Bad Girl Ch. 02

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I want to thank lollipopslut Q for her help with this story, my writing skills leave a bit to be desired, it’s nice to have some help! More parts will be coming. Hope you like it!


Ding Dong!

“Can you get the door Daddy?” I heard my daughter ask from upstairs.

“Sure Honey.” I took a quick swig from my beer and got up. As I opened the door my breath was taken away. It was Sara, and she was a marvel to behold. She was about the same height as Kimi but with much fairer skin, and sun streaked shoulder length blonde hair that framed her face perfectly. She was wearing a lacy pink half top and very short denim cut-offs.

“Hi Sara, come on in.” I said as she stepped in and dropped her overnight bag on the floor.

“Hi Mr. C, Kimi told me all about last night.” She said as she turned toward me, her smoldering blue eyes locked onto mine. She moved forward and pressed her trim 18 year old body into mine. Her arms encircled me, and she forced our lips together. We kissed for several seconds as her hands moved up and down my back. Sara shifted slightly and raised her knee into my crotch, gently grinding it against me.

“Can’t wait for my turn.” she purred as she broke the kiss.

“Hey! Plenty of time for that later!” Kimi called out as she bounded down the stairs.

“Hi there Lover!” Sara gushed as they rushed toward one another. They embraced immediately, locking into a deep passionate kiss. As they ground together Sara grabbed Kimi’s firm ass and began kneading it aggressively, moving her own hips in a circular motion as they continued to make out.

Sara’s hands moved upward, fondling Kimi’s perfect tits, then they slipped down beneath her bikini bottom and went straight for her pussy.

“My God, you are in a hurry today, aren’t you?” Kimi scolded, slapping Sara’s hands away. I had seen them together on the webcam before, but in person this was much better.

“Don’t stop on my account,” I stammered.

“Oh Daddy.” Kimi giggled as they pulled slightly apart.

“I love your new swimsuit!” Sara cooed, admiring Kimi’s tiny yellow bikini.

“That’s why you’re trying to get me out of it so quick, isn’t it? – So you can steal it!” Kimi laughed.

Sara giggled, “Let’s hit the hot tub.”

“Sounds good to me!” Kimi agreed. They turned and started up the stairs, hand in hand. “We’re going up to change Daddy, be back in a sec.”

I adjusted my hard on in my boxers, almost cumming when I touched it. This was going to be a very good day.

When they got to the top of the stairs Sara turned and looked at me then whispered something in Kimi’s ear. They burst out laughing.

“Good idea!” I heard Kimi say as they disappeared into her room.

I picked up Sara’s bag and carried it upstairs, depositing it at Kimi’s doorway. All that could be heard from inside was muffled giggling.

Back downstairs I headed for the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine. I grabbed my glass and went to my office, where I turned on the webcam to see what the girls were up to.

Kimi was still wearing the yellow bikini and Sara was completely nude, facing away from the camera and looking at herself in the full length mirror. Kimi handed her a tiny red swimsuit which she held up in front of her amazing body. As Sara turned and started to put on the bikini she looked right into the camera. A huge grin crossed Sara’s face as she pointed at the camera, waved, and then said something to Kimi. Kimi leapt across the room and stuck her face in the camera, laughing and making funny faces. Then casino şirketleri they both smiled and blew kisses in my direction.

I took a swig from my glass and softly rubbed my bulge.

Sara had finished donning the swimsuit by now and she approached Kimi from behind, grabbing her breasts and kissing her neck at the same time. Kimi pushed her ass back and ground it against Sara’s crotch. Sara waved to the camera again and they both disappeared from view.

Quickly I went to the kitchen and grabbed three wine glasses and went outside. Pulling up a comfy lawn chair I set the glasses on the table and turned to face the hot tub. Both girls were laughing as they entered the yard and I called out, using my best snotty waiter voice, “Would the ladies like some wine?”

“All right Mr. C! You think of everything!” Sara answered enthusiastically as she stepped over to the table and promptly settled herself in my lap. Kimi moved a chair behind mine and seated herself, then reached forward and began massaging my shoulders. We sipped our wine, Sara slowly ground her supple body against me while Kimi rubbed and softly kissed my neck.

Finishing off what was left of her wine Sara loudly announced, “More wine, Garcon!” She hopped off my lap and headed toward the tub, turning back to look at Kimi. “Come on Lover, time to soak!”

“Be right there!” Kimi chimed. She gave me one final kiss then got up and strolled toward the sauna. I couldn’t help but admire her firm, round ass as she walked past me. Don’t get me wrong, Sara was very hot, but nobody could compare to my little Kimi. After a moment I snapped out of my reverie and remembered Sara’s request.

“Yes! More wine!” I proclaimed. Gathering up the glasses I headed toward the kitchen. I began pouring refills as I peeked out the window to see that the girls were already all over each other. They were kissing as though their very lives depended on it and I stared, hypnotized by the sight. Eventually I made my way back outside, next to the hot tub.

“More wine?” I managed to say. Slowly the intensity of their passion decreased until they were able to break the kiss. Breathing heavily they continued to casually fondle one another as they reached for the wine.

“Thanks Daddy!” Kimi took a deep gulp. “Yummy!”

“You know Mr. C, You don’t have to get us drunk, you’re gonna get lucky anyway” Sara snickered.

“Ooo Daddy, I think Sara likes you!” Kimi teased. Sara leaned forward and whispered into Kimi’s ear again. They both looked at me, laughing.

“Oh, that’s mean!” Kimi giggled. “Let’s do it!”

“What are you two up to?” I asked, starting to worry just a little.

“Nothing Daddy!” they replied in unison.

“Hey, I’m her Daddy, not yours.” I raised an eyebrow at Sara as I sat back down in my chair.

“Oh whatever Daddy” Sara answered back.

“Does this make us sisters?” Kimi blurted and they both burst out laughing. Apparently the wine was beginning to take effect. Still giggling, Sara got up and sat on the edge of the tub.

“Get over here, Lover” Sara commanded.

Kimi looked up at her and instantly the giggling stopped. They seemed to fuse together, their passion ignited once more. Kimi’s lips slowly worked their way up Sara’s body; the red bikini top was quickly removed. Kimi attacked Sara’s rock hard nipples with her tongue, pulling herself from the water as they began to grind together.

Sara reached behind Kimi and untied her top, pulled it down then tossed it aside. They pressed their tits together. Kimi’s dark, tan body casino firmaları contrasting beautifully with Sara’s glowing porcelain complexion. Sara lounged back onto the deck while Kimi slowly worked her way down her body, planting tender kisses all the way. When she got to Sara’s bikini, she grasped it in her teeth and pulled it down. Sara raised her ass slightly to make Kimi’s job easier but by the time it got down to her knees, Kimi lost patience and quickly pulled it off.

Sara’s legs were spread wide and Kimi dove in, licking and sucking for all she was worth. She plunged her tongue deep into Sara’s hot, wet pussy, then out and up to her clit. Sara was gyrating wildly, as Kimi continued her assault on her clit.

“Oh, ah ah ah, shit! I’m cumming!!” Sara screamed as she thrashed about on the deck. Kimi held on, her mouth still clamped on Sara’s cunt while she rode out her orgasm.

“Oohh yeah, that was amazing.” Sara purred as Kimi moved back up her body, pausing to suck her hard nipples.

“You taste wonderful my dear.” Kimi said.

“Lets see” Sara answered as they began to make out again. By now my shorts were around my ankles, and I was slowly stroking my cock. The girls broke apart and looked toward me.

“Hey Sara I think Daddy wants to play!” Kimi grinned.

“Let’s get him!” Sara answered excitedly and they were on me in a heartbeat. Sara went straight for my cock while Kimi gave me a deep, passionate kiss on the lips before she moved down and began to suck and kiss my neck. I didn’t think I could hold out much longer. Sara was alternating between licking and kissing the length of my cock and plunging the entire thing into her warm, inviting mouth.

“Oh god Sara, Kimi!, Almost! Almost!” I groaned.

And then they stopped.

My cock was quivering, ready to explode, and they … stopped.

The girls stepped back, giggling.

“This is not funny!” I fumed. “What kind of game are you two playing?”

“Oh we’ll take care of you, don’t worry about that Daddy” Kimi stated with a sly grin.

“Right now we’re going to take care of each other.” Sara gave Kimi another deep wet kiss and the girls turned and sprinted into the house, laughing.

Shit. “At least I can spy on them with the webcam” I grumbled.

Removing my boxers from around my ankles, I limped into the house and headed straight for the office. I stared at the computer screen, unable to believe what I was seeing. Instead of two beautiful, sexy teenage girls making love to one another I saw a small handwritten sign blocking the camera:”NO BOYS ALLOWED.” Damn! These two were mean.

I went back to the kitchen and opened another bottle of wine, determined to make the best of the situation. Two weeks ago I would have killed for problems like this. Plodding into the living room, I turned on the big screen and switched to the porn channel. I could hear moaning and screaming coming from upstairs as I drank my wine and tried to concentrate on the TV.

“Here’s your pizza miss Johnson.”

“Ooo does it come with extra … sausage?”

“Why yes, it does.” Zzzzip.

“Great plot,” I mumbled sarcastically. “At least the chick is hot.”

I must have dozed off for a bit because as the fog lifted I felt hot breath on my neck, soft hands caressing my chest and someone blew in my ear.

“Wake up sunshine! Now it’s your turn” Sara whispered. She stood up before me, completely nude, slowly stroking her clit.

“Where’s Kimi?” I asked, expecting to see them both.

“We drew straws, I won.” Sara güvenilir casino answered. “She’ll be down later.”

Sara knelt down and began to suck my cock for the second time today. This time she moved much slower, more deliberately. She kissed my balls, and then licked the entire length up to the head, which she tenderly kissed. She continued to lick and suck, planting gentle kisses here and there until I was ready to burst.

As she rubbed my shaft up and down Sara looked up at me. “Let’s go upstairs and fuck.”

I wasn’t really sure why we needed to go upstairs, but at this point I didn’t really care.

“Whatever you say, Honey.” I replied. Sara grabbed my cock and led me upstairs to Kimi’s room, sprawling out on the bed as soon as we got there. I grabbed her hips and rolled her over, lifting her ass up in the air. “You girls were very bad today. Don’t you know you shouldn’t tease?”

“I’m ready for my punishment, Mr. C.” Sara answered, her voice fluttering.

I brought my hands forward and gently massaged her ass, working my way up the small of her back and then down again to her cheeks. Her skin was so soft, so smooth; I bent forward and gave her a soft kiss on one cheek.

Then I pulled back and let it rip.

Smack, smack, smack! I brought my hand down on her ass.

“Punish me Mr. C.” Sara moaned.

Smack, Smack!

Sara’s hand was rubbing up and down her slit, plunging in and out while I spanked her.


She was beginning to shudder, spasms rocking her young, lithe body.

“Ahh, oh shit!” She yelled. I leaned in, planting my mouth on her pussy as she came. She jerked as I plunged my tongue deep into her delicious slit, devouring all of the precious juices that I could.

As I stood up, I let a long trail of saliva fall on Sara’s asshole.

“No more teasing, right?”

Sara had stopped shaking, but was still out of breath, panting.

“If that’s the punishment,” she took another deep breath, “I’m going to be bad all the time.”

I grabbed her hips again, positioning the tip of my cock against her asshole and savagely thrust forward, burying myself as deeply as I could.

“Shit!” She screamed.

“Sorry Honeybunch, but this is the punishment.” I violently plunged in and out, forcing my cock as deep as possible into her tight little asshole.

“Ahh, shit, shit, shit, fuck me!” she pleaded.

“Ohh Sara!!” I moaned.

“Fuck me harder! Please! Harder Mr. C!” she demanded as I continued to ram into her, fucking her as roughly as I could.

“Shit, shit, Shh-it!” she howled, her body beginning to spasm with pleasure.

Smack! Smack! Smack! I gave her ass a few more good, hard slaps.

“Ahh, ahh, ah, ah! Oh fuck my ass!” She groaned. I speared into her one last time as I finally came. We both shook uncontrollably. I feebly thrust forward several more times then collapsed in a heap on the bed. Sara rolled over and gave me a deep, hard kiss.

“That’s the kind of discipline I need” Sara giggled. I looked up and saw Kimi standing in the doorway.

“Nice show!” she said, clapping enthusiastically. “Sorry Daddy, but I made a little mess on your office chair.”

“That’s okay, Babydoll. I’m sure we can clean it up.”

“Daddy you need to get a microphone for the webcam. It’s not nearly as hot without sound.” She ran forward and hopped on the bed.

As I lay there, snuggling with two of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen, I couldn’t help but wonder how I had gotten this lucky. All those years, nothing, and now this. It was as if someone somewhere had thrown a switch that had transported me into porno world.

“Mr. C,” Sara pouted slightly, “my mom’s a bitch. Can I move in here?”

I sure was glad they threw that switch.

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