, Quebec, prior to meeting Marianne. Ivan was dating a Chinese gal named Lily Yan at the time that he and Luther had their thing. Whenever Lily was away, Luther would visit and he and Ivan would fuck like there was no tomorrow. Good times.

“You’re a rough one,” Ivan told Luther, during their last session together, years and years ago. Luther had Ivan on all fours and was putting on a condom. After lubricating Ivan’s ass, Luther drilled his hard dick into him. Ivan moaned deeply as Luther fucked him silly, ramming his dark dick into his ass. They fucked and sucked over every inch of the apartment that Lily and Ivan shared. Luther missed those sessions, for real.

Ivan and Luther ended their association after Lily Yan got pregnant and the couple moved to Montreal, Quebec, to start a family. Lily never learned that Ivan and Luther were more than friends. Luther knew many bisexual men who were living a double life. Hell, some of them had a wife, a girlfriend and a boyfriend…at the same time. Luther thought he could do better, by finding everything he needs in one person.

Last time Luther heard from Ivan, he and Lily were raising twins in la belle province. Luther had a lot of fun with both women and men prior to meeting Marianne, but she was the only person he loved enough to be completely honest with. Unlike Ivan, Luther refuses to deceive the woman he loves. Among bisexual men, this makes Luther akin to a unicorn.

“Time to mingle,” Marianne said, gently elbowing Luther. Nodding, Luther looked around, and saw everyone else rising. They got up, hand and hand, and went to join the others. Joanna and Clayton joined Kiana and Rod plus many others at the refreshments tables. Sandwiches, drinks, fish and dip awaited. Marianne smiled as Kiana and Rod came over to introduce themselves to her and Luther. There were admiring glances, big smiles and hugs all around.

This is going to be fun, Marianne thought, pondering the erotic possibilities for herself and Luther. Marianne was wet at the mere thought of a foursome between herself, Kiana, Rod and Luther. As for Luther, he thanks his lucky stars for Marianne. My life would suck without my wife, Luther thought, as he caressed Marianne’s thick ass.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to be loved and accepted by the person that they love. Bisexual men, among the world’s most hated and most poorly understood, simply want what all human beings want. This supposedly diverse and progressive world is going to have to learn to deal with them, for they are quite simply everywhere, unique and complex, and they’re not going to vanish anytime soon.

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