Best Friends

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“No, you’re a bigger idiot than I am!”

“You really think so? I hate to disappoint you, but you’re not fooling anyone with a face like that Kim..”

I made a pouty face and pretended to be heartbroken, holding my chest and making dramatic gestures. Tom just carried on walking, leaving me a couple of steps behind, then turned around briefly to stick his tongue out at me. I giggled, then ran the few steps it took to catch up to him.

It was just another day, walking home from university together. The wind was cold, and it couldn’t have been more than 15 degrees outside, but it was sunny. Overall the weather could’ve been a lot worse.

Of course, my body seems to emanate heat whenever I’m next to Tom so I didn’t really notice the cold despite the fact that I’d forgotten to take a jacket with me.

“Aren’t you cold?” he asked. Though it didn’t seem that he was too concerned.

“No, I’m ok” I shivered, silently cursing him for having drawn my attention to it. “Well, I was before you said anything..” I added, mumbling.

I crossed my arms in front of my body, trying to preserve some heat. I took the chance to gaze at him, slyly of course. I saw him smile at my comment while looking at something else.

I couldn’t help thinking that the bright winter light only made him look more attractive, almost poetic. I would say godly, but let’s face it, neither one of us was cut out to be in the modelling industry. We were both around 5 foot 7. Or around 175cm tall. Him, of course, being a bit taller than me. I had light brown hair, and blue eyes. I wouldn’t say I was thin, but I wasn’t unfit either. I tried to keep in shape, but some days it didn’t really work out. Still, It’s ok to have the odd day off right? In an arm wrestle I could still put up a good fight for most guys though, unless they were built like a tank of course.

He had dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and his skin was fairly tanned. Which is odd for living in a country that gets virtually no sunlight. Still, there was something about him.. Suddenly, in the cold air I noticed my nipples standing to attention. I couldn’t decide whether this was from the cold air or from my proximity to this man who I’d so often thought about in that way. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I hardly saw him turn his attention back to me.

“Hellooo..?” he passed his hand in front of my face trying to wake me from my daydream, “you still with us?” He smirked.

I blushed, going pink. It was irrational, but I felt almost like he could see what I was thinking. “Yeah, I’m ok”, I averted my gaze to the pavement, hoping that it would hide my embarrassment. I suddenly became painfully aware of my nipples pressing up against my bra, begging to be seen through my t-shirt.

“Got any plans tonight?” I asked, trying to draw attention away from myself.

“No, not really” he responded, “I might be playing a game of poker or something with my flatmates tonight”.

“Oh, sounds interesting.” I commented, suddenly jealous. “I never get to do anything fun..” I complained. “It’s probably going to be some more boring course reading tonight for me”.

“Well, I guess you could come round if you wanted, it might be fun.”

I looked at him, surprised. This seemed like another non-chalant comment. It certainly seemed to be at first glance, but he had never willingly invited me to spend time with him and some of his other friends. I guess he’s shy, and so many people have assumed we’re more than friends. I can’t blame them really, the way we are around each other. I never really minded (in fact I secretly enjoyed it) but he always seemed to get uncomfortable with the teasing. Instead of just brushing it off he’d ignore me for a while after the comment.

I used to get offended, but eventually I guessed it was just his way of dealing with it. Him asking me round was a big deal, I’d only ever been to his house when he needed to quickly pick up something.

“I guess I could”, I hesitated, suddenly intrigued, “Won’t your flatmates mind?”

“Nah, I think it’d be alright with them” he said, looking at the floor. Then he looked up, giving me a wicked grin and added “after all, it’s only you” in his usual joking manner.

I smiled back, “Yeah, only me..”. I know we joke all the casino şirketleri time but sometimes his comments really got to me. Not that I’d let it show. “So do you know who else will be there?”

“Em, I don’t know” he shrugged, “the guys, maybe a couple of friends, I don’t really know. Nobody really makes plans and all, you know?” . “Ok then, I guess that’d be fine”. I tried to appear casual but inside I was excited. Him doing something like this was new, and it’d mean that I’d get to spend more time with him. We’ve been best friends for years now, ever since we met in school. He got sat next to me in physics, and me being a confident teenager immediately started talking with him, after all, he seemed nice. Years later we’re still friends, and I’ve always thought that there was something else between us sometimes.

But there are those moments when I think so and others when I think maybe it’s just biology causing that spark, that it’s nothing more than platonic between us. Still, sometimes late at night I like to imagine that it’s something more..

I shivered again, though this time it wasn’t because I was cold. My breath caught in my throat as I briefly envisaged the two of us, in a passionate embrace, a kiss, maybe even…

“So you gonna head towards my house or not?” he laughed. It was only then that I noticed I’d walked past the turning by about ten steps. I have a bit of a reputation for being a dreamer, so my distractions didn’t surprise him, but he always laughed all the same.

“Of course. I did that on purpose!” I said, strutting my way back and holding my chin high as I walked past him, pausing only to give him a smile. He laughed and caught up with me. I settled back into a normal pace alongside him.


The front door slammed behind Tom as we entered the house. He went to take his shoes off and I did the same. I glanced behind me as I did and noticed him staring at my ass. I was glad I’d chosen my tight jeans today, the ones that made my bum look perfectly round and pert.

He didn’t know I’d noticed he was looking, it made me smile. They boy is not known for being sly, but he never really caught on to how obvious he was. There wasn’t much noise in the house, but we still wandered into the living room expecting to find people. We were both mildly surprised when there was nobody there. Tom went over to the coffee table, picking up the note that was there and reading it out loud, “We r out for a pint. Was gonna wait for u but u took ages”.

I saw him frowning at the note as he read it out loud, I was suddenly feeling guilty at being in his house. He put the note back down, and we both stood awkwardly for a moment.

“Well, em, I guess you’re here now..” he said, seeming genuinely a little embarrassed at the failure of his plans.

“yeah, I guess I am..” I said, feeling a little confused. Unsure what I was supposed to do. We were in his house, together. It was awkward yes, but not in a casual way. It was the awkwardness of two people who try to avoid being anywhere private alone. I guess this was the moment when we’d both have to deal with the situation we’d so successfully avoided so far.

“Wanna watch a film?” He blurted out suddenly. He didn’t wait for my answer, “Yes, that’s a good idea, a film. Let’s see where did I put that one that we watched…” he mumbled, turning around and knocking over a pile of DVD’s from the unit behind him. He looked at me bashfully before kneeling to retrieve all of them clumsily.

I knelt down to give him a hand and smiled at his ridiculousness. We were inches away from each other. I tried to keep my breathing calm, afraid that it he would notice it speed up. All I could hear apart from my breathing was the sound our hands made as we tried to pick up all of the DVD’s. I was acutely aware at the distance, or lack of, between us. We kept our eyes on the floor, trying to avoid the mix of feelings that I could tell were plaguing him too.

Finally we had all of them and we placed them back on the unit, temporarily relieving the pressure that had built up between us. We both looked at the pile for what seemed like a lifetime, but it seemed that neither of us was really agonizing over which film to watch. Finally he pointed one out, casino firmaları “How about this one?”. I eagerly nodded. I don’t think either of us was really bothered as to what it was, as long as it gave us something else to focus our attention on.

We mechanically sat on the sofa, making sure to put at least half a meter of space between us. The film started but all we really noticed was distance between us and the silence that was covered by the sounds of gunfire in the film.

I decided to try and get something, anything to happen. I playfully pushed him, smiling. He seemed relieved at the interaction and pushed me back. We were giggling and play fighting for a while.

Slowly, the distance between us disappeared. Neither of us noticed. My breathing became heavier and my eyes darkened as I felt the familiar twinge down below that signalled need and desire. I noticed his breathing become more erratic. We were still play fighting, but as the distance between us dwindled into nothing it became more of a token action.

He was right next to me, and as we realised what was happening we slowly stopped moving. One of his hands rested on my shoulder, the other on my waist. We looked at each other for a moment, the sound from the t.v. now seeming non-existent.

We knew what was happening, it wasn’t a surprise to either of us. I knew I had thought about it for so long, and now as I was staring into his eyes I knew he had thought about it too. We had been avoiding this for so long, scared of what would happen, but somehow, it was happening.

It was like an unspoken decision had been made. The moment had come when we had to decide whether to cross that threshold, lingering at the boundaries of temptation. Wordlessly he moved in, closing the distance between our lips and weaving his hand through my straight hair.

I felt passion well up in me, amazed that this was finally happening I pressed my lips against his harder, telling him how much I yearned for him. My body pressing up against his as we both reveled in this new discovery. Both of his hands wound around my hips as he pulled me closer to him, under him.

My head leaned against the armrest of the sofa. He pulled my t-shirt over my head, breaking the contact of our lips for only a second, and I removed his shirt in turn. His lips found his way to my neck, my collarbone, and I moaned in pleasure, pushing my hips up against his. He pushed back and increased the franticness of his hot kisses.

He eagerly unclipped my bra and pulled off my jeans, standing back to admire the body that he had thought about so often but had never seen before. He did not feel cheated, I could tell that my body was more than he had imagined, my full breasts finally fell bare before him. He put one in his mouth, using his hands to feel them, to pinch them in his hands. I buried his head between my breast, revelling in the attention, feeling the pressure built up in my lower body, already mounting with the excitation.

I pulled his trousers and pants off in one go, his large member freed from the constricting clothes. I had imagined him late at night, when I played with myself, but I had not imagined that it would be this huge. The sheer size turned me on even more.

I leaned down and took it in my mouth, wanting to taste him so badly. I leaned in on the floor between his knees, him sitting down on the sofa. He gave a loud appreciative moan and pushed his hips forward, urging me to take it in deeper. I pushed it in as far as it would go, he had his hand on my head, gripping my hair. Fucking my face hard. I enjoyed how much he needed me, feeling my own pleasure mount as his dick grew harder in my mouth. He came into my mouth, his seed filling it until I had no choice but to swallow the salty, warm fluid.

I looked up at him, smiling, and he quickly lifted me onto the sofa, so that he was lying on top of me. He dropped me on it forcefully, undeterred in passion by his release.

He quickly made his way down my body, biting, nibbling and kissing. His tongue finally reaching my clit as the sensation flooded my mind and I let out a loud gasp. He dipped his tongue in and out fervently, tickling me, begging me to cum. I couldn’t take the pleasure for long without cumming, loudly, letting him güvenilir casino know exactly how much he had pleased me. I leaned back in ecstasy for a moment, catching my breath.

I had only a moment before he flipped me round, and rammed his thick cock into me from behind. The size made me cry out, I had never had one this big before. I felt overfull with him, wondering if it was possible to take one this size. He slammed into me quickly and deeply, and I could feel the pressure building again as he went in and out. I was surprised at how hard he was, having cum not long before. He had me gasping for breath, my breasts jiggling from the delicious movement of our two bodies. He pounded me until I was on the verge of release then paused.

“Oh, please, don’t stop” I begged him.

I could almost see him smile wickedly behind me, “Oh baby, I just had to hear you say it” he said, his voice low and excited.

With that he slammed into me with renewed vigour, pushing me over the edge with pleasure. As my body closed in around his, I felt him cum again, pumping his dick dry, filling me completely with his seed. I was amazed at how much of it there was, it felt like with his cock shooting cum in me I would explode. We both gasped in unison, completely absorbed in our joint orgasm.

He turned me back onto my front and placed down gently. Gazing at me. We had both had our fill, It was the most mind-blowing sex I’d ever had. Maybe it was because I’d yearned for it for so long, the mere possibility of it had made me wild with desire. He looked down at me gently, and I knew it had been the same for him. He lay down, on top of me, holding me in his arms, into his chest.

I couldn’t help but feel like this is where I really belonged, this was what we had spent so long avoiding and hiding from each other. There was no fear anymore. He lifted me so I was now lying on top of his chest. We lay together, taking in the smell of each other, his hair, his skin. Slowly we both drifted into a satisfied sleep.


I awoke to some sniggering. It took me a moment to gain my orientation and remember where I was, what we had done. I didn’t register what had woken me up, my mind was still reeling from the how unbelievable what had happened was. Then it slowly clicked and I looked round at what had woken me.

There were 5 20-ish year old men standing at the entrance to the living room. I looked down at my naked self, unsure what to do. Panicking I sat up, trying to cover myself as much as possible while shaking Tom awake.

“Kim, what?..” he mumbled drowsily as he woke up. Realising what was going on he bolted up, trying to preserve my modesty as I pulled on my underwear.

“Jesus guys, seriously, could you fuck off for a minute?” he said to the group of men standing by the door.

“Nah man, we like the view!” said the one furthest in front, grinning. The comment was shortly followed by a whistle from the back of the crowd.

Tom glared at them as they left the room, giving us a moment of privacy. He turned to smile at me as I pulled the last of my clothes on, blushing bright red.

“Oh God, I can’t believe that happened”, I mumbled, bringing my hand up to my face. He pulled his jeans on and stood bare chested as he pulled my hand away from my face and cupped my chin in his hand before planting a sweet, short kiss on my lips.

“It’s ok, don’t worry about it ” he smiled, and with a laugh added, “Yeah ok, I’m as embarrassed as you are but I’ll make sure they don’t tell anyone, they’re not bad guys really”.

His apparent confidence in this fact reassured me somewhat, and I gave a little laugh back, blushing even more at his display of affection towards me. I smiled, unsure what to do and he pulled me into an embrace.

He offered to walk me home. I’m not sure if it was to postpone the unavoidable teasing or because of some new sense of chivalry (my house was not far). He let me borrow one of his jackets. It was big on me, but this gesture was new, and the way that he looked slightly embarrassed as he helped me put it on really touched me.

As we put our shoes on and were walking out the door I realised things between us were never going to be the same. I’d always been afraid of that before but in that moment, it felt like it would be ok.

I’d never felt happier in my life than I did then. Everything would be different, but as he took my hand for the first time while we were walking, I wasn’t worried about what that would mean.

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