Backyard Brawl

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My girlfriend, Sally, works in a large office, which is run by a woman named Jan, or as my Sally calls her, Miss Bitch. Many times after work Sally has come home fuming mad due to Jan, who seemed to get pleasure in degrading Sally, from her work to her clothes, lifestyle, etc. Rather than explode, she decided to put up with it due to the good pay and benefits the job had.

One of Sally’s co-workers decided to throw an office party, inviting all the office girls and husbands and boyfriends. The party was at a beach house and everyone there was strolling around in their bathing suits. After many bottles of booze had gone the wayside, the place was jumping. Sally, feeling good from a few too many, suddenly got a nasty disposition as she spotted Jan.

Seeing Jan for the first time, I didn’t know she was such a good looker. Her build was exactly like Sally’s, about 5’7″ and 115 pounds. She was stunning in her skimpy bikini, with her ample breasts; she sauntered towards us.

Sally, being drunk and upset at Jan for showing up, got beer-inspired brave, stepped in front of Jan and said, “Well, Miss Bitch has decided to show up and ruin everyone’s fun.” Jan quickly told Sally to “Go to hell asshole.” Immediately, like a cat, Sally slapped her, and then grabbed a hand full of her pretty hair. Jan soon matched Sally’s anger by punching her stomach rapid-fire as Sally released her hair. Dazed, Sally canlı bahis doubled over in hopes of catching her breath back. Taking advantage of the condition, Jan reared back and caught her smack dab in the face, sending Sally sprawling to the ground. Jan pounced on top of her, flailing away with her long sharp fingernails. Sally regained herself from her lack of air, and with Jan on top of her, she grabbed a hand full of Jan’s bikini top and yanked it off. Jan, turning totally embarrassed at her public viewing of her swaying tits, jumped, covering her chest.

Taking advantage of Jan’s modesty, Sally wailed away at her face, repeatedly punching her in the face, while Jan vainly tried to cover her boobs, giving Sally free shots to her now dazed and reeling head. Jan finally raised her arms to protect herself, as her tits bouncing brought cheers from the party-goers, who strangely did not try to stop this catfight, mainly because all the women who worked with Jan were hoping to see Sally give her the beating they all wished for. As most of her co-workers cheered her on, Sally took over. Seeing how ineffective she was when naked tits were exposed, she reached down and yanked Jan’s bikini bottom to her ankles. Shrieking, Jan tried to run from her totally naked exhibition, but tripped on her own bikini bottom, still on her ankles. With Jan on all fours, Sally continued her assortment of clawing uppercuts to her bahis siteleri body. Jan began to beg for mercy as Sally’s blows made her start to cry. But knowing my Sally, I could tell she was not quite ready to end it. Humiliating her was what she wanted as punishment for bitch behavior towards her and her friends.

Sally grabbed a now totally defeated Jan by her boobs, yanking her painfully to her wobbling feet. Spotting the party host’s weight lifting bench, which her husband used on the patio, Sally shoved Jan between the two steel weight props, which were at one end of the bench. It was a tight fit even for Jan’s slim waist, but Sally squashed her down, wedging her hips firmly. Using Jan’s own bikini top, she tied Jan’s upper torso and arms securely, so that she was flat, pressed against the bench, while kneeling at the other end of the bench, hips stuck firmly. Raising her hands in victory, cheers filled the air.

Jan’s ass wiggled frantically as she tried vainly to get free. What a sight to see Jan’s well-rounded bottom, upturned wiggling to free itself. And as a final humiliation, Sally mounted Jan on top of her lower back, a leg on each side, and shouted, “All in favor of me giving Miss Bitch a good old fashioned spanking, say aye!”

Aye! roared from the women’s mouths. With eagerness, she abided. Sally pulled off one of her flat hard clogs from her foot, gazed down at the still bahis şirketleri wiggling ass, and said, “Here’s for all the mean shit you dumped on all of us!”

She raised the flat wood sandal, smiled and swatted Jan’s bottom, stinging her mounds. Avidly she administered it to her ass, which began to turn beet red with each swat. Jan’s ass wiggled desperately, as laughter roared. Poor Jan began to cry as Sally swatted and slapped her tortured fanny. Helpless, Jan pouted, “Please stop, I’ll do anything.”

Sally stopped, got off Jan, walked over to the other end where Jan’s head strained on the bench. Sally bent over, pulled her bikini bottom down slightly, exposing one of her ass cheeks, placed her ass right in front of Jan’s pouting face and said, “Kiss my ass, you bitch.”

Totally defeated, Jan began kissing Sally’s backside. Again, cheers and laughter filled the air as my Sally had given to Jan what everyone thought was exactly what she deserved. Sally, after making Jan lick and kiss her ass for a few more seconds, went to the picnic table, picked up some gooey bowl of party dip, sauntered over to Jan and triumphantly dumped the dip on her head. This final humiliation was greatly received by the crowd as Jan’s hair oozed with cheese dip.

Ironically, Sally did not get fired because Jan, so terribly embarrassed to show her face in that office, resigned. But before quitting, told personnel about her ordeal. When her co-workers were confronted about the validity of Jan’s story, they all feigned ignorance. To excuse the pun, they all showed by not talking, that they were all behind what Sally did to her behind.

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