Between Her Breasts Ch. 04

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For the last several months, I have been overly consumed with touching Tee whenever and wherever I can. If she’s cooking, I move up behind her and put my hands on her hips or around her waist, and am occasionally rewarded with her pulling my hands up and onto her chest, where I take full opportunity to caress every inch of her large breasts thru the fabric of her shirt and bra.

If she’s walking in the garden, I put my hand on her back and lean in to kiss her, and am occasionally surprised and delighted when she guides my hand to her lips for a small kiss and then brushes it coyly onto her waiting cleavage, where I can feel the soft swell of her cool skin against the backs of my fingers. She knows now that I thrill for her breasts, to handle them however she will let me.

Perhaps she feels the serotonin warmth radiate thru me when I am with her like this, my eyes loosing focus and my sighing like a schoolboy when the flesh of her breasts moves against my hands. Even without the obvious physical signs (did I mention a swelling in my jeans?) my attention to her girls would be enough to let her know my interest, and my interest is my constant companion nowadays.

If this romantic description of my lust is reading like a between-the-lines Thomas Hardy novel, complete with tight bodices and heaving bosoms, you would not be far off the mark, and certainly is an enjoyable image for me. My tastes run to unabashed pleasure in my lovely Tee’s body, and while the experience of the physical with her might remain essentially the same each time, how it comes about that I am positioned with my cock buried snuggly in her tits is what partly creates, for me, the tension that is so wonderful and essential to release.

My most recent interlude with Tee was completely unexpected on my part, which in retrospect added much to the whole experience and my thought is she engineered it just for this reason. We were chatting about something insubstantial while making the bed, and had been sipping whiskey earlier in the kitchen (remember paragraph one?)

“You seem pretty out of sorts, are you all right?” she asked. I grunted something, my mind elsewhere. She made a little pouty face and said “Poor Pascal. Want to come over here and come between my breasts?”

“Huh?” Dumbfounded.

“I meant, want to come between my tits?”

I laughed and walked over to her, watching as she took off her jeans and sat down on the bed in her panties. “You want me to fuck your tits?” I asked, enjoying the way it felt saying the words, liking where this was going. I was going to make this as dirty as possible. “Fuck them then come on them?”

“Mmmhmm. How do you want me?” Tee asked, all innocence.

She was wearing a scoop necked shirt, so I knelt down and pulled the shoulders of the top down along her arms until the scoop was gathered under her bra, a simple and soft maroon D cup with thin black straps. Her boobs pushed full against casino şirketleri them as I pressed my face into the cleavage of her bosom, caressing the sides of her bra-clad breasts with my hands. I breathed in the warmth of her chest, her soft flesh pressing against my face as a flood of electricity pulsed thru me. I shivered and pulled back to see her heaving chest, slightly red from the apparent scraping of my whiskers.

As I stood she stayed where she was, looking at me expectantly. “Yes?” she said.

I unzipped and pulled out my now quickly hardening cock, teasing my balls out too from behind the zipper seam. I was going to say “Open up” or something equally charming but she was already reaching out to guide me into her waiting mouth. She leaned forward, her boobs straining against the bra. I was going to fucking wreck those tits.

She had me in her mouth, sucking hard as she slid her mouth and head up and down my shaft. Wanting to prolong this escapade, I put a hand on the back of her head and with the other touched her jaw and slowly pushed against her cheek to let her know I had something else in mind. She slowed down. “Yeah that’s right, slower” I breathed. “Open your mouth wider.” Complying, she let my cock rest on her tongue as I moved it slowly into her mouth, then out again. “Say something.”


“Talk while you’ve got my cock in your mouth.”

“Lnk whnt?”

“The pledge of allegiance, I don’t care. I want to hear you try to talk while I fuck you in the mouth.”

“I thot yoo wntedh ta fuckth my ti…nglagh!” she choked. I had reached back to unhook her bra and gave my prick a little shove into the back of her throat.

Pulling her shirt down further I reached down and pulled on the cups of her bra and watched from above as her tits spilled out, my cock deep in her mouth. Grabbing them each firmly, I hefted them into my palms and gave another thrust as I straightened back up.

“Ughlgl!” she protested again, as I pushed back in a little farther. “Yeah that’s right, talk to me, Tee.”

“It’s really un- nglth!-cmftrtable whn yr fuck- nglth!-ng my face like th- nglth!!” This last shove really went deep into her throat, and she gave a little retch. She was playing along but looked like she was reaching her limit with this little exercise.

I slowly pulled out my glistening cock and watched as some spit draped from the tip to the edge of her lip, then slowly drooped to land just under her collarbone. My hands still on her tits, I pulled them up and watched as it slowly glimmered on her chest, followed closely by a large dollop of spit that landed squarely in her cleavage. Tee had provided that, the nasty bitch.

“Gonna fuck ’em now?” she asked, obviously happy to have my cock not fucking her throat any longer. “Come on Pascal, fuck my tits. Cum on my tits for me.” She was completely into this and it was making me crazy.

Taking my cock in my casino firmaları hand, I rubbed the tip thru the saliva she had so helpfully supplied between her tits, then quickly slapped the head down on the top of one of her fleshy boobs, making an audible ‘thwack’. “Hold them” I commanded, and she lifted them both from underneath, the nipples jutting forth from the ends of her large mounds. Little ripples of tit flesh bounced each time I smacked my cock on a generous fleshy mound, first the left then the right, then back again. Then I pushed the tip straight into one of the waiting nipples and watched as it disappeared in a bubble of soft flesh that spilled over her fingers, as she held her breast firmly to my rod. I pushed in again, harder, and she didn’t seem to mind this at all.

“Mmmm, yeah, do that, I like that a lot” she said, eyes glued to my cock as it slowly fucked her nipple. I shifted to the other one, pushing again into the other soft red target and us both watching as her tit swelled up with the pressure each time I moved forward. She let go of the breast that wasn’t getting the business and moved her hand down between her legs, giving me a little inward spasm. Her hand moved slowly over her panties as she rubbed herself, and I could just make out her fingers as they deftly slipped under the soft front folds of their purple lace.

Her warm fragrance wafted up and I reached down and pulled her top back up over her bosom. It was a thin cotton top and her nipples were clearly visible thru the white fabric, poking at attention now due to the roughness of their treatment so far. I reached around and pulled the back fabric tight, watching the bulging tops of her breasts push out thru the low cut top.

My heart was pounding. “Tee, now I’m going to fuck these…fuck these big tits…” I could barely say it, my mind was so consumed with lust.

Guiding my shaft, I slid it under the front of the top and watched as the head of my cock popped up from between the crushed valley of her tit cleavage. She kept working at her pussy, moving her other hand down now so both were occupied getting herself off. I started to move back and forth, pushing on those big tits with my hard cock, boobs swelling now from her arms pushing them in from the sides, her hands busy stroking herself faster and faster.

“You have a great fucking rack, Tee” I mumbled, watching my rod slip back and forth thru her undulating flesh. She responded with another gob of spit she leaked out of her mouth down onto my shaft, instantly pulled back into the folds of her cleavage along with my stiff prick, only to see daylight again a split second later, the head of my cock shiny with drool. She looked down at it poking up at her from between her big tits and let out a little moan – a little sign I knew from experience of an impending orgasm. I gauged I had about 20 seconds left before she released, and wanting to do this together it was time güvenilir casino to man up and go Full Monty.

Three more fast and hard thrusts and my balls began to tingle, slapping up against the underside of her breasts, my cock head tapping under her chin. I reached around behind her head and began to pull it forward but she was already moving towards me, her mouth wide to receive the head of my cock as I continued to fuck her tits raw.

The head plunged between her lips as they closed tightly over my bucking shaft. She began trying to talk between moans with my cock springing up from between her tits to plant firmly into her mouth and jab further into her throat with each lunge.

“Mmglth! Glup…jaglgh…mmmm…Mmglth!! Gmpl…kllghf…mmmm.. Mmglth!!”

Her hands shaking furiously, I could see her slowly loosing muscle control as her orgasm began to break over her. Pulling her shoulders in close in I thrust a final time deep into her throat as my cock and balls crushed her tits around me in ballooning ocean of soft breast, followed by a satisfying gag and jerk of Tees head as it reflexively pulled back away from me. Her eyes were closed in the arms of an orgasm as her head leaned back, giving me a view of my throbbing cock stuck right between the massive orbs of her tits, pointing up and out towards her retreating mouth.

My balls were aching to release, and knowing she was now completely abandoned to the shaking orgasm she was having, I let myself go and watched as a rope of thick white cum sprung from the end of my cock to land in a streak across her face, starting at her nose, going across her forehead, and finishing in her hair. The sight of it, my semen finally fully on her in a true facial, set me off to unload shot after shot on her lovely face, string after sting of cum depositing across her waiting profile.

Her lips and cheeks were bathed in a sticky white cummy mess by the time I was thru, with more cum across her forehead, in her hair, and small drops of it near her eye, little sexy tears of semen from a massive facial. She was visibly spent, having had a pretty fair orgasm as well by the looks of it. I pulled her head forward and put my cock back in her mouth, her chin resting on her crushed tits, bulging still from the push of my cock and balls into those big and wonderful boobs. She slowly and sloppily sucked me and took my cum in her mouth, taking in the leftovers from her lips and face as it slowly ran down onto my shaft.

I pulled out after a few more slurps, taking time to slowly draw my shaft thru the valley of her tight cleavage, and grasping the sides of her tits as I did so, squeezing them together in a final goodbye. As she lay back, I could see that her panties were wet and discolored, showing what I already knew – that she had come as well.

I slowly dabbed at the remaining cum on her face, prolonging the image before me of my leftover semen on her face and in her hair. She stirred slightly, and I cupped a breast in one of my hands, squeezing it gently as I watched the flesh push out to the sides. “Tee, you have great fucking tits. All I want to do is fuck you for the rest of my life.”


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