Birthday Gift Exchange

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“What do you want for your birthday?” she asked.

“One hour,” he replied.

“For what?” she asked.

“To kiss your asshole…”

She knew him too well to think that he was kidding. She thought how best to answer.

“When?” she asked.


She prepares carefully for him, bathing her body, soaping her lightly-haired vulva and the sensitive rosebud between her cheeks, her fingers rubbing and penetrating where needed.

She allows one finger to linger as she thinks of his tongue in her most intimate oriface. A mini orgasm flashes though her and she shivers. Whoa. Save it for later…

She applies her makeup with her usual professional skill, gives her hair a brush and a shake, checks her reflection in the mirror. She reaches for the art glass bottle of perfume she’d bought in Venice two weeks before. She tips it and touches the applicator to each side of her neck, just below each ear. On a whim, she touches down between her pussy and her asshole, thinking he will like it there, appreciate the intimate sexiness of the gesture when he inhales the sexy scent of it mixed with her own, a “cocktail” she knows he’ll favor. Hard to believe that he loves going down on her as much as he does, but, he obviously does, often telling her and showing her how much he does.

She checks her lipstick and has a quick vision of outlining her cunt lips with red, and of what he might do when he saw them…

Glue his lips to them, most likely, then lick them inside and out and double tongue her clit, sucking and lapping her juices…

Or something like that. The usual, only more so.

He’s waiting for her in the bedroom, his cock hard from ağrı escort anticipation, harder now for seeing her naked body. He’s on his back, propped up and rubbing his cock lightly, knowing she enjoys seeing him pleasure himself. He loves pleasuring himself, does it often, and, now, having her watch him stimulates him even more.

“How would you like me?” she asks.

He draws her down into a kiss. His one arm reaches back around her waist, and pulling with that one and pushing her with the other, he flips her onto her side into the bed and rolls his front over against her backside, pulling her close. He holds her, spooning, while his dick throbs between her cheeks. He squeezes her.

“Here’s a good place to start.”

He extricates his body, then touches her waist with one hand while the other rubs one butt cheek, massaging it, squeezing it, lifting it away from her asshole. He pauses, enjoying the view.

Now both hands push and separate her cheeks, exposing her rosebud to his eyes and nose and tongue. He is smitten with it and the act of pleasuring it. It’s a naughty act that makes him blush, and blood pours into his face and dick.

He kisses it gently, but firmly, his lips lingering against the warm clinging skin of it until his tongue craves a darker taste and he begins a slow flat tongued licking of her anus. He proceeds maddeningly slowly with a long, slow, steady lapping: now…now…now…now… After a couple of minutes, she feels her own wetness pooling at her pussy lips. She focuses her attention on her body, realizing she must relax into the process of it all.

Her juice runs down her leg. He’s still lapping.

Mmmmm. ağrı escort bayan She notices she’s breathing in time with his lapping. Four in. Four out. Slow. Steady. He seems to have no intention of stopping.

Maybe this will be all of it she thinks…and her mind wanders a bit. Her eyes are shut and she sees herself reclining beside a golden sea. The afternoon sunlight is warming and lighting her body and the soft sea is whispering…now…lap….now…lap…now. Her dream eyes close. And…

She becomes aware that the lapping has stopped. She experiences it as “something is missing;” no sound nor sensation. Her anus clenches and pushes outward in search of sensation, holds and relaxes. He’s sitting beside her, warmly smiling at her slightly opened hole. He bends and kisses it, licks his lips and sucks, a deeply romantic kiss, a soul searching kiss, a fall on his knees and worship her kiss, a kiss to coax her soul into his mouth to be consumed…kiss. He licks her broadly, kisses again, licks and softly tongues her slick hole, sliding his tongue and lips over the folds of it, rotating his head to keep the motion coming smoothly.

She relaxes into it, just lets it happen, feeling the intimately intense sensation of him licking her most private part. He licks and laps and kisses. She feels and smiles and shivers slightly.

After a few minutes, he slows it all down again. He kisses her deeply. He sucks and tongues and kisses, licks and kisses again and again. He sucks.

She has totally relaxed into it now, as he is well aware. Her ass is totally open to him, and his tongue takes advantage, licking her deeply, penetrating her to escort ağrı half its length. He moves it slowly back and forth, around and around, then slowly tongue fucks her, as a natural, involuntary sigh escapes her throat.

She wonders what he’s thinking as he pays homage to her hole.

She would never guess that he’s lost in a favorite fantasy that doesn’t involve her ass…

“He is visualizing sucking her cunt, lapping and drinking her juices there, his tongue well up inside her, sucking her sweet cunt. He laps her clitoris to elicit more from her, thirsty for her wetness. He imagines kissing, tonguing and licking her clit until she finally cums, licking as she cums, licking as her juice floods his lips, floods his face while he joyfully attempts to catch it all, rejoicing in the overwhelming volume of her tasty cum, running down his face, his neck, his chest. He feels the overwhelming pleasure of her wetness while listening to her mounting moans of orgasm, moans that turn guttural and animalistic as he continues to lick and suck her clit and she continues to flood him with her cum.”

He imagines this while licking her asshole. She can tell that he is stroking himself. She loves that. She reaches back to see if she can feel his cock and she finds it, hard, erect, near bursting in his hand, dripping precum into hers.

True to his proposal, he continues to kiss her ass for an hour, though occasionally dipping into her flowing cunt and sucking her delicious precum. He carries some on his tongue and pushes it up into her lovely open ass, swirling it around before tongue- fucking her with her natural lube. He is in heaven. She is beyond words. A good thing words are not called for.

Finally, he kisses her ass long and deep, sucking and tonguing, playfully teething her delicate folds. He kisses her again and again, then lies back upon his pillow, smiling broadly. He’s beaming.

“Favorite birthday ever,” he grins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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